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A quickie chat with Brandon Graham

Maybe the Dolphins draft Rolando McClain because everyone loves the guy and everyone says he's going to be a star. Maybe they take Eric Berry (if he's there) because they need a playmaking free safety. Maybe they reach for a nose tackle or a wide receiver.

I still love Michigan's Brandon Graham.

Have I made that point to you guys enough this week? Even as the adoption papers are being drawn up, I wanted to share with you yet more reasons I think this star DE-OLB from Michigan is the real deal and should be considered at No. 12 overall -- contrary opinions from Mel Kiper and Todd McShay and all the other draft pundits notwithstanding.

I direct you to this interview Graham did with Scout.com during Senior Bowl week -- before he went off and won the game MVP award with five tackles and two sacks.

In the interview Graham says a couple of things that caught my attention:

He expects to run in the 4.5s at the Indianapolis Combine next week. And he loves the idea of playing 3-4 outside linebacker.

"Oh yeah, I feel real good," Graham says about dropping in coverage. "I've been working on my hips, working on my drops every day in practice for Michigan ... With a little coaching from the NFL guys, I believe I can get it done."

Graham has no shortage of confidence. And he couples that with something of a chip that dares naysayers to disbelieve he can do whatever he sets out to do. That's why he says he wants to run in the 4.5s at the Combine.

"I'm excited because I like it when people doubt me," he says. "That's just a challenge and I like challenges and I'm going to try to fulfill it. And if I don't, then I gave it my all and that's all I can say."

One thing Graham has shown in all his games and all the practices at the Senior Bowl was a seemingly infinite desire. He wants to be good. He wants to improve. He wants to get to the quarterback. He wants to be an NFL star.

"[I'm] just trying to show that my motor's always going," he says, "I love football and I want to make plays and sack the quarterback."

You combine want-to and talent and you know what you have?

A very good NFL player.

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Predictions for 2010

1) Solai will start for the fins
2) Wilson will be cut
3) Dansby will be signed
4) We will get a TE in FA
5) We will not draft a receiver or sign in FA
6) Pat white will win a game for us
7) JT will not be signed
8) We will trade down in the first round
9) We will go 9-7 and miss the playoffs
10) Chad Henne will throw for 3000 yards


thank you, but what about McClain's stats vs. Graham's production that I presented? I would say if both are available McClain is the much safer and more dynamic pick.

"He said that the same increases have occurred at least 5 times in the last 300 years". GUY IF YOU'RE TRYING TO PROVE A POINT YOU SHOULDN'T LIE. How in the hell would anyone know the increases have occured in the last three hundred years when we've only been recording weather patterns and changes for a little over 100 years now? Please explain that one mrmjohnson if you would. You sound like morons when you debate this. Here are the real facts before they got twisted by the Dem and Rep pissing match. 1. The globe ON AVERAGE has warmed. 2. No one can prove that it hasn't happened in the past or that it is caused by man. THAT'S IT, END OF F***ING STORY.


You quoting me in your posts now? ;)


Glad you could make the fracas....

Now will you, carlito or bobbyd find me ANY clip or game footage of McClain actually getting off a freaking block, being aware and locating the ballcarrier instead of being engulfed or stuck too the blocker?

He did have a sack or two that I saw but only if the line parted and no one touched him.

He tackles high, arm tackles, drags or swings the guy down, stands up and waits for help or lastly misses in ALL the footage I am seeing.

Why isnt there any "Dominating" footage? He is a big, strong guy but, he doesn;t look it on tape? He lumbers and seems unsure. Many times he doesn't seem to go all out.

How can I say that is a sure fire best overall at 12? I see much, much, much, much more when I watch Graham play...how can I not chose him over McClain? On my team?

I don't see how you don't get the argument I am posing...you seem smart enough?



I saw him plenty last year. I watched every game at least twice, some more than that. You know how many passes he completed last year? Zero. He was 0/5. Running the ball he was 21 of 81, that's a 3.9 yd average. He also fumbled once and lucky for him we recovered it. I don't know about you, but I would rather have a QB that can complete a pass instead of run for yardage. Defending Pat White is foolish. Drafting him at 2 when we could have picked a much better defensive impact player was foolish. Do your homework before you post garbage like this. You're liable to look foolish....

