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2010 draft needs to be a boon for the Dolphins

My Sunday column explained why the upcoming 2010 might be the most important for the Dolphins in a very long time.

Simply, in year No. 3 of the Parcells-Sparano-Ireland dynasty, the Dolphins need to turn the corner on one playoff season and one losing season. But unlike most other NFL offseasons, free agency will be an unpredictable exercise based on the likely uncapped year.

Free agency also might not offer the many opportunities to add young, prime-of-their-career talent it has been in the past.

So if the Dolphins are to make the significant jump from inconsistent and mediocre to good or very good, the draft must deliver the talent to do that with.

Well, the Dolphins will have plenty of arrows in their quiver to do damage in the draft.

They have nine picks assigned so far:

First round - #12 overall.

Second round - #11 in the round.

Third round - #9 in the round.

Fourth round - #12 in the round.

Fifth round -- None. Consideration to Kansas City for Tyler Thigpen.

Sixth round - #4 in the round (from Kansas City), # 5 in the round (from Washington) and #10 in the round (own).

Seventh round - #5 in the round (from Kansas City) and #12 in the round (own).

But I'm here to tell you the Dolphins should have at least one more pick. The compensatory picks will be awarded in March and the Dolphins are likely to score at least one pick based on their 2009 offseason losses.

You'll recall that last offseason the team lost three unrestricted free agents -- cornerback Andre' Goodman to the Denver Broncos, safety Renaldo Hill to the Denver Broncos and center Al Johnson to the New England Patriots.

The Dolphins signed three unrestricted free agents -- guard Joe Berger, center Jake Grove, and cornerback Eric Green.

I cannot recite the exact NFL net gain-loss formula for unrestricted free agency, because I'm not that much of a dweeb, but suffice to say the Dolphins will be judged to have a net loss. And while they are not likely to gain anything as high as a third- or fourth-round pick via the compensatory process, they might pick up a fifth-rounder. We'll see.

(Before you go all nutty in the comments section saying I messed up because the Dolphins also signed Gibril Wilson and Jason Taylor, I remind you neither were unrestricted free agents. Both were released by their teams. Both were street free agents. Cameron Wake was also a street free agent as he wasn't even in the league the season before. The NFL does not weigh them in the gain-loss formula.)

Now, as to what the Dolphins do with their nine and perhaps 10 draft picks, I can tell you this:

Miami needs to do better, and certainly no worse, than last year as far as production from their rookies.

In 2009, the Dolphins got two starters out of the first two rounds. That's good despite the fact the first two rounds offered Miami three picks.

The Dolphins need to find starters in the first two rounds of 2010. And then they have to do better beyond that than they did in 2009.

You see, in 2009 only fourth-rounder Brian Hartline contributed to any substantial degree.

Third rounder Patrick Turner was a non-factor. Fifth-rounder John Nalbone was a non-factor. Fifth-rounder Chris Clemons was mostly a special teams player. Sixth-rounder Andrew Gardner was a non-factor. And seventh-rounder J.D. Folsom was a non-factor.

If the Dolphins can find three starters from the 2010 draft, coupled with perhaps one or two starters from free agency and some other avenue (trade?), we could be talking a significant improvement from 2009.

And that's what the Dolphins need.

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Dolphins, Did you watch the game???? Paytom omly had the ball for less then 15 minutes.... He would have scored 60 points if he had the ball for 30 minutes....

yaya - Your points are invalid for now, because you metnioned Henne threw for a TD which got dropped by our WR in the Indy game when Henne was not even playing at all that game. He was our 3rd stringer...

wu1sabes - Sharper is staying in NO, so forget him. Willie and Chester do not want to be backups or they would stay with their current teams. Watson I can agree with and I don't know much about Pickett, so I can't comment about him.

Indiana what about the guy who say we start 2 rookie cb against Indy? Will Allen was still play in that game. Can we disregard what that guy say invalid too?

