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Cut troubled Will Allen immediately? [Updated]

Will Allen was arrested early Saturday morning for DUI, according to ProFootballTalk.com. Assuming there isn't another Will Allen roaming South Florida in a Ferrari that is registered to the Dolphins cornerback and the guy in this booking photo isn't just a dead ringer for Allen, this will mark the second incident in which a Dolphins player is arrested this offseason.

Defensive lineman Tony McDaniel was arrested for alleged domestic violence battery on Super Bowl Sunday after an episode with his live-in girlfriend.

[Updated 4:45: The Miami Herald is reporting in this story that Allen had his blood alocohol level tested twice, as per Florida law. He had a level twice the Florida legal limit of .08 on one test and a .152 (just under twice the legal limit) on another test. Allen was booked at 10:14 Saturday morning and held at the Pre-Trial Detention Center. He is still there as of this update.]

And so when I tweeted the news earlier today on my twitter, the reaction I got is that Allen is surely on his way to being cut or terminated by the Dolphins.

My follow-up question to that is, "Why do you think that?"

The fact of the matter is that after Bill Parcells came to Miami and said in his opening and only press conference that he didn't want any "thugs and hoodlums," on the team, the Dolphins have had several players arrested.

And the arrests have never led to those players being immediately cut.

I remind you fullback Reagan Mauia was arrested in 2008 and wasn't immediately cut. He was waived when the team determined his wasn't the best fullback on the roster.

Last year, defensive end Randy Starks was arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer. He was not waived and the issue was later resolved.

Then practice squad cornerback Will Billingsley was arrested in connection with another domestic violence dispute in October. He was not waived immediately. Billingsley remained on the practice squad for several weeks, until the club decided he no longer served a football purpose.

McDaniel, a part-time player who came to Miami from Jacksonville, is still on the roster.

The point?

The Dolphins, under Parcells, do not cut ties with a player based on his legal troubles -- at least not immediately.

Maybe Will Allen eventually outlives his usefulness with the Dolphins based on no longer being a starter and being a player trying to return from a serious knee injury at a position that requires two healthy knees. But will he be cut in the next few hours or days based simply on his recent legal issues?

That hasn't been Miami's history under Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.


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Come on Mando. Isn't this a little knee jerk even for you. He will in camp and be one of the 3 top corners on the team.

stallworth didnt kill that guy...how do you get hit by a car in the middle of the road?? dont you learn as a kid to look both ways before crossing??

"how do you get hit by a car in the middle of the road?? "

possibly the stupidest thing ever posted on this blog...


carlito team ?? no you on team with richard simmonns , no me.

Do NOT cut Allen.....let the judicial system take its course.

Let he among you who is w/out sin cast the first stone.

Armando..... lots of troll spending there time on here while being locked in their frozen homes. With luck a few will freeze to death before spring!

derek With luck you drown om the beach now. leave this blog sir

Alocos just mad because he got cut from his team for driving under the influence of meatballs

derek why you here if so nice where you live ? cause you have no life.

Derek how can somebody freeze to death if they're locked indoors ? You sir , are a jackazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!

Just am back to read the posts.Sorry carlito my mistake.Keep up the good reads.Alot of you guy's answer my questions or have info to them before I get here and I thank you.Saves me time and I like to read.lol.Just not here enough,nite all fishin on the ice at 8 .

people from miami shouldn't be allowd to post here...they all are a bunch of drunks...


I have a way to save lives. That's your concern , right? Ok, this will save approx. 423,000 LIVES PER YEAR starting 20-30 years from now: Outlaw cigarettes and allow police to set up roadblocks to catch anyone somoking them. This saves lives, way , way, way more lives than stopping drinking and driving. Get this straight, I'm not for drinking and driving, I'm just 100% against allowing police to set up roadblocks to catch it. Come on, that's not the only reason for the roadblock, it's all about raising revenue for the local gov't. Think about all the dollars that flows that way from the guy who doesn't make it through (e.g. marijuana in the car, white, no insurance, no license (and that gets them a couple illegal aliens). I, for one, am f__king tired of the gov't taking away our rights under the auspice of "saving lives". Don't think for a minute they are in the "saving lives" business, They are in the money-making business.

LipsinToronto, you're Canadien and are therefore excluded from our discussion on the American legal system.

Oh, and ALoco, f__k you! Yeah I've had a DUI before, I'm not a f__king saint like you apparently are.
I wonder if any other of the bloggers bitchin' about Will Allen have ever got on the road after having had too much. Probably so, maybe they just didn't get caught.

Now, who cares what Will Alenn did. Let him hire a lawyer and go through the system like everyone else. I watch him on Sundays for his contributions to the Dolphins. What he does in the offseason is his own business.

Hardcore you take the cake for retarded fish fans - and thats saying a lot.

