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A quickie chat with Brandon Graham

Maybe the Dolphins draft Rolando McClain because everyone loves the guy and everyone says he's going to be a star. Maybe they take Eric Berry (if he's there) because they need a playmaking free safety. Maybe they reach for a nose tackle or a wide receiver.

I still love Michigan's Brandon Graham.

Have I made that point to you guys enough this week? Even as the adoption papers are being drawn up, I wanted to share with you yet more reasons I think this star DE-OLB from Michigan is the real deal and should be considered at No. 12 overall -- contrary opinions from Mel Kiper and Todd McShay and all the other draft pundits notwithstanding.

I direct you to this interview Graham did with Scout.com during Senior Bowl week -- before he went off and won the game MVP award with five tackles and two sacks.

In the interview Graham says a couple of things that caught my attention:

He expects to run in the 4.5s at the Indianapolis Combine next week. And he loves the idea of playing 3-4 outside linebacker.

"Oh yeah, I feel real good," Graham says about dropping in coverage. "I've been working on my hips, working on my drops every day in practice for Michigan ... With a little coaching from the NFL guys, I believe I can get it done."

Graham has no shortage of confidence. And he couples that with something of a chip that dares naysayers to disbelieve he can do whatever he sets out to do. That's why he says he wants to run in the 4.5s at the Combine.

"I'm excited because I like it when people doubt me," he says. "That's just a challenge and I like challenges and I'm going to try to fulfill it. And if I don't, then I gave it my all and that's all I can say."

One thing Graham has shown in all his games and all the practices at the Senior Bowl was a seemingly infinite desire. He wants to be good. He wants to improve. He wants to get to the quarterback. He wants to be an NFL star.

"[I'm] just trying to show that my motor's always going," he says, "I love football and I want to make plays and sack the quarterback."

You combine want-to and talent and you know what you have?

A very good NFL player.

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Indiana I don't take much stock in youtube anything. I watched Bama games this year and don't need to see clips on youtube. The only reason I posted these links is because Rob in OC has been asking for them for days. That is his language and all he knows. He doesn't watch games, only you tube videos. Please know the context of what you are commenting on before you comment or you will look like an idiot...

Graham is a good player but not worth the pick at 12 to play 3-4 olb. If a team with a 4-3 scheme that wanted him to play DE was picking in the 12-16 range, I would say it would be less of a reach.

Data you must not have been here for the original conversations on this topic which is fine. I must have thought you were because i was responding as if you had heard my opinion on this matter many times like most have. So i apologize for the insults i just think judging someone is Premature when they havent had but one season with few snaps in the NFL. But i have said multiple times that Pat White should have never been picked in the second round. That being said Pat didnt ask to be drafted there. Im sure he isnt upset about it... I know he shouldnt have been picked there so when i say the things i do i do not mean as a second round pick. I mean he was picked so there is nothing we can do about it but no sense in calling him a bust after one year. They clearly saw something there or else they wouldnt have drafted him and he wouldnt have gotten the snaps he did if not..... Once again my apologies for the insults just get frustrated because i have to do this same convo everyday.........


There is a HUGE difference in what "I" say "I" would do and what consesus, or you or whomever might do.

When I say I would pick other players in the 1st round it means exactly that I, Me, Myself.

You or carlito will then blast off a post stating "Rob in OC thinks McClains is gonna be a second rounder." which is not true. I simply said that I would take other players ahead of him (therefore "Leaving him to OTHER teams" Since I ONLY get one choice in the 1st round no matter how I slice it, if I take another player then he that would mean he would fall to the second or get chosen by whatever random team.

REALIZE: I AM PRETTY DAMN SURE McClain will go top 20. That is about as straight forward as I can get at this time. If he goes at 7 or 18...I would be 100% correct.



