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Combine opens and that calls for a live blog

The NFL Scouting Combine begins today in Indianapolis and the Dolphins will kick it off by making general manager Jeff Ireland available to the media sometime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

I am not in Indianapolis (been there, done that) but will be monitoring the action throughout the day on this blog. I will be here throughout the day to interact with you, to tell you of the latest happenings, to answer questions, to basically blog live for hours on end.

I cannot wait!

I will provide you with the most up-to-the-minute news and analysis delivered through the vast worldwide resources of The Miami Herald -- beat writer Jeff Darlington is in Indy covering the event and I have a television, a computer and a fully charged iPhone. Brain overload!

There will be other features on here throughout the six-day Combine as well that I will tell you about at the appropriate time.

So what's my point? Be here throughout the day for the event. It's a great way to pass the day away at work.

Now, I would warn you that the Combine is a time when approximately 400 team personnel people, 400 media, 300 athletes and 200 or so agents come together in the same place. Not surprisingly, rumors fly.

Some of the rumors are worth repeating -- for example Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweeted Wednesday evening that word on the street is the Dolphins will "pay" Karlos Dansby.

Of course, that doesn't preclude other teams from wanting to "pay" Dansby, too. So I would not say it's 100 percent the Dolphins are going to land the Arizona inside linebacker when free agency begins March 5. I would tell you they have studied Dansby and like Dansby a lot.

But that's a looong way from absolutely resolving to sign the guy no matter the price. Miami is not going to do that. So be wary.

Another rumor yesterday that I only repeat so that I can mock it is this one saying the Dolphins and Lions have a trade brewing that will send running back Ronnie Brown, a first-round pick and perhaps a third round pick to Detroit for wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

And now that I told you what the rumor is, I tell you there is no truth to it. The Lions are indeed looking to trade, but mostly it is to trade down in the draft. The Dolphins are willing to trade just about anyone on the roster, including Brown, but him, the first pick, and a third pick is a ransom for anyone not named Manning or Rivers or Brady or Brees.

I'm just relaying rumor to you as an example of how anyone without sources or attribution can simply piece a paragraph together (poorly) and pass it off as reporting.

Anyway, if you can't get to the blog throughout the day, you can follow me on twitter, as I'll be sending out messages there as well. Yes, you can get the tweets to your phone.

I'll be here starting around 10ish.   


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I would agrre about people being too hard on Wilson if I hadn't watched the way he tackled,,umm make that COULDN'T tackle anyone and even watched him being carried on the back of a WR FOR 10 yards which was sad. I understand that some of the other stuff was situational breakdowns that had to do with lack of pass rush and or the ILBs letting their guys get open causing Wilson to cover up for those mistakes. But two things stood out to me. The absolute horrible angles he took when trying to tackle beyond the line of scrimmage and his seeming inability to read and react to certain offensive schemes leaving our CBs with no over the top help. These two things leave me very concerned.


You make a good point about GW and YB, except you forgot to factor in their salaries. You don't keep either one of those two as a backup with their current salaries.

I know this has nothing to do with the 2010 team, but will Ireland confirm if Zach will get his one day contract soon?

Asked about the pressure the organization feels in YEar 3, Ireland admitted "It's increasing ..."

Armando do you think WIlson comes back or is Ireland trying not to ruin his trade value, if hehas any.

I am working on getting the exact quote from Ireland on the Wilson issue. Darlington tells me the question was asked poorly so stand by.

(learned that stand by thing at ESPN.)

Gerbil is going to be flat out released! Ireland is just not showing his hand....C'mon people!!!

You heard from me first: If the Phins sign or draft another QB it's because they want to trade Pat White.

Now who could use Pat White you ask?

The Raiders. Think about it.

The Raiders could put Louis Murphy, Darius Heyward-Bey, Darren McFadden, another receiver/tight end and Pat White on the filed at the same time running the spread option offense. That would be the fastest offense in the league, they would put up a lot offense and sell a lot of tickets.
And after all isn't that why the game is played.
(Pat would also do very well in Minnesota and Arizona)

coach P is gone and thank god we hired mike nolan!!! he will put gibril in position to succeed. gibril is not a free safety!

Ireland said the team feels "good" about Patrick Turner's development.


"We like the player very much," Ireland said about Turner.

What I would like to know is how much money we would be under the 2009 cap if we were to release:

Porter, Ferguson, Taylor, Pennington, Wilson, and either Crowder head and Ayodele....

Probably enough to sign: Dansby, A. Rolle!!

Mando, what did Miles Austin do his first yr? Not saying he's going to be as good, but give him the opportunity!!

It's pretty obvious that Ireland isn't going to disclose anything. Take whatever he says with a grain of salt. He's a disciple of Parcells and was hired by Parcells to keep his mouth shut. If he was any other way he wouldn't have the job. If your expecting something eart-shattering from Ireland your kidding yourself!!!

Sounds to me like that Ireland is beating around the bush.

I'm still LMFAO @ Phins54. What a simpleton !!!!! MY GOD!!!


What you have to remember is that Wilson wouldn't have had to make a lof of those tackles if Crowder and Ayodele had played better. Everyone on here raves about Rolle. Have you looked at his numbers and his game.....tackling is pretty weak!!

So now you work with the NFL Network NJ and doing a Q & A with them huh??

I really hope they are just saying that they're planning to keep Gibril for trade value. That dude has got to go.

I knew wilson would be back. Miami has enough holes to fill.

