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Connecting dots on Parcells, Payton, Brees ...

Good column by Randy Galloway of the of the Forth Worth Star-Telegram today in connecting the dots between Bill Parcells, Sean Payton, Drew Brees, and even Wade Phillips.

Payton this week talked to Parcells on a couple of occasions and then showed him respect in the media by talking of his learning process under Parcells when he served as the Big Tuna's offensive coordinator from 2003-2005.

"[Parcells] knows how to win, and I learned an awful lot in a short period of time, three years," Payton said. "...When you think about that opportunity for a young guy to work with a Hall of Fame coach, it's invaluable."

You should recall that Parcells rescued Payton's career in 2003. Payton had lost his play-calling duties with the Giants in 2002 and was hired by Parcells in Dallas the following season. Payton helped Parcells turn the thing around, so to speak, in Dallas, something that Galloway points out Wade Phillips doesn't really appreciate.

Sure enough, last week during Pro Bowl week Phillips said he had a better record in three seasons as the Cowboys coach as Parcells had in four years as the Cowboys coach. (BLOG ASIDE: Next year or the one after when Phillips gets fired, don't expect Parcells to hire him.)

The statistic is true but it forgets the fact Parcells left Phillips a roster stocked with Pro Bowl talent. When Parcells arrived in Dallas, the Cowboys had suffered through consecutive 5-11 seasons.

That raises this possibility: The Dolphins might continue to improve for years after Parcells leaves the organization because that's exactly how it happened in Dallas. His talent continued to improve and mature and, voila, turn in better results.

Anyway, the column recounts how Payton turned down the Oakland Raiders when they wanted to hire him as head coach in 2005. Parcells helped convince Payton to stay and also helped convince Jerry Jones to give Payton a raise.

And this I did not know: According to Galloway, Parcells was mildly interested in Drew Brees when he became available as an unrestricted free agent in 2006, but ultimately decided against chasing the quarterback. The reason? Parcells didn't like the risk of signing a quarterback with an injured shoulder.

The same reason the Dolphins, under Nick Saban, didn't sign Brees.


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Parcells didn't take a shot at Brees because of a shoulder injury...he played the odds and Brees beat the odds, it could have just as easily gone the other way and Brees coulda got injured...it would be nice to c into the future but no one can..Parcells has consistently built winners and hopefully will here in Miami too, all that matters at the end

Armando, doing a live blog from the game tommorrow????

phinsfan from birth73 is also stop the madness.

It's surprising to see Phillips say something like that. I don't think he's a very good coach but I have always thought he was a classy guy.

Get a clue Phillips!! How much of that roster did you assemble? You're living off Parcells' team just like Switzer won a Super Bowl off of Johnson's team.

Ok Parcells passed on Brees...however I'll bet he never even considered Culpepper.

I give Saban credit...he knew he was a poor evaluator of NFL talent so he quit...if only Weenerstead had learned that lesson in Chicago.

Never thought that Phillips was a good HC. Matter of fact, I have wondered how Cowboys were having any success under him. Now he runs his mouth to show he doesn't have any class either.

One good thing though, whenever I start doubting Sparano, all I have to do is look at a HC like Phillips.

everybody got that injured shoulder thing wrong.

Parcells signed Pennington, who'd already had 3 surgeries on his throwing shoulder without even making him pass a physical.

I call him Wanstench. The man who told Marino to go and retire.

That means Parcells was wrong on the shoulder decision twice: Brees and Pennington

I thought Wade would not be so catty. You're down a few pegs for comparing win percentages on a stacked team vs a rebuilding team Wade.

Defying long odds and crazy injuries is rare but it does happen...Rocky Blier, Drew Brees, Kicker Jack Dempsey and numerous other wonderful stories. That is why nobody should be counting out Chad Pennington. He won't start in Miami but, he may be able to come back to back-up status.

By now Penny is probably very good at gauging how much rehab his body can take, he has won comeback player of the year...twice and he seems like a flip the switch guy. Once he gets his mind made up he wants to do something no amount of negative talk or self doubt gets in his way.

I bet he's angling for close to a full recovery so he can shop himself around as a potential starter. Some articles have mentioned AZ as a possibility with no Kurt Warner and Linehart a question mark still. I am sure even he could wrangle some good cake outta the notoriously tight Bidwell's if he can display enough arm strength. With that group of receivers you only have to be close to the WR. The categories of accuracy and timing have always been Pennington strong suits.