Until after the combine,thats when we'll all get a clear indication on whether Graham will be a reach at 12. If the guy has a brilliant combine and impresses everyone,people will be talking about him being a sure fire top 10-15,but if he struggles,then no doubt Parcells could be looking elsewhere.

Rob here is a stat that speaks for itself:

Rolando McClain has over 130 more tackles than Graham in his 3 seasons to Graham's 4.

McClain: 270 Tackles in 3 years and 105 in 2009
Graham : 138 tackles in 4 years and 64 in 2009

numbers dont lie

Armando @ 1:23,

That is awesome! I hope the guy can make enough an impression on someone that they take him on as a Jr. Draft Scout or whatever the 1st rung apprentice is called.

Goods stuff and we will have yet another source...especially 1st hand source at the combine... That's killer!

Good luck Chris, give 'em hell man.


And furthermore if you are so retarded that you actually think because it snowed in your tiny region of the earth that it means the globe isn't warming you need to educate yourself past the 4th grade degree you apparantly were happy enough with to let you quit going to school. By that logic people in Sydney must be screaming how the globe IS warming because it was 102 degrees there last week. Please get a clue and stop making our country look like a bunch of inbred hicks. Seriously, it's becoming embarassing.

FYI, you are completely out to lunch on McClain! Do you even know anything about the man or do you just make this stuff up? You infer that McClain would bomb the Wonderlic test. Where do you dream this up? If you know anything about the man, one of his strengths is his intellect and his ability to read what the offence is doing. That's why he would be ideal to be our General out there and lead the defence, similar to what Lewis does in Baltimore. Leadership is also one of his strengths. Don't believe me? Then do a little research and listen to what the experts have to say. If you don't like the man and don't think he should be the Dolphins pick, then that's fine.....but don't make stuff up!!

someone with 270 tackles in 3 years does not have tackling issues

I think Coach Nolan might be able to help change Parcells mind on "short" linebackers - he had a certain "short" linebacker named Elvis Dumervil who led the league in sacks last year.

Dumervil would seem to be a good comparison to Graham no? Graham is even bigger than Elvis (taller and thicker).

carlito @1:24,

Same with McClain...touche'


PS My posts have been triming down a ton from when first hopped on. Your post @ 9:38 is in that ballpark length wise as the one you are warning me about. As always, I will try to stay away from super marathoners.

Armando @1:27,

No truer statement has been written.


Datajack ask yourself a series of questions.
How many reps do you think pat got during training camp because he started out as the number three????? Could you come in the game just for one play and be expected to complete passes with receivers you barely get to work with????? Just from standing on the sidelines to right in there throwing a football in the NFL... you are a complete moron to think that is something easy to do... Please pull your head out of your rectum to continue talking.........

Interview was actually conducted by Will Spencer of Draft Breakdown http://www.draftbreakdown.com It was then re-published at Scout.com

This guy is the real deal. Big ten LBs are tip if the line

Rob @ 1.34pm

Excellent Post, I said that in the previous blog. I have never seen a big guy have such a bad technique for tackling. He cant bring anyway down without a fight or help.

NJ PHIN @1:30,

I compare ALL players to all others...both past and present to the best of my knowledge and research... don't you have to?

All means all, busts, studs and middle of the roaders.

So yes, Ghoston gets compared and contrasted to both McClain and Graham. I hear your point and am taking that in too.


How believable was Tiger Woods on scale 1-10

Id say a 6

carlito @1:32,

You are NOT actually saying that the DE should lead a team in tackles ON ANY Team using a 3-4 are you?

Should DE's be getting picks more regularly than ILB's???

Huh? What kind of DYNAMIC comparison is that?


Rob in OC,

Here are 4 videos for you. I hope I am speaking your language now. The first one is a sack, the second one a tackle on tebow, and the 3rd showing amazing effort to cause a play (very impressive!). The fourth is a short compilation. I hope this helps.

P.S. after searching these videos to show you I have further convinced myself of McClain's beastliness and am even more sure he must be the guy.





Just Because @1:46,1:47

Great takes... awesome food for thought.


Anyone else who likes or dislikes McClain, please watch these videos, very impressive!





Carlito, LMAO at the sack video, the QB was already crouching down. None show a good tackling technique to me.


