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Which is the greater priority: OLB or ILB?

When the 2009 season ended for the Dolphins, the team obviously had issues on defense that still need addressing.

As I explained to you a couple of days ago, the linebacker corps was one of those issues. But the question is where is the bigger problem -- with the inside linebackers or outside linebackers?

Yesterday you saw Mel Kiper vote ILB as his first mock draft of the offseason had the Dolphins taking Rolando McClain of Alabama -- a tackling savant that will be an inside backer tackling machine in the NFL.

Well, lesser known Bucky Brooks of NFL.com comes back and votes OLB as Miami's bigger issue. In his first mock draft of 2010, he's got the the Dolphins taking Texas OLB Sergio Kindle at No. 12 in the first round.

One reason Brooks has the Dolphins taking Kindle might be he also has Denver taking McClain one pick before Miami. In that regard, Brooks apparently agrees with what I wrote yesterday about the Broncos. You see, Kiper had Denver taking Dez Bryant at No. 11, but I think that's not the direction they will go because you can still find good WR help later in the draft, and Bryant has been away from the game for much of a year as he served an NCAA suspension. 

It would be interesting to know what Brooks thinks the Dolphins would do if both McClain and Kindle are on the board for Miami. Stop dreaming! But in his scenario, he sees Miami's OLB corps as needing urgent care.

"Joey Porter and Jason Taylor are at the end of their careers," Brooks writes. "so finding an athletic edge rusher is paramount."

Brooks obviously believes Cameron Wake doesn't fill that paramount need and I don't think any of us think Charlie Anderson is the answer, either.

If you've read this blog every day (it's good for your soul) you already understand how the Dolphins break down how they go about filling out their roster. As I've told you several times in the past, they have three primary categories: Wants, Needs, Must haves.

The Must haves is the priority category. It is the category that must be filled.

The Needs is the second most important. This category is what the team needs but can extend out if lesser players are on board.

The Wants is the luxury category. The Dolphins want a running back that will be ready to step in when Ricky Williams retires and Ronnie Brown is out of contract. But the team can probably survive 2010 if it doesn't address that want.

It is clear inside linebackers and outside linebackers fall either in the Needs or Must haves. No one not named Big Tuna Bill Parcells and Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland knows which position has risen to the priority category. Even they might not know because free agency might play a role in affecting this stuff.

You can argue the Dolphins have bodies at ILB with Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele. Sure, Ayodele didn't play well in 2010 and Crowder is often injured. So the team needs to address the position. But will things fall to pieces if Crowder and Ayodele are the starters again in 2010?

You tell me. The Dolphins will tell us.

At OLB, meanwhile, neither Jason Taylor nor Joey Porter might be coming back in 2010. I know both of them won't be back. That was a disaster last season. So the Dolphins need to add a body here to go with Wake and Anderson and Quentin Moses. But is this position a Must have?

You tell me. The Dolphins will eventually tell us.

Discuss ...  


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I don't know which LB it will be, but, I know it will be a LB as I've stated for some time. It is written

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Inside. Inside.

Whoever is asking for Jimmy Johnson to come back is retarded. Good coach... fine. He helped our D when he was here. Great coach....eh. He got lucky in Dallas with the H. Walker deal. Our coaching staff now is very very good. We don't need Jimmy....sorry.

I'm sorry guys but our biggest position of need, no matter what these anti-phin writer try to tell us, is at WR, we need a #1 and we need to keep Ginn, as he is the only true #2 on our roster, this is a greater need than ILB or OLB, because if YOU cant score, it doesn't matter how many points you give up.

-NT needs to be addressed in FA = Vince Wilfork
-If McClain is there @ 12 take him.
-Spikes in the second rd.
-Sign Antonio Bryant
-Try for Golden Tate in the 3rd

A great ILB makes the whole defense better.

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Anyone who say things like, Wr is biggest position of need, Armando is "anti-phin", or Armando is trying to convince readers phins don't need WR doesn't know what he/she is talking about and probably hasn't read this blog many time.

1. There are much bigger needs on defense than offense for this team, did you watch any games this year?

2. Armando is a good phin fan and even though it seems he has man-love for Tom Brady, this is not enough to be called "anti-phin"

3. Everybody who read this blog more than a couple times know that Armando lobbies for WR and big play passing game to the point it is good comedy

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Ultimately we take the Best Player avail but...
No doubt OLB cause we need a minimum of 2 & an NFL OLB in a 3/4 is way harder to draft.

You can get quality ILBs in the 3rd rnd.


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Armando Please get this youtube clip to the Dolphins brain trust. They can not draft this guy MCclain.

I have a one year plan for the Dolphins.

1st rd. Dez Bryant wide receiver Okl. St.
2nd rd. Jahvid Best running back Cal
3rd. rd. Danario Alexander or Mike Williams WR
4th rd. Jimmy Graham or Epps form da U

That's my one year plan for OLB and ILB.

Aloco, NJphinfan LOL!

Neither is the greatest priority. This is the third year! Why are we just now building a foundation Mando? That was the priority 2 years ago when we KNEW JP was a has been Steelers cast off.

