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Combine Sunday: The day of the wide receiver

Today is wide receiver day at the Indianapolis Combine. They are running, jumping, and doing the gauntlet and other drills.

And because we love wide receivers and the Dolphins need wide receivers, Chris Cordero is on the job with the pass-catchers. Here are his thoughts and updates:

The skinny:

With Dez Bryant and Demaryious Thomas, my top 2 receivers, out of the work, here are four guys to keep an eye on: Arrelious Benn of Illinois; Brandon LaFell of LSU; Carlton Mitchell of South Florida; and Mike Williams of Syracuse.

Look for their explosiveness out of the gate in the 40-yard dash as well as in the broad jump; and keep an eye on their vertical jump as well. In the guantlet see if the player snags the ball away from their body, and 
lastly, watch them in their routes whether they are decisive in their cuts and don't waste any motion. Don't worry so much if they aren't around the ball so much in these drills as the QBs arent exactly on the same 

Some other guys to keep an eye on that are a little smaller: Mardy Gilyard, Taylor Price, Andre Roberts, Jordan Shipley, Damian Williams (I like this guy), and of course Golden Tate.

Bigger guys that need good workouts include: Dezmon Briscoe, Shay Hodge, Verran Tucker, Seyi Ajirotutu, Eric Decker, Riley Cooper, Nyan Boateng, Blair White, David Gettis, Alric Arnett, Chris Bell, Stephen Williams, Marcus Easley, and Danario Alexander.

Dorrin Dickerson - who ran a 4.4 at almost 230 pounds - seems built more like a WR; don't be surprised if that is what he is drafted at as since he is built similar to some of the top WRs here.

The work:

Clemson's Jacoby Ford just ran a 4.28 - at 5-8 he is small and doesn't have the best hands but could be a terror in the return game if Ted Ginn is on the outs. The time is the second-fastest time for a player (behind Chris Johnson of the Titans) at the combine and fastest for a WR.

Arrelious "Rejus" Benn ran a sub 4.5 (4.48 unofficially). I had him in the 1st round before if his time holds up and he performs well in the other drills. There is almost no chance he slips to the Dolphins in the 2nd round. He had a couple of mishaps on the gauntlet - could hurt; but let's see how he runs routes.

His routes are not looking so good - good thing he ran a decent 40.

Brandon LaFell ran a 4.6, which is not a very good time. That could keep him out of the 1st round and for all intents and purposes moves him late 2nd. Could be good value in 3rd if he falls that far.

South Florida's WR Carlton Mitchell, after measuring in shorter than expected and now running a 4.6 - he seems to be holding steady in the 4th-5th round range. However he was a playmaker in college and at that range he is worth a look.

Mitchell later improved his time to 4.49 - much better and probably moves him up a round 3rd-4th area.

Notre Dame's Golden Tate ran a 4.36. So much for him slipping to the second round.

Mike Williams from Syracuse ran sub 4.5 - a good time for a big receiver. However his character issues keep him in the 3rd round area.

Taylor Price out of Ohio looked pretty good in the guantlet after running a 4.3 so he could be solidly in the 3rd round range now.


Mardy Gilyard also had a rough today -not running as fast as he would have liked and dropping a few in the guantlet. I wouldn't take him before the 3rd round due to his inconsistency and slight build.

Damian Williams of USC had a few drops and ran in the 4.5 range. I still feel he presents good value in the 2nd round due to his returning abilities.

Price officially ran a 4.41. Tate's official time is a 4.42. 

The breakdown:

I was impressed with WR Donald Jones of Youngstown St.'s athleticism. He was a late addition to the Senior Bowl and looked impressive in the one practice I saw him in. Could be a late round (5-6) steal.

Andre Roberts of the Citadel continues to impress me. I felt he was the best WR at the Senior Bowl and he looks like a great slot receiver with some explosiveness. He would also help in the return game. However, the Dolphins have similar players already. Expect him off the board 3rd to 4th round.

Dezmon Briscoe of Kansas also showed well. He wasn't as fast as expected but showed solid hands in the drills. He's another guy I see going in the 3rd round.

Mike Williams had a decent showing for someone who had been out of football for most of the last year. I do not know the situation in Syracuse but I worry about someone who quit on their team (Ricky 
Williams being an exception since he has proven to be a player at the highest level). I wouldn't take him before the 4th.