If Sparano put White in and called a pass play, then hell yes he's expected to complete that pass. What do you know about how much he practiced? Obviously he practiced enough to have the coaching staff put him in and attempt to throw the ball. 5 times. Pat White was drafted as an NFL QB. He's a pro making a lot of money and you can sure as hell bet he's expected to come in and perform, and his performance stunk. I suggest you stop hiding behind your petty and immature name calling and stick to the facts. Saying he didn't play enough is crap. I guarantee if he would have succeeded when given the opportunity early in the season he would have played a hell of a lot more snaps than he did. He didn't play more because he didn't perform when given the chance. Give me one good argument based on what you saw this year that proves Pat White will end up being a successful QB that can lead a team to a Super Bowl. Do this and I'll be happy to continue this post with you.

Man, those you tube videos got me hyped up! Whens the next game? lol!

Instant nickname for Graham's fans in the stands:

Graham's Crackers!

Waterboy are you kidding me? lmfao! The qb was still in his drop and didn't even have a chance to react because McClain was coming in so fast! he blew him up.... thats horrible football!

Pat White is 1-1 on 2 pt conversions, so he must be wonderful. Same argument applies to 0-5 passing, he must be terrible then.

COME ON PEOPLE.... Was Lex Hillard a bust? He didnt get a touch the first 24 months as a fin


Check out this Video


Water @1:52,

Very true, I try to reference it (the poor tackling, lack of aweness, the stand ups, the whiffs, lack of explosion, lack of hustle getting to the play, getting absorbed by blockers, not getting off blocks, lack of bend)
when I can. Then you bring visual proof of what your talking about and that gets refuted or not watched for actual clarity or review.

I am not saying the guy can't/didn't manuever into position to get infront of a lot of ballcarriers in college. Carlito nicely brought out his stats, thnx Carlito.

My problem is how what I saw on film translates to the NFL and THAT is what I worry about. If he can't undo some of those techniques he will be no better than Crowder. In on a decent amount of tackles but, rarely ever considered a special player. The blockers in the NFL are real and will eat his lunch if can't break away.

Good job on your post.


Datajack you mistake my argument completely.... I never once said that Pat White was a high caliber NFL quartback.. Try to find where i say that... You wont find it because all i said is that to judge someone in their rookie year off of five passes and a couple runs is not the smartest thing... It takes most quarterbacks like 3-4 years to really get it. That was his first year adn he had limited snaps sooo your argument is very weak in the fact there is not much evidence because he didnt play much. 5 passes for a whole season.......Henne threw the ball 451 tims and Pennington 74 times. Over five hundred out of the other two that saw significant time. Soooo to look at five passes~!!!!!!!!!! Come on admit you are wrong and just shut up about it because the argument wasnt he is a super bowl quarterback... You should read more closely and then use logic then think again and then open your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's a big difference between Hillard and White. Hillard played well when given the opportunity, White did not. White's minuscule success this year came running the ball. I don't want a QB that can run, sorry this isn't college. The whole point here is that the Phins made a mistake taking him with their second overall pick. Sean Smith was picked AFTER. If they would have taken him in the 3rd or 4th round then fine, but taking him when they did was a wasted and bad pick, which my original point. They could have done much better with that pick.


Tackling a current NFL running back

NJ PHIN @1:53,

Really?? Your words "nobody said he's a lock or can't miss but he's damn closest to it as anybody in this draft."

Really my friend, he's a better can't miss than Eric Berry or Suh?

It's fair to say you like McClain like I like Graham. Time will tell who is the better judge of game footage clips vs your recollections of games you were at or watched on tv.

That's why this is all so kewl. By the way, you have it all wrong, I NEVER argue just to argue as there is too little time in each day already for that kind of thinking to prevail.


If no one is changing Parcells mind - then why draft Pat White in the 2nd Round last year? That was his call - if you look at all the QBs that he has had - Phil Simms, Vinny Testeverde, Drew Bledsoe, Jeff Hostetler, Tony Romo - even Chad Henne - they are all big guys 6ft2 and up with solid builds.

Talent trumps everything homes and Graham is a pretty talented player. That's not to say he is the pick - if McClain is there I still think he is the pick. But it's nice to know that there will be a talented player like Graham that we could fall back on.

