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Combine opens and that calls for a live blog

The NFL Scouting Combine begins today in Indianapolis and the Dolphins will kick it off by making general manager Jeff Ireland available to the media sometime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

I am not in Indianapolis (been there, done that) but will be monitoring the action throughout the day on this blog. I will be here throughout the day to interact with you, to tell you of the latest happenings, to answer questions, to basically blog live for hours on end.

I cannot wait!

I will provide you with the most up-to-the-minute news and analysis delivered through the vast worldwide resources of The Miami Herald -- beat writer Jeff Darlington is in Indy covering the event and I have a television, a computer and a fully charged iPhone. Brain overload!

There will be other features on here throughout the six-day Combine as well that I will tell you about at the appropriate time.

So what's my point? Be here throughout the day for the event. It's a great way to pass the day away at work.

Now, I would warn you that the Combine is a time when approximately 400 team personnel people, 400 media, 300 athletes and 200 or so agents come together in the same place. Not surprisingly, rumors fly.

Some of the rumors are worth repeating -- for example Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweeted Wednesday evening that word on the street is the Dolphins will "pay" Karlos Dansby.

Of course, that doesn't preclude other teams from wanting to "pay" Dansby, too. So I would not say it's 100 percent the Dolphins are going to land the Arizona inside linebacker when free agency begins March 5. I would tell you they have studied Dansby and like Dansby a lot.

But that's a looong way from absolutely resolving to sign the guy no matter the price. Miami is not going to do that. So be wary.

Another rumor yesterday that I only repeat so that I can mock it is this one saying the Dolphins and Lions have a trade brewing that will send running back Ronnie Brown, a first-round pick and perhaps a third round pick to Detroit for wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

And now that I told you what the rumor is, I tell you there is no truth to it. The Lions are indeed looking to trade, but mostly it is to trade down in the draft. The Dolphins are willing to trade just about anyone on the roster, including Brown, but him, the first pick, and a third pick is a ransom for anyone not named Manning or Rivers or Brady or Brees.

I'm just relaying rumor to you as an example of how anyone without sources or attribution can simply piece a paragraph together (poorly) and pass it off as reporting.

Anyway, if you can't get to the blog throughout the day, you can follow me on twitter, as I'll be sending out messages there as well. Yes, you can get the tweets to your phone.

I'll be here starting around 10ish.   


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Sweat under Rex, you have the first comment of the day that made me laugh out loud RE: making up a fake blog of your own under the other dude's name.


I don't think Alex Smith is that terrible and deserves a shot. It takes QB's that start with a bad team 4 years to blossom. Look at Manning when he got drafted to a terrible Colts team. Smith was drafted to a terrible 49ers team and they are now getting the pieces together (Gore, Davis, Crabtree). Smith didn't have those guys when he was drafted in 2005. Prediction --> 49ers division champs next season at 10-6

Craig, GO CANADA, that was a beating!

When I said Dansby was young, he's no pup but he's right in the middle of his prime. 28 is not old anywhere, even in football. He's got at least 2 top years minimum left. So, if he's signed for 3, 4 years, that would be palatable.

Ok Mando understood. That's very nice of you considering most bloggers run their blogs like dictators.

does that mean you will not file the adoption papers Graham just yet??? LOL

The blog was actually pretty funny. He begged me to stop, though.


What are the odds some of the big money players who haven't exactly produced on the the roster get released / traded this offseason? We know J-Peezy is gone but how about:

A. Ayodele
R. Torbor
C. Anderson
J. Allen
G. Wilson
W. Allen

Alex Smith is NOOOOOOOOOOO Peyton Manning.... hello, come on man!

By the way, first Brandon Graham comment of the day by me:

Mike Mayock said two days ago that Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga was an excellent player and a top-10 talent.

Today he measured at 6053 307 and with 33 1/4 inch arms.

In the same conference call Mayock said Graham had a great game against Bulaga. And then he said Graham was not prototype size for 3-4 OLB because he's too small and has "short arms."

So when did production and results on the field get erased by tape measures?

Phins54, bro, my folks rescued me from a real dictator. I ain't gonna become a dictator.

But I really appreciate you being here!

i agree Armando... that arms size thing is overrated. the guy can either play or he cant

JerseyPhins - I am not saying he is Peyton Manning, but just used him as an example. If Peyton was to get drafted this year and had the same first 3-4 years he had when he came in the league, EVERYONE would be calling him a bust. If I was a 49ers fan I would have faith in Smith the way he improved last season with more weapons. Singeltary is good for them also IMO...