Please tell us quick

Why would sharper want to leave his superbowl champ team????????????????

Is mofongo cobra kai's football side. He is still a trouble maker but he talks football... thats a nice change...

I've heard there should be some good options at WR in the second round if we don't get Dez Bryant in the 1st. If Bryant has a good combine, I could see Miami taking him with their 1st pick.

Everyone is talking about Rolle, but I would rather have Darren Sharper. I doubt we would pay as much as other teams for Dansby, I think Nolan and Parcells both feel they can develop young talent to fill that position. If we don't get Bryant with our first pick they will get McClain.

The Dolphin Defense is Horrid............

Lol this is everyday. We will have a good debate going, then someone says let's trade for Larry Fitzgerald, or we need to draft a P in the 2nd round, then the rest of the blog is insulting each other. Awesome lmao

Mofongo - I called him out for that comment, but at least both rookies did play in the game unlike Henne...


Ill look at Pickett and I like Watson a lot. I'd also love to see Tony Schleffer at Denver get released(not gonna happen). Your last 2 make no sense honestly. NO will keep Sharper and he loves it there. Taylor is very old and we have 4 RBs already that get playing time. Ill pass and so will the trifecta.

WestVaFins - True, he is talking football at least, minus his one dumb Spanish language comment...other than that at least he is talking football which I will give him "some" credit for

Sharper is nearing the end of his career and I think he is looking for one more payday before he retires. Most teams would only sign him for one year, if Dolphins offer him two years they may get him.

WUsabes-- Im not sure if you have missed the past two hours or what but Bryant will not be the selection in the first round..... Defense Defense Defense..


Look really carefully and learn to READ. Where did I say Henne played against Indy at all?

Most likely will be defense for the first three rounds... The third will be the earliest we see offense but i still dont think the third.......

Good morning, everyone. What a hockey game last nite, eh?

What's going on today?

Oh mando you know the same ole same ole... But the Brandon Marshall fans have came back........... Thats always fun.. HAHA... Oh yeah we got some guys asking for every unsigned FA also soooo we got all the good ones in here today HAHA...

Armando, have you heard anything, or do you yourself think, that Ben Watson is a guy that we may target in FA? He is a guy I very much like.

Has anyone heard from the deity known as NJ PHIN FAN????

Hopefully the Dolphins can sign Dansby and either Hampton or Pickett to play the Nose. I`d love them to trade back in the draft to the 20-25 range and pick up a second second. That way the team can take a OLB and a safety and a wide reciever of some quality.Everyone says this is a good draft for recievers and OLB`s so maybe the first should be the Safety position, Nate Allen should be avalable around 25, Aralous Benn could be avalable in the second round as could Jerry Hughes or Sergio Kindle. There are options for the team that don`t mean losing draft picks!!!
Everyone knows that the draft is set up by free agency.


Taylor will be 31 years old in September but he doesn't have a lot of miles on his body, seeing as he has played mostly as a backup. He'll want a chance to start and maybe a team like Seattle or San Diego takes a chance on him. Anyways, I don't see us addressing running back until next year's draft.

Watson would be OK but I don't think hes great. He's getting older and slower and I only see him being a complimentary player at this stage of his career. As long as the bidding doesn't get too ridiculous then OK....welcome aboard.

Don't know much about Pickett and forget Sharper. He had a GREAT year but he's too old and will want too much money. You don't think he's going to want to cash in on his great season.....watch!!

yaya - My apologies. I had the wrong person on this one. 305_PhinPhan was the one who said this in the same post he mentioned Manning torched our 2 rookie corners

Teams that made the playoffs with #1 Receiver

Jets- Braylon Edwards
Bengals - Ocho Cinco
Eagles - Deshawn Jackson
Cowboys - Miles Austin
Patriots - Randy Moss
Packers - Greg Jennings
Cardinals - Larry Fitzgerald
Ravens - Derrick Mason
Chargers- Vincent Jackson
Colts- Reggie Wayne
Vikings - Sidney Rice
Saints - Marques Colsten

