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Cut troubled Will Allen immediately? [Updated]

Will Allen was arrested early Saturday morning for DUI, according to ProFootballTalk.com. Assuming there isn't another Will Allen roaming South Florida in a Ferrari that is registered to the Dolphins cornerback and the guy in this booking photo isn't just a dead ringer for Allen, this will mark the second incident in which a Dolphins player is arrested this offseason.

Defensive lineman Tony McDaniel was arrested for alleged domestic violence battery on Super Bowl Sunday after an episode with his live-in girlfriend.

[Updated 4:45: The Miami Herald is reporting in this story that Allen had his blood alocohol level tested twice, as per Florida law. He had a level twice the Florida legal limit of .08 on one test and a .152 (just under twice the legal limit) on another test. Allen was booked at 10:14 Saturday morning and held at the Pre-Trial Detention Center. He is still there as of this update.]

And so when I tweeted the news earlier today on my twitter, the reaction I got is that Allen is surely on his way to being cut or terminated by the Dolphins.

My follow-up question to that is, "Why do you think that?"

The fact of the matter is that after Bill Parcells came to Miami and said in his opening and only press conference that he didn't want any "thugs and hoodlums," on the team, the Dolphins have had several players arrested.

And the arrests have never led to those players being immediately cut.

I remind you fullback Reagan Mauia was arrested in 2008 and wasn't immediately cut. He was waived when the team determined his wasn't the best fullback on the roster.

Last year, defensive end Randy Starks was arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer. He was not waived and the issue was later resolved.

Then practice squad cornerback Will Billingsley was arrested in connection with another domestic violence dispute in October. He was not waived immediately. Billingsley remained on the practice squad for several weeks, until the club decided he no longer served a football purpose.

McDaniel, a part-time player who came to Miami from Jacksonville, is still on the roster.

The point?

The Dolphins, under Parcells, do not cut ties with a player based on his legal troubles -- at least not immediately.

Maybe Will Allen eventually outlives his usefulness with the Dolphins based on no longer being a starter and being a player trying to return from a serious knee injury at a position that requires two healthy knees. But will he be cut in the next few hours or days based simply on his recent legal issues?

That hasn't been Miami's history under Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.


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Will Allen made a mistake but we dont have to cut him for that right now, time will help to make the good decision
Most of the comments are very stupid and out of the subject mando asked us to post
Go Dolphins Go Will Allen!!!!!

I don't condone DUI's...but listen to this...

The Police report says that Allen;
"drove his car up to a police barricade which had been erected due to a traffic accident in the vicinity, and after revving the engine told police, “I’ve gotta get through.”

So.... at THAT moment Law enforcement was not actively looking for Drunk Drivers. ...and Allen all but got HIMSELF arrested.

1) An arrogant state of mind makes SMART people do DUMB things
2) He's really not the brightest guy who ever walked off a football field.

I think this guy can help the Dolphins...and probably still has a future in Miami.

But you have to wonder what the heck was he thinking??

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He said he has to get moving and they arrest. The cops in Miami have an itchy trigger finger. Do you think he really tied one on the night before and was still wasted?
In any case, you don't cut the guy for that. I guess all of the black players should drive Toyota Corollas.

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Why the hell would you cut Will Allen, but not Tony McDaniel? Tony pimp slapping his girlfriend in his front yard, in front of family, bothers me a lot more then a guy that had a few too many and got behind the wheel.

I gave up talking to Rob in OC for Lent, I feel so much better already :)

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The U.S.A vs. Canada hockey game on right now is intense

That was a great game! Better than any in NHL I have ever seen.

PFT reporting Antrel Rolle might be cut and hitting the market as a UFA.

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Thks NJ, for my sanity too!!

Anybody watch that new show, NFL Full Contact??? Is it worth watching??

Watch out for antre rolle from ariZona he a playmaking free safety who is young and not only that his roots are in Miami and he never has been in any legal problems so maybe

Ya, outshot 2 to 1.. I think is was more like Miller beat brodeur than USA killed Canada..

but anyhow, its a team game and by the score, your entire team beat ours ..

Our Vets need to step it up! I think they start Luongo next game.. but the guy tends to have a bad game in the playoffs (like the disaster game 7 last year) so I am not feeling super awesome right now..


This draft is important for the chances next yr. The top 4 picks must be must be hits not busts, if we can get 4 draft picks that can help us next yr then the draft was a good one.

Ya, he is a big game goalie, but I think he is starting to show his age... if he has anything left, this is his last year.. (He started the season well but has been shaky these past few weeks..)

And Miller is a great goalie at times, but he can have crappy games too - so while I can see him stealing a game, I can also see them boys from the US of A losing big time one game when he doesnt have his stuff..

Anyhow, with so many teams having a shot at gold, I think it will be exciting..

At least we know the gals from Canada and USA will likely meet once again.. :)

Anyhow, am out - gonna go drown myself in Maple Syrop.

NJ PHIN @ 10:28,

So you think that was an AWESOME display of football prowess where McClain runs right by a RB that doesn't even try to engage McClain let alone put his arms out??

I mean how awe inspiring is a LB running in pretty much a straight line unopposed to the QB?