Speaking of the Ginn pick, I remember watching the draft and being so exited that we were lucky enough to have Quinn on the board when our turn came. The announcement of Ginn dropped my jaw for a solid three minutes and my wife said my face was red. But now I look back and thank God we didn't take Brady, wish we had taken someone else beside Teddy but he did help them beat the jets twice. What a waste of a pick,,thanks again Cam.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Is the NFL Combine anything like the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show....from the movie "Best in show" ?

Who will be showing Rolando Mclain, I hope its Eugene Levy, I just love his two left feet.(really he has 2 left feet)

Is Fred Willard doing color commentary ?(can't wait for his comments on Terrance Cody)

Anywho will there be videos on you-tube from the combine ?

Soiled :)

key point, Singeltary is good for the team. to me, Smith is not worth and hasnt lived up to where he was picked, #1 overall!

Just because, I believe you'll see Wilson cut.

I don't know about the other guys you mentioned. It will depend on what happens in the draft and free agency. You don't get rid of Ayodele or Torbor unless you have somebody ahead of them. Both are on the bubble this offseason and into training camp.

Anderson, I don't see why you have him on that list. Not that highly paid, a part-timer, not the problem. Not the solution, but not the problem.

They used to say that about Roth as well and it didn't seem to effect his play. He was a total douche and far from being a team player, but he set the edge well and made more big plays than Crowder ever seems to make.

Welcome back to the blog NYScott, you've been gone a while ...

By the way fellas (and ladies if you're out there) Ireland will speak at noon and you'll get updates as he says things.

Hey Indiana - Colts went 13-3 - won Afc East in Mannings SECOND season

Armando, with the rumor of us being willing "to pay" Dansby, and the rumblings about us talking trade with Arizona for Boldin, do you take it as a sign that this regime has possibly learnt from their previous FA mistakes and are now going to make a conscious effort to try a little harder for that "big fish" (after all, many of the little fish haven't exactly worked out for them). Or, is it just a sign that they feel this team is now closer to competing and has fewer needs?

Also, any word on Nate Jones? Are they trying to re-sign him? I have a feeling he will get overpaid by a team with less talent at the position. He has had two nice season here. Is Will Allen going to piss and moan if he isn't starting next season (because I dont see him starting)?

Thanks Mando.


Brett... W. Allen i feel lost all leverage to piss and moan after being arrested

I know everyone thinks we need to go Defense with the #12 pick (including me), but I have to admit, the more video I watch of all the prospects, the player who stands out head and shoulders is Dez Bryant. He is a SUPREME talent. Thoughts on the odds we take him if he's there?

Eugenemilner1- great point!

Mando I don't know if you have any inside info on this and I know how hard it is to get any with this regime but I was wondering if you've heard of any backlash over the Crowder radio incident when he threw his coaches under the bus to stand behind Porter? It seems to me with character players like Pennington, Long, and Brown having the coaches backs that there would be some internal stuff going on over this.

Brett, I think there is a feeling out there that Miami doesn't go after the big fish ... Last year they had the freakin' 2nd highest payroll in the NFL!

They paid Wilson big money. They paid Grove big money. They paid a couple of their own players -- carey and bell -- big money!

I think because there is no cap, they will identify one or two players they REALLY want and pay what they need to pay. NO ONE has told me that. Just a hunch.


What TE prospects do you think the Fins will pursue in free agency and the draft? I'm rooting for Pitta myself.

Ayodele's release is more likely than Gibril Wilson's. And frankly, Ayodele was as big of a problem with this defense as Gibril was. How's that for two bold statements!


In response to the statement about Dansby & McClain, do they play the same ILB position? Could Dansby play OLB? Just curious. I doubt the Fins would spend big $$ and a low pick on ILB.

Lets say we can get Dez Bryant or C.J. Spiller who would you rather have? I think C.J. is like Percy Harvin just 3 times his size. Your thoughts?

Who would win a Vernon Carey vs. Terrance Cody sumo match?

Good point, Armando, but if you remember, all we heard leading up to the UFA period was that the Fins were going to go after Jason Brown, who was widely considered a blue chip UFA due to his age and abilities. Then, as we got closer to the the signing period, we seemingly moved on because we weren't willing to pay the money he was going to command. We then signed Jake Grove to a hefty contract, but no doubt, he was plan B. So that's more what I was referring to when I talked about doing what it takes to bring in that big fish. Same story with Calvin Pace two years ago. Two FA periods, two times outbid for our #1 target.

Also mando do you think the T.E. From Florida hernandez might be there for the fins in the second round I really like this guy. Every QB would love a TE. Also golden Tate would be a great fit as a dolfin right now he's like the 5th best WR were do you see him going. By the way I guess Casey Hampton is out of the question since the steelers just signed him to a 3 year deal. It's looking more more like we need Jason. Hope they adress a NT in the draft

'Mando - the fins did "double-dip" in FA & the draft in '09 (signing Gibril, then drafting Clemons).

