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Combine opens and that calls for a live blog

The NFL Scouting Combine begins today in Indianapolis and the Dolphins will kick it off by making general manager Jeff Ireland available to the media sometime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

I am not in Indianapolis (been there, done that) but will be monitoring the action throughout the day on this blog. I will be here throughout the day to interact with you, to tell you of the latest happenings, to answer questions, to basically blog live for hours on end.

I cannot wait!

I will provide you with the most up-to-the-minute news and analysis delivered through the vast worldwide resources of The Miami Herald -- beat writer Jeff Darlington is in Indy covering the event and I have a television, a computer and a fully charged iPhone. Brain overload!

There will be other features on here throughout the six-day Combine as well that I will tell you about at the appropriate time.

So what's my point? Be here throughout the day for the event. It's a great way to pass the day away at work.

Now, I would warn you that the Combine is a time when approximately 400 team personnel people, 400 media, 300 athletes and 200 or so agents come together in the same place. Not surprisingly, rumors fly.

Some of the rumors are worth repeating -- for example Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweeted Wednesday evening that word on the street is the Dolphins will "pay" Karlos Dansby.

Of course, that doesn't preclude other teams from wanting to "pay" Dansby, too. So I would not say it's 100 percent the Dolphins are going to land the Arizona inside linebacker when free agency begins March 5. I would tell you they have studied Dansby and like Dansby a lot.

But that's a looong way from absolutely resolving to sign the guy no matter the price. Miami is not going to do that. So be wary.

Another rumor yesterday that I only repeat so that I can mock it is this one saying the Dolphins and Lions have a trade brewing that will send running back Ronnie Brown, a first-round pick and perhaps a third round pick to Detroit for wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

And now that I told you what the rumor is, I tell you there is no truth to it. The Lions are indeed looking to trade, but mostly it is to trade down in the draft. The Dolphins are willing to trade just about anyone on the roster, including Brown, but him, the first pick, and a third pick is a ransom for anyone not named Manning or Rivers or Brady or Brees.

I'm just relaying rumor to you as an example of how anyone without sources or attribution can simply piece a paragraph together (poorly) and pass it off as reporting.

Anyway, if you can't get to the blog throughout the day, you can follow me on twitter, as I'll be sending out messages there as well. Yes, you can get the tweets to your phone.

I'll be here starting around 10ish.   


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Armando.... close to the vest makes for great blogging :)

In the immortal words of Teddy KGB:

"Pay the Man his Money!"

Yes on Dansby!!!


How do the Dolphins stack up in terms of revenue with the rest of the league? There will be plenty of money saved by dumping Porter and Wilson. Ross seems to be an owner that might be willing to risk a loss in order to win a championship or two. At least I'm hoping he is...

Also, it may be a bit premature but would teams be able to frontload any FA signings this year without a cap to allow more flexibility once the new CBA and cap is in place?

Whats your prediction on Ricky this year? Fall off or 1000 yarder?

Poizon, Chamber is not a front-burner guy. I think he gets picked up later in free agency or even after the draft when teams assess if they hit or missed on their needs.

I wonder if weidmeier was caught out giving out info anyway and thats why he is gone.

Goodmorning Armando,

Mando you know from our chats on twitter that I am Brandon Graham supporter & advocate, but it has become very clear the Dolphins most pressing need is DT. The Fins might have a chance to address ILB, S & WR via FA or Trade. The have no chance of aquiring a quality NT via FA. There best bet is to resign Ferguson who is coming of season ending surgery & poundering retirement. Do you think taht at 12 the Dolphins might not go with the sexy pick and instead pick Dan Williams

Eugenemilner1 - The Colts finsihed 6-10 in Mannings 4th year. Manning also threw 110 INT's his first 5 seasons, 58 in his first 3. How many QB's in todays game would be called a bust doing that in their first few seasons?

NY, I think the player you're describing is Reggie Torbor. He improved by leaps and bounds in his second season in the 3-4. If we add an ILB through FA or the draft (which I assume we will), I see Torbor staying on as the serviceable insurance and ST performer. It also doesnt hurt that he was coached in New York by new inside linebackers coach Bill Sheridan and played with Karlos Dansby at Auburn.

Vernon would get injured with 15 seconds.

Robert, Dan Williams is supposed to be a mid-first pick. No one has him rated as high as No. 12.

Why do you think he's worthy of No. 12?

Armando, any chance Ireland tells us that we'll be drafting the "pillar of our defense" today? Come on, that had to have been a planned slip up, right?

HA, Brett.

The pillar comment was classic. I HOPE he slipped on purpose. Otherwise it would have been Wannstedtian.

Datajack we reached and missed on pat white and ginn. IMO we need a difference maker on offense first. The draft is supposedly deep on defense.

Thanks for the opinion Mando, Williams is neither, I think he will be solid, and not a fall off guy, But Ronnie will get the majority of yards and carries, and we WILL throw it more.... that was for you... :)

I like what I saw from him at the Senior Bowl he plays with a mean steak and draws double coverage from lineman and can hold them. He is usually first of the ball and looks real stong and was around the ball. Good tackler, my only negative is his not much of a pass rusher, but NT in 3-4 are not supposed to be.

