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Back to the Senior Bowl scouting report: OG

Before we were inundated with Joey Porter venom, this blog was busy breaking down the talent at the Senior Bowl, courtesy aspiring NFL scout Chris Cordero of Miami.

Cordero was a huge hit in my opinion and I hope you agree.

He scouted and sent abbreviated reports for OLBs, ILBs, WRs-TEs, and FS. And yet something out there continues to suggest the Dolphins may look at filling their RG position.

Donald Thomas faded badly at year's end. Nate Garner was a surprise but he seems better suited as the swing G-T than the fulltime starter. So it is possible the Dolphins look at their interior line to fill the last remaining gap of their $156 million offensive line.

Therefore, today we give you a look at the interior offensive linemen Cordero saw at the Senior Bowl:

1. Mike Iupati - 6-5, 325 lbs - Idaho

Team Numbers: Idaho was 45th (out of 120 in the country) in rushing offense; 12th in passing in NCAA Division 1-A (it will ALWAYS be Divison 1-A to me)



-Massive man with long arms and great natural athleticism that have some thinking he can play Offensive Tackle

-Powerful and Nasty - does not stop until the whistle blows and put more than a few guys on their rear like Michael Neal of Purdue and D'Anthony Smith of Lousisiana Tech

-Has a great work ethic and always give maximum effort

-Locks on to a defender and his long arms and strong hands make it difficult for them to get off his block

-Has a quick first snap and very good lateral quickness - is able to get to the 2nd level on his blocks; and also pulls well



-As a guard - he has few weaknesses; his technique can get inconsistent

-Tried at tackle - and needs work there as it is not natural for him - yet....

-English is 2nd language - but you could see him yukking it up with some of the other OL and communication shouldn't be an issue


Overall Analysis:

It is rare that you find Offensive Guards that you would take in the 1st Round - but this guy is special. Seeing all the money invested in the Offensive Line; I highly doubt that the Dolphins would select him - even in a scenario where they trade down from the #12 pick. He will be dominant, and I find it hard to say about college Offensive Linemen; but with his natural tools and work ethic, don't doubt this guy. With proper coaching could be a very good NFL tackle - but I wouldn't move him out of the Interior.


2. Vladimir Ducasse - 6-5, 326 lbs - Massachussetts

Team Numbers: Massachussetts was 44th (out of 120 in the country) in rushing offense; 29th in passing in NCAA Division 1-AA (again, I'm not down with the FCS title)



-Another massive human being (notice a theme here?) has long arms and a strong base to anchor against defenders.

-Very nimble and agile for his size; shows good footwork.

-Is quick off the snap (someone pointed out that it looks like he is jumping the snap - but don't only defenders jump the snap?).

-Very good, explosive first step when run blocking.

-When he locks on a defender and gets his hands on them - is dominant.

-Aggressive, tough and wants to succeed.



-Played against a lower level of competition and could need time to adjust to speed and power (this showed some in the practices).

-Needs work on his technique due to lack of experience.

-Gets too upright at times at the snap and allows defenders to get into him.

-Played mostly Left Tackle in college; but will still struggle some against speed rushers.


Overall Analysis:

Keeps on moving up draft boards, some have him in the 2nd - but I see him as a 3rd-4th Rounder; but could also see him going earlier than that to a team that needs OLine help. Would be a good value in the 4th for the Dolphins and help solidify the guard position. Most of his weaknesses are technical and can be corrected with good coaching - has answered some questions against how he would handle better competition at these practices. Another player who seeked out coaching and seemed to improve as the practices went along.


3. John Jerry - 6-5, 332 lbs - Mississippi

Team Numbers: Mississippi was 32nd in rushing offense; 57th in passing in NCAA Division 1-A



-Another huge individual with long arms and a wide body; would block out the sun - but Terrence Cody did that in these practices.

-Has terrific strength at the Point of Attack and will knock defenders back at the snap with his initial punch.

-Gets good extension and drive on his blocks.

-Moves decently in space and can get around and pull for the most part.

-Had MANY a pancake block in these practices.

-Did a good job of letting the speed rushers come to him when lined up at Offensive Tackle.



-Has had conditioning issues and tires out occasionally (has improved as he weighed 350lbs at the start of the season).

-Is not as quick or agile as the two above prospects.

-Trouble moving laterally.

-Lunged at some blockers allowing defenders to get by him; leaned into his blocks occasionally.


