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Combine Sunday: The day of the wide receiver

Today is wide receiver day at the Indianapolis Combine. They are running, jumping, and doing the gauntlet and other drills.

And because we love wide receivers and the Dolphins need wide receivers, Chris Cordero is on the job with the pass-catchers. Here are his thoughts and updates:

The skinny:

With Dez Bryant and Demaryious Thomas, my top 2 receivers, out of the work, here are four guys to keep an eye on: Arrelious Benn of Illinois; Brandon LaFell of LSU; Carlton Mitchell of South Florida; and Mike Williams of Syracuse.

Look for their explosiveness out of the gate in the 40-yard dash as well as in the broad jump; and keep an eye on their vertical jump as well. In the guantlet see if the player snags the ball away from their body, and 
lastly, watch them in their routes whether they are decisive in their cuts and don't waste any motion. Don't worry so much if they aren't around the ball so much in these drills as the QBs arent exactly on the same 

Some other guys to keep an eye on that are a little smaller: Mardy Gilyard, Taylor Price, Andre Roberts, Jordan Shipley, Damian Williams (I like this guy), and of course Golden Tate.

Bigger guys that need good workouts include: Dezmon Briscoe, Shay Hodge, Verran Tucker, Seyi Ajirotutu, Eric Decker, Riley Cooper, Nyan Boateng, Blair White, David Gettis, Alric Arnett, Chris Bell, Stephen Williams, Marcus Easley, and Danario Alexander.

Dorrin Dickerson - who ran a 4.4 at almost 230 pounds - seems built more like a WR; don't be surprised if that is what he is drafted at as since he is built similar to some of the top WRs here.

The work:

Clemson's Jacoby Ford just ran a 4.28 - at 5-8 he is small and doesn't have the best hands but could be a terror in the return game if Ted Ginn is on the outs. The time is the second-fastest time for a player (behind Chris Johnson of the Titans) at the combine and fastest for a WR.

Arrelious "Rejus" Benn ran a sub 4.5 (4.48 unofficially). I had him in the 1st round before if his time holds up and he performs well in the other drills. There is almost no chance he slips to the Dolphins in the 2nd round. He had a couple of mishaps on the gauntlet - could hurt; but let's see how he runs routes.

His routes are not looking so good - good thing he ran a decent 40.

Brandon LaFell ran a 4.6, which is not a very good time. That could keep him out of the 1st round and for all intents and purposes moves him late 2nd. Could be good value in 3rd if he falls that far.

South Florida's WR Carlton Mitchell, after measuring in shorter than expected and now running a 4.6 - he seems to be holding steady in the 4th-5th round range. However he was a playmaker in college and at that range he is worth a look.

Mitchell later improved his time to 4.49 - much better and probably moves him up a round 3rd-4th area.

Notre Dame's Golden Tate ran a 4.36. So much for him slipping to the second round.

Mike Williams from Syracuse ran sub 4.5 - a good time for a big receiver. However his character issues keep him in the 3rd round area.

Taylor Price out of Ohio looked pretty good in the guantlet after running a 4.3 so he could be solidly in the 3rd round range now.


Mardy Gilyard also had a rough today -not running as fast as he would have liked and dropping a few in the guantlet. I wouldn't take him before the 3rd round due to his inconsistency and slight build.

Damian Williams of USC had a few drops and ran in the 4.5 range. I still feel he presents good value in the 2nd round due to his returning abilities.

Price officially ran a 4.41. Tate's official time is a 4.42. 

The breakdown:

I was impressed with WR Donald Jones of Youngstown St.'s athleticism. He was a late addition to the Senior Bowl and looked impressive in the one practice I saw him in. Could be a late round (5-6) steal.

Andre Roberts of the Citadel continues to impress me. I felt he was the best WR at the Senior Bowl and he looks like a great slot receiver with some explosiveness. He would also help in the return game. However, the Dolphins have similar players already. Expect him off the board 3rd to 4th round.

Dezmon Briscoe of Kansas also showed well. He wasn't as fast as expected but showed solid hands in the drills. He's another guy I see going in the 3rd round.

Mike Williams had a decent showing for someone who had been out of football for most of the last year. I do not know the situation in Syracuse but I worry about someone who quit on their team (Ricky 
Williams being an exception since he has proven to be a player at the highest level). I wouldn't take him before the 4th.