Torbor killed me this year, The hell with the 40, it takes him a day and 3 minutes to run sideline to sideline.

By the way, one thing that has made me hopeful the Dolphins might actually pick Dez Bryant if he's available at No. 12 is that Gil Brandt, the former Cowboys personnel guy and a Parcells friend, said during a chat he thinks the Dolphins might pick a WR.

That is HUGE because it means Parcells has not ruled out the idea in talks with his friends.

And, yes, Parcells actually is quite open about his draft thoughts when he talks with those old-timers.

Think it's dumb to announce your draft needs but at the same time the Dolphins could be a little more fan/media friendly. I mean, how's the double secret probation/seige mentality working out anyway?

Armando, Parcells has used high picks on a TE several times. He used a 1st on Anthony Becht, and 2nds on Jason Witten and Anthony Fasano. Gresham with a 2nd? Maybe not with the knee injury though.

Here's a name you should keep in mind:

Trindon Holliday of LSU. He's going to run under 4.3 at the combine and cause a stir.


I would like to see the fins pick a NT in the first 2 rounds. Why wouldnt they give up a 3rd for Boldin? He is a proven WR with game breaking talent that defenses have to prepare for. Also, why wouldnt they commit to JT? The guy is solid still and plays injured and is a fantastic leader in the locker room. Now that Joey Porter is gone it makes sense to resign him.

Armando, Trindon is supposed to run the fastest time but can't play WR and is only about 5'5 155 lbs.

MANDO read this and comment plz.


We'll have to agree to disagree. I see no point in picking an offensive player that will ride the bench because our defense can't get off the field. The fact that the draft is rich in defense makes it even more important to get as many quality defensive players as possible.

"Pay the Man HIS Money!"???? he didnt earn that money playing for the Miami Dolphins! i understand nothing comes cheap and one must pay for everything in life, but why should the Miami Dolphins have to pay the man HIS money?? i mean its not my money, but Mia sholdnt pull the armored truck for Dansby

Welcome Mark!

I guess I should have clarified. Dolphins will not use a pick as high as No. 12 on a TE. Parcells never done anything like that, isn't happening this time.

I would think the close to the vest approach would help at the draft as well in certain situations. Say a team has the 38th and 43rd pick while the Dolphins have the 39th pick. Well if the Dolphins have already stated they need FS help (lets assume the other team also needs a FS). Now they know the phins are probably going to take the best FS left on the board, the FS that is also available to them. And they know the teams from 40 to 42 wont be taking one, so now instead of taking a luxury pick and waiting on their guy until 43 they feel they need to grab him before the phins do thus screwing our pick. Yes the phins do over think these things but sometimes it can be for the better. I would rather have them be super cautious just in case because not knowing what their exact plans are is not hurting me any and if there's even a slim chance playing it close to the vest can help the team I believe you take the chance. Meaning the positives outweigh the negatives in my opinion.

With this rumor with the Lions....

Any chance Miami FO might include Vernon Carey and DTRB -- Miami gets Calvin and say a 2rd or 3rd pick??

Any thoughts

let me say this, trade ronnie for calvin right now. look we give a first and a forth for johnson, we pay Dansby we get a ILB which could have been McClain in the draft. we trade will allen for a 3rd or 4th pick we recoup both picks get a stud receiver and Ricky has one more year in him. We draft a RB in the second round, J best maybe. you give heene C Johnson and they're both probowl bound. make it happen.

Mark, Holliday will run under 4.3 and cause a stir.

I didn't say he'd shoot up everyone's board to No. 1.

Honestly, I would love to see Dez Bryant fall to #12, but at this point it seems very unlikely. I hope, that he runs a little slow ot help us out with that one!

How come nobody is giving some love for Earl Thomas at 12. Alot have him ahead of Eric Berry who is a top 5 talent.

once again, IMO... SMITH cant not be compared to PEYTON MANNING!!!! Manning's "bust" (no pun intended) is already being constructed for the Hall, PERIOD!

You're right Mando. Gresham might have been worth consideration at 12 if he didn't get injured but that ship has sailed, unfortunately for the kid. Skill wise, he's exactly what they need though. he stretches the field.

At TE, I hear a lot of good things about Ed Dickson (6'4 244lbs, Oregon) as a top receiver.

'Mando, I admire your enthusiasm, but I just don't know how anyone can get excited for the combine. It's the most over-blown, over-hyped, boring event on the NFL calendar. And I'm the biggest football fan on earth and I'm saying that. But again, thanks for your commitment to us and keeping us informed.

Dandolfan, the Dolphins aren't committing to JT because they don't have to. He wants to play here. They know that.

They also know they have a chance to add talent at OLB in the draft. And they must do that because they have to get younger there. JT is a fallback right now for them.

I think the guy is still a good player and used correctly can disrupt an offense. But he will turn 36 in Sept.

At some point, you have to make other plans. And the Dolphins are at that point, I believe.