Here's some possible scenerno I can see happening, the fins sign dumerville, draft ISLB in first, second draft a nt, 3rd -WR/TE, 4th-
2nd scenerio-sign dansby, draft olb, second draft a nt. 3rd trade up for a wr/TE they like.
3rd scenerio - sign dansby, 1st draft nt, second islb, 3rd round te
4th scenerio-sign big time WR in FA, Draft 1st ILB, 2nd draft NT, 3rd draft ISB/OLB
5th scenero-sign second tier FA's---ILB's and WR, 1st in draft ISLB, 2nd pick WR, 3RD-TE, 4th- NT
6th scenero-sign dansby trade out of 1st round to obtain extra 2nd and 4th. 2nd Round-2(a) NT 2(b)WR/TE, 3rd round-TE/WR, 4th round- 4(a) OSLB/ISLB 4(b) RB

I beleive the fins will move up in the 3rd round. Parcells has been inactive during the last 2 drafts with the exception of the 1st draft obtaining 3 players that were stop gaps.

I really believe they like the TE from Miami, he catches everything, has great size that can put on 20 lbs easily and that would put him at 280-285 lbs. His only weakness is bull -straight ahead blocking, he's a natural in blocking out from his basketball background. He's also a natural at catching the ball like toni gonzalez. I don't know if someone will get him in the second but if he's there in the 3rd I believe parcell's will trade up. I like the 6th scenerio and grabbing this kid.

NJ PHIN FAN - Check out the link below

Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) Weight: 247 lb (112 kg)

First paragraph:
Tedy Lacap Bruschi (pronounced /ˈbruːski/; born June 9, 1973 in San Francisco, California) is a former professional American football linebacker. He was drafted by the New England Patriots in the third round of the 1996 NFL Draft. He played college football at Arizona.

But i am taking notes on everyone who has talked trash about Pat and when he does something great this year i will pull my notes out and call each of you by name HAHA!!!!!!!!! having a blast today must be because its friday.............

carlito from golfito - I was not trying to put you down or nothing and not trying to defend Rob, just stating a point. I think both Graham and McClain would give us great value with the #12 pick

Dumerville cannot just merely be signed Dennis....once again people do your homework before you spend ten minutes typing up your thoughts to share... because when the first sentence is rubbish no one reads the rest!!!!!!!!

I am by no means a football expert, though my knowledge of the game is better than most. I don't let my opinion form of a player over 1 game, or 1 article. Also I do put some stock into the combine and all star games, but they are not the end all of arguments. I try to factor in what I saw with my own eyes of a player, then I add his intangibles, his skill set, football smarts, then I will factor in pro days and the combine. After all of this, having as much information as possible, then and only then will I make my assessment of a player. Another thing I always like is leadership qualities, and scheme versatility. I find it HIGHLY irresponsible to discount everything a player has done throughout his college career, over what you think are flaws from an 8 minute video on YouTube. In fact, I find it to be completely and utterly stupid. I'd rather you say you are not as informed as you try and sound. Besides the games that are in YouTube videos, tell me of another instance where you saw these flaws. Maybe you saw Auburn vs Alabama and didn't like something. How many games did you personally watch, while on TV or in person? And if you did, you paid 100% attention to that player, every play the whole game? To base your entire argument on a 7 minute clip, wow, I just don't know what to say. This is the same kind of stupidity where teams ignore a player never really being a good football player and drafting them high, thinking they can make an athlete a football player. This is where teams fail miserably. While McClain may have some question marks, they are low down on the totem pole of what you want in a player. And as for tackling, of latching onto guys, if you need me to explain again the reasons (offenses spread out more than ever) why tackling is as bad as ever, I can do so. If the tackle is made, i dont care if it is on Jackd Up, or a shoestring tackle. The guy is tough, he is smart, and while you may question his speed, I think it is plenty good enough. Ray Lewis still plays pretty darn good and I'd love to see his 40 time right now. This is my last post regarding McClain. I can't do this for the next 62 freaking days.

Bobbyd @ 2:36,

I haven't been able to catch up and watch the vids yet as I am trying to stay up with the convo so I don't have so much rereading to do.

After viewing them I'll let you know.