Comparing smoking cigarettes, which has no impact on your ability to operate a motor vehicle, to drinking is ludicrous. If you want to kill yourself smoking go ahead, but when you drink and drive you put people at risk who are not able to consent to the risk. If you want to drink yourself to death go ahead. It the whole part of putting others at risk that you seem to be missing.

" I, for one, am f__king tired of the gov't taking away our rights under the auspice of "saving lives". BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you truly are an idiot. Driving is a privilege, which is why you have a license and .... oh never mind, you are too stupid to understand.

Congrats on having a DUI and watching "Will Alenn" (???) contribute to the Dolphins. Have a nice life.

A dui does not mean you are a thug. It may say something about you thought processes, but you are not a crook, a murderer or a con man. He used bad judgement while drinking. Lighten up, we are not perfect, we are people.

HOLY SH"T, Tortured and I agree, the World is ending!!! He is 100% right, smoking kills the user, drinking n driving kills innocent people and stillhardcore is an idiot for trying to say otherwise...by the way stillhardcore, I suspect that since it takes you 8 hours to respond to people you are either in jail and only get computer privledges twice a day or ur to much of a coward to answer right away and try to be a big man answering people when no one is around

Flipper. Kendle is horrible. He got abused. Would be really upset if the Dolphins drafted him

Rick, ur right people make mistakes and a DUI does not make u a thug BUT Allen has also pulled a gun on someone in the past and now he gets a DUI..when u start adding 1 + 1 u start to wonder

Stillhardcore, I have no clue where u live but in Palm Beach County Fl where I live, roadblocks and DUI checkpoints are posted in the local newspaper before they happen and yet people still get arrested for DUI, I mean people can't be more stupid then that

Good Morning bobby12.Good to know you are a Floridian.I two live in florida (Key Largo).Also to say PLEASE let me know when you are in my area.I will WELCOME YOU as i will CUBAN.You guys are GREAT.I'am sitting her drinking my coffee.

This blog is a bit over the top. For example, weren't the charges against Starks dropped (or at least substantial reduced) after further investigation. We have this thing called due process and and concept of being innocent until being proven guilty. Perhaps that is why the Dolphins staff doesn't jump to conclusions.

Morning Captain, on the way to work, I will let u know when I get down to beautiful Key Largo!! Lucky guy getting to live there

In a post-stallworth south florida, DUIs will not be tolerated. Allen is done in Miami.

Question!This is starting to scare me,are we becoming the Cincinnati bengals.

Phillymike, ur right we have due process in this country, but we all know Allen blew a 1.56, 1.60 and was driving...he was drunk and he was driving, that doesn't mean he won't get off on a "technicality" such as dis the Officer have a lawful reason to pull him over or was the chain of custody contaminated etc...but anyone with common sense knows when u blow that number ur drunk so let's be honest here

Captain, I wouldn't worry about that unless Parcells brings in Lawerence Taylor to coach the linebackers...then "running the lines" take on a whole new meaning :)

Great booby12,I will look forward to it.Today i will give my boat a nice polish and shine.Getting Ready men.bobby12 have a great day at work.

Thks Captain

Best post,bobby12.That would be GREAT.Ok bobby12 thats your first AWARD (BP) today.And sir its early.

Cutting Will Allen for a DWI at this point is insane! Anyone who would suggest that probably voted for obama and is full of self-righteous, holier-than-thou, bible-belter cr@p and needs to convert to a badmitton fan...either that or to drink the Kool-Aid and get over themselves.

Football is an American sport and we still have something called due process...at least for now. But besides that, the question is, who cares? Would you rather cut a guy you know for a fact will be picked up by another team and have him hurt you rather than help you as you watch him become a star on another uniform?
They should be looking into the reasons behind the indiscretion and address that team-wide. When a team gels it is because a core group fosters a culture that benefits both the team and each individual. They are professional athletes and the culture should be one of athletecism, community service, and comraderie. They should be encouraged to hang out together and look out for each other, and perhaps that is where the "team" concept is failing here.

Captain Ace is not who he say he is

How is this the most important draft since Don Shula drafted Dan Marino?

did marino won any thing ?

Give tha guy a break, He is a great player this team needs all the help it can get. Most of you on here have obviously never had a drink. 2 drinks in an hour = twice the leagal limit.


Everyone should read this story;


It explains alot.

One word, PATHETIC!!

THese athletes make a SHYT ton of money, but somehow can not hire a driver or take a FU'IN taxi?? Seriously, WTF??

fishypete - Interesting article you posted...

StillHardcore ,you see i told you get you arrested for D.U.I. . i knew. you mad because you got your salad tossed by bubba when you in jail for you D.U.I. . ha ha. you get your sh*t pushed in, by bubba. ha ha, you butt still hurt ? ha ha

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just asking commented:
2010-02-21 12:28:50 -0500

"did marino won any thing ?"

