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A quickie chat with Brandon Graham

Maybe the Dolphins draft Rolando McClain because everyone loves the guy and everyone says he's going to be a star. Maybe they take Eric Berry (if he's there) because they need a playmaking free safety. Maybe they reach for a nose tackle or a wide receiver.

I still love Michigan's Brandon Graham.

Have I made that point to you guys enough this week? Even as the adoption papers are being drawn up, I wanted to share with you yet more reasons I think this star DE-OLB from Michigan is the real deal and should be considered at No. 12 overall -- contrary opinions from Mel Kiper and Todd McShay and all the other draft pundits notwithstanding.

I direct you to this interview Graham did with Scout.com during Senior Bowl week -- before he went off and won the game MVP award with five tackles and two sacks.

In the interview Graham says a couple of things that caught my attention:

He expects to run in the 4.5s at the Indianapolis Combine next week. And he loves the idea of playing 3-4 outside linebacker.

"Oh yeah, I feel real good," Graham says about dropping in coverage. "I've been working on my hips, working on my drops every day in practice for Michigan ... With a little coaching from the NFL guys, I believe I can get it done."

Graham has no shortage of confidence. And he couples that with something of a chip that dares naysayers to disbelieve he can do whatever he sets out to do. That's why he says he wants to run in the 4.5s at the Combine.

"I'm excited because I like it when people doubt me," he says. "That's just a challenge and I like challenges and I'm going to try to fulfill it. And if I don't, then I gave it my all and that's all I can say."

One thing Graham has shown in all his games and all the practices at the Senior Bowl was a seemingly infinite desire. He wants to be good. He wants to improve. He wants to get to the quarterback. He wants to be an NFL star.

"[I'm] just trying to show that my motor's always going," he says, "I love football and I want to make plays and sack the quarterback."

You combine want-to and talent and you know what you have?

A very good NFL player.

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Global warming?????? Who cares??????????

Posted by: WestVaFins | February 19, 2010 at 08:34 AM

I really like what you post dude, so don’t take this the wrong way because you are the man. Global Warming??? Who cares???

Anyone who knows does. This will be the greatest tax ever introduced to America. The beginning of our end as a powerful country on earth.

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This is the greatest scientific hoax in the history of civilization. People will look back in 500 years and wonder how we could have actually been so foolish. Just like we laugh at the people who thought the world was flat. They based their life on that premise and it controlled mankind for thousands of years.

Please don’t take it the wrong way WestVAFins cause you are a fellow fin fan and I respect your football knowledge.

His name is Thunderbolt!

Parcells loves LB's and I think that if McClain is on the board he will become a Dolphin. Even if Dez Bryant is still on the board. Parcells will take a LB over a WR in the 1st round. Spiller I don't see it happening. Miami is loaded at the RB position. So either it's McClain or a trade. McClain and Dansby would make an awesome ILB combo.

I meant no harm by the global warming comment i meant that i simply dont care.... I dont see how it affects me really... But if you say it does then im with you man lol... Im just here for the football talk i dont do science lol.

Mcclain fits the personailty profile that Demarcus ware had coming out of the draft... They might be different players but they have similar playing styles and attitudes and that's what parcells looks for...parcells didna dez Bryant in keyshown Johnson.. He won't do it again Even if he is there.. Berry will go top 5 of he doesn't then that might make it interesting

OMAR KELLY just took a shot at Armando on his twitter.... ouch


Even though I don't necessarily agree with you on Brandon Graham being the #1 OLB prospect or the best player at #12, I do applaud you for having your opinion on who you think is the right player. Too many people simply follow what helmuthair Kiper says although he's the same genius who had Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Cade McNown, Heath Shuler, and several other pure bombs as top 10 picks.

I laugh whenever people swear by a player simply by what Kiper, McShay, etc write. Good to see someone with their own strong opinion. Good for you, man!

cfphin--- i am not sure what exactly you're last post actually said but it has been mentioned many times that Parcells did not draft Key.......

I agree with an earlier poster who typed that the only player that needs to be taken if he's there is Eric Berry. His talent trumps any other players on the board that the Dolphins may have the small, small chance to draft. personally, I don't think he will be there but if he is, it shouldn't take more than 3 seconds to make that pick.

The only other player on this board that I think the same of is Suh but if he's there beyond 2, that will be a miracle.

Those are the only 2 players where you follow the best player available mantra for the Dolphins when they'd be drafting for talent over need.

I have an admirer lol. Wtf u talkin bout?

Nfl.com actually had Berry being available to us at 12 with there mock draft posted three days ago.... Berry is the man......

