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Combine opens and that calls for a live blog

The NFL Scouting Combine begins today in Indianapolis and the Dolphins will kick it off by making general manager Jeff Ireland available to the media sometime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

I am not in Indianapolis (been there, done that) but will be monitoring the action throughout the day on this blog. I will be here throughout the day to interact with you, to tell you of the latest happenings, to answer questions, to basically blog live for hours on end.

I cannot wait!

I will provide you with the most up-to-the-minute news and analysis delivered through the vast worldwide resources of The Miami Herald -- beat writer Jeff Darlington is in Indy covering the event and I have a television, a computer and a fully charged iPhone. Brain overload!

There will be other features on here throughout the six-day Combine as well that I will tell you about at the appropriate time.

So what's my point? Be here throughout the day for the event. It's a great way to pass the day away at work.

Now, I would warn you that the Combine is a time when approximately 400 team personnel people, 400 media, 300 athletes and 200 or so agents come together in the same place. Not surprisingly, rumors fly.

Some of the rumors are worth repeating -- for example Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweeted Wednesday evening that word on the street is the Dolphins will "pay" Karlos Dansby.

Of course, that doesn't preclude other teams from wanting to "pay" Dansby, too. So I would not say it's 100 percent the Dolphins are going to land the Arizona inside linebacker when free agency begins March 5. I would tell you they have studied Dansby and like Dansby a lot.

But that's a looong way from absolutely resolving to sign the guy no matter the price. Miami is not going to do that. So be wary.

Another rumor yesterday that I only repeat so that I can mock it is this one saying the Dolphins and Lions have a trade brewing that will send running back Ronnie Brown, a first-round pick and perhaps a third round pick to Detroit for wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

And now that I told you what the rumor is, I tell you there is no truth to it. The Lions are indeed looking to trade, but mostly it is to trade down in the draft. The Dolphins are willing to trade just about anyone on the roster, including Brown, but him, the first pick, and a third pick is a ransom for anyone not named Manning or Rivers or Brady or Brees.

I'm just relaying rumor to you as an example of how anyone without sources or attribution can simply piece a paragraph together (poorly) and pass it off as reporting.

Anyway, if you can't get to the blog throughout the day, you can follow me on twitter, as I'll be sending out messages there as well. Yes, you can get the tweets to your phone.

I'll be here starting around 10ish.   


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Ireland says Will Allen's arrest is "something we're not happy about," but the Dolphins will let the process play out.

Damn he's not saying anything newsy right now!


Interesting about the BUM Porter. It had something to do with it and I think that is a lie. Yeah, he was going to probably get cut, but his ripping put a triple layer of icing on the cake. The front office shouldn't be able to disagree with that, but to say it had "nothing" to do with it is absurd IMO...

"Ireland says Porter's constant ripping of the Dolphins had "nothing" to do with his first and upcoming release."

It only had nothing to do with it because it had already been decided.

Carlito - Ronnie wasn't a full time guy either

First dodge of the talk:

Ireland says QB depth chart is a question for Tony Sparano.

Come on! Chad Henne is the starter today! Say it!

your quick today Jon...lol, I think that is exactly what Ireland was saying LOL...duh


Ronnie Brown was much more of a contributor that Spiller, also they are 2 completely different types of backs. Comparing them are like apples and oranges

Armando - Do they ever say anything "newsy"?? NO!! It is not going to happen. Do you think they are going to come out and publicly say we are trading this guy, trading for this guy, cutting this player, going after this player?? That will not happen with this front office...

Finally some news:

Ireland says he expect Gibril Wilson to be back. Expects him to be better.

It should not happen with any front office unless they are a bunch or morons...of course he does not think they will divulge that information....just hoping for some small hits for slips ups.


Indiana- i know what u mean, the media, pressure...its either fire the coach, or cut the player. however, Manning came into the league, all be it cause his daddy, but came in with the rep of being a BIG time QB at sometime. Smith?? not the case. between 49ers needs back then or what ever they saw in him got them to take him but anyways, thats neither here or there... i'll take Henne over Smith, how you like them apples lol

I guess that ends the A. Rolle or Earl Thomas speculation.