Here's what I would ask Ireland: Are you serious enough about improving the offense that you'll draft Dez Bryant if he falls to 12? Or trade down to draft Jermaine Gresham if Bryant doesn't fall?

Robert, Dan Williams is supposed to be a mid-first pick. No one has him rated as high as No. 12.

Why do you think he's worthy of No. 12?

Posted by: Armando Salguero

I'm agree with Robert, in the average i think he is at No. 15, not too far, a good NT will improve the performance of the LB in stopping the run, so we can mitigate the risk in select a rookie LB that cannot produce right away or better select a LB that can cover. In particular with Williams he had a low gravity center, very strong legs, not fast but he can occupy two blockers. when he arrives, he can get outside Solai from his comfort zone.

OJ Atogwe has yet to be franchised or tender do Fins make a play if he hits FA

PhinsFan54- as a football fan, NFL showing the combine is awesome... football, 24/7!

would you trade a 3rd for Boldin if you were the Phins? At this point, I think it's time to quit messing around and go with the sure thing at WR. Enough projects. QUIT WITH THE BS, AND GET A PROVEN #1WR ASAP!!

I don't understand why people are still saying we need an ilb when we already have stop gaps in place but are VERY thin at OLB. Porter's gone and JT may be gone too. That leaves us with Anderson,Wake, and Moses. Anderson is a decent backup, Moses is a mystery, and Wake probably needs one more season before he can become a true starter. That certainly scares me and I think the best course of action would be to sign a FA olb AND use your first or second round pick on another olb

You're right, despite looking nothing like a football player, someone will spend a 6th or 7th pick on him just to play special teams based on that 40 time. he really didn't do much at his time at LSU.

I really wasn't challenging you on Holliday but I wanted to stop the draft Holliday to be a reciever talk before it started I guess.

Datajack, obviously you want defense. That's a fair desire because Miami's defense regressed bigtime in 2009. But they WILL address the offense, too.

I personally think Miami has soooo many holes that they can pick on either side of the ball and still help the team greatly.

JEFF IRELAND PRESS CONFERENCE GETTING STARTED RIGHT NOW. I'll tell you what he says as it happens.

is Tuna behind the curtain pushing the buttons??? lol

Also,I gotta say, the release of Gibril Wilson and Akin Ayodele and the signing of Antrel Rolle and Karlos Dansby will really make our defense pretty darn tough.

And of course, Wake taking over for the over the hill Porter will do wonders as well. Wake has a natural talent for getting to that QB.

NFL Network reports Jets will cut Thomas Jones if he does not accept a pay cut & the Colt will not Franchise Gary Brakett

NYS, the duct tape solution that is Akin Ayodele is coming apart. It got so bad that average TEs were beating us down the field and he was part of that problem. Also, the run defense really suffers when Crowder isn't there. You're right, we do need to find at least one OLB out there (that's if we figure we can play Wake more or re-sign JT), but we also need one ILB just as much.

AZ Phinatic, I'd be more comfortable giving up a fourth rounder for Boldin. Miami's third is in the top third of the round #9.

The fourth-rounder is #12 in that round. That's high in the rounds.

One more thing: I hope everyone is aware Boldin is a possession WR. A great possession WR, but a possession WR nonetheless.

I love him, though.

Robert, you're taking work from my fellow New Jerseyan, NJ...lol thanks for the info!

Ireland says one Dolphins goal is to make Cam Wake a full-time player.
"Cam is getting ready," but still has work to do, he said.

Agreed with you on Boldin Mando. If Randy Moss could only fetch a 4th, then that is what Boldin is worth. Especially when you consider how valuable picks are this year because of the dearth in free agency.

Cmon mando, spiller graham kindle or mcclain. Rank em in order of preference at 12 so we have you on record all year long if they bust out lol.


What do you think the fins will do at NT. I think this is the most important position on the defense and when Ferg went down our defense went down with it. With all of the top free agents being franchised I dont see many options out there.

Darlington reports Ireland says Jason Ferguson "is doing very well in his rehab," and should be ready by the start of the season.

Of course, that doesn't mean he'll be able to take part in offseason conditioning, which is important for him.

Mark, add in his tendency to get hurt... although, dude is a tough football player(Boldin)

Ireland says Porter's constant ripping of the Dolphins had "nothing" to do with his first and upcoming release.

It was about performance or lack of it.

JerseyPhins - I agree there is no comparison, but I am intending to compare the way players are compared in todays game versus just ten years ago. Taking Smith OUT of the equation, if Manning was drafted this yaer and threw 58 INT's his first year he would be getting the BUST card by many national media outlets. Look at Rex Grossman and his turnover problem. I'm not comparing Peyton to Rex, just comparing the way we judge layers these days versus 10 years ago. Players must produce in their first 2 seasons at most now days or they get considered a bust...

Spiller was not a full time Rb in college. He is explosive, but a little injury prone. He only gets 12-15 touches a game in college, what makes you think he can handle more in the pros? Spiller is the definition of a luxury pick and the Dolphins are not in the position to make a luxury pick in the first round.

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