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Are Ayodele and Crowder also back in 2010?

Dolphins fans have spent over a month thinking change was coming to the inside linebacker position -- be it because everyone saw Rolando McClain trading his Alabama Crimson for Dolphins aqua, or because Karlos Dansby rumors are flying everywhere, or because no one really liked the play of Akin Ayodele or Channing Crowder.

But on the same day Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland suggested Gibril Wilson will return as the free safety in 2010, he also seemed to confirm Ayodele and Crowder also will be back in 2010.

"Well, you know, I think we have to get more production from the inside linebacker position," Ireland said when asked his comfort level with Crowder and Ayodele.

"They know that. We know that. You guys know that. So that's something I think those two guys are going to bring to us next year, too."

Read that last sentence again. It predicts higher production from Crowder and Ayodele for next year.

Well, to make that prediction, one has to believe they will be on the team to play up to the prediction. And if that be the case, then the Dolphins might not necessarily be thinking McClain.

I still believe the Dolphins will do their homework with Dansby. I still believe they will be in the derby to a degree. But it is an expensive chase and there is no way Ireland could or would predict the Dolphins will absolutely get him.

So the GM cannot talk as if Dansby is definitely coming. He can, however, speak to Miami's intention to keep Crowder and Ayodele. And I think that is what he did.

Frankly, in conversations I had Thursday with two folks somewhat familiar with what Dolphins people are saying, it seems the team is focusing on addressing three positions as their "must haves" this offseason.

Outside linebacker. Wide receiver. Nose tackle.

Those seem to be surfacing as the priorities.

Outside linebacker is important because, as Ireland stated, Miami has "age" at the position. And no, Joey Porter is not returning to Miami under any circumstance despite this report that raises the possibility that the rift can be patched.

U.S. Special Forces troops will patch things up with coward Usama Bin Laden before Porter and the Dolphins reconcile.

Nose tackle is "a priority," Ireland said because there are only so many men on the planet that fill the size requirement for the position and you get those guys when you can.

And wide receiver is important because the Dolphins could not throw the football very well last season -- No. 20 in the NFL -- and have to provide quarterback Chad Henne more weapons to change that fact.

"Every offense needs big playmakers, Ireland said. "Every offense does. This offense is no different. We need big playamkers. We need players that make chunk yardage.We need players that score touchdowns. This offense is no different. We need chunk players."

"We do need a big-play playmaker in my mind .. We need to get more production out of the wide receiver position."

So that's important.

Well, as I've stated before, the Dolphins cannot also include ILB as a need. Perhaps the Dansby gambit works. Perhaps not.

But at least the Dolphins have to be thinking they have guys already on the roster capable of playing the position as starters. And those guys -- Crowder and Ayodele -- seem likely to be back in 2010.



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I'm ok with our current ILB's. Don't get me wrong I would love to see Karlos become a dolphin but I agree that our biggest needs are still OLB, NT, and WR.

We can address those three priority areas and get Dansby too on top of Antrel Rolle for that matter.

Big O said that JT wouldn't be back for a reason he couldn't disclose so therefore we need 2 OLB's. If Merling and C Wake can fill one OLB then we still need one and I think Parcells will always be searching for the LT clone.

Ok I can see maybe keeping Wilson,but chowder and akin, it's stoopid to keep them both,possibly keep the better performing lb but they both suuuuck!chrowder can't last a full season with out getting hurt and akin I don't think he can really do much cuz he always has a thumb up his butt,I'd rather have sean weatherspoon then those 2 goons

I believe they both will be back. Even if they pick up an ILB I think they will be there as insurance until the training is complete or it becomes so obvious that the new addition is much better.

I agree with Kausty and don't think that the defense will flop like some think without changing one or both ILBs. As Armando has posted before, these ILB's both were with the 11-5 team as well. The many injuries, the balls bouncing away instead of to our Def, the untimely penalties, Ex D coords calls or lack thereof can easliy all contribute to the 4 game slide we had last year. Coupled with a more rugged schedule on paper than the prior year, I think the team finished about where many surmized before last season.

This season the bar will be raised with more new talent, natural maturing of existing players, a new and more aggresive Def coordinator and lack of a 1st place schedule we have to push for a playoff spot. Anything less will be a backslide and the natives will be restless.



Ireland will not tip his hand regarding any player on the roster or otherwise...that said I beleive one of them will not be with us this coming year. I beleive the player that stays is Crowder, now if you sign Dansby as the MIC ILB and move Crowder then we may get some better results out of Crowder. But like many have beleived that Parcells is looking to put his stamp on this team by drafting a "Baddest Man in the Whole Damn Town", a OLB!

Who will it be? Your right about the timing of it all makes sense, Porter is out, Taylor is old and Wake and others have too many question marks. Parcells needs to put his stamp on this defense now!