Overall Analysis:

Another player that will move up draft boards after this week. I see him going about the same as Ducasse; 3rd-4th Round - but again wouldn't be surprised if he went earlier than that as Offensive Line is such a difficult position to fill and guage in the NFL. The Dolphins took a liking to him - as Mando mentioned - and if he is there in the 4th, don't be surprised to hear his name called by them. If he keeps his weight under control he could be very good.


HONORABLE MENTION: The Offensive Tackle position was rather weak in the Senior Bowl with Ciron Black of LSU and Selvish Capers of West Virginia looking good for 3 plays and then terrible the next. Matt Tennant, Center out of Boston College is tough and mean but a little light for the style of offense the Dolphins run. Mike Johnson out of Alabama might have been the next best interior prospect and helped pave the way for Heisman winner Mark Ingram - he also has an intimidating presence. The other linemen were rather non-descript, with a lot of them changing positions from what they played in college.



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Thanks Chris for the info.

Lets get joey porter to play guard.

mando you are just killing the ss.dont stop now.

now to dolphin talk.156 mill on the o line and its still a work in progress?com on man.how much will it cost for real linebackers????

As i've said many times ( right mando ?) miami still needs to upgrade the OL at the guard spot. Donald thomas's regression isn't the only ? mark . Justin Smiley's injury history particually his multiple surgeries on his shoulder. Smiley might be 1 more good shot athis shoulder away from retirement. Mike johnson from alabama might be a good pickup in the later rounds.

After investing so much money in the O-line and signing so many o-lineman after they were released by other teams, it's tough to get excited about the position. There are MUCH bigger needs for the Dolphins than O-line.

It does seem much easier to get a very good interior lineman in the mid-rounds than it does just about any other position. I'd rather see them go guard in the 3rd or 4th round than take a lotto chance that another big receiver (wilford, Turner) will succeed.

I just read in NBC sprots update that Channing Crowder likes Rex Ryan...stating...

"Man, honestly, I'm starting to like the guy," Crowder told the Palm Beach Post after hearing about Ryan flipping the bird at some Dolphin fans over the weekend. "He’s silly. He’s goofy. He’s like a big kid...Rex is not a bad guy. I flip people off all the time. It’s fun.”

I guess the bird is the word...lol
What the hell is going on here!?

What we need now is vintage Al Davis to take a shot at an old loud mouth bad boy in Peezy, I dont care what we get so long as we get something and Rex to fall in love with Chowder so we add another draft pick, again I dont care what we get for either of those fools. They lack character and have infested the team.

Sorry typos

I saw Mike Iupati play in that Senior bowl and he looked real good, a true road grader. But as good as he looked as a run blocker he looked akward defending the pass and was called for holding once but I saw at least half a dozen holds and in the NFL he wont get away with that.
Vladimir Ducasse was taken to lunch all week of practice leading up to the game by Brandon Graham. Now Graham is a or will be a great pass rusher come sunday that said Ducasse needs work at left tackle and might be better suited to playe right tackle.
I do like Matt Tennant play but as you pointed out Chris a little small for this regime. I do like John Jerry and would look at moving him to the guard spot. Thos are the player I noticed.

Dont sell Donald Thomas short just yet, this was his first season other than his rookie year when he played what...one quarter I believe, stat man check it.
He showed some promise and at times looked good other times though, looked off balance in pass protection. Looked good run blocking though and will have had another full off season in which to get stronger and heal that pectoral muscle which may have zapped him of some strength. But as it was pointed out that Smiley is the one player who looks good when healthy but is oft injured. And as I have pointed out in the past the Dolphins will continue to upgrade the O-line no matter if they have a payroll of 156mil. The line is where it starts and ends, have a great line and your Qb has time and your running backs tend to run for over a 1k yards. Good things happen. ;)

We need offensive WEAPONS....this year....from FA....WR is a must....

D..... 4LIFE
whats up?agree with you on d thomas.
the trifecta love this guy.

Wow. This article might as well be about crib death.

easy there dishpan.

D-4 I like what you bring to the table,very nice evaluation.

Do you mean the same evaluation he copies from google or the above guest blogger ?

No matter what a team has... if there lines are not solid... I mean 100% solid... the rest is just smoke and mirrors. Take a long look at who is in this years SB. Look at the drafts these two teams have spent to build their O and D lines. Manning sits in the back and throws the ball. Breese has time to make coffee then throw. Miami will get its weapons... the money should be in the lines... both sides. And in the Line backing core. These three areas are the foundation of any football team.

