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The Senior Bowl recap from our scout

We take a pause from blogging about Rex Ryan's weekend escapades to discuss football again.

As you know, Chris Cordero spent four days last week in Mobile, Alabama scouting players at the Super Bowl for this blog. I'm certain he was trying to hook up a job with an NFL team as well. Anyway, the scouting reports are finished.

This is his post-game recap of the game. Please be sure to thank Chris for his diligence and expertise in the comments section. Also feel free to say if you agree or disagree with our scout's opinions.


A little disclaimer: I have always found practices to be every bit as if not more important than the game. The game had a very "big-time" feel to it as it was sold out and rocking. It was a obviously a Pro-South crowd with Tim Tebow and players from the Alabama National Championship team.
ILB Sean Weatherspoon stood out right from the start and made plays not only on defense (if he can cover McCluster - well who CAN'T he cover?), but special teams as well. Weatherspoon is a player and I would take him on my team anyday. OLB Brandon Graham was also spectacular throughout - using his speed and great leverage to get by on more than one occasion, finishing with 2 sacks and a forced fumble. Another guy I would want on my side. They were so good they were the biggest part of why the North team dominated. 
OLB Cameron Sheffield and Brandon Lang got pressure on the QBs and Koa Misi also was very active. George Selvie was around the ball on some plays - but not overly impressive. ILB Jamar Chaney was all over every running play and had a hand on what liked like every South tackle. Donald Butler was rather quiet.
The Top 3 Nose Tackles (Dan Williams, Cam Thomas, Terrence Cody) all had great success to a varying degree. Williams, the most impressive, consistently holding up blockers, stuffing the run, and even batting down pass. Thomas, who had had a sack, also held up at the POA and displayed great strength. Cody also was quite good - consistently drawing a double team - but he wore down some.
WR Mardy Gilyard was impressive - despite at least one drop that I saw; displaying his great speed, quicks, and playmaking ability receiving and returning. My #1 guy - Andre Roberts - dropped the first pass I saw all week but made a nice catch in the middle of the field and taking a big hit. Jeremy Williams of Tulane, who had a decent week - played well; but also had at least one drop. Taylor Price was rather quiet and his inconsistencies showed up during the game.
FS Nate Allen was always around the ball even though it won't show up on the stat sheet - and did nothing to knock him off my #1 spot. Taylor Mays had an interception on an easy read and weak throw by Sean Canfield - outside of that he wasn't much of a factor. Myron Rolle didn't look as good in game action as in practice, his speed is still a question.
TE Ed Dickson had one nice play on a deep 31-yard pass. Jimmy Graham looked good also - although he did have one drop; but could have had more receptions if the south QBs (cough Tebow cough) would have targeted him more. Colin Peek stepped up and did a great job to hold on to a TD after a big hit. Anthony McCoy was quiet with just one catch.
OL Mike Iupati, who did get caught holding, and Vladimir Ducasse looked dominant - although Geno Atkins of Georgia did get some great rushes in the interior on Iupati - and did as well as you could expect versus the big DTs of the South. John Jerry got pushed a little by Cam Thomas, and looked better at good than tackle.
RB LaGarrette Blount of Oregon had a great day and could be a very good back in the league. The best QBs were Dan LeFevour of Central Michigan and Zac Robinson of Oklahoma St. CB Kyle Wilson of Boise St. also looked good. DE Alex Carrington of Arkansas State followed up a great week of practice with a good showing at the game.


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From this review I'm not a big fan of the this guy at all. Besides te fact that selvie is going to be a great steal in the draft if he goes where predicted, Taylor mays played much better than he gave credit for, and he doesn't want to admit when he's wrong, saying besides an int he did nothing??? Lmao from an NFL team that needs more pics that is a horrible statement. Some of it seemed pretty accurate but I am tired of these so called scouts saying that what they do in practice is even close to as important as what they do in the game, let alone more important. We need playmakers people. Nothing counts till Sunday. Even an unhired scout (who sounds an awful lot like an echo of Todd mcshay) should know that.

Thanks Chris. Please blog more often.