NJ PHIN @ 1:53 pm

Further down in your rant you say I said "McClain has second round value"

To be 100000% clear I said "TO ME, McClain would end up in the second round as I only get 1 choice in the 1st and I would take several other players before him." I further went on to say "That he would end up being a second rounder FOR ME or some other team would end up taking him and I would have to live with that"

Don't hate the player or the words...just relax and read.



Again, I'm not going to resort to name calling. Sticking to the facts... My point is he only threw 5 passes because he sucked. If he would have played better, he would have had more attempts. I understand that in most cases, QBs take time to develop. But you can only apply that the QBs that actually look good and just need time to develop (like Henne). Watching Henne play last year and this year in the preseason, he gives you something to be excited about. Pat White just doesn't have it. He was drafted as a situational player to run a gimmick offense, and he couldn't even do that right as evidenced by the Dolphins pretty much abandoning it when Brown went down. Again, I ask you nicely, tell me what you see in White that makes your toes tingle. I don't see it. Again my whole stance is that the pick at #2 was wasted. If he would have been picked later in the round than fine. He was a reach just like Ginn was and I don't like the pick. Period.

NJ PHIN @ 1:55,

HUH, Pat White in the 2nd? Please extoil the virtues about what you know about Parcell's draft paterns...

Yeah, he is 100% predictable alright.


Datajack do you have reading comprehension problemss??????????? I will repeat this to you one last time. You will not find where i said he is a great player..... You will not find where i said he is better than Henne. You will find no praise given to him from me. My argument which has been the same since i began on this blog about a month ago. TO JUDGE SOMEONE ON LIMITED PLAYING TIME THEIR ROOKIE YEAR IS FOOLISH!!!!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE... THATS LIKE LISTENING TO THE INTRO OF A SONG AND DECIDING ITS NOT A GOOD SONG. Please understand the argument and that you are wrong..............

Tedy Bruschi - drafted by Bill Parcells in New England - college defensive end - 6-1, 247lbs

Worked out pretty good I'd say

NJ PHIN @1:39,

I try to sleep as little as possible... There will plenty of that to do when I am dead. My theory was always hey "If I go to bed, it feels like the next second I'm waking up. If I go another 3 hours (awake) doing what I want to do then I extended that day 3 extra hours."

I feel your body tells you when you need sleep and at that point you will conk out. Just my own wacky beliefs.

I also have been trying hard to trim my posts. Mostly doing better. Uncork a longer one from time to time but no more marathons...the one Carlito referenced wasn't crazy long is all so I pointed out one of his that was longer than most of his.



Get a clue?

Right how that chillin in your garage with the car on and you windows working out for you...
Al Gore? I never said anything about Gore.

It's true that 98% of the surface temp on the Earth comes from the Sun. But if you think man made emission does not affect the Earth or create a green house effect, like places at the Artic pole then who's wool is pulled over who's eyes. The Arctic is global warming's canary in the coal mine. It's a highly sensitive region, and it's being profoundly affected by the changing climate.

The cooling or leveling off over the last decade has had little impact at the polar ice caps region. Average temperatures in the Arctic region are rising twice as fast as they are elsewhere in the world. Arctic ice is getting thinner, melting and rupturing. For example, the largest single block of ice in the Arctic, the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, had been around for 3,000 years before it started cracking in 2000. Within two years it had split all the way through and is now breaking into pieces.

Now I'm not saying that we where facing a doom and gloom prognastication that by 2030 we would be under water, no. But if you think the Artic ice caps are melting away or have melted away, if your in denial of this then that's your probelem, because, maybe the effects of global warming on the north are not limited to the Arctic, higher temperatures are already affecting people, wildlife and landscapes across Alaska, the least of which is the plight of the Polar bear., moving on thats all I will say about this for we may only agree to disagree and thats fine. But you have your position and I have mine, I'm not selling anything, but just know that we will leave this Earth to our children and our children's, children...

NJ, Carlito...forget talking to this idiot from OC....McClain must have had his mom or something because it's the same sh"t everyday with him, he brings nothing new to the discussion except his You Tube Vids...I give him newspaper quotes from NFL scouts and he says they are made up, Carlito gives him vids and we all give him statistics and facts, might as well talk to ur dog cause this numnuts wants to argue all day about NOTHING else...he can stick his You Tube videos where the sun don't shine, I'm done argueing with this moron, hopefully the people at the psychiatric ward take his computer privledge away soon

All right back to football, well for me I have an appointment to keep. Will check in later...GoDolphins!

carlito @ 2:02,

Right on! OUTSTANDING POST!! I wish something like this would have come many posts ago...but whatev's.