NJ - You work with NFL Network?


legarrette blount RB

ed dickson TE

micah johnson ILB

everson griffen DE

Damian williams WR

Aurelius benn WR

Rob Gronkowski TE

Nate Allen S

Brandon Lang DE



Wilson's tackling looked pretty weak on that play with Shockey....

Mando , that guy that was going to give out info and have a q & a about the combine on the nfl network was me.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 25, 2010 at 12:08 PM

You work with NFL Network huh? I'm not playing the "gotcha" game (whatever that is supposed to mean) like you say I do, but just a question out of cusriosity..??

According to Foxsports.com Ireland committed to Henne as the "starting QB now and in the future". Not that there was any question but it is official apparently

Datajack - So did his attemot to tackle Dallas Clark on the first play of the game against the Colts...

What a loser NJ PHIN sad soooo sad!!!

We need to dump crowder, total bum. ilb is our top priority.

Guys , the running of the 40's and the actual drill won't happen until saturday. It will run saturday thru tuesday. what's happening now are the player interviews , measurements and the wonderlic tests. The good stuff stats saturday.

Chad Henne returned manliness to the QB position in Miami.


I'm sure theres a few more examples we can come up with.

I hear a lot of Wilson's a SS not a FS or he's playing out of position. Well, maybe but he's still D secondary and that means covering receivers and making tackles. Besides, he had a whole season to learn the job and improve.

Yes td in the house . another fan.



Yep, there were a few ints that literally bounced of Gerbils hands

I've put up the full quote on Gibril Wilson on a new post.

Go there now please as the live blog will continue there. I'll see you there to discuss today.

TD leave NJ alone, he is working hard in lining up interviews and grading the wonderlic tests.

You out there NJ or just want to ignore my question??

Carlito, I said veteran depth. He could, though I highly doubt it, potentially be the starter at SS. Remember, it's an uncapped year. Why cut off your nose to spite your face?

I like results so as long as Tony Sprano says nothing yet develops a winning formula, that's fine w/me.

NJ Phin flam;

Most of us can read and we can also hear for ourselves.

If they like Turner so much why didn't he play those last few gmes that meant nothing... THe last game of season was BS there wasa 0.01% chance of getting in playoffs... I mean come on! they shoulda played CLemons and Turner more plain and simple


What games didn't matter last year? Didn't the Dolphins have a chance to make the playoff's even up to the last game? There are reasons why not every player plays his first season, one of those reason could be that the Dolphins already had receivers that they were counting on...but I can say that IF a receiver went down, that Turner would have played.


Detroit is too late on that deal proposal, Dave wannstedt is no longer here


ILB ....... DANSBY, FA
WR ........ MARSHALL, WR . trade 2nd round pick
OLB ....... NORWOOD, 4th round
TE ........ J.GRAHAM ... 6TH round

I think we need two new receivers Dez and Boldin would work with a sprinkle of Hartline, Camerillo and Davon. If we cant score we cant win.

I think the Fins steal Dez if he is there at #12.. The team realizes the impact this guy brings. To bad they would have to trade up to get him. Henne cant improve much without some weapons and the boys know it.

Why dont the Fins Sign Chris Chambers to help out the passing game ? He is better than the guys we have and woulnt have to give away much.. When we line up some real weapons at receiver teams will get stomped when they stack the box. And when they dont we will run there as#es over.

We need balance on both sides of the ball no doubt. It seems like teams with great offenses win with average defenses And teams with Great defenses have a harder time making up for average offenses to win games. I guess its because they dont score many points. Wouldnt we be better off getting the weapons to take our offense to the next level now ? Then plug the holes in the defense in FA and the late rounds off the draft ?????????????????????

If Anyone wanted to trade for white to sell tickets would be the jaguars cause no one goes to their games

Crowder= total joke for an NFL starting LB.. rather have Zack then this bum..

We can afford to get rid of the dead weight like Crowder and Wilson, Akyn because even if we replace them with no name players theres a good chance those players will have more upside than these Bums have.

Karlos Dansby is the key to what Miami will do early in this draft. I believe very strongly that Miami will make the hardest push at him then they have for any other Free Agent player in the past... certainly for this coaching staff. If they land him, I am undecided about what I think they may do. Their history is to double down on a position. So, if they land Dansby, I could still see them grab a top Linebacker in this draft. Perhaps two... Instantly making this team much better then it was last year. I believe the poor Linebacker play had much to do with Wilson's bad year... I personally believe Miami will keep him (Wilson). The deal was just too strong... they believe in the guy.
I would not mind seeing Miami take Dez at #12 But would rather see them give up the #3 & #5 for Boldin. Then take another receiver in the 4th. We'll see... I am sick with the #12 talk... I am interested to see what Miami does with the real players they pick down the line... that is where the talent is found and found at much less contract cash. First rounders by mere association are a disappointment. They never seem to ascend to their fans expectations. And, I believe the same will be true of this one. Even if he does as well as say Brown... he still will have that over expectation on him... That is why a player like Hartline is my sort of favorite player.

Calvin Johnson? Is he the player from Ga Tech with all that size and speed? Has he produced anything and how are his numbers? Ronnie, along with a first and a third. That's pretty expensive. But, would it be worth it? Especially since we have many other needs.

I hope that we sign Dansby, too!

Been there, done that?
Are you kidding?
You are cutting corners, Armando.

Why are the Dolphins not trying to pick up LT who was recently cut from the chargers. With Brown and LT in the backfield, we could run the wildcat offense all day long.

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