Chris good job and I agree with most of your assesment save for Tony Pike who I think will be a good one. He looked good and can gain a little more weight (muscle) he might be very good and can make all the throw. You didnt mention him. Also Lupati very good when the team was running the ball, but looked bad in pass protection and was holding quite a bit on pass protection. I saw at least half a dozen obviouse holds that will be called on Sundays, but he was only flagged for one. He will not get away with that on Sunday. But as bad against the pass he was the opposite against the run, as I saaw him take down Dan Williams once, though not a true pancake because a player rolled against Williams side of hip still looked very strong when running the ball.

Geno Atkins looked good...But as you mentioned Brandon Graham looked to me more like Dwight Freeney than lamar Woodley. Fast like Freeney and has a wichked spin move like Freeney, WHICKED and looked unblockable at times. Spoon looked real good, only question is both are small players in terms of height and arm lenghth, something Parcells covets in his line backers. I hope Graham's intangibles, strenght speed and ball skills overwhelm Parcells and he seriously considers him, I wasn't a fan, I sure as hell am now!
Thanks Chris Cordero nice job save for Pike, dont know why you didnt mention him?

Guys I Like Football but I don't know nothing about it , but for those saying trade down and get Weatherspoon later , I bet he won't pass the Giants Pick

For Bandwagon express, Ted ginn jr reportedly ran a 4.06 at OSU and Devin Hester on his pro day ran A 4.01 followed by a bunch of 4.15. Joey Galloway ran A 3.9 on his pro day at Seattle Seahawks(But not documented). The fastest documented run is Fabian Washington 4.25 and Champ Bailey at 4.28 at the combine. It is also said that Daryl green the former CB ran A 4.09 For the Redskins. Hope that helps U out Bandwagon Express

I would like to see Miami draft McClain, or trade down(If Possible), and get Weatherspoon. There is no way we will waste a pick on Dez Bryant at #12, when you can get some descent receivers later on in the draft.I would like to see the phins get A RB in the 2nd if there isn't any DT"S worth it. If Dan williams slides to us in the 2nd that would be great but unlikely. I like Jonathan Dwyer in the 2nd or 3rd.Andre Roberts-WR-in the 4th RD. With 3 6th rd picks we should grab A TE(Being a homer, I like the upside of Jimmy Graham from the "U".If Kam Chancellor,Safety, slides to th e 6th grab him and as A flyer DT-Callahan Bright or Linuel Joseph from East Carolina(If he slides down a bit). In the 7th and rookie free agency we could try to score on some long shot WRs or Lbs.Chris McCoy-OLB-Middle Tennessee St., or WR-Kerry Meier-Kansas, and Clinton Snyder-ILB-Stanford. IM OUT(GO Phins)

I posted R draft needs and now its time to cut some of the fat sorta-speak. I believe Porter, Wilson,Ayodele,Will Allen,Anderson,Torbor,and Pennington allgetting the AXE.Iwould like to see Pennington stay on as QB coach. We need to make a lot of descions on who to re-sign.At the top is Ronnie Brown who will be looking for A 4 or 5 year deal at about 7 million A year. Brown has shown that he is injury prone(1 season uninjured).Maybe A sign and trade could be possible, if he has any value. We should re-sign Bess,McDaniels,Culver,Carpenter,Cobbs,Hilliard,And for sure Lousaka Polite. We have borderline guys like Camarillio,Quentin Mosses,Fields,J. Allen and Soliai.Finally, 1 more year for JT so he can go into the HOF as A Dolphin and not A Patriot, that would sicken me.That leaves Alot of roster spots open.So we need alot of holes to fill thru freeagency and draft its time to clean out the closet on this uncapped year. P.S.-jump on Darnsby and A. Rolle.What will we do with Pat White??? Like to see him in as A returner and try out as A receiver, I think he has the talent to change position,but,needs to bulk up in truth he cant even beat out Thigpen as the back-up QB

A team of college starts and this coaching staff manages to score just a few points, sounds familiar?

Our offensive philosophy in its true form!

Armando I am a huge fan

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