But he is no doubt top five talent no way he falls to 12. Especially with the raiders in front of us... Davis would fall in love wiht him if he falls even to that spot...

this has been a lie for twenty years I know noone listens to me do the research stop listening to media idiots that can't do basic journalism investigating. Brandon yes he will be a star

I think that REACHING for Brandon Graham at 12 would be a major mistake. When you have a chance to get top 10-15 talent you don't take a player valued 20-32. I get the feeling that those that are overflowing with man love for Brandon Graham are taking too much stock in his senior bowl performance. Just remember that was an "all star game" where some players do not go all out and the tackles he was playing against were seriously sub-par. Not to mention the offensive tackles he was playing against in the big-10 every week weren't great talents. Rob in OC continually tries to compare McClain to Vernon Gholston, but the Graham pick at 12 would be much more likely of a Gholston type bust. Think about it:

A player from the big 10 that was taken to early and has never played olb in the 3-4. This statement could describe both Graham and Gholston if the if Graham is taken at 12.

I think they cut the gebril, resign a different price and play him with clemons/culver.
they wont be drafting a safety until the later rounds

Mando I like Graham too, but is he worth a 12th overall pick? If Berry and/or McClain are there at 12, do you still take Graham? Don't take me wrong, I believe OLB is the #1 need on the team right now. I would love to see them select an OLB with that pick. What is your opinion of Derrick Morgan, Jason Pierre-Paul and even Carlos Dunlap? How would you compare these the Graham?

he is a top ten talent Michigan produces DEs Penn linebackers

never realized how many scientists read a FOOTBALL BLOG!!!!!!!!!
leave it to the experts and lets talk bout things we are really qualified to do and that's play GM for the day of the dolphins

Also Rob in OC, you keep saying you don't want McClain because he would have to be "coached up," but Graham has never played OLB in a 3-4 and just because he says he is willing to play it, doesn't mean its not still a major question mark that would require alot of "coaching up."

All rookies coming into the NFL need what you call "coaching up."

pollution is a real problem. toxic waste that we the usa make &then dump in india sri lanka bangladesh &other poor countries. al gore and co,dont care .out of sight out of mind.

now to football;
have 2 side with justin on this one.We NEED PLAYMAKERS, not projects. as much on off and def.no more reaches,:pat white ted ginn etc..

I wonder how much the front office will ask Henne and Long about Graham. They would of played together 2 years at Michigan. I am surprised Graham didn't say his toughest OL was Jake Long, lol!

As good as everyone thinks McClain is or may be, I didn't get a chance to catch many of his college games. I did see the national championship game and I was not impressed as I thought I would be. Also, should we take any player that was coached by the loser and liar Nick Saban??

So Ive been watching tons of video of all the players we could possibly draft at #12.. (D.Williams,McClain,Kindle,Pierre-Paul,Graham,Lafelle,Pierce,Spiller,Griffen).. and I know that we need to go Defense with the pick, but I have to admit that the player who stands out to me hands down has absolutley been Dez Bryant.. I'm not saying we should draft him, but he is a SUPREME talent..

Great post Carlito...This team has done enough "reaching" as u said in the past...We don't need a project or someone that has to spend time learning a spot that he has never played before...We need an immediate impact player at 12

Immediate Impact player indeed!!

To solve global warming we need the following: Crowder, stop talking so much AND make plays; Rex Ryan, lose 400lbs fat boy!!!!

Every time I see all the pre-draft hoopla about a player like this I start thinking about a can't miss, best defensive player in the draft named Brian Bosworth.

Basically it comes down to this, once they put on an NFL helmet, whatever they did in college doesn't mean squat! I see all these pre-draft player positioning lists, it's all baloney, too many undrafted FA's in the hall of fame to say that the draft is a settled science.

As far as I'm concerned the draft is just another way for the NFL to make some headlines and a few extra bucks. It doesn't matter where a player is taken, first round or UFA, there are some guys that are going to play great and there are some guys that are going to be busts and the whole dang thing is a crap shoot!

Well put John! These rankings are baloney!

Guys - Come on now! These rankings are BS. The rankings that matter are what NJ says, because he knows everything about the college game and can see the future of all players entering the NFL HaHa!!

Just busting your chops NJ...

I need a smaller helmet so I can run faster on the outside.

Tim, I believe Armando lives in Miami. He doesn't live near a volcano you oaf!

Sorry, I foegot to include my more ignarant partner Mike in my last post.

Thank you bobbyd12

What do you guys know about Climate(UN AGENDA 21)change? lmao

Climate Change is UN(United Nations)AGENDA 21 world(GLOBAL)taxation initiative.

