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Connecting dots on Parcells, Payton, Brees ...

Good column by Randy Galloway of the of the Forth Worth Star-Telegram today in connecting the dots between Bill Parcells, Sean Payton, Drew Brees, and even Wade Phillips.

Payton this week talked to Parcells on a couple of occasions and then showed him respect in the media by talking of his learning process under Parcells when he served as the Big Tuna's offensive coordinator from 2003-2005.

"[Parcells] knows how to win, and I learned an awful lot in a short period of time, three years," Payton said. "...When you think about that opportunity for a young guy to work with a Hall of Fame coach, it's invaluable."

You should recall that Parcells rescued Payton's career in 2003. Payton had lost his play-calling duties with the Giants in 2002 and was hired by Parcells in Dallas the following season. Payton helped Parcells turn the thing around, so to speak, in Dallas, something that Galloway points out Wade Phillips doesn't really appreciate.

Sure enough, last week during Pro Bowl week Phillips said he had a better record in three seasons as the Cowboys coach as Parcells had in four years as the Cowboys coach. (BLOG ASIDE: Next year or the one after when Phillips gets fired, don't expect Parcells to hire him.)

The statistic is true but it forgets the fact Parcells left Phillips a roster stocked with Pro Bowl talent. When Parcells arrived in Dallas, the Cowboys had suffered through consecutive 5-11 seasons.

That raises this possibility: The Dolphins might continue to improve for years after Parcells leaves the organization because that's exactly how it happened in Dallas. His talent continued to improve and mature and, voila, turn in better results.

Anyway, the column recounts how Payton turned down the Oakland Raiders when they wanted to hire him as head coach in 2005. Parcells helped convince Payton to stay and also helped convince Jerry Jones to give Payton a raise.

And this I did not know: According to Galloway, Parcells was mildly interested in Drew Brees when he became available as an unrestricted free agent in 2006, but ultimately decided against chasing the quarterback. The reason? Parcells didn't like the risk of signing a quarterback with an injured shoulder.

The same reason the Dolphins, under Nick Saban, didn't sign Brees.


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So this "Fake Stop The Madness" Garbage that
occupies almost half a page
doesn't annoy you every so often???

I want the Saints to win just to piss off the Viking fans even more.Did you guys know that the Patriots are still a dynasty?


Belicheat did not take over Parcelles's NE team. Parcelles actually hand picked him to be his successor for his then head coaching jobs with the J-E-T-S and i won't say the rest.

Maybe its a goodthing belicheat turned him down because i hate NE, but the thought of the jets being on top of our division for the last decacde would have thrown me in to a suicidal deppression


Don't you guy's ever sleep???




By 3:00pm the scalpers are going to be lucky to get face value for Superbowl Tix...Market is flooded with people who thought they would make a killing

I have to drive past the stadium today on the turnpike... I hope traffic is not too ridiculous...

Closing Turnpike North from Miami 9pm to midnight Carlito

I took 95 to work this morning, traffic was light so far

biggest concern is mlb .need help on d .

Cj spiller... Keep that name in your head come draft day

And they showed James Andrews on ESPN saying 1 out of 100 would have been able come back from Brees injury. Sure he told us the same thing.

Fake 1848 at 2:37 am.

Don't feel so suicidal kris...

There's is at least ONE PERSON, this morning, who is in worse shape than you!

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Cj spiller ..... forget that name .

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My stalker is back! I missed you creepy stalker....whats going on?

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