NOOOOOOO Gibril is "expected" back which means we can "expect" more bad pass coverage and missed tackles

Gibril might be the SS of the future. How can we really expect Yeremiah to keep going beyond this year at this level.

this is one case where i would have said that no news is good news. the only news we get out of the leprechuan is bad, that girbil will be returning.



PLEASE TELL ME HE IS LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff Ireland has broken my spirit. With his statements on the evil gerbil. I hope that he is a deceitful, dirty, no good, lying s.o.b.

Understatement of the century:

Ireland says he wants to see more production from the WR position.

So Carlito, tell us how you feel about Gibril returning?

I am thinking with the hiring of Nolan they think they can get more out of Wilson and want to see how he plays in Nolans system

EXPECTS to be back... he didnt say for sure...lol just a wishful thinking


Ireland says he's talked to Pennington about being a backup but likes the QBs Miami has. Will continue to discuss the issue with those involved.

Yes, I guess you could classify Boldin as a "possession" wr, because he doesnt stretch the field. But he is a true #1 nonetheless. He is a GREAT run after the catch reciever, who knows how to get to the End Zone, and he is also a big red zone target with great hands and ball skills. Perfect for what we need if you ask me. Also, the reason Moss only got a 4th rounder is because he had a ton of baggage, and had a terrible year in Oakland.

carlito - Agree with Spiller and Ronnie comparison. 2 different styles

To defend Wilson - 1 year in new place may of been a little difficult to get adjusted as well as new position. I know he is somewhat of a veteran and should not of played as bad as he did. Mike Nolan took former Dolpins and turned that Denver defense into greatness, so maybe they are thinking Nolan can improve Wilson. Benefit of the doubt, give him chance at 2nd year.

Gosh I hated typing that...

Armando... does that mean you'll get your pom poms out...lol

People remember, G Wilson is a good Strong Safety and that is where he could be slated as a backup. I think the money on him is already spent. Armando, what does his cap hits look like in 2011 & 2012 if he is stll on the team?

I will get back to answering your questions and talking to you guys, but I'm monitoring the Ireland thing and cannot do two things at once.

Not smart enough, as you all know.

To me, Gibril coming back means that they are going to try to pass the role over to Clemons or a draftee rather than sign an expensive free agent.

Im tired of seeing ronnie brown caught from behind. What did Parcells say to him "if u ever break a big run Ill fall over"

Mando---your thoughts on the Welcome Back, Gerbril pap from Ireland.

I figure it's a what else would we expect him to say thing, not an "endorsement" of the quality of his play.

I don't think you're trying hard enough Mando!!!

No no no. I usually root for anyone in a Dolphins uniform, but when it comes to Gibril Wilson I am not willing to budge! This guy is absolute garbage cannot cover, can barely tackle, made the rookie cb's look terrible by his own mistake several times. There is no hope if he is starting at FS in 2010. Teams will simply beat us over the top or let Gibril ride their tight ends to the touchdown while he is trying to make a tackle.

Casey Hampton got a contract (three-year, $21.3 million contract) and the tag is being used on Jeff Reed...

the dolphins simply cannot afford to let half-way decent players go, with free-agency as weak as it is, an uncapped year and limited draft picks. not wise for them to create additional potholes, before filling in the cracks that already exist. a little pavement is better to ride on than none at all, and maybe it was more defensive scheme than players


I disagree buddy. We have needs on offense, but we have HOLES on defense. Who do we have at OLB? Wake, who's never started and who else? We have Ferguson at NT as the only good player, who may or may not be back. We have Wilson at safety, nuff said. We don't have those type of holes on offense. We need to address these holes. Selecting offensive players with the first 2 picks would be a mistake IMO. Now if they want to pick a WR or TE with the 3rd pick, or trade that pick for Boldin then go for it. But the first 2 picks must go defense.

