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Back to the Senior Bowl scouting report: OG

Before we were inundated with Joey Porter venom, this blog was busy breaking down the talent at the Senior Bowl, courtesy aspiring NFL scout Chris Cordero of Miami.

Cordero was a huge hit in my opinion and I hope you agree.

He scouted and sent abbreviated reports for OLBs, ILBs, WRs-TEs, and FS. And yet something out there continues to suggest the Dolphins may look at filling their RG position.

Donald Thomas faded badly at year's end. Nate Garner was a surprise but he seems better suited as the swing G-T than the fulltime starter. So it is possible the Dolphins look at their interior line to fill the last remaining gap of their $156 million offensive line.

Therefore, today we give you a look at the interior offensive linemen Cordero saw at the Senior Bowl:

1. Mike Iupati - 6-5, 325 lbs - Idaho

Team Numbers: Idaho was 45th (out of 120 in the country) in rushing offense; 12th in passing in NCAA Division 1-A (it will ALWAYS be Divison 1-A to me)



-Massive man with long arms and great natural athleticism that have some thinking he can play Offensive Tackle

-Powerful and Nasty - does not stop until the whistle blows and put more than a few guys on their rear like Michael Neal of Purdue and D'Anthony Smith of Lousisiana Tech

-Has a great work ethic and always give maximum effort

-Locks on to a defender and his long arms and strong hands make it difficult for them to get off his block

-Has a quick first snap and very good lateral quickness - is able to get to the 2nd level on his blocks; and also pulls well



-As a guard - he has few weaknesses; his technique can get inconsistent

-Tried at tackle - and needs work there as it is not natural for him - yet....

-English is 2nd language - but you could see him yukking it up with some of the other OL and communication shouldn't be an issue


Overall Analysis:

It is rare that you find Offensive Guards that you would take in the 1st Round - but this guy is special. Seeing all the money invested in the Offensive Line; I highly doubt that the Dolphins would select him - even in a scenario where they trade down from the #12 pick. He will be dominant, and I find it hard to say about college Offensive Linemen; but with his natural tools and work ethic, don't doubt this guy. With proper coaching could be a very good NFL tackle - but I wouldn't move him out of the Interior.


2. Vladimir Ducasse - 6-5, 326 lbs - Massachussetts

Team Numbers: Massachussetts was 44th (out of 120 in the country) in rushing offense; 29th in passing in NCAA Division 1-AA (again, I'm not down with the FCS title)



-Another massive human being (notice a theme here?) has long arms and a strong base to anchor against defenders.

-Very nimble and agile for his size; shows good footwork.

-Is quick off the snap (someone pointed out that it looks like he is jumping the snap - but don't only defenders jump the snap?).

-Very good, explosive first step when run blocking.

-When he locks on a defender and gets his hands on them - is dominant.

-Aggressive, tough and wants to succeed.



-Played against a lower level of competition and could need time to adjust to speed and power (this showed some in the practices).

-Needs work on his technique due to lack of experience.

-Gets too upright at times at the snap and allows defenders to get into him.

-Played mostly Left Tackle in college; but will still struggle some against speed rushers.


Overall Analysis:

Keeps on moving up draft boards, some have him in the 2nd - but I see him as a 3rd-4th Rounder; but could also see him going earlier than that to a team that needs OLine help. Would be a good value in the 4th for the Dolphins and help solidify the guard position. Most of his weaknesses are technical and can be corrected with good coaching - has answered some questions against how he would handle better competition at these practices. Another player who seeked out coaching and seemed to improve as the practices went along.


3. John Jerry - 6-5, 332 lbs - Mississippi

Team Numbers: Mississippi was 32nd in rushing offense; 57th in passing in NCAA Division 1-A



-Another huge individual with long arms and a wide body; would block out the sun - but Terrence Cody did that in these practices.

-Has terrific strength at the Point of Attack and will knock defenders back at the snap with his initial punch.

-Gets good extension and drive on his blocks.

-Moves decently in space and can get around and pull for the most part.

-Had MANY a pancake block in these practices.

-Did a good job of letting the speed rushers come to him when lined up at Offensive Tackle.



-Has had conditioning issues and tires out occasionally (has improved as he weighed 350lbs at the start of the season).

-Is not as quick or agile as the two above prospects.

-Trouble moving laterally.

-Lunged at some blockers allowing defenders to get by him; leaned into his blocks occasionally.


Overall Analysis:

Another player that will move up draft boards after this week. I see him going about the same as Ducasse; 3rd-4th Round - but again wouldn't be surprised if he went earlier than that as Offensive Line is such a difficult position to fill and guage in the NFL. The Dolphins took a liking to him - as Mando mentioned - and if he is there in the 4th, don't be surprised to hear his name called by them. If he keeps his weight under control he could be very good.


