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The importance of Dolphins coaching Sr. Bowl

As you might have read on my twitter a while ago, the Dolphins coaching staff will coach the South team in the 2010 Under Armour Senior Bowl on Jan. 30. The Detroit Lions' staff will coach the North squad. 

This will mark the first time since 1997 that Miami's staff coaches the Senior Bowl.

So what's the big deal?

Two things:

One, the staff that draws a Senior Bowl assignment has an advantage over other staffs. Miami's coaches will be around the South players more than any other. Miami coaches will be able to measure which players learn their assignments more quickly than others. Miami's staff will be able to measure better than other coaches how the South players respond in practice and work both on and off the field.

It is definitely a plus for the Dolphins because they can use their information in picking players.

Second, the fact the Dolphins accepted the assignment suggests there will be no further significant turnover to the staff. Translation: Don't expect either offensive coordinator Dan Henning or defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni to be going anywhere.

Simply, the Dolphins would be unlikely to accept the task of coaching the Senior Bowl with a staff missing either coordinator. Remember that Miami will be installing its offense and defense for the all-star game and doing it without coordinators would be nearly impossible.

There have been questions about whether Pasqualoni and Henning would return to their coordinator jobs in 2010. Henning is 67 years old and has already retired once previously. So it was possible he might want to ride off into the sunset to spend the rest of his days at leisure. That is looking less likely now. Henning, barring a change of mind in the coming days, is expected to return in 2010.

Then there's Pasqualoni. The issue with him, like Henning is numbers -- not years, but points. We're talking 390 points to be exact. That's how many points the Miami defense yielded in 2009 and that was tied for the eighth-most in the NFL.

The Dolphins yielded 73 more points this season than last. That, ladies and gentlemen, is not progress. If you think that is a result of a tougher schedule, understand that the New York Jets and New England Patriots, which played similar schedules, allowed over 100 fewer points than Miami this season.

I would point out the Dolphins lost valuable players such as Will Allen and Jason Ferguson to injuries and that was part of the problem. But the bottom line is every team suffers injury issues and it is up to the coaching staff to overcome the problems.

The Dolphins, as you might recall, allowed a franchise high 140 points in the fourth quarter in 2009. But to Pasqualoni's credit, once the problem became apparent, it was addressed. The Dolphins yielded only six points in the fourth quarter the last five games of the season.

Both Henning and Pasqualoni spent the past few days at work. That suggests they were doing the year-end evaluations required of the coaches that will be back next season. Departed linebacker coaches Jim Reid and George Edwards, by contrast, weren't around since the season ended.

All this is detective work, of course, and I cannot tell you absolutely, positively Henning and Pasqualoni will be back. I tell you when I know things for a fact and when I don't. The Dolphins have not announced that either Pasqualoni or Henning are staying and will not do so, I'm told, because they don't announce the status quo.

I tried to remove the shroud of mystery from the issue by e-mailing coach Tony Sparano and asking him outright if the two coordinators were coming back or not.

He saw my e-mail. And ignored it.

So it goes.

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Why wouldn't Sparano just say one way or the other his old friends are coming back? Kind of a pr ick move if you ask me.

Aloco, Will you accept the position of Secretary of nutrition in the Dodsworth/menace administration????


I though the 2 worse teams coached the senior bowl.. Why was Miami chosen? I'll take ANY advantage we can get!!


Cuban, do you know what you are getting into? Dodsworth will have more old broads in the oval office than Clinton had fat chicks.

Mando, could they be also scouting Jimmy grahmm from Miami that would be a nice pick up in the draft he's got raw talent and alot of upside

Aloco know nothing of nutrition. All he eats are meatball subs. Bread, meat, cheese, and blogging all day makes me believe that this man is severely obese.

LOL...................................@ RAW TALENT AND A LOT OF UPSIDE..MY AZZZZZZZZZ

ALoco, certainly would love to give u an uplifting love story about me but I can't....my ex-wife was shot by a waana be thug and not much has been easy in my life...so advice is something I can't offer



Aloco you know nothing of foie gras. Such is the way of force-fed, over-fattened ducks and their livers.


Should be fun to watch on NFLN.

sparano should have responded to your email out of courtesy. he plays favorites; he doesnt want the media to ask tough questions the fans want answered. he shouln't duck your questions! he probably blames his poor coaching/player decisions on the media.

Armando, come on man. It's either or, neither nor.



