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Cut troubled Will Allen immediately? [Updated]

Will Allen was arrested early Saturday morning for DUI, according to ProFootballTalk.com. Assuming there isn't another Will Allen roaming South Florida in a Ferrari that is registered to the Dolphins cornerback and the guy in this booking photo isn't just a dead ringer for Allen, this will mark the second incident in which a Dolphins player is arrested this offseason.

Defensive lineman Tony McDaniel was arrested for alleged domestic violence battery on Super Bowl Sunday after an episode with his live-in girlfriend.

[Updated 4:45: The Miami Herald is reporting in this story that Allen had his blood alocohol level tested twice, as per Florida law. He had a level twice the Florida legal limit of .08 on one test and a .152 (just under twice the legal limit) on another test. Allen was booked at 10:14 Saturday morning and held at the Pre-Trial Detention Center. He is still there as of this update.]

And so when I tweeted the news earlier today on my twitter, the reaction I got is that Allen is surely on his way to being cut or terminated by the Dolphins.

My follow-up question to that is, "Why do you think that?"

The fact of the matter is that after Bill Parcells came to Miami and said in his opening and only press conference that he didn't want any "thugs and hoodlums," on the team, the Dolphins have had several players arrested.

And the arrests have never led to those players being immediately cut.

I remind you fullback Reagan Mauia was arrested in 2008 and wasn't immediately cut. He was waived when the team determined his wasn't the best fullback on the roster.

Last year, defensive end Randy Starks was arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer. He was not waived and the issue was later resolved.

Then practice squad cornerback Will Billingsley was arrested in connection with another domestic violence dispute in October. He was not waived immediately. Billingsley remained on the practice squad for several weeks, until the club decided he no longer served a football purpose.

McDaniel, a part-time player who came to Miami from Jacksonville, is still on the roster.

The point?

The Dolphins, under Parcells, do not cut ties with a player based on his legal troubles -- at least not immediately.

Maybe Will Allen eventually outlives his usefulness with the Dolphins based on no longer being a starter and being a player trying to return from a serious knee injury at a position that requires two healthy knees. But will he be cut in the next few hours or days based simply on his recent legal issues?

That hasn't been Miami's history under Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.


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Agreed, this isn't basis for cutting the guy but he will be watched more closely. He better come to camp on top of his game.

Allen might get cut because he can't perform as well as he used and because of money but not because of this. This is 2 arrests od dolphin player already and the of season has just begun. stay tuned,

There is an apparent problem why is the guy drinking and driving at 10:00 am. Don't cut him get him in some AA classes for his alcohol problems.

Wasn't Allen in trouble a few years back for flashing a gun at a guy in a parking lot. The guy was trying to collect gambling debt? Allen is bad news.

Will cutting him immediately push the phins over the salary cap? ha ha ha ha lmao

When are we going to get rid of this deadwood? Football is about being in top shape all of the time. Get drunk on your time...after you retire.

At least he didn't pull a Stallwoth and run over a Miami resident

I don't care if u get drunk in the offseason just don't drive around get some of your buddies to drive. Apparently the guy doesn't have any real friends in his life at all if he's drinking and driving at 10:00 in the morning. There has to be plenty of people that would take him where he needs to go.

Mrwiffle, that is a funny comment!!! Being in top shape all the time??? You can't be in "football" shape all the time just like a bodybuilder can't be in competion shape all the time or any athlete for that matter, they would do more harm then good to their body...

NJ PHIN FAN Is right, performance and money will dictate Allens place on the team. And when you think about it, his salary is pretty high. I had already wondered if he would be able to maintain his speed, considering his injury and age.

Dude, I don't know why people think Will Allen's a problem. So what if he's pulled guns on people due to gambling debt disagreements. So what if the cops pulled him over in his Ferrari for DUI. Haven't we all had times where we've been stopped in our Ferrari? Haven't we all pulled guns on people?... End of sarcasm.

This matter should be taken very serious. Cut or not cut, someone should make sure this guy's head is okay and that his life is not about to tailspin out of control.

Kindle over Graham!

(Graham is very good too but Kindle is better overall)

For all I know, the guy is a good player and is not a dsitraction to the team, so this shouldn't even be a topic.

Now, can we get back to free agency and the draft? Have we resigned JT already?

he sucks anyway just like 85% of this roster blows. carpenter is clearly the best player on this team. long is good henne&hartline are nice players. ricky is getting long on the tooth but still productive. the 2 cb's are ok like always brittle r.brown is ok at best. the rest of this roster seriously blows. no wonder espn and the jets don't respect you guys. tell parcells to draft you guys some real playmkers. i'll say it again this team seriously blows !!!

