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Are Ayodele and Crowder also back in 2010?

Dolphins fans have spent over a month thinking change was coming to the inside linebacker position -- be it because everyone saw Rolando McClain trading his Alabama Crimson for Dolphins aqua, or because Karlos Dansby rumors are flying everywhere, or because no one really liked the play of Akin Ayodele or Channing Crowder.

But on the same day Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland suggested Gibril Wilson will return as the free safety in 2010, he also seemed to confirm Ayodele and Crowder also will be back in 2010.

"Well, you know, I think we have to get more production from the inside linebacker position," Ireland said when asked his comfort level with Crowder and Ayodele.

"They know that. We know that. You guys know that. So that's something I think those two guys are going to bring to us next year, too."

Read that last sentence again. It predicts higher production from Crowder and Ayodele for next year.

Well, to make that prediction, one has to believe they will be on the team to play up to the prediction. And if that be the case, then the Dolphins might not necessarily be thinking McClain.

I still believe the Dolphins will do their homework with Dansby. I still believe they will be in the derby to a degree. But it is an expensive chase and there is no way Ireland could or would predict the Dolphins will absolutely get him.

So the GM cannot talk as if Dansby is definitely coming. He can, however, speak to Miami's intention to keep Crowder and Ayodele. And I think that is what he did.

Frankly, in conversations I had Thursday with two folks somewhat familiar with what Dolphins people are saying, it seems the team is focusing on addressing three positions as their "must haves" this offseason.

Outside linebacker. Wide receiver. Nose tackle.

Those seem to be surfacing as the priorities.

Outside linebacker is important because, as Ireland stated, Miami has "age" at the position. And no, Joey Porter is not returning to Miami under any circumstance despite this report that raises the possibility that the rift can be patched.

U.S. Special Forces troops will patch things up with coward Usama Bin Laden before Porter and the Dolphins reconcile.

Nose tackle is "a priority," Ireland said because there are only so many men on the planet that fill the size requirement for the position and you get those guys when you can.

And wide receiver is important because the Dolphins could not throw the football very well last season -- No. 20 in the NFL -- and have to provide quarterback Chad Henne more weapons to change that fact.

"Every offense needs big playmakers, Ireland said. "Every offense does. This offense is no different. We need big playamkers. We need players that make chunk yardage.We need players that score touchdowns. This offense is no different. We need chunk players."

"We do need a big-play playmaker in my mind .. We need to get more production out of the wide receiver position."

So that's important.

Well, as I've stated before, the Dolphins cannot also include ILB as a need. Perhaps the Dansby gambit works. Perhaps not.

But at least the Dolphins have to be thinking they have guys already on the roster capable of playing the position as starters. And those guys -- Crowder and Ayodele -- seem likely to be back in 2010.



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My work cpu blocks youtube but ill pull it up on my phone if i get a chance...

@ Indiana,

I dont like the idea of swapping both ILB in one year.
You need the Defense to gel, and even if Clam Chowder was bad last year he has been the cappy of the defense for 2 years.

So Sign Foote, insert with Clam Chowder. Draftee as backup with Ayodele

what is the name of the video bootang i have to look it up by that or give me the length of the video

Micah Johnson 2008 highlights. Like 6 and a half minutes. It won't take you long to figure out, but he is #4.would have no problem with him being one of our ILBs.

Trade Wilson because he does not play FS well he is more of a SS. He can only have a good year if Miami has a front seven like the beasts the Giants had on their super bowl run. We need a player we can put out there to lead the defense and secondary, put him out there without any help to make plays, Wilson is not a playmaker, he is a stop gap solution at best.

WVA, Bradford weighed in at 236, and supposedly muscular. That is key for him, he did look too skinny in college.

I think this is being looked at too literally. Of course he is going to talk about them as if they will be back. There are no replacements yet. Why risk alienating your current players under contract when you have no current replacement for them??? Its the same reason he talked about what they expect from Wilson next year. Why would you play your hand in terms of what you position you want to upgrade. That would give you no leverage in free agent negotiations or the draft.

WestVaFins - If Henne would get hurt whoever is #2 will be in the game for that game only unless that #2 would get hurt as well. Then, the following weeks it would be a interesting battle who would be our #1 guy.

Example: The Steelers game. Henne hurt, in come #2 White, then White hurt in come #3 Thigpen. They would not risk putting the 3rd stringer in the game before the 4th, because if he would get hurt we would have no QB

I think Bradford would be a good quarterback but if he goes to some place with no talent i think he will just disappear into the league like so many others we have seen. Thats what i hate for these good college quarterbacks. They go to these awful teams and do not have the capabilities to turn the whole franchise around so the team goes on to the next new quarterback searching and searching. That is what will happen with clausen or bradford which ever goes to washington.

Waterboy - Good point. No way they get 2 FA ILB's and replace both the current ones we have and no big name FA is going to any new team to be a backup...

Thats a good point Indiana i didnt think about that... Sooo for that one game it would be Whites. Then maybe he could have a great performance and take the job lol...