Also there are a few ILB that may be worth taking in later rounds, but I agree with NJPHIN none the caliber of McClain so what does Parcells do? My gut says he takes the best OLB available and finds a value pick at ILB in the later rounds.

Rob OC

I disagree we whent 11-5 the year before with a more veteran squad and a MUCH, MUCH easier schedule.

These guys WIFFED at tackles especially Ayodele.

im glad the jets dont have these gaping holes the fish have its gonna be a long hot humid season theyll be lucky to win 6 games


I have been of the mindset that the Trifecta will realize how shorthanded they actually are with the hodgepodge of LBs that we have.

I have studied ILB Micah Johnson today a bunch and have come awy thinking he would be a great choice and could probably be had in the 3rd.

As I have been vocal in wanting to bring in Brandon Graham he would be my LT type player. Not the huge body that LT had but a very aggressive player that knows very well how to tackle people in the backfield and knockdown QBs. A serious motor on this guy and I see him running hard to get back in plays quite a bit.

I am in the minority in thinking that the Fins will NOT target McClain. I think he doesn't display a lot of the properties that is takes to succeed at the NFL. If you feel otherwise I can understand...he has a following but I simply can't see it and will cringe if his name is called.

So they could go something like...

1.) Brandon Graham OLB
2.) Cody or Cam Thomas NT
3.) Micah Johnson ILB
4.) Jimmy Graham TE
6.) Freddie Barnes WR
Rest would be BPAs.

What are your thoughts D4L?



So you think the numerous major injuries, bad bounces, harder schedule and DC coaching gaffes is not worth 4 game losses?

Who are your players at OLB this year then? How do you plan to address that glaring need?


South Jet,

You are talking a decent amount of smack seeing as how we swept the Jets??

I will agree you defense is pretty damn good but with Rex there we all knew it would improve.

Are you suprised they ditched Thomas?

Rumor is that Miami will put up the dough for Dansby. With that said I am sure Miami will still keep both Crowder and Ayodele for purpose of depth.

No I beleive McClain is very good and will make a great pro...Like I said my gut tells me that Parcells will go after the next big bad OLB...but we will not rest there and will look at people like Micah Johnson, or Sean Lee. But what Armando said about his informant telling what position they may target makes sense. So IF they go after a OLB first pick, then they go after a NT in the second and WR third. Although I would love to see the Dolphins get Dennis Pitta in the third, I think he's gonna be the next Jason Witten of course IMO.
But there are player's like Joe Pawelek, Baylor who can be had in the 6th round. The talent is better this year as a whole in the draft than, well in a long fkn time...my hunch is Parcells hits a home run on this draft. Dolphins found a gem of a WR in the fourth so why not again?

Rob in OC,

Funny the names you just mentioned, Micah Johnson. I have been waiting all day to see you on here to have you look at this link, it had not been on for a while, or I couldn't find it. Anyways, check it out (though you have probably already seen it)


This is one of my favorite players in the ENTIRE draft. He gets ragged a lot for not performing like he did in 2008, but he lost a lot of the good defenders after that year. You don't like the way McClain tackles? This guy finishes, many monster tackles in the video. You think McClain was protected because of great talent around him? Well, Kentucky doesn't have anywhere close the talent.

I am in no way saying he is a better prospect right now, McClain is the top ILB. Had Micah Johnson played at USC or Texas, I think he would be much, much higher on people's boards. Even if we sign Dansby, I would still seriously consider taking this kid starting around the 3rd round.

Rob OC

That contributed but when I see replays Ayodele was pretty bad.


Let's make it happen with Dansby!! =)


I think this is a deep draft and many player are flying under the radar.

I won't say yet who I think the Tuna will take but, like I said I have a hunch it will be OLB a player who put's Parcells thumb print on the team.
I say they go after Cam Thomas a bit earlya and pick him in the second.
I already said that I love Dennis Pitta in the third.
But Riley Cooper from Florida if still there will be a gem in the fifth or taken a little early in the fourth round. He's got the size and speed and has flown under the radar relatively speaking. I think the Dolphins will be awarded compensatory pick in the fifth, so stay tuned.

Again I will give my first round pick yet lets wait and see till after the combine and we get into April.


I had watched that video and MJ seems to me to be plenty good enough material to work with.

He looks the mart more and is way more powerful than McClain. (I think that will show at the combine). He sticks his head in and is violent when he tackles. McClain may be a bit more fluid but I think MJ would be able to tackle stronger NFL players better.

I would take the combo of BG and MJ over the combo of RM and (whatever 3rd or later OLB).

Seems like we are kinda on the same page about this guy. I will wait till the combine and want to make sure he is fluid enough in drills and fast enough before i fully back him.



