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Combine Sunday: The day of the wide receiver

Today is wide receiver day at the Indianapolis Combine. They are running, jumping, and doing the gauntlet and other drills.

And because we love wide receivers and the Dolphins need wide receivers, Chris Cordero is on the job with the pass-catchers. Here are his thoughts and updates:

The skinny:

With Dez Bryant and Demaryious Thomas, my top 2 receivers, out of the work, here are four guys to keep an eye on: Arrelious Benn of Illinois; Brandon LaFell of LSU; Carlton Mitchell of South Florida; and Mike Williams of Syracuse.

Look for their explosiveness out of the gate in the 40-yard dash as well as in the broad jump; and keep an eye on their vertical jump as well. In the guantlet see if the player snags the ball away from their body, and 
lastly, watch them in their routes whether they are decisive in their cuts and don't waste any motion. Don't worry so much if they aren't around the ball so much in these drills as the QBs arent exactly on the same 

Some other guys to keep an eye on that are a little smaller: Mardy Gilyard, Taylor Price, Andre Roberts, Jordan Shipley, Damian Williams (I like this guy), and of course Golden Tate.

Bigger guys that need good workouts include: Dezmon Briscoe, Shay Hodge, Verran Tucker, Seyi Ajirotutu, Eric Decker, Riley Cooper, Nyan Boateng, Blair White, David Gettis, Alric Arnett, Chris Bell, Stephen Williams, Marcus Easley, and Danario Alexander.

Dorrin Dickerson - who ran a 4.4 at almost 230 pounds - seems built more like a WR; don't be surprised if that is what he is drafted at as since he is built similar to some of the top WRs here.

The work:

Clemson's Jacoby Ford just ran a 4.28 - at 5-8 he is small and doesn't have the best hands but could be a terror in the return game if Ted Ginn is on the outs. The time is the second-fastest time for a player (behind Chris Johnson of the Titans) at the combine and fastest for a WR.

Arrelious "Rejus" Benn ran a sub 4.5 (4.48 unofficially). I had him in the 1st round before if his time holds up and he performs well in the other drills. There is almost no chance he slips to the Dolphins in the 2nd round. He had a couple of mishaps on the gauntlet - could hurt; but let's see how he runs routes.

His routes are not looking so good - good thing he ran a decent 40.

Brandon LaFell ran a 4.6, which is not a very good time. That could keep him out of the 1st round and for all intents and purposes moves him late 2nd. Could be good value in 3rd if he falls that far.

South Florida's WR Carlton Mitchell, after measuring in shorter than expected and now running a 4.6 - he seems to be holding steady in the 4th-5th round range. However he was a playmaker in college and at that range he is worth a look.

Mitchell later improved his time to 4.49 - much better and probably moves him up a round 3rd-4th area.

Notre Dame's Golden Tate ran a 4.36. So much for him slipping to the second round.

Mike Williams from Syracuse ran sub 4.5 - a good time for a big receiver. However his character issues keep him in the 3rd round area.

Taylor Price out of Ohio looked pretty good in the guantlet after running a 4.3 so he could be solidly in the 3rd round range now.


Mardy Gilyard also had a rough today -not running as fast as he would have liked and dropping a few in the guantlet. I wouldn't take him before the 3rd round due to his inconsistency and slight build.

Damian Williams of USC had a few drops and ran in the 4.5 range. I still feel he presents good value in the 2nd round due to his returning abilities.

Price officially ran a 4.41. Tate's official time is a 4.42. 

The breakdown:

I was impressed with WR Donald Jones of Youngstown St.'s athleticism. He was a late addition to the Senior Bowl and looked impressive in the one practice I saw him in. Could be a late round (5-6) steal.

Andre Roberts of the Citadel continues to impress me. I felt he was the best WR at the Senior Bowl and he looks like a great slot receiver with some explosiveness. He would also help in the return game. However, the Dolphins have similar players already. Expect him off the board 3rd to 4th round.

Dezmon Briscoe of Kansas also showed well. He wasn't as fast as expected but showed solid hands in the drills. He's another guy I see going in the 3rd round.

Mike Williams had a decent showing for someone who had been out of football for most of the last year. I do not know the situation in Syracuse but I worry about someone who quit on their team (Ricky 
Williams being an exception since he has proven to be a player at the highest level). I wouldn't take him before the 4th.

Marcus Easley of Conneticut showed a good time and explosiveness for a big man. However, he really only played one year at UConn. Could be worth a look in the 6th round range.