I personally like Bradford much more than Clausen. It will be interesting to see how Bradford makes adjustments from shotgun spread to a more traditional offense.

Let's not even think about a QB injury to Henne though. If it happens I will go in hiding for the entire rest of the season, no matter which season it would happen. Knock on wood it doesn't happen, because we are going in the right direction and finally set (no deep worry) at the QB position for the 1st time since Marino

Yeah i have always liked Michigan as like my out of state team sooo i watched Henne start for four years at Michigan... He is a stud and i feel really good about him at that position. Imagine my joy when my two favorite college quarterbacks of the past few years both got drafted to my favorite NFL team.

I see you didn't include Free Safety in the list. What are the chances that we try and convert Vontae Davis to safety on a trial basis? He has the size, speed, and ball hawking abilities to play the position.

From what I saw last year, he doesn't cover elite wide outs all that well in man to man coverage. Putting him in a more of a zone coverage position like free safety might help him out. He'll also shut down any tight ends or running backs who are the guys that gave us so much trouble last year. Remember that the guy people are talking about getting now (Antrel Rolle) also came into the league as a corner and then converted to free safety.

Personally, I think that Sean Smith is too good at corner to try and switch even though he has the size. It might make sense to try Vontae at safety rather than sit him on the bench when Will Allen returns. He is definitely one of our four best DBs, so he needs to be on the field even if it's not his primary position.

If what Ireland and Armando's sources say are true, big IF, then I see our first pick being Dan Williams NT...we cannot fix that position in FA or OLB...I would still be unhappy as Akin as our ILB starter alongside Crowder though...Can't wait till March 5th and the start of FA and see how active the Fins will be

WestVaFins - I do not have anything personal against Michigan like I do OSU or PU, but I do remeber Henne and Long's Junior year when they came to Bloomington (IU) to destroy our football team. I was in the 2nd row behind the visitors bench hounding both Henne and Long, but they just laughed at the fans. At the time I pretty much hated them since I am an IU fan at heart, but now that I look back on it they were impressive that day. I apologize to them both now though!

Very exciting FA signing period is almost here...

bobbyd12 - With your assumptions, I still think they go OLB before NT. One reason why is Ireland hinted Ferguson is doing well, so I see them taking NT in 2nd or 3rd and grooming him behind Ferguson. They tried that with Solia, but it didn't seem to work. IMO SOlia has not had that much experience though either and we don't know the front office opinion about him. If they think Wilson is a better player and will improve "as they say" I kind of think they may think the same with Solia with another year behind Ferguson. Just a guess though...

That team was really good Indiana...You have to be more die hard about basketball though correct???? How big of a fan of Randle el are you???

I hate to say it, But I mreally like Crowder when he is on the field. He is no Zach, but plays hard and hits holes hard, sometimes not the right ones, but most of the time OK. Ayodele, not so much, really did not see much exciting from him this year.

Tuna Helper - I have asked that beofre with Allen coming back, can Smith or Davis play safety. Depending on the plans for Clemons I wouldn't be surprised if they tried 1 of the 3 at safety depending on what they do with Wilson and how Clemons progresses abviously

From what i read about Allen if anyone in that secondary is not going to be making a return its going to be him...

WestVa - Of freaking course Basketball is my die hard sport when it comes to college. Bobby Knight baby, best coach ever. Indiana (the state) is known for basketball and I was born and raised here, so without a doubt basketball is where it's at!! NBA sucks though kind of.

Even though we got destroyed last night by Wisconsin, Tom Crean did get 2 technicals within about 2 minutes and got ejected. First ejection at Assembly Hall by IU coach in a long time. It was quite humerous to watch.

As for Randel El, yeah I follow him. Big Ben's first Super Bowl, Randel El threw the best TD pass of the game! A 40-50 yard beautiful strike to Hines Ward (I think he caught it)!!!

You know the movie Hoosiers right?

I don't think Allen is going anywhere. We don't have much depth at CB IMO, so having Allen, Davis and Smith is a must I believe...

We need Crean to chuck a chair accross the court, or to top bobby, at the mascot... :)

Yeah i know the movie Indiana, i figured you were a college basketball guy...

Agreed on the corners, I wish we would have took a chance on signing MccAlister last year. fundamentaly sound, and could be a good example for our young guys. Allen has good instincts, but terrible hands. :)

Poizen - Have you seen the chairs at IU now days? They are all tied together and not moving UNLESS he took the entire row of chairs and threw the entire row of them. Probably about 15 chairs haha!!

At least I believe IU is going in the right direction. A few injuries hurt them this year, example 1 Maurice Creek, who was leadingg the Big Ten Freshmen in scoring before his fractured knee cap.

What would hurt worse? Fractured knee cap or torn ACL/MCL??? I wouldn't want either, but I wonder what is worse for pain...