Man the sheepeople are waking up.

Alex Jones think people like us only care about FOOTBALL and believe everything the media program us to believe.


Come explore the hidden world:

"And it shall be that when they say to you, 'Where should we go?' then you are to tell them, 'Thus says the LORD: "Those destined for death, to death; And those destined for the sword, to the sword; And those destined for famine, to famine; And those destined for captivity, to captivity."' -Jeremiah 15:2

Now that's out of the way, I hope that we land Rolando McClain. I'll keep in eye out on Brandon Graham's NFL career to gauge your scouting abilities Mr.Salguero. ;-)

Who knows maybe we land Brandon Graham in the second round.

graham is a sick pass rusher id be terrified of him if i was a quarter back

i think he can become a hybrid player de/olb an excellent one

but not right away all he has ever had to do is play the DE position meaning " kill the qb/rb "

meaning it will take him time to teach him the olb position most importantly to drop back in coverage an not over persue

which is the same problem we had with cameron wake and thats why he wasnt starting for the most part

i dont doubt for a minute that graham has the athleticism to do all those things and with nfl trainers he will become faster and stronger but he is running over 4.7 and he has to gain weight(like 20lbs) and run faster that is not an easy task
" it takes time "

and for a 12th pick in the draft we need someone to contriubute on every down,right away.
. we need a starter. i think most people in here will agree

so if we drop down in the first round and pick up some extra picks im cool with graham but not at 12 for now

we'll just have to see how crazy he does at the combine

again i dont deny the kid is a stud
he has great upside

just want to get the best bang for our buck!

thats all im ever trying to do sureshock HAHAHAHA

Wow, interesting debate on here already this morning.

Here's my question that I hope you can answer: Who determines Brandon Graham isn't good enough to be picked No. 12?

Tell me ...

Because Mel Kiper said? I have spoken to no NFL scout who has a board set yet. Not one. They don't tell me, "Well, Graham has short arms and tight hips so he will go No. 23 the earliest." They tell you what the guy can do (a lot) and what he cannot (details). They don't put a ranking on guys at this point.

So how is it you guys have guys ranked already? Have you talked to Parcells? Belichick? Ozzie Newsome? Did they say Graham is 20something on their board?

How can anyone say so-and-so cannot go at No. 12 when all the running and jumping and measuring is not complete?

The only thing that's finished is the season and the Sr. Bowl. And with those bits of information, Graham looks like a beast.

So tell me how you know he's not good enough to be picked No. 12? I'm curious.

You may talk about

Smaller Ice Caps
Smaller Government

as much as you wish...
...............Just DO IT ON A DIFFERENT BLOG!!

The off season sux... you guys and this blog are the only thing pulling me through. Thanks everyone!

Boom goes the dynamite Mando does not like you talking about his boy!!!!!!!

WestVaFins.... Lol hahaha i knew someone would jump on that

Armando I think i gave a valid reason above.

i also believe there is a slight drop off in value at our pick or right after jus my opinon though

Rolando McClain has over 130 more tackles than Graham in his 3 seasons to Graham's 4. He has 5 more interceptions and 1 more forced fumble than Graham. Brandon Graham has more sacks than McClain, but that can be expected for a DE/OLB against a ILB. McClain did have 4 sacks in 2009 which is nothing to sneeze at for an ILB.

These stats and production throughout actual games, not all star games are the difference between a 10-15 pick and a 20-30 pick.

I also echo my sentiments from a previous post: A player from the big 10 that was taken to early and has never played olb in the 3-4. This statement could describe both Graham and Gholston if Graham is taken at 12.

Both McClain and Graham are smart guys with high motors who seem to love the game of Football. The fact of the matter is, just because Graham says he is willing to play OLB in the 3-4 does not mean he is able to. McClain is already tailored for playing ILB in the 3-4... the same position he would be playing for Miami which is definitely in the top 3 needs or "must haves" as Mando calls them.

but like you said this is all premature talk we have to wait for the combine

ultimately no1 can see the future but its fun to try

and to rephrase
"i also believe there is a slight drop off in value at our pick or right after just my opinon though---- if certain players are off the board --- which are the obvious

Everybody keeps saying the Dolphins should trade down, but here is the problem I see with them trading down. Who is going to be there at 12 that other teams are going to want bad enough to trade up for? The best hope I see for the dolphins trading down is one of the QB's being there at 12, or maybe E. Berry (of course if Berry is there I might be inclined to take him). Of course we still have the combine and workouts to come and someone's stock could get elevated to entice a trade, guess we'll just have to wait and see.