Marcus Easley of Conneticut showed a good time and explosiveness for a big man. However, he really only played one year at UConn. Could be worth a look in the 6th round range.

Riley Cooper of Florida ran surprisingly well for a big man and continued to show strong consistent hands. I don't see him as a #1 receiver, but his size is an asset. Expect him off the board in the 3rd round.

Shay Hodge out of Ole Miss was a player I liked at the Senior Bowl before he got injured. He posted a time in the 4.5 range and was very productive in a tough conference. He could be a solid value in the 
4th-5th round.

Some of the other receivers, such as David Gettis, Nyan Boateng, Blair White, Seyi Ajirotutu, Alric Arnett, Stephen Williams and Chris Bell (both showed good speed), were unremarkable and I give them all 
late day 3 grades - although Williams at 6-4 with good speed and very good production could climb into round 4. Chris Bell of Norfolk State could be a late round, small school sleeper.

Remember the process:

The Combine is mainly to see what type of athlete the players are. Charley Casserly mentioned that 90% 
of the scouting work is done before this point. The teams look as much or more into the interviews than the workouts - as the workouts are used to verify the scouts and execs' thoughts on the players. The game 
film is what matters.

I thought that Jimmy Graham had moved into the 2nd round with his workouts - I already had him in the 3rd. Carlton Mitchell's low 40 kept him in the 4-5 round range the faster time moved him into the 3rd-4th range. No player should make any drastic moves (more than a round) up and down the draft board here (unless it's the Oakland Raiders because the love speed so much). Don't be suprised to see them take 
Bruce Campbell, the OT from Maryland who tore it up yesterday. Most teams, however, have Campbell as a later 1st rounder.


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Gerhart with a 4.53 40, Montario Hardesty having a good day too....

Looks like Jahvid Best is moving up the board...


LMFAO !!!!! ROB , who's the man about Mitchell ???? What did i say ???

GUYS , USA VS CANADA AT 3 pm . I'm out to watch the game .

Benn is NOT a first rounder . He's a 2nd .

Chris . Of the 40 catches Mitchell had . 8 were for over 50 yds are more. So you're right he is a playmaker. He also missed 2 games and played with a redshirt qb after the starting qb went out with a injury. OK , I'm out !!!

I think LaFell 4.6 won't matter much. His size and YAC is great He's my choice for 2nd rd if Dez Bryant isnt there at 12. I like Mike Iupati for the 1st rd Sean Lee or Jimmy Graham in 3rd

Every time I hear the name Carlton, the only thing I see is the short guy from Fresh Prince of Belair doing his goofy dance to Tom Jones. This is a red flag ;)

If Thomas falls to us in the second we have to pull the trigger

Sign Dansby move him to the outside...

1 Rolando McClain

2 Demaryious Thomas

3 Cam Thomas

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

If we signed dansby why the hell would we move him to the outside, he almost had as many tackles as both our linebackers combined.


LMAO (That feels weird to type, lol)

You guy measured shorter than he was advertised to be at 6' 2 7/8 and ALSO ran a 4.6(wth?) and a 4.42? Nice consistancy... U DA MAN about him Bro!! U da man! =)

I see Armando's own posting a 4rth to 5th round range only to change it to a 3-4 round area just between the 2 forty splits!!!! WOW, that's more volotility than I have stated.



Good moring everyone.sleepless last night.But thankful everything is ok.Anything new with the dolphins?

carlito on fiya!!! You crack me up dude.

cj spiller times


I dig your draft if we switch McClain for B Graham. Fins can probably get and extra 2nd or 3rd if we can pull off the ever popular yet challenging...trade back/flop picks in the 1st.


CJ SPILLER!!!! Crusing to back to back lighting runs!!! Nice.

Bootang...where you at on our friendly wager bro?

You still got hulking, ballhawk of a safety vs my dwarf of a runner in Spiller right?


LOL!!!!! Everyone going nutz over WR and TE. Rounds 1-2 LB and NT MUST HAVES!!!

I can't believe they went away from the 40's to talk to Tebow!!!!

What was McCluster's second 40 time???? anyone???


Good point on Dansby.

