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Combine opens and that calls for a live blog

The NFL Scouting Combine begins today in Indianapolis and the Dolphins will kick it off by making general manager Jeff Ireland available to the media sometime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

I am not in Indianapolis (been there, done that) but will be monitoring the action throughout the day on this blog. I will be here throughout the day to interact with you, to tell you of the latest happenings, to answer questions, to basically blog live for hours on end.

I cannot wait!

I will provide you with the most up-to-the-minute news and analysis delivered through the vast worldwide resources of The Miami Herald -- beat writer Jeff Darlington is in Indy covering the event and I have a television, a computer and a fully charged iPhone. Brain overload!

There will be other features on here throughout the six-day Combine as well that I will tell you about at the appropriate time.

So what's my point? Be here throughout the day for the event. It's a great way to pass the day away at work.

Now, I would warn you that the Combine is a time when approximately 400 team personnel people, 400 media, 300 athletes and 200 or so agents come together in the same place. Not surprisingly, rumors fly.

Some of the rumors are worth repeating -- for example Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweeted Wednesday evening that word on the street is the Dolphins will "pay" Karlos Dansby.

Of course, that doesn't preclude other teams from wanting to "pay" Dansby, too. So I would not say it's 100 percent the Dolphins are going to land the Arizona inside linebacker when free agency begins March 5. I would tell you they have studied Dansby and like Dansby a lot.

But that's a looong way from absolutely resolving to sign the guy no matter the price. Miami is not going to do that. So be wary.

Another rumor yesterday that I only repeat so that I can mock it is this one saying the Dolphins and Lions have a trade brewing that will send running back Ronnie Brown, a first-round pick and perhaps a third round pick to Detroit for wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

And now that I told you what the rumor is, I tell you there is no truth to it. The Lions are indeed looking to trade, but mostly it is to trade down in the draft. The Dolphins are willing to trade just about anyone on the roster, including Brown, but him, the first pick, and a third pick is a ransom for anyone not named Manning or Rivers or Brady or Brees.

I'm just relaying rumor to you as an example of how anyone without sources or attribution can simply piece a paragraph together (poorly) and pass it off as reporting.

Anyway, if you can't get to the blog throughout the day, you can follow me on twitter, as I'll be sending out messages there as well. Yes, you can get the tweets to your phone.

I'll be here starting around 10ish.   


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I drank too much Fernet, I had to re-read,thought it was true. Time for bed

Mando, there have been whispers of a trade between Miami and Detroit, on a few different sites, and as I asked you one of the last few days, it is thought to be about Cliff Avril. People always want to imagine these Madden type deals. WHY would Detroit trade a top 5 WR in this league, a year after they spent the #1 overall pick on a QB, no matter how many holes still needed to be filled.

Hope we sign Dansby. Would free up alot options for the draft. Would love to see Earl Thomas in a phins uniform...

The Detriot trade is retarded. No way will we trade a first round pick...

i was just thinking that with LT and WEstbrook possibilities Ronnie Brown could become a valuable trade bargain... now im not saying Calvin Johnson while he is sick and might be worth it if the 1st was a 2nd... how bout Boldin for RB and a 4th?

Beerphin, I would think Boldin could be had for a #3. So if Ronnie Brown were involved at all, not only would I think we not owe them a pick, they'd owe us one.

Ronnie Brown is most of our offense. No way we can get rid of him. Look what happened when he got hurt last year. We went from one of the top offenses in the league to one that had a hard time scoring at all. Nope. Not good sense!

I still say we sign antrelle rolle

Brown for Calvin Johnson leaves us getting Spiller in the draft. I don't like any trades unless it involves a Qb like brees, etc.

Whatever happen to the pillar of our defense? Maybe it's Rolando?

Yes, Dansby AND Rolle. Possibly Antonio Bryant too as he was not all the way back from injury last year.


Don't forget , i will also be here reporting to you on what i see at the combine which will be televised on the NFL NETWORK . :)

That rumor for Calvin Johnson really made me laugh.


Did you ever see the play where Wake got juked out of his sox on a fake punt?

I am a big fan of Wakes and think he can "Bring it!" a lot better than Porter could on the pass rush. He has excellent shoulder dip and plays with great leverage and angle to the QB. That said, there has to be concerns vs the run or the Trifecta would have simply trotted him out there faster to learn on the fly.

You would try to roll with Taylor playing out of position on the strong side at OLB and Wake (shaky run def and all) on the weak side? Both full time?

