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Which is the greater priority: OLB or ILB?

When the 2009 season ended for the Dolphins, the team obviously had issues on defense that still need addressing.

As I explained to you a couple of days ago, the linebacker corps was one of those issues. But the question is where is the bigger problem -- with the inside linebackers or outside linebackers?

Yesterday you saw Mel Kiper vote ILB as his first mock draft of the offseason had the Dolphins taking Rolando McClain of Alabama -- a tackling savant that will be an inside backer tackling machine in the NFL.

Well, lesser known Bucky Brooks of NFL.com comes back and votes OLB as Miami's bigger issue. In his first mock draft of 2010, he's got the the Dolphins taking Texas OLB Sergio Kindle at No. 12 in the first round.

One reason Brooks has the Dolphins taking Kindle might be he also has Denver taking McClain one pick before Miami. In that regard, Brooks apparently agrees with what I wrote yesterday about the Broncos. You see, Kiper had Denver taking Dez Bryant at No. 11, but I think that's not the direction they will go because you can still find good WR help later in the draft, and Bryant has been away from the game for much of a year as he served an NCAA suspension. 

It would be interesting to know what Brooks thinks the Dolphins would do if both McClain and Kindle are on the board for Miami. Stop dreaming! But in his scenario, he sees Miami's OLB corps as needing urgent care.

"Joey Porter and Jason Taylor are at the end of their careers," Brooks writes. "so finding an athletic edge rusher is paramount."

Brooks obviously believes Cameron Wake doesn't fill that paramount need and I don't think any of us think Charlie Anderson is the answer, either.

If you've read this blog every day (it's good for your soul) you already understand how the Dolphins break down how they go about filling out their roster. As I've told you several times in the past, they have three primary categories: Wants, Needs, Must haves.

The Must haves is the priority category. It is the category that must be filled.

The Needs is the second most important. This category is what the team needs but can extend out if lesser players are on board.

The Wants is the luxury category. The Dolphins want a running back that will be ready to step in when Ricky Williams retires and Ronnie Brown is out of contract. But the team can probably survive 2010 if it doesn't address that want.

It is clear inside linebackers and outside linebackers fall either in the Needs or Must haves. No one not named Big Tuna Bill Parcells and Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland knows which position has risen to the priority category. Even they might not know because free agency might play a role in affecting this stuff.

You can argue the Dolphins have bodies at ILB with Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele. Sure, Ayodele didn't play well in 2010 and Crowder is often injured. So the team needs to address the position. But will things fall to pieces if Crowder and Ayodele are the starters again in 2010?

You tell me. The Dolphins will tell us.

At OLB, meanwhile, neither Jason Taylor nor Joey Porter might be coming back in 2010. I know both of them won't be back. That was a disaster last season. So the Dolphins need to add a body here to go with Wake and Anderson and Quentin Moses. But is this position a Must have?

You tell me. The Dolphins will eventually tell us.

Discuss ...  


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Yes, I did see that game, and yes McClain is a very good player. Those plays were his strength, screens where he can use his athleticism and size to disrupt. Not to make too fine a point of it, but I just worry about goal line stands with the guy, mano y mano, between the tackles. Especially as we are hurting at the NT position. I would argue also that Cody kind of helped McClain's career....no shame there, just saying.


I beleive that if McClain is there they should not pass on a ILB of his caliber. True there are other ILB that can be had in rounds 2-3 and maybe 4. But the drop off between Mcclain and the rest is obvious. But the other ILB that can be had: Spikes from Flo, Sean Lee from Penn State and as mentioned Micah Johnson from Kentucky those are the guys I have seen play that look good and can be had in rounds 2-3. There are more but I have yet to see play and I'm sure the Trifecta will unearth every piece of tap on all players but will SCRUB the hell out of the line backer list.

So if Mccalin is not there i agree we should try to trade down and possibly get Dan Williams from Tenn. at NT and add another pick.

Future HOF ILB Ray Lewis was talking MUCH trash about putting Peyton on his backside.

Where is Ray now? Sitting on HIS backside watching Peyton in the playoffs.

ILB is not the way to go folks. If Ray couldn't get it done how is McClain going to get it done? The pass rush is only affective against Brady. I never see it work routinely with other LEGIT QB's. Legit QB's with legit WR's will TORCH you.

Typo. this guy !! . all the TIME !!

Ray lewis couldn't get it done ??? Are you freaking kidding me ??? Holy shyt LMFAO !!


Its not just his strenght, size or athleticism, but his instinks. He has great instincts to go along with and that is what seperates him from the rest. That is why he was in the back field so much. You see this in all the great LB's. From Ray Lewis to Patrick Willis and even Urlacher when healthy.

Tara Squad
Ray Lewis couldnt get it done? lol

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Have a great weekend yall'
My prediction for Indy v Jets 24-10, Indy.
vikes v saints well lots of points but vikes by a FG.

We run a 3-4 defense which is lb driven and that's one of most glaring weaknesses. How does this happen?