Nothing wrong with picking up a big o line guy every year. This year no need for a 1st rounder unless there is a deal in place for another peace to a very large puzzle.
So again, good post

I do like Iupati on after a trade back if Miami can find a partner.

I still say the flat most talented guy (that may be there at #12) is RB CJ Spiller. I am not a fan of McClain's... Sorry, I just don't see him as a dominating ILB...at all.

If Spiller is not there or they are not going after him they should be able to trade that pick to the 49ers or someone trying to trump the 49ers. They are said to like him to compliment Gore.

A trade back to the 20 - 30 range should net at least a 2nd or 3rd and maybe more. It would allow for a few choice players to be selected based on their grades. Any one of these could be available:

DE Brandon Graham
ILB Sean Weatherspoon
G Mike Iupati
DT/NT Dan Williams

I like Iupati a ton and would gladly like to see him play for the Fins. I keep seeing B. Graham in a Fins uni though. The former track star can truly set the edge and would be a monster after a QB on those fake hand off rollouts. I love Weatherspoon's effort and intangibles, a serious rah rah guy as well that fires others up. Dan Williams hustles and can sometimes split a double to make plays in the backfield.

Any one of these guys would make represent great value in the 20-30 range of the 1st.

A good draft might be...

#12 back to 20 and get an extra 3rd.

#1 20th DE Brandon Graham
#2 Package a 3rd and a player(LB AA) to move up and get ILB Sean Weatherspoon as a borderline 1st - early 2nd rd. We could probably get a 5th thrown in. Or they can sit tight and ILB Brandon Spikes will probably be there.
#3 ILB/OLB Pat Angerer
#4 G/T John Jerry
#5 WR Jocoby Ford
#6 WR Fred Barnes
#6 DE/OLB O'Brien Schofield. *He got injured at the senior bowl but looked well worth a flyer in the late rounds as a OLB/DE type.
#7 Best player available

* NT gets filled FA Casey Hampton.

I’m one of those people who think offense begins in the trenches. Aside from QB, positions like RB, WR, and TE are secondary to what happens in the trenches, if the OL is not good the offense will not be good no matter who is under center or who is running and catching. But, the Dolphins will spend $28 million in salaries this year for Long, Carey, Grove, Smiley and Thomas. With the exception of Thomas who will make $470,000, each of those players will make more than $5 million. Granted there is no cap this year but if it were in the $100 million range that would mean over one fourth of the cap was being spent on OL. That’s a lot of money and Dolphin fans and management rightfully should expect a return on that investment.

I love what Smiley brings to the table but he cannot stay healthy and he could perhaps find himself as a cap casualty because the bonus money on his $25 million salary will not accelerate to the cap this year without the CBA in place. If the Dolphins were going to try to get out of that deal, now is the time. Grove at $29.5 million is probably safe because he is young and his injuries though frequent do not seem chronic.

With these numbers in mind, if the Dolphins were to consider drafting another OL at the top of the draft they will do so by letting Smiley go. There is no sense in cutting Thomas because of his low salary. I would not be surprised if we have seen the last of Justin Smiley as a Dolphin or at the least he will have to renegotiated his contract at a lower salary if he wishes to remain a Dolphin.

Nothing is ever 100% set...in the later rounds if we can add some depth to OL I'm sure we will take it

PFT is reporting that Pennington wants to stay with the Dolphins even if its in a back up role...

Even in the middle of all the Hoey Porter drama.... Wow... This guys is the definition of team player and and leader and a consummate pro... That is how a team Captain conducts himself.

P.S. Hoey Porter was originally a typo, but I think it fits, so thats what I will call him from now on... I hope it sticks...

Just read about Pennington. We all know he will not be a starter unless he Henne gets hurt. As great of a team leader that he is and a good guy, he will not be our starter

Pennington is a class act vs. Porter who is a class AS"

This Cordero guy seems like he has a true PASSION for the game.

Truesflfan now you wait a god damn minute. Passion, no one has more unbridaled passion than our very own NJ PHIN FAN. Hahhahahahahahahahahhahaha

NJ has more passion in his pinky than Cordero has in his whole body. NJ eats guys like this for breakfast. These comments are exactly what NJ thinks in his mind

People, Countrymen, Fin Fans, lend me your ears!

Do I need to remind you of what our offensive line consisted of from 2001 - 2007?