I am a gigantic fan of Taylor's but I held my breath that he would not get hurt all last year. At his age he was lucky to get such mileage out of his body.

I would not even think of going into the season with that as a plan EVEN if you get who you want down the middle.


cant wait for this combine!, but any trade that would involve ronnie better look a hell of alot better than that


Wake is a guy who have to use correctly. The stats don't lie, when on the field, he produces. I am very hesitant to say he should be a starting OLB. Same with Taylor. I just think sacks are a somewhat overrated stat. And I understand the importance of setting the edge on the run, that is number one to me. I think you also have to factor in, if you could have one guy to judge LB talent, you'd be hard pressed to find many guys better than Parcells. So in a deep pass rush class, I have no doubt he will know who to take, and who he doesn't fit the mold.


Ok kewl. I am very sorry and I am not trying to do anything but understand where you are coming from.

I see you said setting the edge vs the run is #1 to you. You want Parcell's to pull out some late round gems at OLB to do that?

Sacks are an overrated stat. (They can be but sure do help. Especially when you consider how many turnovers are caused by good OLB's knocking balls away.)

Wake's stats do not lie... he gets those said "overrated" sacks in bunches when he's turned loose to pin his ears back.

I do hear what you are saying in that hypothetically the draft is deeper at OLB / Hybrid types so you can get some later. I am wondering how late and who you think Parcell's may target? Do you have any ideas?


I checked NFLN and I saw it said conferences or interviews under info regarding time slots tomorrow?

Does the actual lifting, running, jumping, cones testing go on Thurs? Anyone know?



You on or did ya bail?


Here is the top 10 teams as far as sacks goes for 2009, I am not going to post the numbers just the order.


Of those 10, only 4 made the playoffs, and in their playoff exits Ari gave up 45 points (a week after winning also giving up 45) Dal gave up 34 points, and Phi gave up 34 points.

Of those 10, 7 run a 3-4 defense. I see big names on those teams such as Jared Allen, J Harrison, L Woodley, D Ware, E Dumervil.

So where do the rest of the sacks come from?

My point lies in there are many, many ways to get sacks, and it just doesn't involve having superior OLB's applying the pressure.

I tried to use all of this as a good example about sacks being overrated. We were 3rd in the league in sacks, yet I would have a hard time even trying to say we were a top 20 defense.


I am going to bed, have to be up at 7:30 to go to the gym and then work. Most likely will miss the live blog, which sucks, as I like it when everyone participates. I had a great time discussing our beloved Dolphins.

Cheers (haha)


All the good stuff begins on Saturday


I am the first to acknowledge it's the NFL's desire to make sure the rules are set up around allowing OFF's to score.

Between the liberal throwing of flags for illegal contact or worse P.I., the absence of ANY contact past 5 yards for anything but the most miniscule jostling or incidental contact and the fact that it's usually not called equally for the offensive players, DEF are in trouble from jump street.

Throw in that I believe perfect offense beats perfect defense and it's easy to see why there are so many points scored.

The Colts and Saints were insanely good at pressuring Def's. The Jets with the #1 overall DEF even had the Colts on the ropes for 2+ quarters. Peyton Manning and crew eventually crack the case and blow the game open.

Throw in that the points per game is deceiving as to how a team goes about getting them. Most would agree that the Saints and Colts were better equipped to get back into any games they were down in. Chunk plays (or P.I.s) were specialties of both teams.

It's very hard for the Fins to switch into chunk play mode if they get down in a game. There is nothing fast about the Wildcat or a tough running game for that matter.

Cheers (sorry, lengthy)

Ok, Thanks for the chat Bootang,

Ciao bud

Cya fellow Fin fans...


The vikings run a 4-3 scratch Jared allen off the 3-4 list. They only trade i see happening is a 2nd or 3rd for boldin. If we sign dansby and sign rolle thats 2 huge positions that held us back last year.You can either draft kindle or armandos boy brandon graham or do a little bit of a reach and draft dan williams. If we can find a Wr FS NT with the help of dansby miami will be a SERIOUS threat.

I like the Calvin Johnson rumor. I'm sure it's not true, but I'd love to see the trifecta make a bold move rather sifting through the baragin basement FA bins like they've done the last two years.

I doubt they're going to sign Ronnie next year. 3rd round picks aren't THAT valuable. Last year's 3rd round pick, Pat Turner, likely won't even be on the team next year.

If it's a future 1st round pick (like 2013) that's being given, it's still not a good trade, but it's not THAT absurd. A guy in the last year of a deal plus a future late 1st round pick for a great WR entering the prime of his career.......hmmmmm.