Riley Cooper of Florida ran surprisingly well for a big man and continued to show strong consistent hands. I don't see him as a #1 receiver, but his size is an asset. Expect him off the board in the 3rd round.

Shay Hodge out of Ole Miss was a player I liked at the Senior Bowl before he got injured. He posted a time in the 4.5 range and was very productive in a tough conference. He could be a solid value in the 
4th-5th round.

Some of the other receivers, such as David Gettis, Nyan Boateng, Blair White, Seyi Ajirotutu, Alric Arnett, Stephen Williams and Chris Bell (both showed good speed), were unremarkable and I give them all 
late day 3 grades - although Williams at 6-4 with good speed and very good production could climb into round 4. Chris Bell of Norfolk State could be a late round, small school sleeper.

Remember the process:

The Combine is mainly to see what type of athlete the players are. Charley Casserly mentioned that 90% 
of the scouting work is done before this point. The teams look as much or more into the interviews than the workouts - as the workouts are used to verify the scouts and execs' thoughts on the players. The game 
film is what matters.

I thought that Jimmy Graham had moved into the 2nd round with his workouts - I already had him in the 3rd. Carlton Mitchell's low 40 kept him in the 4-5 round range the faster time moved him into the 3rd-4th range. No player should make any drastic moves (more than a round) up and down the draft board here (unless it's the Oakland Raiders because the love speed so much). Don't be suprised to see them take 
Bruce Campbell, the OT from Maryland who tore it up yesterday. Most teams, however, have Campbell as a later 1st rounder.


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Beerphins, u watch the combines today?? Benn was atrocious, lots of reports are dropping him out of the first with his performance, he certainly isn't worth a 12

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Congrats Canadian Phin fans :)

What a game. Great comeback and nice finish. Go Canada but great game USA too

What a game....

We beat the U.S.A.The GOLD BELONGS TO US.

Round one LB or NT round 2 LB or NT round 3 TE or receiver round 4 TE or receiver forget Dez (My Hammy Hurts) Bryant, Forget Benn Forget Tate.

Congrats to Canada, great game

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I just cooled down. Bad goal given up by miller. He's a great goalie but he's known to give up bad goals at bad times. CONGRATS TO CANADA. AND CONGRATS TO TEAM USA.

I remember Howard Stern's words from the first day his broadcast was heard in Canada: "everyone in Quebec is a s c u m b a g".

Was really thinking Kindle was the man at 12. After watching his interview I came away with fewer IQ points, that kid is dumb as a stump. Graham, however did impress me, but think 12 is too much of a stretch. I guess now I am leaning towards Pierre-Paul, Berry, williams. I'm so confused.

BOBBY12,Great stuff partner.

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Congrats to Canada, great game! You have hockey, but will always be the nerdy little brother to the north ;)

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didnt see them anyone have a link dont have tv still for his size he runs great and breaks tackles.

Tate out of Auburn, Ronnie Brown clone? What round is thhis kid going in?

as far as the comnine goes im really only interested in routes bench press and 40 under 4.5 for him is great

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check out the Samoan Juggernaut Mike Iupati 6'6 330 This guy is a beast he can play any OL position and probably DL he jokes about maybe he should because they make more money but the guy is raw talent immediate starter imo

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Get Boldin - Draft Spiller and get a WR late - Spiller is the real deal! Use 2nd rounder on NT or LB- this draft is deep!

we have lots of holes to fill .... here is a plan to fill a few of them



Trade 1....12 for 1...20 and 2....20


1.... DAN WILLIAMS, NT (Tenn)
2..... BEST, RB (Calif)
2..... HUGHES, OLB (TCU)
3..... JERRY, OG (Ole Miss)
4..... BOLDIN, WR (we might have to include Pat White to make this deal(
6..... ULATOSKI, OT Texas
6......BARNES, WR Bowling Green
6 ..... PITA, TE (BYU)
7 ..... KAFKA, QB (Northwestern)
7 ..... UDOFIA, NT (Standford)

we have lots of holes to fill .... here is a plan to fiPosted by: mike | February 28, 2010 at 07:36 PM

Same thing I said to my girlfriend last nite.... then I filled them all........

How about TEAM CANADA!!....golden again!! Terrific game and the US were their equals for most of the game....if you missed this one guys, you missed one hell of a game!!....


Think we should give Pacman a shot for cheap. He is a trouble maker but he hasnt been caught for screwing up in a while. He could return kicks and help the secondary and make plays...