I have searched all over, and get conflicting reports about his participation in the combine. He got hurt in the bowl game, and even today it's still unclear if he runs or not.

I did read your late round sleepers the other day, I agree with most of them.

I am getting off of here, catch ya next time man.


I am not defending Ayodele's play. I am simply saying that he is much younger than JT and was a starter. Even the pass rush demon himself Wake is not gauranteed to cut the mustard vs the run. I am praying he grows in that area so he can stay on the field to get his sacks.

I could not, in good conscience, expect that 36-37 year old JT could continue to play out of position and stay healthy for another entire season....it's a screaming need like NT.


Hey thanks for the info and the chat Bootang!!!!

Micah better run if he wants to increase his stock unless he has a verifiable problem. If they think he is hiding a speed deficit he will fall farther back.


Allright Dolphins nation

Good night to all! Now day two of the Combine and saturday will be even better. I'm out tired as hell and have a long day that starts with a brutal work out in the AM.

Cheers D4L!!!!!

Rob, he got hurt The last 2 minutes of the bowl game. Carlito works out at the same gym Micah is training at, says the dude beasts everyone there, and he says Dan Williams and Eric Berry are part of the group that works out there. I would think from everything I read he will run, this guy is a fierce competitor, and he knows his stock could definately use a boost.

Good info Bootang,

I know he is VERY strong looking and should do awesome in the bench portion. I am anxious to see his speed and flexibility at the combine.

He looks a lot like Vernon Davis muscle wise.

From what I saw he seems to navigate trash better than McClain and can get off blocks pretty well.

The Fins just need to have deft choices on draft day and the Fins should take a big step forward in 2010.


"Well, you know, I think we have to get more production from the inside linebacker position...They know that. We know that. You guys know that. So that's something I think those two guys are going to bring to us next year, too."

If they sign Dansby, I could see them trying to find a trade partner to move Crowder's attitude, salary, injuries, etc. and "bring production at ILB" in the form of an extra 3rd rd draft pick.

Just watched the johnson highlight film.WOW.Can that translate to the nfl?He is BIG.Any problems that the trifecta would see wrong with him?

I'm hoping we get in draft
!st Dez Bryant WR or Mike Lupati OG
2nd Aurrelious Benn WR or Brandon LaFell WR
3rd Sean Lee ILB or Koa Misi OLB or Jimmy Graham TE
4th Dekoda Watson OLB Tyson Alualu NT
5th LeGarrette Blount RB Dennis Pitta TE Mike Kafka QB

Rolando McClain and Kindle are ?????
2nd rd if there Brandon Graham or Sean Witherspoon
Vladimir Ducasse OL or Anthony McCoy Te wouldn't be bad either



2 receivers in rounds 1 and 2? 3rd round is a reach for Jimmy Graham and the Dolphins don't have a 5th round!

Ireland like Suprano talks out of his butt quite a bit.

No reason to believe any statements on medeocre players at this stage of the game. Wait until free agency and the draft and see.

Likely, the Gerbil is out. Crowder and Ayodele will be history if Dansby is signed or McClain is drafted. At least one will easily go and the Gerbil has no chance. This is his third team where he once again has shown that he cannot cover.

Ireland sounds pretty ingnorant blaiming the rookie corners for part of the problem when the Gerbil did not make a single INT and was never around for safety help.


Either Crowder Head or Ayodele will be gone. There will be an upgrade at ILB. I agree with most that if Dez Bryant is there at 12 Miami will have to blink and really think twice before they pull the trigger on Graham, Kindle or McClain. I truly believe that OLB will be the first choice off the board and NT the second choice. In the 3-5 round picks you will see WR-TE-ILB. Miami has a huge question to answer, do they go after A. Rolle or Dansby or both? Once the FA question is answered, the draft will be better formatted for them.

Here's a shot in the dark that no ones considering!! Hernandez the TE, would be a big target for henne. An Miami could trade down pick up a 5th or 4th rounder.
Otherwise, the keeping the ILB could just be for trade bait purpass'. Think about it, Miami says " well keep 'em " anouther team can't assume well cut them!

Adoyele would be more productive if he were off the team. Maybe that is what Ireland meant?

Not sure on all the hate for Crowder, I think he is a solid, above average 3-4 ILB. The guy is not spectacular but rarely out of position, plays well against the run, and is solid in pass coverage. I watched a few of the games again (is it really 7 months until the season?) and the first pic by Vontae against the Titans was because Crowder was running almost step for step with Bo Scaife (an athletic TE) a good 20+ yards downfield and he tipped it up. After watching Torbor (a college DE) run 5 steps behind every Houston TE or RB, I am happy with Crowder. We just need a playmaker next to him

Ireland made similar comments about how much he likes the WRs on the team and thinks they already have a #1 WR. Seriously, there is little point in trying to read much into what he says. He's only talking because he has to.