Marcus Easley of Conneticut showed a good time and explosiveness for a big man. However, he really only played one year at UConn. Could be worth a look in the 6th round range.

Riley Cooper of Florida ran surprisingly well for a big man and continued to show strong consistent hands. I don't see him as a #1 receiver, but his size is an asset. Expect him off the board in the 3rd round.

Shay Hodge out of Ole Miss was a player I liked at the Senior Bowl before he got injured. He posted a time in the 4.5 range and was very productive in a tough conference. He could be a solid value in the 
4th-5th round.

Some of the other receivers, such as David Gettis, Nyan Boateng, Blair White, Seyi Ajirotutu, Alric Arnett, Stephen Williams and Chris Bell (both showed good speed), were unremarkable and I give them all 
late day 3 grades - although Williams at 6-4 with good speed and very good production could climb into round 4. Chris Bell of Norfolk State could be a late round, small school sleeper.

Remember the process:

The Combine is mainly to see what type of athlete the players are. Charley Casserly mentioned that 90% 
of the scouting work is done before this point. The teams look as much or more into the interviews than the workouts - as the workouts are used to verify the scouts and execs' thoughts on the players. The game 
film is what matters.

I thought that Jimmy Graham had moved into the 2nd round with his workouts - I already had him in the 3rd. Carlton Mitchell's low 40 kept him in the 4-5 round range the faster time moved him into the 3rd-4th range. No player should make any drastic moves (more than a round) up and down the draft board here (unless it's the Oakland Raiders because the love speed so much). Don't be suprised to see them take 
Bruce Campbell, the OT from Maryland who tore it up yesterday. Most teams, however, have Campbell as a later 1st rounder.


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its being reported out of the combine that dez bryant has dropped all the way to the fifth round because he was spotted blowing his nose with a napkin instead of a tissue, also tight end jermaine gresham is no longer a first rounder after scouts found an in grown hair on his back. more from the combine ahead

Fishypete, maybe but i dont think it will happen...if ur gonna trade up, u usually do that for an A+ player, dont u agree??? I mean ur giving away a draft pick... who do u think will be at 12 that is that good??? If the Giants want McClain lets say, they are trading up with Jax or Denver, not us...like u say, it could happen, i just think its a low possibility

LMFAO @ bobbyd12. i couldn't have said it better.

about the chickenshyt !!

always interesting here NJ, cant say I dont have fun...well, im going to say goodnight that way Buffon or whoever he is can post his reply while im sleeping, makes him feel like a badaz night

I see my boy Spoon had 34 reps on the bench, pretty nice. And Micah Johnson had 31. Rolando McClain with 24 also. I can't wait for tomorrow. The majority of us want defense a plenty In this draft, and we finally get that tomorrow.

im out.gotta collect from your broad .workin sidewalk now .let her keep 5 % .great ho@r.hard workin.loves her jpb.lLMAO ROFL LMAO......LOL LOL LMAO,....

Also Earl Thomas weighing in at 208. WOW. that's a big deal for him. Need to see how he does in drills Tuesday, if he compromised speed or lateral agility at all.

Where is Rob in OC??

Also, B Graham had 31 reps too. Man is it Monday at the combine yet, I wanna see these LBs and D Line already lol.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Questions surrounding the Dolphins draft day war room.

I'm trying to get a feeling of what the atmosphere will be like in the war room.

Will it be like any of these senario's ?

1 - The Three Stooges..Parcells/Moe Howard, Irland/Larry Fine, Sporano/Curly Howard...special appearence by Nolan/Schemp Howard....I can see it now, Irland says draft CJ Spiller and Parcells says come-mere you and pokes him in the eye.

2 - The Marx Brothers..Parcells/Groucho, Irland/Harpo(Harpo doesn't speak), Sporano/Chico

3 - Oliver and Hardy...Parcells/Oliver Hardy, Irland/Stan Laurel

Anywhoo just trying to imagine what its gonna be like.

Soiled :)

bobbyd12. right on que !!!

Speaking of Ted Ginn.....any idea what Ireland and Co. think of him going forward?

Canadian Gold medal in Hockey could be tainted.

I couldn't swore I saw one of the Canadians putting on the Foil....aye.

Soiled :)

Boontang . i told you thomas was only 20 years old and had room to grow . I said he would put in 10 pounds frpm 197 to about 207 like sanders and polamalu. B graham said he was going to do close to 40 reps.