I love Ronnie, but he's probably the best trade bait they have right now. He's relatively young. He's stock is high. He's in the last year of a deal and I doubt these guys will pony up the bucks to sign him long term. Maybe the Raiders will give up a 1st for Ronnie like they did for Seymour.

Hopefully, we sign DANSBY,ILB and A.ROLLE,S .... and also Pennington.
It looks like all the top FA NTs have been franchised ..... thus, NT must be our first pick in the draft. But, I do like the idea of trading R.Brown to Detroit for their 2nd and 3rd round picks .... THEN ... here is my ideal draft

1 D.WILLIAMS, NT from Tenn
2. Best, RB (calif) .. lighting fast
2. trade for Brandon Marshall, WR
3. Norwood, OLB
3. M.Johnson,OG from Alabama
4. Jerry, OG from Ole Miss
6. Barnes,WR Bowling Green (Marshalls backup_
6. Udofia, NT from Stanford (Williams backup)
7. Angerer,ILB from Iowa (Dansbys backup)
7. Kafka, QB from Northwestern (good footwork)

I trade Calvin Johnson for Brown and a 3rd round, but give up our 1st round? No f-ing way.

Trading Brown to Detroit must mean that Pat White is ready to take over for Brown in the Wildcat!


Yah - ok - I don't believe it.

players like dansby are looking for big paydays and up front money to sign. their production usually goes down as soon as they get the guaranteed bucks. i'd rather see us trade players for picks or trade down like the pats to bring in some young hungry guys who want to make the team! veteran free agents are ok to fill holes but a 1 or 2 year contract tops! (ie. bodden or dawkins etc.) we cant afford to get frivolous in the draft. we need PLAYERS!!!


I know MIN runs a 4-3, i was making a point out of the top 10 teams in sacks, there are very few big name sack guys. While dominating edge rushers certainly makes it easier to get sacks, it's not the only way. Edge rushers can be neutralized, maybe not completely, but darn close.

Marc, if I was DET it would have to be Brown, 1 and 3 to even start considering the trade. It will NEVER happen though.

I'm a big Calvin Johnson fan but I'm a big Ronnie Brown fan too. A trade like this would have some merit. Ronnie is getting along a little bit in age (I know he's not close to being 30 yet, but you get my point) and he's having a hard time staying healthy. He's a big part of our offence but I'm not sure the trifecta will sign him to a long term contract when it's his time. Only problem is we need another running back. Does that become LT for a year or two? Not sure he's got a lot left but he might be OK with Ricky in a tandem for a year or two. Only sticking point in this deal.....no WAY we give up a first round pick as well. Maybe look at a conditional third and might strongly consider it. I know it's a deal that will never see the light of day and there very likely is nothing to it.....but thoughts?

seeing as detroit is trying to get rid of the first pick why would they want a second first round pick? detroits o-line sucks so what would be the point of bringing in ronnie? say the trade happens and detroit keeps both picks they pretty much HAVE to go o-line with both picks and with how bad the rest of the line is do you really want 2 rookies surrounded by trash trying to block for your new acquisition?

Amazing, Armando puts up some bullshyt rumor that will never happen, he even tells you it will not happen and the idiots come out of the woodwork wasting everybodys time talking about why they thinl it's a great idea...Some of u have a mental illness if u think Parcells would do that type of trade..go to the Sun -Sentinel blog and STAY there please

This means we are not going to sign dansby.
We are probably gonna sign Foote

Please no combine workout warriors with our draft picks. No vernon gholstons!

Easy bobby.....nobody says it's a trade that's going to happen. I agree, I think it's BS too....but it's an interesting proposition. BP would never do it if it included a first but you have to agree he might look at it if it was a lesser pick.

where'd you hear the Dansby thing Armando?



Why aren't you at the Combine or are you planning on just repeating back to us other's news?

Armando - I like hearing rumors. It gets fans talking more and makes thigns interesting. So, with the rumor about Dansby, if we do get him, do you think that will make us target an OLB with the #12 pick which would take McClain out of the picture?

James - Read the article, it states where he heard it:

Some of the rumors are worth repeating -- for example Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweeted Wednesday evening that word on the street is the Dolphins will "pay" Karlos Dansby.