With all the time tiger woods has had to write this speech would it not have been I dnt know beter to actually memorize if he actually wrote it himself every five words or so he looks down to read from a prepared speech kinda like arid last summer


Armando, an arguement against ur soon to be adopted son is quite simply the system he played in and the system the Dolphins run...I think it's great Graham would love the opportunity to play in the 3-4 defense but love the idea and being able to actually do it are two different ballgames..no matter what ur skill set or desire, there is some things you can't do in life...isn't it better to choose a player that we know can play in our system vs. a player that MIGHT be able to play in our system??? You are advocating a "reach" with Graham as Carlito so well put it in a previous post, a player who would have to be taught a completely new position for him...that's my arguement against Graham

Big Brother,

I agree w/ you about pollution being a genuine problem. But that does not mean that man has an effect on global temperature… the sun does! There are real world solutions, most of these options are not being explored. Such as nuclear and lunar energy.

As far as dumping toxic waste, I think you are stretching it. Those other countries you speak of would jump at the chance to posses those technologies. I can assure you they would not think at all of the consequence to us in America if they had the capabilities. China builds one coal power plant per week. India and China both pledged not to sign the Kyoto Protocol or Copenhagen Treaty. It would decimate the economic prosperity in those countries.

The people are awakening!!!

Big brother… we are watching you!!!

Lol... I agree with you on football, no more projects. I think we will all get our wish next season!

Mando, you make good points. We have to look no further than last year's draft. Up until maybe 48 hours before the draft, in the 6 million mock drafts, NOONE had Tyson Jackson going #3 to KC. So it is difficult to figure where a player fits into the draft. I also bring up something Tim Tebow said regarding his draft status: I only need 1 team to like me. While Graham will no doubt have many teams like him, if a team completely falls in love with the guy, why would he not be the pick, regardless of where that pick is. And we have not even reached the combine, free agency, or pro days. We are still a long way to go in the process, though good teams already have the majority of their boards in good order.

In Armandos defense to this adoption, I agree with his argument, of who is worth what at any pick. Quite simply because none of the players have played a down in the NFL yet. As of now, anything is possible, including his desire to adopt. I'm not sold on adopting the whole family though.
I won't be surprised by anyone this regime picks. Long is excellent, while Davis, with his 4 interceptions, has also allowed about 6 or 7 touchdowns. A work in progress as of now. Then there is Merling, Henne, White, Smith as 2nd rd. picks. Langford and Turner in the 3rd. rd. Two of the 2nd.rd. picks look good, two not so good. Langford is good, Turner? I'm just sayin.....

By the way, life is a big circle, teams that are bad will one day be good, good teams will be bad, the earth gets hot, the earth gets cool...climate change is a bunch of horsesh"t..

The Dolphins would enjoy two
6'4 guys dropping back in coverage.....

Thats why this 'offseason dream', that we're having, about McClain playing next to Dansby is so good!

Perspective, not all draft picks can come in and play right off the get go...some it takes two or three years to develop, Turner can turn into a WR beast in the future or a bust..draft picks take time to develop, u can't rate a draft after it's first year

Armando - VERY GOOD POINT and I have hinted at that recently. Some people on here think what they say is right, but no one knows and cannot predict the future, but yet some people think their "opinion" is better than others "opinion"!!!! Also, I think it is funny that just because of ones opinion over anothers opinion, some people (cobra kai) think they have more football knowledge than others, especially when some don't even talk about football but rather revert to insulting people in which makes no sense.

I'm sure this post will get the NO SENSE farmer comments from cobra, but I do have to say one thinkg GROW UP!!

Can we at least wait until the combine is over before we order jersey's for McClain.

I think his stock will drop. Tuna likes SMART players not DUMB players. I think the only question McClain will get right on the wonderlick is his name.

Indiana, some peoples opinions are more knowledgable or at least fact based then others...Perfect example is read FYIs post, he just insinuated McClain is dumb...if he did ANY reading or research he would know McClain is a very intelligent guy and that is one of his attributes people talk about...so FYIs opinion is just plain dumb


I wasn't calling Turner a bust, that would be difficult to do as I haven't seen him play yet. It was meant as an overall view of the past couple of drafts since Ireland and Parcells have been here and what we've seen to date. And granted, it was just the first three rounds, which leaves Hartline (who is going to be very good) out of the equation.

bobbyd12 - As I 100% agree with you as some opinions are more knowledgable, I was implying more towards the ones (cobra) that claim they have more football knowledge. IMO, it makes no difference to me as I like hearing peoples opinions. No one on hear get paid for their football knowledge, so it does not matter really.

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