It looked literally like an unabated to the QB offsides call!

Why am I out off my rocker for NOT getting overly fired up by that play?

I did thank carlito for grabbing a set of links and posting them to try to get me to see the light on McClain.


PS No worries B12. Keep ur sanity and don't talk to anyone unless they agree with you... suits me fine.


Here is a little more what I was expecting. This is a clip that Jordan had a posted when the Brandon vs McClain thread was raging...


This is the kind of huge pop, explosion and short area quickness I can't find on any McClain tackle. When I asked for the vids I was looking for similar results from McClain. Carlito stepped by providing some clips. I didn't feel they reflected the stark raving killer ILB that some portray McClain to be.

In the end, the Trifecta will add the best football player to the Fins. You and your fellow McClain supporters say one thing and Myself, Armando and others say Graham.

Who knows... maybe they make B12 pop a vessel and grab Dez or Spiller? We just don't know.


Rob in OC:

Do you think McClain will probably a better option than Crowder?

If not, Please say why.



I think that if the Fins brass does take McClain it will to pair with Crowder. I am pretty sure they sit Akin A. at that point.

I actually see McClain being very similar to Crowder in terms of tackle total etc.

Some of what I don't see are those big plays with very huge collisions that would cause turnovers in the NFL. The tackles for McClain are more the stand a guy up and let help come, arm tackles, the grab around the waist and hang on or swing down type and of course the misses.

I don't believe ANY play is perfect and would never expect McClain to be so either. I DON'T feel he would be a bust in the order of Vernon Gholston of the Jets. I just feel that he would end up being a body that tackles a decent amount but is rarely special (like Crowder, servicable not spectacular).

What do you think Trevor?



So I can kind of stay on topic, I don't think Allen gets cut at all unless he can't prove fully recovered from his injury during camp next year.

Imho McClain will play but will not be anything close to Patrick Willis. Willis has better speed, more hustle, hits harder by way of running more 100% speed to the ballcarrier and then going tackling through him. His technique is superior, better bend in his knees, plays with more leverage and thus is a Pro Bowl type player.

Find videos of Patrick Willis and watch him tackle and then watch footage of McClain, it stands out.

Again, some (NJ PHIN, bobby12 and others) will say otherwise. I say, don't listen just to me or them, look at things yourself and form your own opinion.


That all sounds horrible for Miami. PATHETIC. crowder is the worst ilb we have ever had since I started watching, and taking mclain first in the draft would be a huge mistake. This team needs playmakers, I've said it all along, we have the worst wr core in the league, and have had it all year, but the last couple of games our lb suck and now we are taking a guy who didn't come on until late when Brandon Graham can be taken later and will perform in te NFL better? Please. Trade crowder, for the love of god keep will Allen, he is the only beacon besides vontae Davis in our secondary, and actually do something in free agency. NO TEAM will ever make te superbowl much less the playoffs that depends so much on the expensive risky NFL draft as we do.

Rob in OC:

Let go with your theory; That McClain a 6'4 version of Crowder.

If that's the WORSE case scenario then that's an upgrade, to me, because his arms are at least two inches higher when raised, and he weighs more. I checked your clip. Graham has a motor, no doubt -- and he hits with his body, but he also shoots lots of gaps in that film.

I agree with you. Parcells will probably go with the prototype size because that's been his formula.

If, for some reason, he doesn't pick McClain then all of us will say that you've been right the whole time!

But, for now, I'm going to vote for the Big Tall Fast guy.


Who is your top 2-3 choices in 1st round and what would you take in the 2nd?



I definitely hear your arguement that McClain is big (heavy) and tall at 6'4" and you can't teach that. A player can bulk up and he is already those dimensions so he could possibly get bigger?

I look at the landscape of the NFL and probably would not be as rigid on big height, weight numbers as there are many around getting/got it done that aren't big and huge. (Ray Lewis started lighter, Zack Thomas, Elvis Dumervil, Dwight Freeney,etc).

I do realize that Graham is shorter than some OLB's (1 or 2 inches depending on whom you ask) and for what Parcell's typically likes. I simply hope he can see the power, drive, pass rush moves, hustle and explosiveness in Graham I believe I see. If he can pick him up later in the draft that would be killer...I just would be wary of falling too far back to get him as I think a team will grab him inside of 20.

If I am right it will just be a bonus. If I am wrong I hope the Fins are better for it.

Thanks for the great open discussion of this topic. I like level heads that can debate points using logic and calm.


New Thread is up!

Cheers...going to that one.

people earning so much money and behaving like that should be cut immediately, without any discussion.
There is no reason why those guys should be treated like they were not idiots

No tolerance for DUI! Cut the loser.

I thought the story said he was arrested at 3:30am and finally booked at 10:14am. Where did all of this " drinking and driving at 10:00am" talk come from? Seems like people read and see what they want to and not necessarily the facts. I do NOT condone drinking and driving in any way,shape or form, but how many people on this thread can honestly say they have NEVER driven after having too many drinks. Now .015 is excessive and he needs to be held accountable for his actions, but I don`t recall Will Allen being a Jared Allen and having mulitple DUI`s. I`m just sayin.....

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