Just like you didn't hop on any Graham bandwagon or any other players keep McClain as your choice and be done with it. You are the one acting like an idiot for calling me names for liking another player besides the one you like? When I pointed out the article you posted could be biased as it was a local news outlet reporting on a local boy, you freak out? That's rather small thinking bobby. Who is the real idiot?


Lamarr Woodley is 6ft2 265 - damn good outside linebacker in a 3-4

James Harrison is 6ft0 242 - Defensive Player of the year good

Brandon Graham is 6ft1 263.

These players don't fit the "Parcells Mold" but I'd sure as hell take them on my team.

You said "De/olb" Brushi was a DEFENSIVE END in college, so in return Parcells drafted a Defensive End that was shorter than 6'3"

Apology accepted and water under the bridge bud. Okay so we're in agreement on my point (2nd rd pick). It's only fair I give you my point of view on your point, which is judging players prematurely. There is no black and white on this one and it's difficult at best. So difficult that even Parcells, who gets paid millions to do so, makes mistakes. However, there are players that you can see when they play (preseason etc) that you can see off the bat will turn into good players (hence validating the pick in the draft) and some that you watch and say,"this guy just doesn't have it". In my opinion, White is one of these players. Watching him during preseason and the regular season, there's nothing there that gives me hope he'll be any good 3-4 years from now. It may not be fair to judge him by what he's done so far, but fair has nothing to with it, because can only go by what I've seen. If he gets better down the road, then great! There's nothing I would want more than to see the Phins got value for that #2 pick. Just right now I don't see it. He just doesn't have that "it" factor like Henne did.

what is so fascinating about mcclain, he'll be a bust

NJ PHIN @ 2:38,

True, I have heard as much and thanks for the concern.

We all gotta die of something and for many the golden years aren't so golden.

Look at the bright side, I won't be around to harang you and the wonderfully kind Mr bobbyd12.


Dear Mr. Salguero

A quick question about the draft/Animal shelter.

After all the teams choose the puppys they want, what do the do with the puppys that where not taken ?

Do they put them to sleep ?

The NFL should look into placing these undrafted puppys in say like a nursing home so they can bring some joy into the lives our elderly people.

Please find out what you can Mr. Salguero...you may be there only hope.

Soiled :)

Oh and by no means am I calling Pat White a bust. THAT would be premature. I'm saying we could have done much better with that #2 pick, and from what I've seen so far, he'll never live up to the value of that #2 pick.


I'm almost caught up and will brea and check out all the vids...

I would love to for it to change my mind..at least some from what I was watching on all the other footage I saw.


everyone is really getting along well today!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you not see your post at 1:40 NJ when you stated de/olb?

Bruschi was a DE in college, so Parcells drafted a DE under 6'3".

I am not playing the gotcha game either. Get off your high mountain you think you are, because you ALWAYS think your opinion or any post is right NO MATTER what and it isn't this time!!

If he does i dont think it will be with the fins sadly.............


I'm hoping we win another 2-3 Super Bowls before I go... after seeing what happened to Marino I know the SB can be a fickle dance partner...

The stars do have to align.

I have thoroughly enjoyed burning the candle at both ends and in the middle to since my Oma (Grandmother in German) used to play Lego's with me till the wee hours as a youth sometimes. Good times.

Learned trait, failing logic, plain ol stubborness or whatever the case... I have thouroughly enjoyed my life thus far.

Thanks for your concern my fellow Fin Fan friend.


NJ proved to be wrong and leaves


Way too early to get this crazy about the draft. But and I hate to say it, NJs right. After last years mistakes (Turner, White...especially White) Parcells will be extremely careful. And that means no reaching and no Graham in the 1st round.

Rightly or not, Parcells likes 'big'. Personally, I think it's a mistake to be so rigid...bigger is not always better. But they don't ask me what I think.

One other thing, Nolan may have some input but Parcells has final say.

cocoajoe - You do not know if we made a mistake on either Turner or White. Now I do agree White was probably a mistake, but cannot judge on just one rookie year especially when they either never played or didnt play.

