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Cut troubled Will Allen immediately? [Updated]

Will Allen was arrested early Saturday morning for DUI, according to ProFootballTalk.com. Assuming there isn't another Will Allen roaming South Florida in a Ferrari that is registered to the Dolphins cornerback and the guy in this booking photo isn't just a dead ringer for Allen, this will mark the second incident in which a Dolphins player is arrested this offseason.

Defensive lineman Tony McDaniel was arrested for alleged domestic violence battery on Super Bowl Sunday after an episode with his live-in girlfriend.

[Updated 4:45: The Miami Herald is reporting in this story that Allen had his blood alocohol level tested twice, as per Florida law. He had a level twice the Florida legal limit of .08 on one test and a .152 (just under twice the legal limit) on another test. Allen was booked at 10:14 Saturday morning and held at the Pre-Trial Detention Center. He is still there as of this update.]

And so when I tweeted the news earlier today on my twitter, the reaction I got is that Allen is surely on his way to being cut or terminated by the Dolphins.

My follow-up question to that is, "Why do you think that?"

The fact of the matter is that after Bill Parcells came to Miami and said in his opening and only press conference that he didn't want any "thugs and hoodlums," on the team, the Dolphins have had several players arrested.

And the arrests have never led to those players being immediately cut.

I remind you fullback Reagan Mauia was arrested in 2008 and wasn't immediately cut. He was waived when the team determined his wasn't the best fullback on the roster.

Last year, defensive end Randy Starks was arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer. He was not waived and the issue was later resolved.

Then practice squad cornerback Will Billingsley was arrested in connection with another domestic violence dispute in October. He was not waived immediately. Billingsley remained on the practice squad for several weeks, until the club decided he no longer served a football purpose.

McDaniel, a part-time player who came to Miami from Jacksonville, is still on the roster.

The point?

The Dolphins, under Parcells, do not cut ties with a player based on his legal troubles -- at least not immediately.

Maybe Will Allen eventually outlives his usefulness with the Dolphins based on no longer being a starter and being a player trying to return from a serious knee injury at a position that requires two healthy knees. But will he be cut in the next few hours or days based simply on his recent legal issues?

That hasn't been Miami's history under Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.


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F__k u, Troberts 1313, and F__k u too, LipsinsToronto,
Allen got caught with a few too many under his belt. Whoaaaa, what a f__king outlaw!! I am so tired of the media and govt. making DUI the worst crime out there. It's not,but it's a popular one to jump on. Not condoning it, but their argument is how many lives are lost each year as a direct result. It is less than 5% of lives lost as a direct result of tobacco use. So let's crucify you cig smokers out there. Ohhhh, I'll get slammed on that because tobacco addicts love thir cigs. Get off the anti-drinking and quit caving into roadblocks and other govt. intrusions on our orivacy. It's not worth what we give up as to our personal freedom. Once govt. takes a step forward and grabs one of our constitutional rights, they don't give it back.

Agree about constitutional rights being taken away everyday in the name of country safety.BUT nowhere in the constitution does it say we can drive drunk if we so chose.Driving is not a right.AND I DO INDULGE IN THE DEVILS JUICE.

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Stillhardcore wouldfeel different if it was one of his parents or relatives killed by a DUI driver...Driving is not a RIGHT in this country, it is a privledge and if that means roadblocks and arrests to save lives, I'm 100% for it!!!


Think they should cut allen?

or is he a need?That is the factor

Those things are often overlooked in sports(D.U.I)

I don't advocate anyone losing their job for a mistake but he needs to be treated just like anyother person arrested for driving drunk and not get some "special" I'm an athlete and rich deal

stillhardcoredolphinsfan: Are you retarded?

I never said drinking is a bad thing. Drinking is great. But if you are going to drink, make sure you are not taking control of thousands of pounds of steel and hurling yourself around at 70 or more miles an hour. It is a recipe for disaster and can be avoided. No cab ride is too expensive. You are not gambling with your own life, but with the lives of others..

Also, it seems as though Allen was double the legal limit! So even if he could hold his own, his reaction time would have been shot...

So, if you feel it is your right to drive while drinking, without wearing a seatbelt, without doors, or whatever the hell you want... go rent a race track so that when you run into something, you can exercise your right to die alone.

His mug shot says it all or maybe he is just tired (from drinking all night LOL).

Will Allen provides great depth and veteran leadership. In 2010 he will either be the nickel back, back-up cb, or starting cb if he can beat out one of the young guys in training camp (dont see it happening IMO). The guy is still a good football player, and yes drinking and driving is bad, but should not get you kicked off an NFL team... maybe if it was on a Friday or Sat. before a sunday game, but it is the middle of the offseason for crying out loud! How does this affect the Dolphins??? That is when Tuna gets mad, when a player's legal troubles affect the team...

" He had a level twice the Florida legal limit of .08 on one test and a .152 [on the other]"

Hate to admit but I know more about these BAC levels that I should...he was wasted.

But it's the off season. Major hit on him going forward is for judgment...I assume he had enough for a taxi.

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