For the Fins sake, I hope he ends up closing things out with Miami as either way he should be nearing the end of his playing career rope. I think he would make an excellent transition into QB coaching as he has passion for the game and is a cerebral player.

Pricemaster . Penny had 2 surgeries and was brought in ONLY to be a 1 or 2 year stopgap for henne and not the saviour. Now go back to bed JACKA$$!! You keep coming on here and making yourself look like a FOOL.

And how exactly was Parcells wrong on Penne, Price? Dude was second in the MVP tally in 2008. I think that's pretty good. Granted he wasn't good this year, but had Penne not been here in 2008, Henne might've been thrown into fire too early and his young career could have been over before it started.

Good points Ricky. Penne also helped miami in one of the biggest turn - arounds in NFL history. Penny also brought in a divisional title. Pricemaster is IDIOT who complains and whines about the dolphins all the time. He's a miserable old man who embarrasses himself with his lack of football or dolphins knowledge. He's a jacka$$ !!!

where is NJ


I'd like to know where you found out that Pennington was exempt from a Physical. I mean, I have no idea whether he was or not...(and if there's some public record out there then I apologize.) ...But I don't recall anyone reporting that he didn't take a Physical, and I doubt that you or any 'FAN' on this blog has access to information like that.

Also please try and remember that the team had John Beck at the time...so Parcells was very familiar with the type of Leader he was signing.
On top of that, Pennington has the mind and skill-sets of a coach.

I think the move was a decent 'Bet' on an upgrade.

chad p great back up if it happenes

happens .
you out there bebe?

This is exactly why you morons can't make any money.

Rob in OC:

I agree. Pennington might not be a Hall of Fame QB, but he's a Winner...if by nothing more than his attitude, preparation and intellect. He might not have elite arm strength, but the Dolphins are better off with him than without him.
A team should surround themselves with as many ' people ' like that as they can.

Pennington started 16 games for us. Every one you complained after every game what a noodle arm he was.
Pennington was such a horrible passer that we had to resort to the BACKDOOR wildcat offense.

No one can be faulted for shying away from shoulder injuries in quarterbacks. Medical technology is moving as fast as all other technology. I've had a ruptured disk for 40 years. Back then, people were left paralyzed after surgery. Today, it's done and people are back to normal in 3 months. God bless progress.
Wade Phillips is a puppet, which is why Parcells left. It wasn't just T.O. That was just the finality of it. As for Phillips winning with Parcells' players, Bill always leaves teams in better shape than they were before he was hired.
Armando, I have a question for you. Do you have a record of the hirings and firings of Parcells, the coaches he replaced, and the coaches that replaced him? I can't remember
Parcells being fired is why I ask. He has mentored more than Payton by the way. Didn't Bellicek (another protoge) inherit his New England team?

Chad Pennington could be the starter next year. Don't ever doubt him. He has an off and then an on year. This is his on year. And he didn't play bad last year, just average but we played 3 top tier teams.
Wade Phillips...whaz he talkin. Beeeeaaaatch, didn't he lose to Buffalo in the playoffs after leading 38-3 in the first half. That is some coach. He inherited the Cowboys. He has pro bowl players because of Parcells. What a total dork.

The one area Pennington would be missed is in his preparation standpoint. Remember Henne said a few times during the season, he would come in on Monday and pennington would already have a detailed breakdown of the next opponent. You know how nice it had to have been to watch film with Pennington. I believe he has a chance to start, but it has to be elsewhere. We have heard the term 'progress stopper' and I think unfortunately he would fall under that category. The media and fans would be calling him to be the starter the first bad pass Henne threw or after a bad game. You are telling me if Favre retires, pennington wouldn't be a legit fill in. Or in St Louis? Or possibly Arizona? He will be a good addition for some team. We have a good backup with Thigpen, and a project in White. The money to sign Pennington can be better used elsewhere. And I end this with saying that he is one of my fav Dolphins ever. Good luck Chad in the future.

The statement about Parcells not wanting Brees when he was injured makes me think we aren't going after Boldin with much effort because he gets infected with the injury bug quite often...