Yes, Parcells likes BIG, but is there that much of a difference if you are talking 6'1" or 6'2"(or 3"). It is more how big their body is, not their height, and how PYSICAL they play

id be happy with graham or mcclain

miadolph1,,,,,,,What's the scam? What's the end game for the people saying the earth is warming? Yeah, some scientists lied about things. But now to you that means the whole thing is a scam? THE EARTH IS WARMING,,,,,Do you deny that? I think the problem with your side of the argument is that you don't like that it's being blamed on a man made occurence and that's where we agree. There is no concrete evidence that says man has caused this. And the fact that we've only been keeping weather records for a little over a century would lend to the idea that this may have happened in our past. It's possible that this is a global occurence that happens once every thousand years or whatever time line you can think of. But to deny that the earth has warmed in the past decade is downright irresponsible and ignorant. You see they have these things called averages and when you take the average temperature around the globe over the past decade you will see that it has risen. This isn't from scientists or politicians, this is from the weather community that records temperatures in each town, city, state, and country around the world on a daily basis. How do I know they're not making it up? Because they have these things called thermometers and when the weather people tell you what the temperature is outside you can simply verify that by looking at one. This is very cut and dry,,,,The earth HAS warmed and no one knows what has caused it or if it has happened many times in the earths history. That's where we're at and I would love to hear what you think about it.

This early in the process it is very difficult to guage what direction the team could go in - after next weeks combine we will know a little more and after free agency begins we will know that much more.

Ultimately, I feel as though the team will select the best player regardless of position (or height or weight) be that person Rolando McClain, Brandon Graham, Earl Thomas (who is also undersized), Dez Bryant (Parcells did draft Mark Ingram Sr. in the 1st Round), Dan Williams

Al Gore living in a mansion means that the average temperature of the earth hasn't risen and the polar caps aren't melting? Are you serious? Do you hear how stupid that sounds?

Just Because @3:00


Hear hear Just Because,

I sure hope BP & Co collectively get this draft right. Pidgeon holing a player for not being certain height, weight etc may have worked better in "Old School" football.

I see great defenses like the Ravens with their awesome secondary play and great run stoppage and think "Wow, I'm suprised they didn't get to the big dance"

The fact is perfect offense beats perfect defense barring a P.I. or illegal contact. We all have seen those "How the hell did he come down with that?" plays were the defender is draped all over a guy and clawing at his arms and he still brings it in.

Indy and the Saints Def were quirky and lightly rgarded many times but they rise up enough key times and then both those offense's pressure your def to death.

That is why if the Fins brass deems CJ Spiller worthy if certain players are gone @12 I will have no problems as that would further stack the Off and there will still be a whole draft to get Def help. I believe they will end up going D 1st round though.


Rob I see you but who in the dolphins defense makes plays like the saints defense ? Vontae Davis and . . . ? Exactly

Politicians,what's the end game dumbs"s??? Ur not to smart, it's MONEY!!! These people will get MILLIONS of dollars for their continued research in funds and grants... The earth might be warming because it's a CYCLE just like it's been for millions of years...the earth has warmed up to these tempatures before man was even on earth...it's a money scam, money, power, sex it's always about one GET LOST

Bleacher Report is suggesting that the Dolpnins Trade

FASANO (and a 2011 third) for ANQUAN BOLDEN...

Would you guys make that trade?

My only post on that subject, sorry

really Kobra...

Click on the post at 3:31 that has my name and it takes you to the type pad URL: http://profile.typepad.com/philipnaum

If you click on my name on the post at 3:40, it takes you to the URL: http://profile.typepad.com/dolfan21083


Felix the Cat, a player AND a third is way to high, especially aFasano, it would create another must have position we would have to fill when we already have to many of those already IMO

Dumerville cannot just merely be signed Dennis....once again people do your homework...

Each Club can also designate one UFA or RFA as a Transition Player. Additionally, (in the final year of the CBA) each club may, in lieu of designating a Franchise Player, designate an additional Transition Player during the same designation period as the Franchise Player designation period.