HONORABLE MENTION: The Offensive Tackle position was rather weak in the Senior Bowl with Ciron Black of LSU and Selvish Capers of West Virginia looking good for 3 plays and then terrible the next. Matt Tennant, Center out of Boston College is tough and mean but a little light for the style of offense the Dolphins run. Mike Johnson out of Alabama might have been the next best interior prospect and helped pave the way for Heisman winner Mark Ingram - he also has an intimidating presence. The other linemen were rather non-descript, with a lot of them changing positions from what they played in college.



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bobbyd12 - I am not disagreeing with you with what we need and should go after, but we needed these same positions last year and passed on a few good LB's...one of who made the pro bowl this year as a rookie!

I am not surprised by anything the fornt office does after the round 2 Pat White pick.

What happens if all our top defensive prospects are already taken at the #12 pick and no one wants to trade with us and Spiller is available or a stud WR like Bryant? We would lmost be forced to go that route...that is all I am saying...

Indiana, because the season is going to uncapped you do realize we would have to give Denver two of our first round picks if we sign him??? One of the consequences of going after another teams restricted FA with no cap

Then honestly Indiana, even though he is not a 12 pick, even though some mock drafts show him going to us now, I would rather have Dan Williams to fill that NT position...

MaCo -

Suh is the top prospect. Berry and McCoy will unlikeyl be around still. Okung I'm uncertain about, but they are not taking a OL with the #12 pick. McClain, Spiller and even Bryant may be gone with the #12 pick...

I think we should trade down and pick up a couple of extra 2d & 3rd round picks.

I also think that when the stove is on it will not burn my hand when I touch it.

The Seer, I can always tell when ur smoking the good stuff LOL U see things alot clearer

2 questions to consider:

1) what is the average IQ of the commenters on this blog?

2) How many commenters have stalkers?

Bobbyd12 , i don't know why you waste your time. It's the same 1 or 2 people with the spiller argument. Parcell's went away from his usual draft philosophy with and so far it's a disaster. White was NOT picked to miami's qb of the future ( henne was ) , he was picked to as a apecialty player for some of miami's packages. Comparing the white pick with henne , to miami might picking spiller even though they already already have 3 rb's is BS !!!!

" with the white pick : typo

bobbyd12 - I could agree with you on Dan Williams. Also, I didn't know for sure if Dumervil was a FA or RFA. That report was a little unclear and I was not uncertain what he was going to be. No player is worth 2 first rounders IMO unless they are a proven franchise player similar to Peyton mannign, but everyone knows someone with that much talent and worth is not going to any other franchise for just 2 first rounders...

a rule of thumb I heard from some expert on some show this a.m.----due to uncapped year, GENERALLY SPEAKING, there are going to be FAR fewer unrestricted FAs, AND, the restricted ones will have "higher" tenders placed on themselves by their teams, since the salary difference in placing a higher tender is not that great & will be inconsequential in an uncapped year, while the higher tender wil yield team more picks IF someone reallywants the RFA.

Shorter version: Just put FAs out of your mind, except for the small handful that are unrestricted (like Dansby, I belive).

The good part of the uncapped yr is that you can dump high-salaried dead wood w/o a cap hit. Bad side is fewer FAs to pick through, and richer owners like Snyder & Jer can spend to their heart's delight.

I am not saying they should pick Spiller, I just think if he is the best player left on the Dolphins draft board it would not be a terrible pick! Spiller would also be a decent slot WR IMO. Like I stated I am not saying they should go with him, but if he is best available, maybe go for it!

NJ PHIN FAN...you say we have 3 rb's, but you forgot to mention one of those players got hurt this past season, so that could happen again AND Ricky is only going to be here one more season!

I can't wait until most the things they do this off season you are wrong about. Everything you say, you act like you know that is what they are going to do no matter what and you are part of the decision making. Your opinion is the same as everyone elses on this blog. Why do you try to act like you know what our front office is going to do on a daily basis?

SEER , that's correct !!

We need to get Brandon Marshall as long as we can pay no more than fair market value. I read this book that was just published called "Soccernomics". What a couple of top notch European soccer organizations do is make a move for highly talented players with a troubled history. When the player comes to their team, the player will have his own personal relocation specialist to make sure he settles in properly and the team will make the accomodations to go out of their way to make sure he is set up good people around him to help ensure he doesn't have any mishaps. It has worked well for those teams. May be worth a shot here. If were are gonna pay several million for him, we might as well invest an additional $80-100k on his own relocation specialist and "personal" assistant.

LMFAO !!!!!!