2001 - Tim Ruddy, Mark Dixon, Todd Perry, Todd Wade, Brent Smith

2002 - Tim Ruddy, Mark Dixon, Todd Perry, Todd Wade, Jamie Nails

2003 - Tim Ruddy, Wade Smith, Todd Perry, Todd Wade, Jamie Nails

2004 - Seth McKinney, Wade Smith, Jeno James, John St. Clair, Rex Hadnot

2005 - Seth McKinney, Vernon Carey, Jeno James, Damion McIntosh, Rex Hadnot

2006 - LJ Shelton, Vernon Carey, Jeno James, Damion McIntosh, Rex Hadnot

2007 - Chris Liwinski, Vernon Carey, Samson Satele, Damion McIntosh, Rex Hadnot

You guys have gotten spoiled! These dreadful lines from years past make my stomach turn... Donald Thomas would be a starter on any of those previous year lines... Yall ready to throw him away after one season? At times he struggled but he also excelled at times... He has talent, just needs more work... The guy is a starter in this league... The offensive line is Sparano's baby... If there is one position you do not have to worry about is the offensive line... I am actually looking forward to seeing Lydon Murtha and Andrew Gardner after an offseason in the weight program... Both of those guys could be promising...

Just heard Vontae on 790 the Ticket, always impressed with this kid. When asked about Joey and if there was the weirdness towards the end of the season others supposedly are saying, he said about being a rookie and worrying about being in meetings. I love what this kid brings to the table.

Our OL has gotten a lot better but some one like Iupati would really solidify the unit. He can play both OG or OT and could push both Thomas and Carey as well as fill in for Smiley when he inevitably gets hurt. That said I still think Iupati is 3rd on the 1st round priority list. McClain has to be the priority. Our LB play was just not good last year and the way Crowder is running his mouth off about "Hoey" Porter makes me wonder what his future is with the team. Second priority should be Dez Bryant. Our WR corp was among the worst in the NFL. I like Bess and Hartline but neither is a #1 WR and unlikely they will ever develop into one. Bryant has all the ability to be one and I know there will be growing pains with a rookie WR but he would almost immediately upgrade the unit from a talent standpoint even if it that talent is in the developmental stage. If those 2 guys are not there then I think you look at Iupati.


I realize that this is a OL scouting blog, but I strongly recommend you check out this article by ESPN's Adam Schefter.

You will find an interesting piece on drafting O Lineman, and plenty of talk on the what could have been the Miami Dolphins. Some of it actually made me want to punch my 17" computer screen. I hope you enjoy it as I did.

Feel free to comment back on this, or anything else for that matter.

Guys, just a quick reminder. I don't have a clue what I'm talking about.


Can you elaborate a little more on what his response was? I like the kid too, he shows a lot of potential.

vernon davis said it best about his little brother...they will be playing in pro bowl against each other SOON...

Vontae seems to be a great guy and him and Sean Smith will be dominant soon


I hope those two get together in the offseason and work one-on-one. It will be great to have a corner with his height be able to defend guys like Vernon.

NJ, Your suggestion of JP at Guard is the perfect solution. I would also have him play long snapper on special teams so we do not have to waste the 12th overall pick on that position.

Vontae went out of his way to not bash the front office. Unlike Crowder. He said he realized he was in the NFL when he had the pick on Moss, and the next time around, Moss made the one handed catch. Says he talks to Pat Surtain all the time, liked his style. Thinks Ochocinco would be hilarious to have on the team, the host brought that up. Vontae mentioned hard work more than once, like I said earlier brought up worrying about being in meetings because he was a rookie. This kid is going to be unreal. Remember, him and Sean Smith give Mike Nolan so many more options defensively.

Guys, just a quick reminder. I don't have a clue what I'm talking about.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 04, 2010 at 09:49 AM

lol, you have to hand it to your stalkers, NJ - they are persistent!

Thanks man, I live in Orlando so miss out on most of the publicity. Good to see he liked Surtain's style, learning from the best.

I know there is quite a bit of talk with Sean Smith and his maturity and whether he takes football seriously. While I think it is stupid, I see some of his Twitter stuff, and people bring up good points. There is NO question about Vontae.

Lets not get it twisted Cordero, I'm real O.G. around here... triple O.G.

enrique1085 - Don't you think they have played one-on-one quite a bit over the years...???

Tru dat! lol

Why do some posts just dissapear. Damn, that is annoying..

Guys , don't forget my shift at krispy Kreme will start in a half hour. I'll be the fat guy with jelly on his face behind the counter. Come say hello .

you guys are boring today, whats up?