Hey Mando,
I'm up here in minne-snowta so forgive me if its common knowledge but how has the trifecta responded to Allen's brush with the law/stupidity here in the off season?

And Phins fans, love being able get some chat with fans who actually swore as much as I did when Cam-Cam took T-Ginn in the draft. Up north here they just look at me like "wuh? He's from the b-10 so he's awesome!"

huss, Bryant is the better player.

Spiller, in college, was not the full-time back. I envision him as a weapon like Leon Washington is a weapon for the Jets.

But Washington wasn't a first-rounder that I can recall.

I think Bryant has the ability to be a stud. Much better player if he's right (head, heart, stuff like that)

Big Dawg, Dansby has played outside also, but his value is inside.

I remind you guys that Crowder and Ayodele are still on the team. The Dolphins need 1 ILB, not an entire corps of ILBs.

Vernon would only try to win if the sumo match was in a contract year.

Armando with the 12th pick would u rather have Spiller McClain or Kindle or ur man crush. Im assumin bryant is gone to denver.

Sarasota, you know I love the []_[]

But be []_[] are crazy to say that.

Brett I respectfully disagree. I believe that these guys understand their mistake in signing Wilson. I think thay were under the impression that they could coach him up and because of his decent season in helping the Giants win a superbowl they believed he was a rising player. After last year I now believe they realize that the SB year with the Giants was when he peaked and they need to part ways with the player. Ayodele IMO is a VERY serviceable backup and change of pace ILB that they can keep as insurance.

Mando, regarding the Dolphins run vs. pass philosophy, don't you think that's Parcells (and Henning carrying it out) influence we're seeing?

I would like to think Sparano would like to open up the passing game. Call it wishful thinking.

Chan Gailey says OT is Buff's priority this offseason.

Amazing contrast to Dolphins Tony Sparano who the last two years has declined to even say what his team's needs are.

Which approach do you guys like?


Bryant has been hanging w/Prime Time... now i know Prime isnt the inmature young guy he once was (Must Be the Money- video LOL) but he is a "ME 1st", "Pay the Man" type player still, you can see it in him when he's on the NFL Network. hopefully that hasnt rubbed off on Bryant(head, heart stuff like that)

Idk I guess I like the surprise and suspence


Yes, Crowder, Ayodele & Torbor are on the team but one can't stay healthy, one can't cover a toddler and the other is more of a backup/special teams guy.

I think it's safe to say we need 2 ILBs at least to compete with the ones we have.

I would only announce my intentions if they are not really my intentions.

NY, nothing is internal with Crowder. Meaning, if he's in hot water, we'll know about it. He got in some major hot water over the Rex Ryan feud last year.

Nothing has been said to him officially in regards to the radio interview.

I say keep your plans close to the chest.

Mando, spiller or graham at 12?

I don't think Dez Bryant will be there, AZPhinatic.

He's rated like the No. 3-4 player in this draft. If he's there at No. 12, either someone royally screwed up or there are MAJOR issues with him we don't know about.

If he's there at No. 12, I would love for Miami to take him.

I don't mind if team management is secretive. I just want to win. Now, if I was still a reporter, I wouldn't be thrilled with the secretive style.


IMO, the phins would make a mistake selecting any offensive player with the first pick. Our defense was the major problem last year. You need to fix the defense before you fix the offense. We have a ton of critical holes on defense this year (OLN,NT,FS and ILB). Offensively we only need to get a WR and TE, and we can live with the ones we have for one more year if it means solidifying the defense. Keep in mind, if we had a great defense last year (assuming giving up 16 pts per game), we would have ended the year 12-4.

Mando what's your take???

I like Sparanos approach in playing his cards close to the vest/chest. It may be obvious what other teams think your needs may be but there's no sense in helping them along with that assesment especially when any team could use the info against you.

Dawg, Parcells' recent history has been to find TEs later and not overpay.

I would not be surprised, however, if he reaches for one earlier this year if he doesn't think he can solve the passing game issue with a WR.

Sorry typo OLN should be OLB

Mando, Any chance we bring Chambers back on a flyer? Seems for the money now, he would ba a hell of a solid receiver.

The funny thing about keeping things close to the vest, people in the organization tell you stuff off the record anyway.

And in regards to that, you can tell if you're being played for smokescreen purposes or not.

Close to the vest is great with strategy, injuries, so forth. But, well, it makes me laugh how far the fins carry it.

Not a biggie to me, just wondered what you guys thought.

By the way, the official NFL number for credentialed media at the Combine is 628.

And I'm glad to report I ain't one of them.

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