WestVaFins - That movie was based on the 1954 Milan High School State Champs. Milan is very very close to my hometown and a high school conference rival. It's not like I was alive back in 1954, but it is still pretty cool history!

I actually played AAU bball for Milan back when I was in 7th and 8th grade -- long time ago from now!

Big eric gordon fan????


The following is a list of high paid players who may or may not be back with the team next year, at least not at current salary levels. This makes up about 30% of our payroll for last year which would give us plenty of room to sign Dansby at $8-9 mil a year and also a top wide receiver (Marshall) if Denver will accept a 2nd rounder for him.

Porter $5.5 mil
Pennington $5.7 mil
Ayodele $3.0 mil
Ferguson $4.0 mil
Ginn $2.7 mil
Wilson $4.0 mil
Torbor $3.6 mil
Smiley $3.8 mil
J Allen $5.6 mil

These guys total around $37 million give or take. I almost got sick when I saw how much Jason Allen was making. Not bad for a special teams player. The only reason I included Smiley is that he can't stay healthy which might mandate a change at OG.

I also saw that management was talking to Detroit about a Ronnie Brown plus a first round pick for Calvin Johnson. If it is next years 1st rounder, then make the trade and pick Spiller this year. Hopefully we are a playoff team next year and that will be a low first round pick. As good as he is, Brown is constantly hurt and it is a lot easier to find a good running back than an elite wide receiver. CJ is nicknamed "Megatron" for a reason, he is a freak of nature.

What do you think?

day in life of a farmer

What is mean Hoosier? Is it donkey like hokie mean turkey for va teck?

Tuna Helpers daddy drop him on his head while play first addition on Madden. He been like this ever since. Its not his fault.

Cobra - STFU dude and go learn English!! You want to know something, Google was created for a reason loser!!

Look who talking Indiana king of ask stupid question. pot meet a kettle.

cobra where have you been????? its been a while since you disgraced us with your presence..

Do you think "Tillikum" will still be available when we pick at number 12? He's got the size we need at Nose Tackle and he's technically already a member of the dolphin family.

I been taking name kicking ass and make money. Not like you fools asking stupid question all day

If you want absolutely no information or interesting reading please go to my blog where I can break down a 6-4-3 double play but have no clue about the 3-4 defense.

Im actually sitting here making money as we speak. Or in your case try to speak..... I love the fact that i get paid the whole time that i can make fun of you because you are the most worthless POS to get on this blog...

Fractured Knee Cap hurts more and much longer, ACL MCL hurts for the first few, then you have 0 strenght. I've had both... lol

cobra - Stupid questions huh? Are you able to read the questions and understand what they are? I don't think it is the question that is stupid, but rather the reader of the question, YOU!!

WestVa @ 10:51 - EXACTLY!!

Poizen - Ouch man, bad luck with the knees huh. That sucks dude!

Man i thought i had bad knees... Nothing compared to poizen

Is coward the only adjective you could think to put in front of Bin Laden?


Great adjective thats what he is. I hope crowder goes he is plain awful.



Just to comment on your number 2 versus number 3 QB thing..

If I remember correctly, when Pennington was hurt, they went right to Henne the number 3 QB and ended the day for pat white too.

I think the Pittsburgh game was a bit different since Henne's injury wasn't so clear cut. They were sure if he wuold out for like a series or two or for the game. Then someone turned the lights off on White and Henne still wasn't feeling it so Thigpen had to come in..

But if they knew for sure that Henne would not be back that game, I am pretty sure they would have gone right to Thigpen instead of putting White in and calling run plays only.

Every player under contract for 2010, with the exception of Porter will be back.

When henne took over the Dolphins passing game was rated 32, Henne raised it to 20.
Henne's personal rank is 16. That's right it only took him 13 games as starter to pass 16 other QB's in the league including Matt Ryan.

Releasing Roth might come back to bite us. No he was not a elite player but he was a decent starter. Imagine this we could have drafted Dan Wiliams for NT, Wake and JT at weakside LB, Dansby and Crowder man the middle, and Roth on the strong side. I think that could have been a respectable front seven.

Mando you said, "And wide receiver is important because the Dolphins could not throw the football very well last season -- No. 20 in the NFL -- and have to provide quarterback Chad Henne more weapons to change that fact."

I'd qualify that remark by saying "whoever" is quarterback.

Henne will have trouble beating out Pennington (if healthy and allowed to compete). Henne could probably start in 2011 but I don't think his accuracy is there yet.

Tampfin...Henne will have difficulty beating out Pennington??????...what planet are are you on???...Henne showed plenty last year and I expect him to improve this year and be a top 6 QB in the league...Even Thigpen is a really good QB....

mando is correct...we need chunk yards....not 15 plays to score...it tires every body on the offence out.

Th passing game needs to be POTENT and therefore UPGRADED...Ginn is no more than a Punt returner...the running game is OK but will need attention next year...

Henne will be the face of the franchise and will QB us to a Superbowl in the next 3 years if the TRIFECTA act decisively and equip the offense.

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