Soiled . Once again. Funny stuff.


a good call on Thomas. I was saying more from the frame standpoint, I wasconcerned with his ability to add the bulk. Obviously he did this. He is what this process is about. He takes it seriously. He knows what the knock on him is, and has taken measures to fix that. BEFORE he got the check. Unlike Dez "I Wont" Bryant.

As for Graham, I had not read or heard that his goal was 40 reps, so I don't really have a comment on that.

The next 2 days are the days I have been looking forward to.

Im amped for tommorow mourningBecause the 1st pick we have will be a Line-backer----

LET ME GET this out of the way NOW-----Armando isnt bill parcellz so jump off that Brandon Ghram bandwagon----Parcelss will never draft a linebacker with size measurables of short arms and small hands----and this kid isnt an thlete like jerry hughes so stop the madness already---

1. I luv mayock as much as anyone else but i think every1 needs to settle down and jump off a lil--- i think mayock is off a lil this year ---i think he has overatted graham b/c of a nice shown against takcles in a senior bowl week that werent impressive---even if i was a better believer in him he still doesnt fit a parcells type outside linebacker.

2. Stop calling him lamar-woodley---they arent comparable because woodley huge asset is his massive reach---which is primarily graham problem----(get over that they went to same school)
3. If you wanted a smaller pass rusher everyone should be screaming for everson griffen---because that is an impressive athlete with great size even though he doesnt fit the parcells mold.---

At the end of the day i think we target adalius thomas and dansby in free agency!!!!

Do your HW Thomas will get cut after march 5---and we will have to fight to sign him over the jets.

I think the first round battle is between Mcclain--and Pierre-paul---i would luv either one---mcclain is safer bet and he gives you versatilty to move around inside and outside---im thinkn in a Mike nolan defense which disquisin blitzes is key --dansby, Adalius, and Mcclain could be used at any postion in a 3-4 with thier elite size and mind for game.

HOWEVER-----Pierre-paul---has that potential in my mind to be the next great 1 off the edge---considering all his skills and only playing 1 year of football in Big east----

NT----i luv cody but unless someones trys to sign ronnie brown we wont have that late 1st ronf pick to get him---im ok we signing a vet that will be cut and havn faith in Soali---

Safety---i like two guys because im thinking midround prospects----1 is workn out at combine on tuesday-------MYron Lewis---sick reach 34-inch arms 6"2 205 has experience playing corner at vanderbilt for 4 years---has made plays with 10 picks---could run a 4.4---i luv this kid-----and Robert johnson From utah wait for his pro day he played with sean smith at utah at a high level---another long 6"2 ball hawk with good speed and range----

Other 1st round dark horses---

Brandon spikes measured in with a longer reach and bigger hands then mcclain---it was close but that shocked me because i thought physically no-one would of been longer then mcclain---they are both 6"3 250-255.....if spikes looks more flduid in drills than mcclain---it all comes down to a 40 time---and im the first person to hate to say that about any postion especally MLB---but spikes lead a top 5 defense just like mcclain and he was the heart of it and spikes played in a 4-3 which is suited best to his strengths--mcclain i feel has better tape because he was in a more natural system 3-4------If spikes really impressess at the combine athletically im all for him---he has those bloodlines---with takeo---

2. Kindle---like the kid if we were talkn 2nd round i think mayock has created false hype to every1 with him---he isnt as fliud an athlete as jerry hughes or everson griffen when you compare thier burst and abilty to change direction, and bend around corners---he gives you flexibilty in a 3-4 but i dont think he is a nautural pass rusher or inside linebacker---

WR impressions---

Im thinkn 2-4th round prospects---

Favorites----I really like Riley cooper in the 3rd---big guy with huge hands--10 inches---good speed, and route running and i think he is an ascending talent---

Would of loved to see demarius thomas but i worry he cant run routes and might be too heavy---now he has injuries on top of that buyer beware---

Im all bout Golden tate but he will be gone in 1st---he lookes like steve smith 2.0

Wasnt impressed with benn workout or lafell---but wouldnt mind thier selection in the second ---i worry about lafell with catching consdering his 8inch hands---


I think this is an easier postioin to locate---

i think Anthony mccoy in the 4th is great value because he can already block inline and has reciving upside.