Your right this is a good way to evaluate talent up close and personal. And as you mentioned that the defense gave up 70 or so more points than last year. However, we also played better offensive teams and a much harder schedule than last. Our biggest weakness on defense was MLB then saftey/defensive back (rookies). Other teams tight ends just ran rough shoud on us. Like Shockey who made G-Wil look like he was dragging a rag doll down the field, Gonazalez td, Clark from Colts ran circles around Ayodele and Crowder, and Gates, Miller most recently also scored TD's. So its clear what our biggest holes are. Then again we did not face any of these players last year. Or prolific offenses like the Colts, Boltz and Saints. And good offenses like the Patsies, Steelers, while Buffalos QB exposed the lack of speed we have from the MLB spots.

Dolphins MLB corps screams of UPGRADE ASAP.
So a drafting a strong and fast rookie mlb and maybe signing another player like Carlos Dansby will make us very strong in the middle. Another draft pick at NT and or safties and this defense will be a very good. Not sure what other NT are out there that would be a 3-4 defensive fit. But there are about 4 safties that I like alot: two should be gone in the first, so that leaves Kurt Coleman from Ohio State who I like and would be around in second or third round. And Johnathon Amaya who I have seen play. There is also Kam Chancellor from Virginia Tech who at 6-3 225 is a big hitter but a not nearly as fast as Taylor Mays or as good as Berry from Tennessee and both will be gone within first 15 picks. Dont forget about Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle who played two years ago at FSU and said he would enter the draft the following year, 2010. He is very good and would be a upgrade from G-Wilson then again thats not saying much, but hes a good player with smarts and thats a intangible Parcells and co. covet.

please check for a WR ( diva or not) , we need defense but if you don't produce points , which points will the Dolphin's defend?

This is good, this means the Dolphins coaches will have up close work with seniors like C.J. Spiller, Dan Williams, Sergio Kindle, Brandon Spikes...

What other seniors from the south am I forgetting?

P.S. Boldin has MCL sprain and ankle problems... bad news for any slim hopes of Miami making a move for him.

Actually... That's good news... Wouldn't the lower the asking price???

Possibly, but in the big picture I think it would mean that the Tuna is way less likely to go after him because he is 30 and becoming more injury prone... this is not a new issue

Hey Armando, this is a good job that you are doing man, I am a die hard Phins fans in Chi town, was in miami for the holidays only to watch the playoffs pass us by...
We can only look forward to next season, unfortunately. I want to know what you think if the Phins would pursue Vince Wilfork out of New England. Last time I checked he's on the last year of his contract and he will be a major upgrade for us in the run defense, big space eater. I would like to know what you think of this idea.


I am going to be in Mobile for the Senior Bowl (I managed to secure credentials this year) and should be there Thursday thru the end of the game. Are you going to be out there; most likely I am sure.

I am not concerned about Boldin injuries Brees came by Miami coming back from a shoulder injury I am glad we passed on him! I think Boldin would blossom on a new re/atmosphere

Brees wasn't a 30 year old wr either.


Just thinking out loud here... you think the Fins getting this honor has anything to do with us having to give our facilities up for the AFC champs the following week??? I mean, the Senior Bowl is Jan 30, and the Super Bowl (and thus when our facilities are tied up) is the following week. If they aren't allowed in their offices to scout and evaluate players, why not let them do that in Mobile?

Either way, this is GREAT news for the fins. I mean, look at what the Trifecta has been able to pull out of the draft the last couple years... They ain't batting 1.000, but they've done a damn good job and this can only make their evaluations better.

Lastly, any word on this kid McClain (LB) out of Alabama? I know he's a JR, but if he comes out, he'll look damn good in a Fins uniform. Reminds me of Patrick Willis. I think he would look GREAT next to my boy Channing. That way Channing can focus on what he does best (tackling) and not worry about "making the big play", which is obviously not his forte.

Mando, I have bashed you in the distant past, but you are like a cancerous mole. You have grown on me. Good stuff man. :_)

hey mando, could you fill us in on the players the fins took back in that '97 draft and how the senior bowl coaching helped with those decisions?

1997 draft Miami notable picks were..

Yatil Green
Sam Madison
Jason Taylor

they had 9 total picks.. not too good..

5 pt in the 4 quarter. It isn't because we became defensive specialists. It is because we were so far behind in the last 5 games that the other team was playing a more conservative offense. Just look at the stats.
Wilson and the rookies were burned for big plays throughout the season. It was always something in thhe 1st and 2nd quarters. Seam passes to a tight end. Or two 8 yard running plays, thanks JP and Crowder and then a bomb over the top of our secondary.
Please don't stick up for the coordinator or the defense. We sucked and need another 2 years to build this mess.


First round .... MCCLAIN, ILB ALABAMA

Second round ....JOHNSON, OG ALABAMA

Third round .... BOO Robinson, NT Wake Forest

Fourth round ..... Rolle, Safety ... FSU

Sixth round .. Jimmy Graham, TE ... Miami
Wide Receiver ... Bowling Green

Who else will be a Bengal fan today????