At least he didn't pull a Stallwoth and run over a Miami resident

Posted by: bobbyd12 | February 20, 2010 at 02:15 PM

B12, I can't believe you just sayid that. Aren't you a cop or something? Don't you understand that the underlying crime is what was intended, but that any additional illegal activity, intended or not, can weigh in your sentencing?

Like, two kids decide to steal a candy bar.. they take off running.. one gets cause by the police.. the other, in his attempt to flee the scene, accidentally pushes some old lady down the stairs and she dies.

Do you think the second kid woke up thinking he was going to kill a grandma? Sure, if he did not steal, he would not have been fleeing the scenes and grandma could have gone home to make Sunday lunch..

Both idiots decided to drive drunk. Same crime. While drunk driving, Stallworth had to contend with a jay walker and was not able to make quick decisions and get out of the way (because he was drunk). But he didn't leave his house with the intent of driving into a crowd and killing people.

Everyone that is driving under the influence is talking a gamble with their lives and the lives of others. I don't think you should applaud this fool because his dice came up lucky.

Any trade value? Coming off surgery/legal problems? If he stays is he long shot to start? He wasn't looking all that impressive before he got hurt. Keep as insurance incase Smith and Davis don't improve on stopping the big play and show more consistancy.

Mando you are wrong about Antonio Bryant and Mike Nolan... Also, nothing is ever mentioned about the fact Bryant through something at Parcells after Parcells hit him with it first...

Then-49ers coach Mike Nolan says he mishandled his receiver and regretted the team’s decision to release him.

“He was the best receiver we had in San Francisco, in the time I was here,” says Nolan, fired by the 49ers in October. “Looking back on it, I actually made a mistake in letting him go. I think I put too much blame on Antonio, as far as his relationship with the quarterback.

“As it turns out, it was not all his doing. I blamed him for more than he should have been blamed for. There’s no question he was making more effort than I was made aware of. I truly regret that.”


Lips, slow down dude..I never advocated drunk driving and always said on here Stallworth deserved jail time...I guess u didn't get my point which was when everyone was wanting Stallworth to sign here I made the arguement what a public relations nightmare that would have been for the Dolphins after the guy ran over and killed one of our citizens and I'm glad Allen didn't do the same...

ok, I see that you mean..

Ya, from a public relations point of view, people seem to easily brush off DUI, battery and all sorts of stuff from their athletes.. but killing a neighbor of yours is a bit off the chart.

Parcells cuts guys for getting in trouble with HIM and the ORGANIZATION, not necessarily with the law. You dont talk back to The Tuna and you dont speak poorly of the Team or any Staff. Other than that, go run a muck.

You guys are having a stellar offseason. Bravo. Parcells will not cut him b/c your secondary is one of the worst in the AFC.

PS has the woman managing your cap figured out how it works yet?

The arrest for the DUI will be a excuse...but not the true reason. Age, Injury and attitude will be the reason.

Will Allen is an idiot. I can't understand why a millionaire football player doesn't just call a cab or call a friend to drive when they've had one too many beers. Don't they know that if they get caught the whole world is gonna know within a matter of hours if they so much as get a ticket for jaywalking, let alone a DUI?

Hey guys look it's TorturedPaul, the impersonator who got slapped down by Armando now back using one if his many names cause he thinks he is funny when he is really an idiot...Everyone say Hi Paul!!

Hi Paul.!

Can't believe some of these comments. I guess you have NEVER had too much to drink. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Not taking up for Allen but you aren't living in the real world. But hey, if it makes you feel better, break out the torches and pitchforks.

To Bill Parcells!
Put it in the contracts you get busted you forefit 1/2 your salary.
And make it so it does not come out of cap space.


Darn now we have to draft another cornerback.


trade block

close off south beach to the phin players. simple

I just caught a couple of interviews today. One was with C.J. Spiller, the other Dez Bryant. The two couldn't be night and day. Spiller was well spoken, came across as an intelligent player, who put real value in his education. Bryant on the other hand spoke in half sentences, spoke only of himself, and could not answer questions about his troubles in the past. It seems like character is nearly as important as skill.

This looks like another case of the Miami Beach PD overzealously "enforcing the law" by arresting a wealthy black man who was acting foolishly (though not necessarily illegally) and brandishing his wealth in public. The trifecta clearly does give its players the benefit of the doubt and lets the legal system take its course.