Graham from Miami---i like alot but a 2nd round pick u will need to use--and he is very raw---in all assets---but his talent is impressive

BYU TE looked like a player to me --Pitta---a little on the small side thoogh if your going to grab a TE in the second i think the only choice is Gronkowski from arizona huge guy who can catch and run routes lookes liek a parcells fit----personally i think him or mccoy will be a dolphin because they want guy who can block also and have weight to them---i heard at senior bowl they marveled over MCcoy blocking inline---check the senior bowl he was matched on the edge with Alulu from Cal---multpile times and stopped him in his tracks---impressive

NJ, you taunted me on anything Canadian earlier this year, but look at our relatively small country of 30 mill people. Most gold ever in an Olympics.


McClain only 24 reps? I'm only 6 ft 200 lbs and I can give him a run for his money there. Pathetic.

Mondo What do you think the chances are of regime trying to move Ronnie Brown. I love Ronnie don't get me wrong always loved the guy but he could be injury prone why not move him now while his trade value is high, I hear speculation of a Brown Marshall deal I also heard maybe Calvin Johnson ideal but I'm thinking not likely Mondo, anybody thoughts?


Give up on the War and Peace posts... I've tried it and it just doesn't fly in here... Period.

I can tell you've had a few too many gallons of Haterade!

Unfortunately we are going to be diametrically opposed to each other come draft day. The main guy you happen to be hating on would make an outstanding Fin. His name is Brandon Graham! Brandon Graham. Brandon Graham... get use to his name as if he happens to get drafted by anyone in the AFC East you will hear his name a ton as he pressures, sacks or hurries our QB Henne. It won't be pretty.

Calling out the short arms argument is the same type of argument that was said of Barry Sanders...too small, Jerry Rice...too slow, Sam Mills...way too small, Steve Largent...too slow, Chris Johnson...too small, Mike Singletary...too short, London Fletcher...short arms and too short, Finally, Zack Thomas...too small AND to slow AND short arms!

You get the theme... You won't convince me that the guy that LEAD THE NATION in tackles for loss, from a big school (Michigan), that collected 20.5 sacks last 2 years and sets the edge superbly forcing plays to the inside can't play... He CAN and WILL, short arms and all.


McClain in one word SOFT with the kids size and speed he should be a thumper very risky pick at twelve I'm with Mondo prayin for Brandon Graham in a phins uniform

New Blog is up!!

Rob in OC---im always up for a debate

All the guys you named were a great list of players that have nothing to do with brandon graham because none of those guys have to pass rush against huge left and right tackles that most teams have----if Graham wasnt a olb---i wouldnt have a problem---safety ---middlelinebacker--wr ---i love golden tate---its all situational based on thier postition----

Now lets take this a step foward---if you want to compare him to small olbs in a 4-3 or 3-4 there is one glaring difference---first off---dumerville, freeney, mathis---although short do not have the combination of an awful reach and small hands-----

iLL GIVE YOU THAT HIS STATS ARE IMPRESSIVE, but i think his game doesnt translate when he is seeing legit left tackles every sunday---Also when you look at him you have to label his potential as limited because of his maxed out build and inferior athletic abilty i would be shocked if he even ran a 40----the guy is already 270lbs---and is 6"1----pierre-paul is 260 with so much room to bulk up in the upperbody---

But the real issue is graham isnt a special athlete ---his athleticism doesnt compare to griffen or hughes....either---he is a hand technique/motor guy---that people had rated correctly as a 3rd pick but b/c he went against gaurd and right tackle prospects who were playing left tackle in the senior bowl his stock jumped----ALA Robert ayers---

And finally if all that infostill doesnt crack the mancrush you have on him just know it doesnt matter b/c parcells will never draft a phisically small olb---EVER

Look at his giant teams--and look at the cowboys now----Mike nolan---who did he draft at olb----Manny lawson wit a 1st----(Pierre-paul build)---do your hw--know ur front office---and stay away from mancrushes---that goes 4 u to Mando---KID UR BETTA THAN THAT

Donald Jones = next Pierre Garcon

Here are three wide receivers that might have Ireland's attention IMO.

1. Stephen Williams
2. Blair White
3. Carlton Mitchell

The Dolphins NEED to find a way to get TJ FORD!!
That guy will be a pla maker in the NFL

New kind of football,dont take LB on the 1 round please...DL,DE,WR,RB,Dam Williams,Cody on defense,we need offense,LB are not that importam,this is a new football,NO,GB,Indianapolis,Vikins,is an offense football.

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