The greatest priority is SCORING Mando. I thought you were some kind of sports writer? What do you guys want?

A season that's 0-0-16

Mark , why not. ?? Harvey and groves have done nothing. Jax was one of the worst pass rushing teams in the league.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 22, 2010 at 04:11 PM

But somehow you KNOW for a fact that the Tuna will draft someone who can rush the passer?

You morons need to understand something. A defense can't stop every drive. Look at NO and INDY. I dont' care who you have on defense you can't stop a prolific offense. All you can do is trade jabs and HOPE your defense makes a stop when it counts.

If Indy lost Manning then it's over. If Indy lost Sanders then nothing would probably change.

IT'S THE OFFENSE IDIOTS! The year is 2010 not 1972. The killer Bees is no more. It's over people. Forget the past and let's focus on the future.

Keep thinking the ILB or the OLB or the NT is the way to go. Stock up on tissues if you think like that.

TRADE THAT DAMN PICK TUNA! And throw in Ginn as a party favor.

Hey Idiot. You're the Moron . He said jax as in jacksonville , needs a pass rusher not miami. Can't your read ??? Get a Freaking clue.

I have a one year plan for the Dolphins.

1st rd. Dez Bryant wide receiver Okl. St.
2nd rd. Jahvid Best running back Cal
3rd. rd. Danario Alexander or Mike Williams WR
4th rd. Jimmy Graham or Epps form da U

That's my one year plan for OLB and ILB.

Posted by: PAZ | January 23, 2010 at 01:05 AM

Finally, a post that makes sense!

Yeah , it's the Offense that gave up 46 points to New Orleans . It was the Offense that gave up 27 points in less than 15 minutes of possesion time to INDY. Get a F'n Clue. Also take a course in Football. What a JackA$$ !!

It was the offense that gave up 24 points at the half to a Houston team that was marching up and down the Field.

It was the Offense that was in the top 3 for most plays given up over 20 yds and top 3 in most plays given up over 40 yds.

I say OLB since the Fins are aged at that position. However, I would take McClain if he is available over Kindle mainly because he is a tackling beast. The Dolphins tackling was sloppy.

It's Terrance Cody ladies and gentlemen. He's the missing link that EVERY Parcells 3-4 team needs to dominate. Ferguson filled the space until they could find a NT like this. Now think of their goal line Defense when they march Cody & Ferguson out there w/ Merling & Langford. The other 7 guys can play mind games with teams!

Having a space eating NT is like playing with 12 guys on the field. These type of phenoms don't fall to #12 EVER. If Texas showed up to play, & Cody got his average snaps; he'd be projected 7-12. The other 2 stud DT's need to add weight to dominate in the NFL. Training camp will drop Cody into the 360 range & he'll only get quicker. Our CB's will be league elite by mid-2010 & the exact same LB group will be much better w/ a true NT, & Wilson doesn't get the chance to miss 1/2 his tackles.

Pick up Boldin & let Turner suit up. We want a physical football team don't we? Let Ginn return all kicks & draft someone to replace Ayodle's slow butt!

The greatest priority: QB

Orfi22...go back to bed and wake up in reality, idiot

miami has a qb and his name chad henne. in what 12 and a half games he almost throws 3000 yards in an offense designed to run the ball. miami's offense actually started scoring points when henne took over. some have complained he didn't throw enough td's but he doesn't have many weapons and it was his first year starting . with an improved defense and a weapon or 2 on offense and henne will be lighting up defenses for years to come.

We need defensive help. Check points for 2009 in blog schedule. Need pass rush and Inside lb very badly. Defense wins champs in big games

Ok guys everyone is jumping on the mcClain bandwagon, he is a good player but plays a read and react style of defense. If you know about our new DC then you know he prefers the attack style. If he is picked then he has some work to do. The other player I am sure the Dolphins will look at hard is Kindle of Texas, who had a monster game in the Championship game as well but nobody remembers since they lost.He has had a great year as well. Parcells has gone to see him personally and has said that Sergio reminds him a bit of LT. He is 6ft 5in 265 and runs a 4.3 40. You have him and Wake at OLB then look out. If they bring JT back to help teach them both we will be in better shape.Just dont jump on someones bandwagon. Just look at his fellow SEC player now with the Pats, Mayo. He came into draft hyped as a pure tackling machine by Kiper, and now he is good but not a LB god. Whoever we pick has to be able to step in and help right away so I and everyone else who loves this team needs to trust Team Tuna to select the right player.

NJ Phin Fan Midwest is bizarro NJ

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OLB position is very deep in this draft. Guys like O'Brien Schofield (Wisconsin)and Cameron Sheffield (Troy) will be available in the 3rd and 4th rounds. ILB is not. The talent level falls off quickly. If McClain is available at #12 we'll grab him faster than we can get the card to the Commish. If he's not, OLB is a reach at #12, so is NT. Trade down or take CJ Spiller. Ronnie is injury prone and Ricky is one more year and done.

parcell is not drafting a 5 ft 8 linebacker to go in his 3-4 defense, why he got rid of zach thomas, he always goes for 6-4 type look at his history--bryan cox, demarcus ware, lawrence taylor, cam wake--McCain is too short

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