In the case of Randy Starks, it quickly became obvious that while he was recklessly carrying too many people in his truck and grazed a police car, he was not acting in a way that dictated an immediate arrest. The Miami Beach police officer was doing everything in his power to assert his authority over someone in a legally permissible but clearly unnecessary way. An off-duty police offer (for a different department) who was on vacation in Miami and RIDING IN STARKS' CAR AT THE TIME confirmed this account.

In the case of Will Allen, does anybody doubt that he was driving a car that sticks out like a sore thumb, even on Alton Road, talking smack to somebody (maybe another driver talking about his car or the Dolphins; maybe a woman he was trying to talk to), and attracted the attention of an officer on foot who made a quick arrest. Since he was not pulled over at all, it is going to be easy for Allen to prove there was no probable cause for him to be arrested for suspicion of DUI. Whether or not he was actually drunk remains to be seen. But doesn't this seem like another example of a cop arresting a black man in a conspicuous car when people who were not black, loud and obviously rich might have gotten a stern warning?

For those of you who are wondering, I am white. So if you think this is just a bleeding heart liberal view of the issues presented (I know it is; it's just probably also accurate). You can hate me and my opinion but don't do it for racist reasons.

Jtanphilly, ur an idiot

Put the RACIST card in your pocket and LEAVE.

You do not cut a player for making a mistake but you do if he does not learn from them. a DWI is a bad thing but it is not the end of the world and Allen seems like a good guy so do not cut him unless he does not help the team.

Jtanphilly, you're just another black guy who hates white people and blame them for any "black" mans problems, whether they brougjht it on themselves or not, the white man is always to blame.

Cut Will Allen.

Good Post Nick Saban.

Jtanphilly I was not there and neither were you so get a grip dude, the man blew a .152 that is enough to arrest someone so please put the race card away because it is used to much as is. Allen will have his day in court and I am sure he will have a hell of a lawyer.

And beat the system like so many do.Anyone for a glass of WINE?

Any Dolphin player visiting Miami beach, Please rent a Limo for 125 dollars an hour.....(It's cheaper then the alternative...)

Will Allen not getting cut is no surprise. Signing a deep threat receiver for $6mil (Wilford) and then a QB that could not throw deep anymore for $10mil (Pennington) and then instead of cutting the QB that couldn't throw, they change the whole offensive system to the wildcat which made every player on the team and all Dolphin's fan look like a h0m0 for more than a year: now that was a surprise.

Of course---no point letting the legal system play itself out ... because it is the law of the internet that every person arrested is guilty until proven innocent!!!

Only, If it quacks like a duck, Walks like a duck, It must be a duck......

Whatever,I seen the picture.He was DRUNK.

we dont cut guys that get arrested but were afraid to sign good recievers because they might be too diva-ish WOW and we have a 100 billion dollar o-line that really is not very good WOW. this franchise is a mess and im afraid the trifecta is not what we thought they were

Great post Cuban Menace.


This same trifecta turned a terrible 1-15 team to a rather impressive 11-5 team in one offseason. And dont give me crap about an easy schedule cus every team the Dolphins beat were better than them the previous year.

We're not there yet....but we'll get there

yeah mark i know about the turnaround and i wasnt excpecting a super bowl victory in year 2 but to spend all that money on a mediocre injury prone line and to be heading into year 3 with still no real weapons on the outside is a little disheartening

I understand scss, This was supposed to be a three year rebuilding(Reclamation)project, Let's see what happens in the draft....

And I QUOTE: "Allen seems like a good guy so do not cut him unless he does not help the team." I'm not going to respond to that, really.

he was lucky that he was stopped before the disaster happens .

Best Post tonight.Winner is ALoco.

it's long past due for the NFL (Not For Long) and the rest of sports to to start weeding out the garbage it is playing on the fields, courts and grid irons. They can all start by drafting people who don't have a past history. Just because someone has some ability doesn't give them entitlements to anything. Sports should be looking at the whole package and not just one aspect of. Sports people are Role Models even if they don't want to be.

Drafting or recruiting garbage from the get go is where the problem begins and ends. Let some idiot start a league of head cases so at least the public will know what they are getting.

What's next to happen.?? it won't take long to find out.

Maybe you guys should get one of your celebrity owners to decide on Allen's fate (and manage the salary cap).

This team is almost as pathetic in the offseason as it is during the season.

Sounds like a JET FAN.

Stories need to be created in the offseason because of the lack of news. Will Allen will be fine. Will Allen will be a Dolphin next year.

Tortured, don't you have a Hitler Youth movement to attend?????

Wrong Answer.

who has the best looking girlfriend on this blog ? do you , captain ? or are you like the cuban ?

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