What that means is that a team may elect to tag two players with the Transition tag or one Transition Player and one Franchise Player in the final capped year. Any Club that designates a Transition Player shall receive the Rights of First Refusal. In order to designate an UFA or RFA as a Transition Player, the team must tender the player a one year contract for the average of the ten largest prior year salaries for players at the position at which he played the most games during the prior year, or 120% of his prior year salary, whichever is greater.

NOW- the question becomes how Denver handles this with two highly desirable players and a third player that is highly regarded. Denver is going to lose someone without draft pick compensation. Denver stands to lose the most of all the NFL clubs.

Why doesn't anyone mention Shawn Merriweather as a possible ILB FA pick up. He is almost 2 years recovered from surgery. He's a team leader that was a monster before his injury. He played with the injury until it became apparent he wasn't helping the team.

Great information Armando! Sounds pretty good to me. I am confident that the "Tuna" will make the best move for a Miami need position if they draft on the 12th pick! I believe he still is looking for the next L.T. on defense!

My impersonation post has been deleted...interesting!

There is another one though at 1:50 which reads as follows:

Travis anderson , maybe you'll get unblocked when you stop Impersonating people on here jackaZZZZZZZZZ !!!

Posted by: Indiana Dolphan | February 19, 2010 at 01:50 AM

Interesting thing here is this person woth the TypePad account name philipnaum and the URL: http://profile.typepad.com/philipnaum blamed Travis Anderson for impersonating

OFT reporting on Jason Taylors shoulder surgery, that change Antibes mind on bringing him back???

With so much talent in this draft, I believe that the Dolphins should look at 2 things before drafting a player. 1- Is the guy productive? Can he step up when he is needed? Does he do his job well and comes up with the big play on crunch time whether its to win a game or to stop some one from winning the game? 2-Is the guy some one you think the other guys in the locker room would look up to? Does HE have work ethic and puts TEAM before himself? It is so hard to find players like this now a days. But FORGET about the 40 times and the size. If a player has both of these qualities or even one of them, he is a guy that will make a big impact in your team regardless how bad you are. Don't get to carried away with what you see physically (Ted Ginn's 40 dash). Now Look at these guys:(DeSean Jackson, Steve Smith, Gary Brackett maybe even Davone Bess). They we're all surrounded with questions regarding size and speed, and they came up big. Look at what you see mentally, and make your choice.

Side note:If your going to draft a line backer like Rolando McClain, please make sure he can tackle. Thanks.

Anyones mind

Sergio, look at McClaind numbers, he can tackle, there is numnuts on this blog who complain he don't tackle HARD enough for their liking, huge difference

Here is another fake impersonation by the same person posted this morning at 1:45am on yesterdays blog:

Mclain valued as a 2nd rounder ?? Rob in OC. You have no idea of what the hell you're talking about. Get a clue !!!

Posted by: Indiana Dolphan | February 19, 2010 at 01:46 AM

Also, another one on todays blog at 2:17am:
Can graham play wr ?

Posted by: Indiana Dolphan | February 19, 2010 at 02:17 AM

If you click on the TypePad name it does not take you to my TypePad account, but is someone else with the same name as my TypePad

Hey LOSER....my Type pad is not:


It is: http://profile.typepad.com/dolfan21083

dolphan is not the same as dolfan IDIOT!!

Of coarse he can tackle Bobbyd12. Holding on your running back for 10 seconds and waiting for a referee to end the play or your team mates to help you gang tackle can also count as a stat. That might have worked for Nick Saban up in Alabama and in the NCAA. But if he gets to the NFL, I wan't him to wrap up and tackle running backs like Maurice Jones-Drew.

Well when people want to attack me, I will solve it. These people will be blocked soon I hope.
When you going to talk football Kobra? I have yet to hear anything football come from you in 2 weeks, going on 3 weeks!

Reason why Graham's arms are shorter than typical in man his size:

Exposure to Chemtrails at birth.