Why would Det trade a 2nd & 3rd for Brown????? I mean I knid of love the ideas you have for using the picks, although I'd never touch Williams at 12. The scenario just doesn't make much sense for us or Det. You have us drafting Best with their 2nd round pick. Why wouldn't they safe their picks, save their money and just draft lightning fast Best for their running game? Any trade of Brown and picks hurts us. The first thing you have to do when trading Brown would be to replace him, that's another pick. So you would get a great WR but hurt your running game and hurt other areas by losing picks.

the jets might be dumb enough to make a trade like that which would leave them with no draft picks lol

Craig, u agree it's a BS thing then let's not waste time with it...Even though I still don't think they pay Dansby what he is asking, if they do get him it changes the draft board for us, that's for sure...Everyone says Ronnie is our most valuable trade asset, really??? Guy can barely walk right now, I say he barely has value...Is Boldin still a possibility?? Is Clemons ready to take over for Gibril?? Lots of LEGITIMATE things to talk about instead of a fantasy, that's the point

If they trade Brown I would be highly disappointed by the front office. If we got extremely great value (at least a 1st and hopefully more) would be the only way I could deal with it. He has been the best Dolphin and favorite Dolphin the past decade IMO...

bobbyd12 - You talk about not wanting to Pay Dansby, but Miami needs to land 1-2 big name free agents. Any big name will cost us money, but we just need to hope Miami gambles on the right one. If they don't get a big FA or two we will still be a step behind this coming season no matter what we do in the draft...

So, which big name guy should we gamble on with the "big" money?

with the money we paid porter pay dansby

and the money we pay gibril pay rolle

anderson and and jason allen can take paycuts too

wishfull thinking !

easier said than done

wouldnt be surprised if we did or we didnt anything is possible

Armando, interested to see if Cody tips the scale at close to 400 or if he had the smarts to gain some smarts and self control after his scale buster at the Senior Bowl

The best trade asset we have is our most reliable guy which would probably be Jake Long and we all know he isn't going anywhere. Why would you guys want to trade our best player? We can still get some FA without trading our best players that DO NOT need to be traded...

CJ Spiller would be a nice pick 12 if dez bryant is not there. With ricky leaving and brown often injured a RB would be a luxury move this year but a must have next year. Then go WR in the second and defense the rest of the draft. Keep JT one more year.

Agreed Bobby. I will let it go. I agree there are more pressing issues. I want to get my two cents in on a crazy rumour....but I'm done.

Indiana, right there is the problem, organizations and fans love "the name" Peppers, Dansby, Rolle people know the "name" and automatically want them...Dansby's production was down last year, I want guys who are hungry and want to prove themselves ...they don't need to be big name

Armando - I hope you aren't relying on Darlington for info because you'll only get minute-by-minute updates of him stalking Jesus... I mean Tim Tebow.

Don't pick on Darlington. He works hard writing one blog post a month and one article every three months.

I'll give up BROWN PORTER and a 3rd rounder for CALVIN. Sounds pretty fair.

You must forgot that BROWN went down and though we couldn't run as good we ran well.

We can still draft for need. OLB would be my choice because I see DANSBY becoming a FIN.

KINDLE would be the best suited but I still like our OLBs. Then pick MAYS in round 2 and trade back up in the 2nd round and draft MURPHY at CB.

Indiana, I'm not against signing Dansby, i'm not an expert and if Parcells thinks he is worth it then I'll be there cheering him on!!! Winning is the bottom line

bobbyd12 - They have that name because they earned it. I get what you are saying totally, but if you are going to pay a non big name say 3-5 million (give or take) and not know for sure if they are going to produce, why not pay 7-10 million for a FA that you know can produce? I would rather get a guy that has earned that name vs. a player that we may "think" is hungry and not work out. Example 1: Gibril Wilson and we paid big money for him! I would rather pay Rolle that money and gamble on the big name continuing to produce.

With your last post which FA do we need to get if we are not going to go for any big name?

Bobby, no matter how risky it is, the Dolphins need to use free agency to address some holes. You can only expect to get 2, max 3 starters in year 1 from a draft. And considering the Dolphins have about 7 legitimate needs (NT, 2OLB, ILB, S, WR, TE), some work will have to be done in free agency (ILB), some in trade (WR), some from organic growth in the roster (OLB Wake?, S Clemons?, T Gardner), and some through the draft (OLB, NT, TE). Spend the money, time to get to work!

I'm with Indiana. If the guy is young, pay top dollar. You get what you pay for.

If we can sign Dansby (or some other proven ILB) on March 5th, then our next biggest need are a DT and FS. I think we should look at Dan Williams in the first round. What safetys are left to look at in the second round?

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