My only hope is that the next guy that wears #19 on the back of his jersey is not Ted(Feet of clay)Ginn.......

Ginn doesn't have feet of clay. Hands of stone? Yes, that and tackleitis.

Parcells did not "miss" on bringing Pennington back last year...

This guy was runner up for league MVP, comeback player of the year, unquestioned leader of the team, and brought the Dolphins from 1-15 to respectability and a division title...

The idiots on this blog never cease to amaze

I've seen Ted(No jock strap required)Ginn fall over his on two feet so many times i'am beginning to wonder if you know... he's "SPECIAL" if you know what I mean...5 Bucks says he had to wear one of those special helmets that "Special" people wear and another 5 bucks says he went to school in one of those Little yellow buses.....

Hey....My wife rode the little yellow bus. That's not funny! lol

Maybe that's why Ginn has tackleitis, too many hits to the "special" helmet.

Nah Perspective, his problems are south of his belt line.....

Pricemaster, Are you Sporticus from San Diego and Verms Hut? Rat Bastidd = FF Second F = fiend

I have to wonder if this regime is going to roll the dice on Ginn for one more year. I personally hope not and think not but NY TEAM THAT REACHES FOR PAT WHITE IN THE 2ND ROUND is capable of just about anything. I think Pat White(bless his soul)
was a huge waste of a #2 round pick even though it was our 2nd second rounder, it don't matter.

Pricemaster is a jackazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!

I'm a sports physical therapist for ten years and I just have to make a comment about the brees decision. As far as I'm concerned it was the idiot medical staff that messed up that situation. Rehab and surgery from a torn labrum is not a big deal these days and hasn't changed since '06. The fact that they had issues with him and went with a guy that had a bad knee injury. That rehab can take much longer to recover from and culprpper also relied on his mobility to be effective. Idiotic decision as far as I'm concerned that changed the fate of two franchises.


Porter blows. Crowder is never in position. JT can at least stop a running play unlike Porter who cannot stop the run to save his life. A 2nd string QB in Buffalo schooled Porter for a 30 yard TD run. Porter blows against the run the only thing he can do is pass rush. His mouth and ego will not allow him to be rotated. This a team sport not a me sport. Porter has to go ALoco.


Aloco is a buttwipe !!

Ready for the superbowl aloco?


Ace and Aloco are buttwipe loverboys. Aloco is also a jackazzzzzzzzzz !

I heard that it was the Dolphins medical staff that decided we would be better off with Culpepper than Brees.I hope those medical geniuses aren't with the team any more.

Hey Isman, the thing that really got me about the decision to get Culpepper was he had three (3) torn ligaments in his knee. There aren't but four in each knee. I'm no doctor but it seemed crazy then and crazy now.


I don't dream about NFL Quaterbacks.......now NFL cheerleaders is a sticky situation.

Damn hard for me to ever get too critical Sparano. Parcells hired him for one, and is keeping him on for two. If Parcells thinks he is a good NFL coach who am I to doubt that assessment.

More like Pennington or Henne? and to be annoying Tyler thigpen

Aloco , can you eat a 48oz porterhouse of jake long's azzzzzzzzz ???

Actually, Sabin Passed on Brees, Not Tuna.

Saban Even

Rick , can you read ????. Parcells also passed on brees while coaching the cowboys when brees was an unrestricted free agent in 2006.

Ummm geniouses a quarter back is nothing without a shoulder to throw so younpick a quaterback with an injured shoulder or injuered knee which one is more effective


The whole Drew Breeze thing could have happened to any club. And did for that matter, Miami was not the only team who passed on Breeze. He was being looked at by no less then 4 teams and they all made the same choice, albeit the wrong one. I also am aware of the fact that all it takes is one tweak in Drew's arm and he is standing Next to Pennington in the back-up QB line. Just because a shoulder injury gets better, does not mean it disappears.

You should make it so people cannot use your name in this blog. An IP address or something. I didn't call you buttwipe lover boys LOL. Someone else did that.

One advantage of IRC Rooms is that you can 'ban' disruptive people by their IP address.

Who gives a crap ?? It's a only a blog. Nobody knows who the hell each other anywany.

Yeah !

Penny @ Ginn to Arizona for Bolden @ a 4th rd pick

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