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Back to the Senior Bowl scouting report: OG

Before we were inundated with Joey Porter venom, this blog was busy breaking down the talent at the Senior Bowl, courtesy aspiring NFL scout Chris Cordero of Miami.

Cordero was a huge hit in my opinion and I hope you agree.

He scouted and sent abbreviated reports for OLBs, ILBs, WRs-TEs, and FS. And yet something out there continues to suggest the Dolphins may look at filling their RG position.

Donald Thomas faded badly at year's end. Nate Garner was a surprise but he seems better suited as the swing G-T than the fulltime starter. So it is possible the Dolphins look at their interior line to fill the last remaining gap of their $156 million offensive line.

Therefore, today we give you a look at the interior offensive linemen Cordero saw at the Senior Bowl:

1. Mike Iupati - 6-5, 325 lbs - Idaho

Team Numbers: Idaho was 45th (out of 120 in the country) in rushing offense; 12th in passing in NCAA Division 1-A (it will ALWAYS be Divison 1-A to me)



-Massive man with long arms and great natural athleticism that have some thinking he can play Offensive Tackle

-Powerful and Nasty - does not stop until the whistle blows and put more than a few guys on their rear like Michael Neal of Purdue and D'Anthony Smith of Lousisiana Tech

-Has a great work ethic and always give maximum effort

-Locks on to a defender and his long arms and strong hands make it difficult for them to get off his block

-Has a quick first snap and very good lateral quickness - is able to get to the 2nd level on his blocks; and also pulls well



-As a guard - he has few weaknesses; his technique can get inconsistent

-Tried at tackle - and needs work there as it is not natural for him - yet....

-English is 2nd language - but you could see him yukking it up with some of the other OL and communication shouldn't be an issue


Overall Analysis:

It is rare that you find Offensive Guards that you would take in the 1st Round - but this guy is special. Seeing all the money invested in the Offensive Line; I highly doubt that the Dolphins would select him - even in a scenario where they trade down from the #12 pick. He will be dominant, and I find it hard to say about college Offensive Linemen; but with his natural tools and work ethic, don't doubt this guy. With proper coaching could be a very good NFL tackle - but I wouldn't move him out of the Interior.


2. Vladimir Ducasse - 6-5, 326 lbs - Massachussetts

Team Numbers: Massachussetts was 44th (out of 120 in the country) in rushing offense; 29th in passing in NCAA Division 1-AA (again, I'm not down with the FCS title)



-Another massive human being (notice a theme here?) has long arms and a strong base to anchor against defenders.

-Very nimble and agile for his size; shows good footwork.

-Is quick off the snap (someone pointed out that it looks like he is jumping the snap - but don't only defenders jump the snap?).

-Very good, explosive first step when run blocking.

-When he locks on a defender and gets his hands on them - is dominant.

-Aggressive, tough and wants to succeed.



-Played against a lower level of competition and could need time to adjust to speed and power (this showed some in the practices).

-Needs work on his technique due to lack of experience.

-Gets too upright at times at the snap and allows defenders to get into him.

-Played mostly Left Tackle in college; but will still struggle some against speed rushers.


Overall Analysis:

Keeps on moving up draft boards, some have him in the 2nd - but I see him as a 3rd-4th Rounder; but could also see him going earlier than that to a team that needs OLine help. Would be a good value in the 4th for the Dolphins and help solidify the guard position. Most of his weaknesses are technical and can be corrected with good coaching - has answered some questions against how he would handle better competition at these practices. Another player who seeked out coaching and seemed to improve as the practices went along.


3. John Jerry - 6-5, 332 lbs - Mississippi

Team Numbers: Mississippi was 32nd in rushing offense; 57th in passing in NCAA Division 1-A



-Another huge individual with long arms and a wide body; would block out the sun - but Terrence Cody did that in these practices.

-Has terrific strength at the Point of Attack and will knock defenders back at the snap with his initial punch.

-Gets good extension and drive on his blocks.

-Moves decently in space and can get around and pull for the most part.

-Had MANY a pancake block in these practices.

-Did a good job of letting the speed rushers come to him when lined up at Offensive Tackle.



-Has had conditioning issues and tires out occasionally (has improved as he weighed 350lbs at the start of the season).

-Is not as quick or agile as the two above prospects.

-Trouble moving laterally.

-Lunged at some blockers allowing defenders to get by him; leaned into his blocks occasionally.


Overall Analysis:

Another player that will move up draft boards after this week. I see him going about the same as Ducasse; 3rd-4th Round - but again wouldn't be surprised if he went earlier than that as Offensive Line is such a difficult position to fill and guage in the NFL. The Dolphins took a liking to him - as Mando mentioned - and if he is there in the 4th, don't be surprised to hear his name called by them. If he keeps his weight under control he could be very good.


HONORABLE MENTION: The Offensive Tackle position was rather weak in the Senior Bowl with Ciron Black of LSU and Selvish Capers of West Virginia looking good for 3 plays and then terrible the next. Matt Tennant, Center out of Boston College is tough and mean but a little light for the style of offense the Dolphins run. Mike Johnson out of Alabama might have been the next best interior prospect and helped pave the way for Heisman winner Mark Ingram - he also has an intimidating presence. The other linemen were rather non-descript, with a lot of them changing positions from what they played in college.