If I ever saw Gibril Wilson in public I would fart in his general direction

Maybe they plan on using Wilson as a backup to Bell and/or Clemons? Would everyone be disappointed that he is a backup and would give us some depth? Not sure how much his play would be different at SS vs. FS either? Either way we can't control what happens to him, so we will just have to deal with it...

Maco , thanks for the good word and thanks for getting me.

everybody relax, what do you want Ireland to do? come right out and say "yep were cutting gerbil?"

i'm sure ireland expects anybody under contract to be back....

PHINS 54 or stop the madness , you're such a simpleton thst it isn't funny. LOL !!!

Well the truth is, once they fill the FS spot, Wilson or Bell can fit into the SS spot. Let them fight it out. So he can be answering that question from that point of view. I would not have asked him about Wilson directly. I would have asked about the Free Safety position instead.

"I am thinking with the hiring of Nolan they think they can get more out of Wilson and want to see how he plays in Nolans system"

dhammer raises a good Q.

Anyone know if Nolan's 3-4 scheme makes different use of the safeties? We've heard about the DL the LB roles being modified to an extent, but I've never heard about the secondary.

but will they be is their decision!!!!!


Mando, Gronkowski was injured last season but was very productive the year before... He caught alot of balls for over 1,000 yards... He is a big target but we are not sure how he recovered from the injury... He wasn't really fast to begin with and then he had the knee injury... He should be there in the third but I think he is more of a 4th or 5th rounder. I would look at the Pitta kid from BYU who is a similar talent who actually played last season with the same production in the 3rd or 4th before him...

I think and have always thought that you guys are too tough on Wilson. I betcha you wouldn't be as critical if he didn't sign a big contract last year. I think you need to put a lot of the blame on the fact that Crowder and Ayodele DID NOT do their jobs last year and our run defence really suffered when Ferguson went down. I'm not saying Wilson played well last year, I'm just saying he's not nearly as bad as you guys make him out to be. He was brought in last year and you guys expected him to be the saviour. We go from 11-5 to 7-9 and he becomes the whipping boy for everything that went wrong with the Phins. I'll say it again we're not as bad of a tean as our record indicated and Wilson is not as bad as you guys think. Nolan will help the D this year and with a few good additions I expect us to be back in the playoffs again. Have a little faith guys.....

Geez I usually side with the team but on this one I'm stumped. Gibril fraking Wilson,are you kidding me?! The only thing I hpe is happening is that Ireland said that because they know there's a FS out there that they want and do not want to drive up the asking price by throwing themselves in the mix too early. Anything else is unnacceptable. If he stays he damn well better listen and learn from Nolan. My God the guy can't even tackle properly.

Angry Fin Fan,

"yep were cutting gerbil?"

Yes, thats exactly what I want Ireland to say. If he actually called him Gerbil I would laugh so hard!

More Ireland:

In talking about Wake, stressed that he must improve his run defense.

Not sure ifif farting in the direction of a Gerbil is a good idea, just sayin...

Mando , that guy that was going to give out info and have a q & a about the combine on the nfl network was me. :) I even put a smile face at the end of the post to indicate it was all in fun . Yet You throw the bait with some simpletons and they take hook line and sinker. Un _ believable . Anyway , alot people to get nfl network and find my info very helpful. i will continue to so for my fellow fin fans.

sparano had gibril playing out of position. he is a strong safety and could alternate with y.bell at SS. we need a free safety bad. could will allen play that position????


Armando said you were some guy off the street! Lol!

Carlito, i have gone on record saying I am for G Wilson staying on the team, providing veteran depth. I know I am in the vast majority, but he is SS who was playing completely out of position. A ballhawk FS allows both Y Bell and G Wilson to do what they do best. Wilson played out of position. Depth is far more important than most people realize.

F! Wilson

Ireland said he's happy with the progress of Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.

So am I! But they have to get better still.


He is getting paid a heck of alot of money to be a backup SS

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