I think if they managed to get Dansby in the fold he would line up at both spots for confusion's sake. That could disguise Nolan's blitz packages. I hope he ends up playing more ILB as then they won't have to go after McClain in the draft. He won't be the standout some picture him as....imho.


Rob in oc , VALIDITY ??? Really !! LMFAO !!!you didn't even now who carlton mitchell was before i mentioned him to you and i said he would go round 3-4 EVEN BEFORE THE COMBINE !!! Who's the man ?????? Don't cry. cheers !!! :_


I've never bashed Spiller. I have said he is a guy you can use in a myriad of ways. He presents matchup nightmares. I just like the way E Thomas fits into our secondary. If you took the 3 starters we have, and punched into a CPU what you wanted for the other starter, E Thomas would be the type of guy it would print out. I am not for offense early on, our defense needs major work. My top 5 before tomorrow

1 Dan Williams
2 Earl Thomas
3 Brandon Graham
4 Rolando McClain
5 Sean Weatherspoon

'My post @3:10 should read:

"You got the hulking, ballhawk of a safety E. Thomas vs my dwarf or a running back in Spiller"

Sorry, was so giddy at the Spiller 40 times my fingers couldn't type right.



You just keep saying "Who's the man?" and all I am asking is for you to pull out ANY post you did before today stating ANYTHING about Carlton in round 4?

You have the typepad thing...it should be easy for you if you have said it before??

No source that I can find says Carlton round 3 besides YOU and Chris Cardero. I thought it was pretty wild to bump him up to a 3-4 rd choice when he had just finished giving him a 4-5 round grade just for running a 4.42 vs his original ugly 4.6?

There is no crying in football! lol


McCluster ran a 4.55. He's more quick than fast.


I hear your points of view Bootang. E. Thomas fits what you would like as a missing piece type of player.

The only thing is (and I am not saying he can't get this done) when the teams run to his side, he will be forced into tackling guys like Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, LeRon McClain etc. I would like to see him do it first before I signed off on him at Safety.

Alas, I cannot as we can only do it by drafting him. Time will tell.

Great list you have! Mine goes like this right now...

1 Brandon Graham
2 CJ Spiller
3 Dan Williams
4 Sean Weatherspoon
5 Mike Iupati

GT WR D. Thomas would sneak in at 5 if he wasn't hurt.


He ran a 4.55 on his first one, but he stumbled and lost some time... he should have gone faster on his 2nd one...

There have been several posts by me, on several blogs on the hearald with conversations i've with marcus about mitchell in the 3rd or 4rth. I don 't have the time to waste to go back and find them . MARCUS will back me up. Just face it , i knew about carltom and you didn't. I said 3rd or 4th many time including days ago long before the combine. It's no big deal . just admit i was right about him and don't cry and spin . cheers :)

By the way. WHO'S THE MAN ????

Ther eare plenty sources NFL beside me and chris that say 3rd or 4rth. cbsdraft and nfldraftscout just to name a few. DAMN !! canada 1-0 .


Agreed on McCluster. In the right round he would make sense but it would have to be 3-4 round area to me.

Spiller has now proven to be much faster and heavier by a ways. That is why if they landed Spiller I would not be upset in the least. I think his value would be represented in the total touches you could get him per game.

With packages specifically for him you could feasably get him 20-25 touches per game between RB, WR, KR, PR, WILDCAT and trick plays.

Knowing he is a threat to go all the way every time he gets the ball in his hands would be rewarded with more TD's and less work for Carpenter on OFF.


1 -0 canada and i'm getting yelled at . I'm out.



I am really suprised anyone offers any takes or feebly tries to throw any ideas out? They should just come here to the Mother Ship and suckle from one of your many ultimate knowledge nipples...

...I'll be the first... slurp,slurp... wow, I am enlightened! (har,chuckle,har)

Go eat before you fall over!! I hope it's Miracle on Ice II vs Canada.


According to PFT Arizona is going to aatempt to resign Rolle as soon as they dump him on March 5th

In the Interview, Spiller is going to kill it. I've heard a few radio interviews w/ the guy, and he is very very impressive. Much more so then listening to Dez Bryant struggle to finish Questions. We have a gaggle of good backs, which ones will be traded, or cut if Spiller is our selection?

Here's a number worth something....cody's weight 354.