Oh, here we go, another ignoramus... Marino won 147 games in 17 seasons. He averaged only 5 losses a year over his entire career. He won the NFL MVP in 1984 (his first full season), He was the first QB in NFL history to have six 4,000-yard seasons (1984–86, 1988, 1992, 1994); First QB in NFL history to pass for 5,000 or more yards in a single season (5,084 in 1984); he was the only QB in NFL history to throw 40+ TD passes in a season twice (48 in 1984, 44 in 1986)…only 3 other QB's have done it once.
Marino led 36 fourth-quarter comeback victories, second most all-time; he holds the Dolphins team record for most seasons played (17); he had 116 wins under Don Shula – the most by any head coach/quarterback combination in NFL history.
He alos won the AFC Offensive Player of the Week honor 18 times in the regular season (and 20 times overall, including playoffs).
Dan Marino compiled a 147-93 regular-season record as a starter, third best all-time, and that was without a single hall of fame receiver or a halfway decent running back!
Of his 63 career games with 300+ yards passing, 11 came against the lowlife Jets (including his final 300-yd game); he had 8 against the Colts(who were in the AFC EAST during Marino's career), and 7 apiece against the Patriots and Bills…meaning Marino picked up 33 of his 63 career 300-yd performances against division foes!!! Incredibly, of Marino's 13 career games with 400+ passing yards, 4 came against the Jets…the other 9 came against NINE DIFFERENT TEAMS!!!
Is there any wonder why Jets fans hate him? Is there any wonder why the no-class, clueless Jets fans knock him? That's like Ranger fans chanting "Potvin s*cks"
To put this in perspective, Dan Marino's 61,361 career passing yards is the equivalent of having passed his way across the state of Rhode Island!
Oh, and one last thing,,, Bubby Brister has a Super Bowl ring. It's not about the ring, it's about the sport of football... but, of course, if you insist otherwise, I am sure there is a jewelry blog out there who would love to have you.

Sent from Kevin's iPod

have luck and have fun kobra

armando, good post .

Wow, I have read a lot of ridiculous things on this blog but stillhardcoredolphinsfan you lower the IQ of the entire human race.

The fact you have a license when you are obviously the dumbest human being on the planet is pretty scary. IMO, you shouldn't even be allowed to handle a spoon, you may poke someone's eye out. Just remember, the round part goes in your mouth once food is scooped up with it.

Since you most assuredly are incapable of tying shoelaces, the next time you go to slip on your flip flops make sure you do it near a small puddle of water. Maybe the rest of us will get lucky and you will slip and drown before you figure out how to extricate yourself from the situation.

Oh, and because I know it may be a little confusing for you, I will explain it: My post is neither for nor against Will Allen and how the Dolphins should handle his situation. The above statements are actually insults on your intelligence because you compared smoking to drunk driving. Since I know there are STILL too many big words in here I'll make it even clearer.

stillhardcoredolphinsfan, get pal to read above words for you and tell what it means. Thank you and have nice day :)

On average someone is killed by a drunk driver every 45 minutes. That means one person, through negligent behavior, kills another. Comparing it to killing yourself with a cigarette is as stupid as poking your eye out with a spoon.

And if you have a hard-on for smoking then you would want to compare something a little more comparable, like say second hand smoke, which the government does take steps to protect the population with rules governing where you can smoke just like they protect us from dangerous spoon wielders like yourself by setting up DUI stations and what not.


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bobbydd12, ALoco, Chalupa, TortureDolphan,

F__k you. I don't condone DUI and didn't in my post. I said the govt. doesn't give a f__k about saving lives, If they did, they would outlaw cigs because lung cancer kills over 435,000 people per year. That's 10 TIMES the amount of DUI deaths. The other fact you aren't aware of is this: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration doesn't make a distinction on deaths due to a drunk driver, they are categorized as alcohol-related. This means if anyone in either car is drunk, it's alcohol-related. Having said that, it's still an unacceptable # of innocent deaths. My point is this, I don't agree with roadblocks FOR ANYTHING. Oh, bobbyd12, I was gone for 8 on my shift and don't have a computer tied to me 24/7. I have no problem with posting any f__ing thing, anytime. By the way, I don't even know why your racist ass even watches football. You should be watching iceskating with Chalupa.

Super Smart,
Don't even go there with the intellect card. I would venture to say you graduated from a second-tier school, maybe even an online university, you don't have a girlfriend (or wife) and still live at home on your Mom's dime because you have no marketable skills. At least grow a pair of balls and post under your regular name. P_ssy!

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Stillsoftcore, and I know for a fact he is the type of guy that the tears were flowing when he was cuffed in back of that squad car...he is also what we call a "pleader" " Oh Officer, sniff sniff, Im so sorry!!! I'll never do it again!!! Pleaaase, I don't want to go tooooooo jail" wahhhhhhhhh

Bobbyd12 aloco is Captain Ace. It very obvious. He lack a discipline and always sound same under any name.

Aloco has wasted me talking to himself all day

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