NJ the need for another running back is clear... 1. Brown is injury prone,
2. Rickey is retiring

Question... can Cobbs or Hilliard be an every down back?

I think Cobbs and Hillard are situational Backs with Lex being a power back.

Bill Parcells,
I want to put my name in the hat to be Marshall's relocation specialist.

I would surround him with good people like Carlito, Cuban Menace and maybe NJ from time to time.

SEER , because of the uncapped year and the examples you gave is the very reason miami won't be throwing away a hight draft pick on a spiller or any rb. Miami needs to upgrade this pathetic defense badly and there just won't be free agents to help that pathetic defense. This is why miami will go heavy on defense. If it was capped year and all the free agents were available , miami would've been able to help that d and then have the luxery of taking a spiller or bryant. That is NOT the case.

TN. see above post and you just named 4 rb's. thanks for making my point.

NJ, Miami definitely needs to load up on defense. NT, ILB, OLB, FS. Who would you project to be available come FA?

NJ, I understand your point. If Ronnie can't go, Ricky proved he can only carry the load so long and there is not much behind him. If afforded the opportunity the 3rd and 4th RB can and should be upgraded.

I can't wait until most the things they do this off season you are wrong about. Everything you say, you act like you know that is what they are going to do no matter what and you are part of the decision making. Your opinion is the same as everyone elses on this blog. Why do you try to act like you know what our front office is going to do on a daily basis?

Posted by: Indiana Dolfan | February 04, 2010 at 03:45 PM
This pointed at NJ you ego minded freak!!!!!

I think the Dolphins should hire me a relocation specialist and pay for all my moving expensses in winter so I could be Mark in Maui instead of Mark in Toronto for 5 months a year.

@ NJ:

agreed.....& that is what bums me about the uncapped thing. But it is what it is.

However, it does give us an opportunity to dump guys like Gerbril at a "dead" cost to owner but w/o salary cap ramifications. Might as well take advantage of the one benefit it gives us.

btw--it also helps us hang onto Ronnie, if that's what they want to do, w/o him becoming URFA.

TN , as far as unrestricted FA . there isn't much and they 're going to want a boat load of money or will franchised ( ie wilfork ). As for will get cut ? . Most of them will be overpaid . past their prime or on the wrong side of 30. That's why drafting for defense is critical in this years draft.

LMAO @ ssendamehtpots. EXACTLY !!! That why i posted lmfao !! That was a walking contradiction and crying like a baby !!! LOL !!! :)

NJ, Agreed Defense is draft priority, however, that will depend on FA. If a few who were to get cut can be serviceable to us for 2 to 3 years (like Fergy)I think they may giv it a go to give time for the younsters to develop. We have so many holes to do only the the draft will take years.

not to mention jealous freak !!!

You should never use free agency to build your core anyway. Free agency should be used to augment your team. Even though the picking are fewer there are some players out there who can help. Dansby being at a position that is most critical. Kerry Rhodes and Antrel Rolle will also be available and are young and good enough for example. It will all come down to dollars though and whether the adiministration matches their perceived value of the player with what the player will accept.

I do know one thing though - the Dolphins were hot for Dansby last year before he was tagged.

I give up. There are NOT going to be a lot of FAs,defense or offense, available. It is not a typical year. It is not a buyers market.

If we somehow get Karlos Dansby I'd be tickled pink, but I am not counting on FA as a tool this year.

SEER . you're right. it is what it is. Miami won't have much to choose from but they get to keep brown and dump porter , wilson , ayodele , etc without damage to the cap.

TN , what part of my post don't you understand. You said it ( the draft ) will depend FA. I just told you there's not much in FA and don't expect much in FA either. GEEZ !! Seer , you're right . I GIVE UP !!

@NJ @ 4:15

precisely....that is the lone silver lining...hope they take full advantage of it.

SEER/NJ, They will not dump that many without replacements. Do you honestly think they will drop 4 to 5 starters on defense for what they might get in the Draft? I do not think so.

Mark , exactly !! Folks , i hate to break it to you but miami isn't going to the super bowl next year . They're still at least 2 years away. Fix the defense and then worry about free agents to augment the team in the following years.

I don't see them dropping Ayodele. Sure they can use an upgrade but they will need the depth.

Porter, done.

Gibril. Probably.

look, the dolphins coached at the senior bowl if there is any linebacker i see wearing a dolphins uniform is sean witherspoon, the dolphins like what they saw from him. he has the talent and wants to get better, unless some linebacker (mcclain) wows them at the combine, i just dont see it happening

NJ, Just because you say there will not me much in FA does not make it so.

yes, I said the Draft will depend on FA. Why be so negative and pigheaded?

I expect a couple of Defensive FA pickups to compete with Adoyle and Wilson as starters, Dump or Trade porter and/or Wake Compete with Porter or FA for job.

draft NT ILB OLB.