Darryl D,

My 1st thought would be cut / trade Cobbs. I am not sure how he is coming along from his injury and I know Sparano like him so who knows?

I think Ronnie could possibly be traded for the right but I would put that in a small percentage. I think Ricky ONLY has value as a Fin due to him stating he will retire after this year.

Polite will definitely stay at FB. The fact that Lex Hilliard can play Back-up FB and is on ST seems to allow him to stay.

By default I would say Cobbs as they would be going after the same touches essentially.

Of course many would simply argue that all those guy means we have a full house so no need to add a Spiller. NONE are close to the "chunk" yardage type player Spiller would be with his speed. Aslo with Ronnie always getting nicked, Ricky on his way out. Bringing in a back that could play would be huge.

San Diego letting go of L.T. and allowing Sproles to go to FA means they would need an RB badly. Maybe they would trade up and the Fins would get more choices?



Cody's weight is dropping but he should have it back up to 362lbs by tomorrow. =)

On a more serious note I think he may convince some team to go very late 1st or somewhere in the 2nd.

He is just a really huge guy at a very hard to find position NT. 4 out of 6 transition tags were placed on NT's in FA this year. More teams going to 3-4... he will get chosen probably earlier than most big fat guys.


None of this means much.

Can they play football? put on the taped games.
Please get me passed this overrated stuff.


What guys do you like that you have seen play live, on TV or from game footage?

Do you have any mock drafts or selections in rds 1 or 2 you would go for?


I am gonna go take a break. Thanks for all the Fin chats!

Cheers NJ PHIN, Bootang, carlito and any I forgot to mention.

if we could get dansby would be great plus draft mcclain move crowder to outside and sign JT to one year and him and wake switch in and out we would have a very solid LB core Dansby can teach mcclain


Rob in OC
I know San diego is interested in Spiller, I think they pick 28th in the 1st,& 45th in the 2nd the Phins draft 43rd.It makes sense to me to swap picks in the first, then maybe have some trade leverage with a team w/ a wr, or take Graham at 28

I think Benn has the tightest behind!!! Thoughts?

no way Darryl terrible suggestion i wouldnt trade that low but if mcclain is not there at 12 then F it push for that trade i would even try to make san diego add in a extra pick for the later rounds and wit that1st round pic get olb from missouri weatherspoon

that kind of trade gets done draft day if spiller falls which he wont but i definetly be interested in a trade down for more picks in the 2nd and 3rd

forget boldin. it will cost a 3rd round selection and he'll want a large long contract at 30! instead take mike williams from S.U. in the 4th round. i have watched most of his games at syracuse and he is the real deal! better than all of our present receivers!!!

greg mike williams not going to get icked by us to much off field problems but hopefully he slips and we get him really late plus i wouldnt mind getting rb blount from oregon in way late round take a shot

Mando is there anything you can find out about Brandon Long? The kid blew up almost every event at the combine, yet no one is talking about him, and i can find no info on the internet about him? Is he just a work out warrior, or does he have some underrated athleticism? I'm prone to think the first, but I really don't know anything about him.

Oh and Linval Joseph weighed in at 328lbs. Depending on how he works out tomorrow, he's starting to look real good in my mind. Not that that counts for much.

Everybody wants to be Mel Kiper

Who's brandon long . Do you mean Brandon Lang DE from troy ?? How can he blow up every event at the combine when the defense hasn't done any of the drills yet ?? They go tommorrow.

we have a really strict coach at S.U. who suspended williams for the last 3 games. no one really knows why because coach wont give reasons. hopefully mike williams learned from it. as a receiver he's definitely better than anyone we got.

honestly Benn might be a good pickup at 12 if Bryant goes early he may even be better plus the chemistry with vontae Davis
Watch this if you haven't seen


2 to 2

USA USA USA!!!!!!!

GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL !!!! USA USA USA !!! greetings from outback. Gotta go , the place is going crazy !!!!!!

Ok for the LAST TIME, 5 of the top 10 teams are attempting to trade down, the chance of the Dolphins trading down is barely on the map...it's ridiculous that all u people keep saying "trade down" come out of ur fantasy world and realize the chance of trading down is probaly not there

u are such a bser
youre on the sun sent . all this time wanna be
real pathetic looser

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