Roch don, We are loving every second of this.And I'am SMILING at YOU.

Golden Tate looked good today, great hands and speed. The more I look at him the better I feel about him maybe 2nd rd #43.

Blog updated - thanks for the info Cordero good stuff keep it up. I am sure we will end up with one of those mentioned players - hopefully Demaryious Thomas in the 2nd.

Philm, I'am voting for you to get the Coveted "NJ PHIN FAN BUFFOON POST OF THE DAY" I'am sure you'll win with that last post champ... Congratulations....

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I don't see Tate lasting until the 43rd pick, Sean. I think he was a borderline first round pick before today and he may just have clinched it. If he's the guy we want we may have to move back into the first round again or drop down to get him....not that I'm advocating either move.

I really like Pitta.. what are the knocks on him. Any chance he is around i the 3rd or 4th?

Also very impressed with Hardesty out of TN and Ryan Matthews from Fresno St. I watched Hardesty his entire career and he is a team player and runs down hill hard with good hands.

I did not pay much attention to the WR's... which one had the better workouts.

Rolondo McClain had 24 reps in the bench.

Tebow may suprise alot of people in the NFL.

I meant that last post for Philm.Still celebrating.Life Is Good.

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perhaps cuban, but, he seems to be a leader and very likable kid.

Aloha, Everyone.

Howdie from TN

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Which WR impresses you the most?

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ProFootballTalk.com info on receivers...

Tate is one of many receivers to boost stock Sunday
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on February 28, 2010 4:21 PM ET
Well, Golden Tate was right. He ran a 4.42 forty, besting expectations and helping his chances to be the second receiver taken in the NFL Draft.

Tate struggled during one drill (the gauntlet), but finished out his session well. I watched the receiver group with NFLDraftScout's Rob Rang, among others. Tate was one of the wideout Rang felt helped their draft stock Sunday. Some other rising receivers:

1. Mike Williams, Syracuse: "He needed to have a big week, and he did," Rang said. Williams' off-field concerns are serious, but he's a physical beast and made a lot of tough grabs.

2. Carlton Mitchell, South Florida: The 6'2, 215-pound receiver has speed that translates on the field. He ran a 4.49 and looked fluid for his size.

3. Damian Williams, USC: Rang said he was not surprised by Williams' excellent day. He ran in the low 4.5s and showed quick feet on a day where we saw a lot of weak routes. He could sneak into the first round.

4. Taylor Price, Ohio: Cornerback Kyle Wilson said Price was the best receiver he saw at the Senior Bowl. The small school player caught every single pass thrown to him Sunday. He ran a 4.41.

Tnphinfan,for me is the one that runs the fastest.

I have been a Fins fan since the late 70s. I love Marino (like everyone) and will always cherish the productivity of the Marks bros. That said, I am deeply focused on the "high impact receiver" quest. My concern is the talk about Boldin. I know he is productive but I don't see him as the "chunky, game-changer" that we are talking about. As far as I'm concerned, the only WR that seems to be available and to have that significant upside is the Dez man. Would love to hear your thoughts....

P.S. Armando, my post was directed to you. You have a great feel for this team and I would like to hear your thoughts. Also, given that WR is the most important off-season development, I am looking forward to your increased coverage of this area for the Fins. We can get all the linemen, DBs we want...if we go another year without a major playmaker we will be screwed. TG is a nice gimmick player, the Fins are a real NFL team.

Rob in OC;

I don't know what Cody's weight will be tomorrow...but my best guess is once he gets with a team...they will make sure he stay's at a playing weight that they deem to be his beat weight. All I know is when he played for Alabama...no runner acquired 100 yds against them. Again my best guess is the Dolphins won't select him early...so one has to look at later picks...just a guess on my part, Art Jones and Al Woods fits what Parcells wants in a NT. So it seems somewhere between the 3rd and 6th round is where they will find their guy.


I hate to say it but I believe you are wronf when you say there's no chance that the Dolphins could trade down. You claim that 5 of the top 10 teams want to trade down...Hmmm..so whats new? Teams that have picks in the front of the draft always want to trade down...but it's rare because other teams don't want to pay the crazy money that come along with those picks...now the 12th pick comes alot cheaper...so the Dolphins are in a perfect place aren't they? No one knows what is going to happen when the draft starts..strange things happen all the time...at least two to three quality players will be there at 12...it all depend's what teams want and how bad they want it.

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