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PriceMaster - There will be no CBA agreed on in a month, so a RB is not a high priority need right now....will it be in the near future (a year or 2), probably!!!

See ya'll in a couple of hours. Headed home and going to stop for a burrito from Carlito.

indiana dolphin, now you see what i've been arguing about for the last two weeks as the first "stop the madness". This guy NJ PHIN FAN really does thinks he knows everything football, what the dolphins brass thinks and etc. im almost sure it will be another post under this name saying something crazy or this is a fake post or something stupid. my only beef is with the know-it-all aka(NJ PHIN FAN)!!!!

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Understood Mark. I'm trying to see defensive value at that pick if we don't/can't trade down. I admittedly am not great with draft value and all (which is why I read more than I comment on draft prospects and projections) I really don't want to see the pick used on offense (i.e. Spiller or Bryant) but is Dan Williams worth #12?

Ronnie Brown is horrible.
He averages 4 yds/carry running the wildcard.
He averages 2 yards a carry running the pro offense.
We're not running the wildcard anymore.
Ronnie Brown's career in Miami is over.

Hey aSSwipe stop the madness. Nobody gives a crap about you ar what you have to say. You don't bring anything to the table fotball wise. All you do is talk crap . We don't want that crap here. GET LOST !!!

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Its a little early for this isn't it guys?

PFT reported today that Pennington wants to stay in Miami, even if it is as a backup to Henne.

I think this is huge news, why is no one talking about it?

I've been posting on miami blogs for years, What i brought to the table is that you're a illterate jackA$$ who know nothing about football or anything in general. You're a moronic fool ! Go phins !!

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TnphinFan, you have to register for an account below (Typepad???)

I AM ALWAYS ...., Dan Williams isn't really value at #12 either. Tough to say what the team will do in that case. I don't think it will be that difficult to trade down personally but we will see.

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Carlito, I read your post earlier and thought it was the best news of the day. I sincerely hope we can keep him here. The leadership he provides is something that can't be quantified and IMHO we would be crazy not to resign him now that he has stated he wouldn't mind coming back as the backup.

OH ! you got me stop the madness. Who has Fantasy's and stalk posters on blogs all day. You're probably whacking off to me right now.

It just shows what a class act and true leader that Pennington is. I don't think you could ask for a better backup qb either...

stop the madness is bobbyd12

Now u c what...if ur a Parcells fan and followed his career u can predict what the man is more then likely gonna do...he WILL NOT pick a WR with a high draft pick, he very rarely picks a RB with that pick, He HAS picked SIX LBs in the drafts he has run...he has pretty much built his offensive line...he WILL now concentrate on the DEFENSE.... He has consistently done this through his whole career...it doesn't take a genius to know what's coming this draft...before u criticize others, maybe just maybe you should read up about Parcells and his patterns...in this case, NJ is more then likely 100% correct on where we are headed..come April draft day do you have the BAL"s to come here and apologize?? Doubt it

Cobra Kai, go FU"K ur mother, like so many guys have before...I don't post under different names like a douc"bag such as itself

Mark, there is multiple Mock Draft boards now rating Dan Williams out to the Phins at 12

With Pennington ya Got 4.....

Carry 4 QBs on the Roster?

Odd man out is White.

bobby12 nobody really know what will happen, its way to early!! to always knock other views is dead wrong!! why you feel nj knows so much about what bill parcells will do? the average fan can watch espn and figure out a guys tendencies(parcells)!! did jn predict the pat white pick? all im saying is that he's never wrong(funny)!! i think we will trade out of the 12th pick to at the very least get a pick for the fifth round and yes i believe we will draft heavy on the LB position, maybe 3,with a big,fast wr later in the draft but not before the 4th round

That is the question Po. Do they give up on White after 1 year (admitting the mistake) or do they dump Thigpen? I don't see them giving up on White after just 1 year.

with the way things are shaking out i could see us grabbing weathrspoon to play the strong side LB and spikes playing mlb with the first 2 picks. i was very impressed with weatherspoon coverage skills in the senior bowl and his overall motor. i hope we grab jimmy graham from the U. we need to keep an eye on the U over the next couple of years b/c they have somme talent coming out over the next 2-3 years

Weatherspoon projects as an ILB in 3-4

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thigpen was brought in for insurance b/c of the injury to pennington. we lost out b/c we had to give up a fifth for him, but i keep white over thigpen!! i keep white b/c of his college career only, not his first nfl year. i think the kid will get better,no i dont think he will be looked at as a franchise qb but he can make a great living as a back-up!! i like henne but im not completely sold on him either. IMO he made the same mistakes this years as a starter that he made his 4yrs at michigan

Steal this, ur right, nobody knows 100% for sure, where the Pat White pick came from IDK but Parcells saw something...I have followed Parcells throughout his career and he is going to draft what the Dolphins NEED this draft, which is DEFENSE...forget Dez or Spiller or any offense in pick 12, not gonna happen...trade down is possible

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i try to know draft stuff by copy other posters.

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" somebody sure does wanna be me " . ?? You're not even you. You're hiding under different names and you admitted it . You said you changed it so nobody knows who you were from the past time you posted . Now you're using another posters name ( nj ) in you fake screenname. You're a fraud and a chicken. post under the name you did in the past.

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Very disturbing listening to this labor talk..The owners are getting 4 billion dollars from the new TV contract coming up guaranteed money.. They have NO incentive to not lick out the players in 2011

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