With the 12th pick we need to take the top player available, I just hope it's defense. We don't have one player on our entire team that other teams gameplan around. Hopefully, we get one...

Phins4 and NJPhin;

OK, let's all agree that McClain is an excellent LB prospect. In fact, he is the Best on the board; period. My comments were only directed at Mando's original BLOG, talking about his tackling prowess. IMveryHO, that is not his #1 strength, but he does many things very, very well. Instincts, athleticism, leadership (from what I read), and yes he does make tackles and is around the ball (275 total in 3 years) He seems like the complete package, an ILB/OLB combo.

So, I would be very happy if he falls to us at 12. He is an excellent overall prospect, and fine LB. Let's hope that Denver doesn't snag him.

Freddie Barnes= 2nd round wr fix, Thaddeus Gibson = later round front seven def fix. Trade 1st round for top notch d back and sign wilfork.

Tara does make a valid point about how the D line can make or break the linebackers,which then causes the secondary to look silly.

O'BRIAN SCHOFIELD INT already in the East-west shrine game... Not bad for his first half at OLB.... I'm telling you this guy is going to be a force in the NFL!

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“Rushing” OLB’s have a higher “bust” rate than ILB’s...if Rolando McClain is on the board he will be the pick…no matter who else is there. If McClain is gone don’t be surprised to see Miami go for NT Dan Williams or NT Cody if he shows up in shape and tests well at the combine…some would say that’s a reach…not when you are talking about guys that are true run stoppers at the NT position and when you consider how many teams are wanting to play the 3-4…NT’s are at a premium.
ILB and NT are must have…WR, OLB and FS are needs…RB and TE are wants.

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In this Mock Eric Berry is still available. If that was the case Parcells would laugh his way to the podium.

The OLB need is really more of a guy who can hold the edge against the run. We have a couple pass rushers. Think we can pick up a player like that later, so the ILB position is a greater need. Mclain would be solid.

If hes not available, then go NT

It's funny how jet fans forget that we made them look like fools twice this year! Hey Tortured, hope you have a nice black suit hanging in the closet, you will need to dress appropriately tommorrow! RIP JETS!!!!!

Whens the last time a rookie QB made it to the Super Bowl??????

Oh that's right - NEVER!

Wasn't 84 essentially Marino's rookie season?

Any one who thinks were going to take a NT in rd 1 is high. J. Ferguson rd. 7, J. Ratliff rd. 7 both former picks of the TUNA.

Is the Miami Herald so desperate for increased viewership of its football blog that it allows racist commentary and unnecessary childish attacks on other regions of our great country.The abhorrent comments of Gman050 should not be allowed to stand.

Marino was a rookie on 83 - 84 was his first year starting

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Is Armando going to the Jets-Colts game tomorrow?

For some reason I see Brandon Spikes as a shoulder tackler and a more aggresive tackler than Rolando McClain, who I see as an arm tackler, who tends to miss some tackles if he doesn't wrap the opponent's body or leg. Also, Brandon Spikes plays quicker.

As far as Kindle, he's too weak to be drafted at 12th; and Cody is too fat to be considered a Parcells type of defender... Parcells loves big people, but not with big cheeseburger bellies. I hope we are able to address the NT/ or a LB position with FA, by paying big bucks to someone like Wilfork and Dansby or even Demeco Ryans... I would like to see the Fins sign a top 10 FA this year; and not pay top dollars for average players such as Ernest Wilford, Justin Smiley, Gibril Wilson and even Jake Grove.

By the way, I see the Fins drafting a ILB in the 1st round.. They're desperate to improve Akin Ayodele's position; he doesn't deserve to be a starter; however, I won't be surprised if they decide to move up or down.. If they move up, they'll go for the NT they desire and if they move down; they'll get the ILB at a good value.

I see Brandon Spikes or Rolando McClain becoming a Fin..

BTW, I predicted the Fins drafting Vontae Davis in the 1st.. :)

Go Fins!

dfins, first off you're a LIAR concerning you predicting the dolphins drafting Vontae Davis. Nice Try !!!. Second there's no NT in this draft that's worth moving up from the 12 spot. Third saying spikes is quicker than McClain is completly false. In Fact , the big knock on spikes is his Speed and Quickness. All the above proves you don't know what the hell you're talking about and proves no way you predicted davis to miami. Once again. NICE TRY !!

GO INDY !!!! 31-17 indy.

You start from the inside out.

No question Spikes is a step slow - he only looks quick because he has decent instincts. The more information I get on McClain - how he studies film and how he is the leader of what was college football's best defense (and a defense that the fins run) - makes me think that this is our guy. I don't think the team would move up to get him and am not 100% sure he will be there when we pick (or some other team won't move up to get him. But with his size, speed, instincts, and football mentalitly - this is our guy.

And if he is not there we take Earl Thomas or trade down.

Our ILB got toasted all year by TE's, RB's yeah we can stop the run but we can't cover anybody we need a an ILB that can stop the Run and COVER!! Elite TE's if not it's gonna be another long season remembe Clark, Gonzalez, Shocky, Gates, etc.... These guy owned us

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