All teams that made the playoffs had a number one receiver. The team that WON the Superbowl had a worst overall defense then Miami did. VA acts like draft picks are gold and they are not. Hypothetically speaking if we drafted Dez Bryant in the first and he turned out to be just like Brandon Marshall then in the 3rd we drafted Cam Thomas and he turned out to be a bust or a player like Soliai someone who is serviceable but not a every down NT. In the second we drafted Ricky Sapp and he turned out to be a solid OLB would that be a bad draft? Hitting 2 out of three draft picks? What you don't understand is that every team will have "holes" to fill every season. Next year we will be looking for another RB given Ricky's retirement and Ronnie being 29. It's a never ending cycle with "holes" on a team. The point is you get the best player that can make the biggest impact for your team and that player for us would be Marshall. I do agree with you on one thing. I'm done going back and forth with you because you can't convince a person that doesn't see the whole picture and it's a waste of my time. I just hope that the Phins get themselves a number 1 receiver and give Henne the chance to be the franchise QB we have been looking for since Marino's departure. Using all of those gold draft picks for a QB all of those years is a big waste of time with the receivers we have on the team now. Hopefully Rolando McClain can run a fade route past Darrelle Revis and score us some points this year. Maybe the Superbowl wining Saints will give up M.Colsten, J. Shockey, D.Henderson, and R. Meachem for some gold draft picks because there D was worse than the Dolphins and VA thinks draft picks along with Defense will make us better.....well Mr. Know it all......go tell that to the Saints that are world champions.


I agree on your draft thoughts.

Heya Mando! That was an awesome game! Poor Canada, I bet they want to sing 'O, Canada' at every event now. I'd love to hear anything about Watson too.

Jeremy- i like the post my only problem is who said this is a good draft for WR????? I do not like any of them particularly.

Canada..... I cant add anything....

I've been thinking a lot about Watson. He's interesting.

He runs like the wind for a tight end (remember a few years ago when he ran down Champ Bailey from behind on an interception return?)

He is also disciplined. Not a great blocker by any means, but good receiver.

My thing with him is why doesn't he produce more? Is it because the Pats have so many other receivers? Or is it he's just not that productive?

I don't know enough to say.

I do know someone will fall in love with him -- maybe the Giants -- and pay good money for him because there simply aren't that many good UFAs out there. I would like the Dolphins to be players, but I defer to what they wish to do. I don't know enough to say it's good or a mistake.


Welcome. Please don't bring up the hockey game again, as I'm in mourning...LOL. Actually, congratulations to the American team last night. Miller played exceptionally well (no relation, I'm afraid). Canada is in trouble. They are going to have to win four in a row to win the gold. Hope we get another game against the Americans. It will fun!!!

Crappy Hockey Game last night Mando:( and Canadas hockey path can`t be tougher now. We`ve got Germany tomorrow and then if we win we`ve got Russia on Wednesday. If anyone wants to see emotion watch that game. Someone might just die on that ice surface!!!!


We all know the Dolphins do not like Diva receivers. I think you've learned that pretty well on this blog. But do you agree with the approach?

Do you think they bypass good players because they are afraid of a bad situation at some point? We all know T.O is a bad apple. But he's good for a team getting him for 1 year. Always has been.

Why not sign him for 1 year?

Craig M,

I agree about Taylor except the guy has never really started for long. I think he's a great 2nd back but thats it.


Nate should be available in the 2nd so if we do trade back Id love to have him somewhere there.