As for who will be available in FA, I truly think there are going to be surprising names available. A few who would be shocking. The potential to unload a big contract, with no penalty, combined with a deep draft, leads me to think this. Guys who got their 2nd contract and there team thinks they may have made a mistake could hit the market. I think names that we have no clue that are going to be available will hit the market. IMO.

Mark , ayodele is a goner while miami keeps torbor and crowder while they'll draft a ilb or 2 . Done . Porter is a goner while they still have wake taylor staying , anderson and a draft pick. Done. wilson might stay but bell clemons , culver and a draft pick . done. There's plenty of depth.

Pigheaded , really ?? I'm giving you facts and many agree like seer and you still can't get it through your pig head ?? LOL !! You want to maybe trade wake , maybe keep porter and bring in a FA to compete with porter ???? My god !! that says it all.

another possibility is brandon graham, another kid they saw in action and liked... can fill the OLB and play DE in some situations. so i see them trading down and getting more picks. now spiller? come on man just look at parcells background in drafting...u got to be kidding me. its gonna be a linebacker of some sort especially with the hole present there.

You think Torbor over Ayodele? They make almost the same salary and Torbor stunk worse than Ayodele when put in there. I don't see that happening man.

This pointed at NJ you ego minded freak!!!!!

Posted by: ssendamehtpots | February 04, 2010 at 04:05 PM

Me an ego minded freak? That is funny. It just gets old when people think they are the front office and what they say on this blog is exactly what the front office will do...

NJ, no you read wrong or grammer not clear.

Have Porter compete with Wake or trade or drop Porter and have Wake compete with FA for Job.

The pigheaded comment is that to me only you know what will happen and only your opinions have merit.

Ayodele was worse and brought nothing to the table. I saw te's and rb's having a field day on ayodele in pass coverage.

If there is not a new CBA by March 1st then Ronnie Brown's contract is void and he is an unrestricted FA.
The pick has to be RB, hopefully Spillar.

joey is out. along with many others. there gonna go to the draft more than free agency. cardinals arent gonna let dansby go. so i dont see many other names thatll appease parcells

I'm not saying Ayodele is awesome, I'm saying he's better than Torbor. At least in the coaches' eyes. If that wasn't the case, Torbor would have taken Ayodele's job but he never did.

Man, you are stubborn even when you are obviously wrong.

The trade is Camarillo to NE for their disgruntled outside LB.

Mark, Torbor is more valuable on special teams than Ayodele.

Tnphinfan , that's not what you said my friend. read your post and the last sentence of your post at 4;27 pm . " trade porter and or wake compete with porter or FA for job " maybe you need to clear read/write grammer.

LMFAO @Mark , so you insisting ayodele is better torber isn't stubborn or is right because you say so . LOL !! Pot meet kettle

Tn . excellent point !! Torbor is better on special teams . Mark ???

Camarillo for Adelius Thomas is a perfect trade for both teams.
Welkers career is over, they need a possession receiver, we need OLB's.
When Camarillo is gone we can move Turner up on the depth chart.
Draft Spillar 1st and an ILB or NT 2nd.
It's really elegant.

I personally thought Ayodele was the worst starter on the D last year (yes that includes over Wilson). He was horribly slow and couldn't cover a swim suit model if she was lying right in front of him. People are always talking about Crowder shooting the wrong gaps in run defense, while this may be true, I thought Ayodele was guilty of this far more often. To be fair though, Torbor did play at the end of the season and he was pretty bad too. I think it's pretty much a wash between those two.

A thought, if we do somehow snag Dansby in FA, do we still draft Mcclain if he's available?

NJ, as if you have never had a typeo....

I expect a couple of Defensive FA pickups to compete with Adoyle and Wilson as starters, Dump or Trade porter(;) and/or(have) Wake Compete with Porter or FA for job.

you said...
maybe you need to clear read/write grammer.


The short handed style wording we do in these blogs can be deceiving.

Granted Torbor is better on special teams but I think Ayodele being a transitional starter will trump Torbor's special teams play. You can always find someone to play special teams. Eric Walden anyone? I think he'd be looking for a job at min salary.

Pricemaster , you're wrong as usaual. If there's no new cba , brown becomes a restricted free agent, He also has a clause in his contract that will give him a 5 mil option. A team wanting brown would have to give miami a draft pick and pay brown more than 5 mil . If not . brown stays with miami for 1 more year at 5 MIL .

I AM ALWAYS .... if Dansby is signed, I'd like to see them address another position. Dansby, McClain, Crowder will be overkill IMO.

And I am not going to defend Ayodele, I just think Torbor is much worse.

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