I don't doubt that OLB, NT, and WR might be the focus of this draft though. Makes sense, but if they can upgrade the ILB position through free agency with Dansby they will definitely pull the trigger. If another team blows him away with a bloated contract then we'll likely be stuck with the draft as our only means of upgrading the ILB spot this year.

Our ILBs made every TE and RB look like an All Pro last year. They combined to miss more tackles than probably every other unit out there. They were both in the middle of the pack in total tackles. And the position isn't in major need of an upgrade? Come on...

I still think this team is being built in the right way (Pat White excepted). I'd expect us to trade down if the offer is there or draft the best player available in the early rounds.

This has been some good stuff on here.... The only thing i see a problem with is this If we sign dansby and then sign rolle. Lets face facts if we sign dansby it will be a major investment and any other FA brought in will be someone you have never heard of... I really like the Riley Cooper comment as well. He was pretty decent in college and that is with a complete turd throwing him the ball.

IF we sign Dansby, our free agency is over. We might sign a veteran as a backup but that will be it. I would be fine with it, gives us a playmaker (Dansby) and solid guy (Crowder) along with Akin as a backup. Cut Torbor and get a young guy to develop. Has anyone thought about a trade for Shaun Rogers for NT? It was something from two years ago and I have heard they might try to unload him due to a young team and a solid back up. They gave up a third rounder two years ago, I would think we could get him for a 4th or 5th.

WVA, not Miami related, but Bradford or Clausen?

They bring those two clowns back we will be cellar dwellers in 2010-11
This team is not tough to figure out.

Man bootang, well i saw Bradford his freshmen year get worn out by my mountaineers at that fiesta bowl but i know that he is real good. He has the shoulder questions though... Clausen is someone that his whole time in college i was never impressed with.... I would say Bradford although if my team were looking for a quarterback i would wait one more year and get Locker.

Did you guys forget about
JD "Vet school student" Folsom??

He is the ready to go next season after a raging campaign on the PS squad.

Here is one thing I have a hard time figuring out. We all know, as well as everyone else in the nation, Chad Henne is our starter. But, our front office won't come out and say it, but what they will say is Thigpen and White will compete for the 2nd and 3rd string job. JUST COME OUT AND SAY IT BLUNTLY!! or have they and I am missing something?

Expect Torbor to be cut.
we will sign Foote in FA not Dansby.
Draftee for Depth

Does anyone know if there has been any discussion about Jason Taylor. I believe Ireland discussed almost every player on our roster except JT...

I would rather hear about JT than why we cut JP

Question.... If White is the third string quarterback does that still allow for him to run the wildcat????

Waterboy - Why not sign both Foote and Dansby?? I know that probably wouldn't happen, but hey WHY NOT? (besides money issues)

This just in Indiana---- Taylor is old.......

Indiana besides money issues why dont we just sign everyone lol

WestVa - If the 3rd string QB comes into the game before the 4th quarter then the 1st and 2nd string are not allowed to re enter the game. So, even though Thigpen may win the 2nd string gig, he may be 3rd string on game day just so White can get snaps at Wildcat or in the slot or whatever way the front office try to use him. I do not think they are going to keep White on the bench game in and game out...

That was my thought. Wasnt White actually the number to before Penny went down for that exact reason????

WestVa - Good point and that would be nice to be able to do huh? lol

number two...

He sure was. Henne was the "3rd stringer" until Pennington's injury.

If we could just have the money for anyone we want yeah that would be nice....

Soo then our depth chart will show something far different then what our actually gameplan would be. Because my thought would be that if Henne goes down it will be Thigpens game but he will be in the third position..

I think the Dolphins will take the best available player among a number of positions with their first pick. So if Dez Bryant falls to them at 12 then they will pick him, which would likely then put at least one or two Dolphin WRs on the trading block during the draft. Same could happen if we select McClain. This is the time of year when coaches and GMs say what they think will get them ready for the draft. If you talk about how the players on your current roster are so good and will be playmakers next year then they look better as trade bait when you put them up for trade prior or during the draft. With the draft spread over more days there will be extra time to get these trade deals done. Trade G.Wilson and draft Taylor Mays.

WU1SABES- Do you say trade wilson because he had a bad year????

WVA, I posted a pretty good highlight video of Micah Johnson earlier in the blog. If you get a chance, check it out. He's pretty nasty, if he gets healthy, I may want him starting around the 3rd round.

Ireland said that Pigpen will compete with White for # 2 spot. Translation : Henne all the way # 1.

Pat White will be given a WR number so he can do his QB draw and option plays during the game since I expect Pigpen to beat him handsomely for the # 2 position in Training Camp.

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