I will review them and see what I think... thanks a lot for the additional data. I am glad to see your conviction grow, review can make or break convictions.


Dear Mr. Salguero

I just read

"until they ACTUALLY put on a uniform in a meaningful game - c'mon - this is all just mental masturb_tion."

They say masturbation leads to hairy palms.
Does Mental Masturbation cure baldness ?
If so I bet 99% of the posters here have a full set of hair.


"Unlike Soiled Bottom, my behind is so clean you could eat off of it"

If my Butt was a resturante the health department would give it at least a 65% health rateing.....Is that good ?

Soiled :)

Worlds Biggest Scam Hoax - Climate change.
Seems like you "Warmers" missed the fact that the UN Climate Chief who helped generate this Hoax Resigned Yesterday. Another RAT fleeing the sinking ship.
Guess you missed the fact a British Court found 22 Flat Out LIES in Al Bore,s Fiction Movie & demanded he stop the fraud.
Do you wonder where Al Bore Got over 500 Million dollars on this hoax?? Off the backs of you poor brainwashed serfs while he flies around in his private jet, rides in Limo's & uses more energy in his home in a week than most people use in months.

Rob in OC,

You say McClain has a lack of awareness? Please see video #3 I posted for you.

The Seer @ 2:10,

Great chuckle!


Quick FYI

Rob sound's like your Circadian rhythm is off, that will affect your health and you might be resting for good sooner rather than later. I hope not we got some Super Bowls to win, your gonna want to be around for that right!?

God Bless and GoDolphins!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 19, 2010 at 01:40 PM

Did you talk to Parcells himself to know he likes them tall and with long arms or that they have to be at least 6' 2"?

You stating that Graham at #12 is a risk, but what is that opinion based off of if I can ask?


Why do you continue to resort to insults? The original argument, which you have not addressed, is the fact that Pat White was a bad pick at #2. That was my original argument. Henne was picked in the second round. So was Sean Smith. Two players that have worked out much better than Pat White. Even you can agree with that. My argument against White comes from this point of view, which I think you're missing completely. They could have done much better with that pick and found another every down impact player instead of a situational gimmick player, that as you say, is not a great player. We need to hit on our high draft picks. You need to find impact players that can start every down with a #2 pick. Will Pat White ever be that player?

NJ, lack of sleep = 3 less years of You Tube Videos on McClain, don't complain

carlito from golfito - Every high NFL draft prospect has awesome YouTube videos. If someone wanted I am sure they could find McClain missing tackles as well, because he is human. I am not saying he is not a great player nor a 2nd rounder like Rob, but Graham is a great player as well and I do not think would be a risk at #12

So by that thinking both the 6ft4 Karlos Dansby and the 6ft4 Rolando McClain would play the outside for us since they are too big? If the guy can play, comes from a big school, has obvious physical tools (strength, speed), does everything that he is asked, stood out at an All-Star game against his peers that the staff takes great stock in, is a leader, is coachable and has obvious potential - then he is worth the choice.

As I mentioned, I still like McClain at ILB at #12 for the Dolphins(if he is there) - but if Parcells is going to be stuck on what he believes and look over a player that can absolutely help this team and the only knock on him is his short arms and his height - then how much better is this team going to get? The NFL is changing and at some point it's time to evolve with it, especially when the NFLs sack leader was a 5ft11 OLB in a 3-4 scheme.

Armando , i just like to point at to you that bill parcells likes his olb's tall. I can' t recall parcells drafting or bringing in a De/olb shorter than 6-3. He likes Them to have long arms to fight off/shed blockers and knock down passes. His ILB's need to be at least 6-2. Check his history. By the way , drafting graham at 12 is a RISK !!!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 19, 2010 at 01:40 PM

NJ - Are you going to admit you were wrong since someone found this information:

Tedy Bruschi - drafted by Bill Parcells in New England - college defensive end - 6-1, 247lbs

Posted by: Just Because | February 19, 2010 at 02:33 PM

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