Sad but true story.

"Politicians,what's the end game dumbs"s??? Ur not to smart, it's MONEY!!! These people will get MILLIONS of dollars for their continued research in funds and grants... The earth might be warming because it's a CYCLE just like it's been for millions of years......it's a money scam, money, power, sex it's always about one GET LOST". BOBBY , You answered the one question that is mostly irrelevant. Why am I not suprised? And then you just repeated exactly what I said about it possibly being a cycle except you act as if you're 100% sure that it's a fact. And you seem very angry by calling me names and telling me to get lost. And there inlies the problem with having a debate with someone with a low IQ. Can't understand the discussion so they resort to violence and verbal abuse to make their point. That is truly the sign of someone with very little in the way of intelligence. You have lost all credibility on this matter. THE EARTH HAS WARMED IN THE PAST DECADE AND THE POLAR ICE CAPS ARE MELTING. Those are facts. The debate is who caused it and/or if it's a natural occurence. All of the other crap that gets talked about is only introduced to bolster someones political agenda and have no place in any discussion regarding global warming. Thank you for chiming in but please come up with a coherent thought next time. OH WAIT,,,,,CLASSIC LINE HERE---> "the earth has warmed up to these tempatures before man was even on earth". Really? Who told you that, God? Hahahahaha and I'M the dumbass,,,,okay.

OK Indiana, let me explain how Pat White was a mistake. He was a second (2nd) round pick to contribute to the WC. Which was crazy in itself. Ronnie Brown made the WC click. But other than, you don't use a 2nd round pic on a specialty player, that's a REACH and it's a mistake. Got it?

cocoajoe - I agree that he was a mistake, but after only one season it is hard to judge a player as a whole without giving him the benefit of the doubt. If that is all you are judging on is the rookie year and what he did as a rookie for a 2nd round pick then yes it was a mistake, but depending on what he does in the future (if anything) he may not be a mistake...


Dont bother trying to have rational convo with bobbyd explaining what "Actual Footage" shows.

He is a weak minded weasel that can't admit that he can be wrong at any level. He refuses to acknowledge that if you pay a 12th overall pick for someone you should get all the "Bells and Whistles" too!

bobbyd, you made some really nasty comments today that were waaaaaaay over the top! I hope you know that my posts can beat up your posts, so just watch it!

No Cheers for you,

Kobra - Did you even read what I said? Here was my partial post about the comment:

cocoajoe - You do not know if we made a mistake on either Turner or White. Now I do agree White was probably a mistake, but cannot judge on just one rookie year especially when they either never played or didnt play.....

So in return, what part of "I do agree that White was probably a mistake" do you not understand Kobra or is it hard for you to understand the typed out English when you cannot type English yourself? Who is the slow one with the English again? YOU, so don't say I am the slow one!

Rob in OC, go FU"K urself and take ur You Tube videos with u, everyday ur like a broken record, and stick ur CHEERS up ur AS"

Rob in OC - I noticed you got a little mad on the blog at 2 something this morning...it was my impersonator in which I do not have a clue on. If you go back to the blog you can see or you can go to this URL: http://profile.typepad.com/philipnaum and see the post that this impersonator wrote that was directed to you. That is not me. My typead is: http://profile.typepad.com/dolfan21083

Dear Politicallystupid, who said it??? Do u read, if you do read the whole transcript on the lead climate scientist who resigned yesterday about how the earth has warmed up to this temp before..u only read what u want...go back to dailykos or firedoglake and blog with likeminded communists such as urself

Indiana and Rob, don't worry, we all can see by the posts who the smart posters are as opposed to the dumbazzes. It's very obvious and cracks me up to read posts accusing other people of being stupid when that poster can't even write or comprehend on a 2nd grade level. The other funny posters are the ones who get angry when backed into a corner and come out hurling insults and threatening physical violence. Those are obviously either underage posters or adults who are not well educated. Either way it's obvious and you guys have both won your debates IMO. (Pssst, to the low iq posters IMO means In My Opinion).

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