Braylon Edwards is a number one??????? HAHA no... Look at the late rounders you listed. And more importantly most of those guys were drafted by the team they play for and the teams built them up ie. Miles Austin.... You are wrong and you can name me all the WR in the league and you will still be wrong... We are goign to look late in the draft to find someone that can be the next Miles Austin or Colston.... One more time for the people YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armando, you raise all the valuable points on him. I just think he and Fasano would compliment each other very, very well. Remember the 2 TD catches Watson had opening night against Buffalo? The seam routes are what we absolutely do not have, ie the play Fasano didn't make against IND, basically the same play. I hope Miami makes a play at him, we already have the 2 TEs that can block. Another thing on Watson, he was at his best before Daniel Graham went to Denver, and Graham is comparable to Fasano.


No problem. I might have been a little rough there but I definitely dont want packed in with the bandwagon pickers and the trolls.

The irony of the hockey victory for USA is that if they had lost, this country wouldn't take it that hard.

But Canada may be shut down today from depression.

I can say this, I don't know A LOT about the game, but I know when they play full out. Most NHL regular season games are not played full on for 60 minutes. Last nite was full on for three full periods.

Mando, I know you made a joke about Parcells telling Ireland what position to draft. And I know it's a guess but how much or little do you think Irelands invoved?

Follow up question, Sparano have any influence?

Armando, what is the farthest Spiller gets drafted in your opinion. I know the 2nd round would be a BIG stretch, but if for some crazy reason he is still there with our 2nd pick, I think we should take him. I don't see getting out of the first though....

The hockey game was amazing. As for TO or any other player who is like that, I have to believe the regime was embarassed by the Joey Porter fiasco, and will not have that happen again.

cocoajoe, Ireland and the scouts are clearly involved. And Tony is involved.

The Dolphins want a Dolphins consensus, a Dolphins pick.

But if Parcells absolutely wants somebody and the other two guys do not, the Dolphins get that guy.

By the way, Pat White was a Parcells pick.

I think Tony has some say, I think the 3 of them generally have a checks and balances system. A good pick to look at, Pat White. We know Parcells liked the guy. Do you think out of the 3 he was the only one who did? Were Coach and Ireland against it? Did 2 of the 3 sign off on the pick? Or maybe all 3? I'd love to hear the last conversation leading up to that pick.

I wouldn't mind getting TO for a year, even though I use to never like him coming on board. Like you say Armando, why not 1 year. He does ALWAYS do good with his team for 1 year. It all depends how much him and Parcells got along. I know Jerry Jones was the one that wanted TO in Dallas and Parcells did not. I do not think they really butted heads though IMO...

Why not a 1 year deal? It would come very cheap also. It could be good for him to give some veteranship to Ginn, Hartline and others...

I agree with you Bootang. Watson-Fasano would be better than Fasano-Haynos. You make Fasano the blocking TE and Watson the receiving tight end.

It will all boil down to money. Do the Dolphins think Watson is worth the sort of money he'll probably get elsewhere?


mando, what's your opinion, Offense or Defense for the draft???

I have liked TO throughout his whole career. Outside of phins players he is my favorite. That being said i think it would be a sad day to see him in a phins jersey because i would have to think that something had badly gone wrong in our reconstruction of this team.... LOL... ok so i wouldnt completely hate it because i like him but i think it would be bad...

Miles Austin and Colsten? How many of those are floating around? You have a better chance at hitting the lotto then you do drafting a lucky shot in the dark like them! Look late in the draft for the next one? So the third and forth rounder last year along with the number 1 for Ginn and now we are going to look this year? How many of these worthy draft picks do you want to give up to find a number one receiver? As a matter of fact name one other team in the NFL that has a worse of situation then the Dolphins at the receiver position? The Rams....that's about it! You need a true #1 receiver to make the #2's that much better. You are living in a fantasy world if you think the Phins are going to get a WR like Austin or Colsten late in the draft. Braylon Edwards is not a number one? He was stuck on the crappy Browns with no QB then goes to the Jets with still no QB. The year Derek Anderson did well he had 80 rec for 1,289yds with 16TD. When is the last time ANY Miami Dolphin receiver did that? Come on let me hear it? I can't remember it has been so long since any Dolphin put up those stats so to say he is not a number 1 you are just as foolish as you are about the rest of your posts.