Maybe they are interviewing because if we don't go to the playoffs next year they will be gone.

Anyways Mando,

If we are building through the draft (which it appears to be the case) then that means Parcells has a three year plan correct? So if his plan doesn't pan out next year then the entire staff should be fired correct?


First round .... MCCLAIN, ILB ALABAMA

Second round ....JOHNSON, OG ALABAMA

Third round .... BOO Robinson, NT Wake Forest

Fourth round ..... Rolle, Safety ... FSU

Sixth round .. Jimmy Graham, TE ... Miami
Wide Receiver ... Bowling Green

Posted by: mike lubell | January 09, 2010 at 07:01 AM

Problem I have with this draft is the ILB (McClain) spot. How do we know what Wake can do or can not do? The times he played he made an impact. Why waste a pick on a position that can be filled by Wake.

i agree with kindry. dont put any faith in our D in the 4th quarter late in the season. our opponents were coasting to easy wins and didn't need to score again; just keep the clock moving to register their victory. they let us make it look closer than it really was. we need a new D coordinator badly!!!!!!!

I will be a HUGE Bengals fan today!!!


Wake is an OLB not ILB

Mike my prob with your draft is NO WR. Take that 2nd round and put a LEGIT NO1 WR.LB then WR.PLEASE NO TED GINN>

First trade a future 1st rd pick in 2011 and get Marshall, then trade down and acquire more picks. Try to get dt Wilfork with everything we have, then select the best interior defensive player with that 1st rd pick. If we can't get dt Wilfork resign Fergie to give the rookie time to gel. Then get rb Spiller, trade rb Brown, for a second or third rd and select te J.Graham. Trade Porter & Ginn for what ever we can get and shore up the defense holes.

Hard to comprehend any decision not to improve performance in any buisness. In many ways, coordinators are more important than a HC.

Something I learned a long time ago is, friends and buisness don't mix and will get you into trouble if you let it.

If we can some how come away with Spiller and J. Graham in the draft for our offense. we will be addressing the playmaking ability we lacted on offense. Then to really push a trade for Marshall would give us someone to scare defenses. Our defense is a good dt Wilfork, away from having a great defense. Yes, shore up the interior by getting rid of Crowder for whatever and selecting a dt. We already have some defensive players on the rosters ready to go.

I have to go to a wedding today.... lets just say I have to pick the perfect time to mysteriously disappear and then be glued to the tv at the hotel bar...

wake plays outside not inside.

Mando, maybe sparano ignored your email cause they havent' made a decision yet. I do think pasqualano should be let go. Our defense is terrible. Maybe with 2 new LB coaches it'll be different. Todd bowls should go too. Our seconday was a mess

Spiller is a threat to any opposing team and thats what we need. He can return kicks, punts and a great option for our offense. Ginn who? Spiller is not afraid of contact, plus he's a Flordian which adds to ticket sells in the area. Please trade away those players afraid Crowder,Ginn,Porter(age), the interior defense side except Ferg; and bring in players to push those vets on the roster.

you sound like someone else from 2 days ago ;just saying.
go bengals
dolphins still rule.

think his name was josh;jus saying

Cj Spiller is from lake butler, 8 hours from Miami and closer to Atlanta

What on earth did the poor kids on the South roster do to deserve having their futures already set back by dealing with this sham of a staff for a week?


Miami's biggest needs are on defense. Even though I wouldn't be mad if the Dolphins took an offensive player like Spiller or Bryant, I think it is much more likely that they take a defensive player like Rolando McClain or Dan Miller. Our needs at NT and ILB are much bigger.

The Dolphins probably wont get either Brandon Marshal or Vince Wilfork, much less both, this is not Madden my friend.

Dan Williams, sorry

Klynn/josh. First , get a f'n clue. Second , you're an idiot and third you're a tool

Did you guys hear that Marshawn Lynch of the Buffalo Bills is charged with stealing $20 from a lady at TGI Fridays who turned out to be the wife of a Buffalo Police Sgt.

What an idiot! This guys does not deserve the privilege of playing in the NFL and make all that money.


klynn.. man you're living a pipe dream w/all those moves you are suggesting. some sound great and i would wish for but some are just not realistic.

'Lito--I know nothing about the case, but take a deep breath, compadre.

Not every initial police report is true or accurate - - remember Randy Starks on Memorial Day and the alleged felonious assault on the South Beach traffic cop?

We still doing Josh's fantasy football out here?

lol Carlito, while I am not sure of its accuracy, I think it is funny that he ate at TGI Friday and that this potential drama was caused by a $20 incident..

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