Enrique, coulda, shoulda, woulda but alas it didn't happen. I all sounds nice, but in reality, Brees was in SD for 3 years and never showed the ability he would eventually develop until after they had drafted Phillip Rivers... If Brees had done the same thing in Miami the fans would have run him out of town, so this hindsight is nothing more than dreams made up by writers that sound good and get fans to want to punch their 17 inch monitors but mean nothing.

We should be looking at the future instead of continuing to be caught up in the past.

I do agree that the O line is not perfect but I equate it to the Dolphins' needs to SS and RB. A higher pick on OL probably isn't a 2010 need but will be there with RB and SS in 2011. And I don't think it will be a need because of Donald Thomas. It will be a need because Justin Smiley and Jake Grove will be getting up there.

And this need might be solved without any more acquisitions without spending a draft pick. If 2008 draftee Andrew Garnder continues to progress, he can be the new starting RT in 2011 and you can move Vernon Carey inside where I think he will be spending his latter years in this league very effectively.

Do we have any Baylor Bears fans in the house. I'd really like to hear more about David Gettis. 6'3 217 lbs and runs a sub 4.5 40. I watched a lot of college ball this year but Baylor escaped me.

tickle party at my place later tonight for anybody that is interested!

If C.J. Spiller is available at 12 and McClain isn't Spiller will be a Dolphin. If McClain and Spiller are there it is a toss up. I think McClain wins the toss because Parcell's draft backround says McClain would be the pick.

Cooldraft, I don't care where Spiller is, he won't be a Dolphin..RB is not a must have position, we might trade down bit u can forget Spiller

Fat members food eating contest at my place and when were done we can have fat naked jelly wrestling contest. please join me.

Here is a repeat of my post from the day after the season ended:

'With the 12th pick of 2010 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select...Guard, university of Connecticut'

I left out the name because you can insert any name you want and it's just as s h i t t y as any other.


bobbyd12 - You and everyone else have said many times that we may trade down to get another draft pick. The only thing is we would need a team that wants to trade with us. That is not a guarantee.

I've said before I think CJ Spiller would be nice to have and could see getting at #12 if other players are gone. I (and many others) didn't think our QB position was a major need in last years draft in which we needed to waste a 2nd rounder on Pat White, but our front office still did that so how can you say we won't draft a RB??

Indiana, we have a number 12 pick and next pick is 44...RB we have Ronnie, Ricky, Hilliard, we have depth so it's certainly not a must have pick...on defense we have a MUST HAVE NT, LB problem that needs to be solved immediatly..why go for a it would be nice to have pick when our D is a mess AND why would we bring Nolan in with his aggresive style of defense without giving him the tools he needs to have to make it work??? That's why we don't get Spiller or Dez in my opinion

PFT reporting that George Edwards has (already?!) left The Gators to become Buffalo Bills Defensive Coordinator.

There go all our Linebacking secrets!

Here is a report from Fanball.com:

The News
The Broncos are expected to match any offers for impending free agent Elvis Dumervil on the open market, according to the Denver Post.
Our View
Denver may also ink him to a long-term deal prior to the tender date on March 5. Dumervil excelled as a rush linebacker in 2009, as he broke out with 17 sacks.

In my opinion, if he is a FA.....SIGN HIM!!! Reunite him with Mike Nolan. Ship the Broncos Joey as well...haha!!

Who knows how any of these players will turn out. I'll leave that to the experts. I do think Rob in the OC is on to something, and I think trading down from the first round to pick up more picks in the 2nd maybe 3rd makes sense. There is probably better value in the later rounds. Rather then wasting a pick on lets say CJ Spiller. Or Mclain.

Let porter hang in the breeze until training camp then trade him just like Taylor. This front office is shrewd. Im sure they will get sumthing for this dirtbag.

These are the players I would take at 12 if available (not saying they will be there); if none is available, would try to trade down:
- DT Ndamukong Suh
- FS Eric Berry
- DT Gerald McCoy
- OT Russell Okung (would later trade him or Carey)
- ILB Rolando McClain
- RB C.J. Spiller
- (still undecided about WR Dez Bryant)

Only 6-7 names. Hopefully the other top 5 prospects are taken before Miami.

If OTs Anthony Davis and/or Trent Williams are there, Pittsburgh can be a trade partner as they would leap San Francisco and Seattle who need OT.

Then again, that is just my opinion.

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