Like the phins but its time for a WR.

Bootang, you said something I truly think is dead on. The Joey Porter thing will affect the Dolphins for a while.

They might be less inclined to gamble on a questionable UFA or WR diva based on their Porter experience. It may leave a bad taste for Parcells and Sparano and Ireland.

Another reason to dislike Joey Porter.

Cuban, yes. Offense AND defense.

We need a TE. I know that he is injured and probably won't be ready for the start of the season but I rather have Owen Daniels from the Texans. Talk about a TE that can stretch the field ,we would have no need for Ginn. Send Ginn and his family to the Ravens for a golden draft pick.

I'm just not sure they shouldn't be looking for a TE in the draft. The third or fourth round would be ideal. I hear a lot of good things about the kid Graham from Miami. Is he not a younger version of Watson, with the potential to become a good receiving TE?


Great points on Watson and thanks for the quick reply to our questions. Id pass on TO personally but he may still have gas in the tank. Im sure Henne would still be pleased.

305 Phin,

That list said nothing. Heres the rebuttal:

Jets- ran the ball almost exclusively. Lost badly when a team actually stopped the run.

Eagles- crushed by Boys. Defense wins games.
Bengals-85 was worthless. Defense wins games.

Ravens- can you honestly say Mason is a true #1!!! Rice and the D won their game plain and simple.

Packers and Cards- great Os and no D. Where did that get them?

Cowboys- crushed by Minne Defense. Seeing a pattern here maybe?

Indy- lost SB because of a pick-6.(that period had an exclamation point in it)

Saints- should have lost to Minnesota's D but who wins with 6 TOs. Oh yeah, Minnesota almost did.

I think Watson does things for the passing game that a guy like TO or Marshall could, at a cheaper price. He can clear the middle of the field, take the teams best coverage LB or S out of the play without ever touching the ball. He got lost a little bit on the NE offense the past few years, as Brady finally had 2 great WRs to use. So that's a favorable comparison. If we can't give Henne stud WRs, a great pass catching TE is a good alternative. I would say set your ceiling for what you want to pay the guy, and go that high. Anything more, drop out.

Indiana, if Spiller is still there in the second round, it's because teams know something we do not know -- character or drugs or he's jacking old ladies at night.

If you're looking at him strictly as a FB player, he's a mid-first round guy.

INDY, You cant teach Ted(No jock strap Required)Ginn, Please stop any Mister N.J.R in any post from here on out.....

305 how many people have to tell you that you are wrong before you drop it really????? And if you can remember back to when this conversation started i said that if we could give up a later draft pick then its a good idea. But not our first.... You will have very few people agree that giving up your first round pick when you have soo many needs is a foolish idea. Yes the late picks are nothing more than shots in the dark. Sometimes they hit like Austin and Colsten and then others miss... You are wrong please if anyone else has any more insight to change this poor souls mind of at least a tactic for keeping him quiet i am now calling for your help. Braylon edwards you pointed out had a good season... ONE???? that makes him a number one??????????

We are not going to trade for any WR b-4 or during the draft.Everyone sucks thats why.


You won't be seeing Owen Daniels on the Dolphins any time soon. Yes he was injured but I also believe he's restricted. Not a chance Houston lets him go and not chance the Dolphins give up the picks for him.

Thsi si not fantasy football. You should know this stuff!!

I like Jimmy Graham of the []_[].

But he's a project. He's got to get a football mentality (tougher), he's got to learn to block better, he needs to get stronger, especially in the lower body, and he needs coaching on running routes and reading defenses.

But potential? If he works, and gets in the right system, he can be in the Pro Bowl in four years.

Mando, Awfully evasive on that last post amigo.... Or is it true they need help in everything but clip-board holding and blocking dummy's?????

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