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Parcells noncommittal on Jason Taylor return

Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells came out from behind the iron curtain of Dolphins silence Monday to do a live chat on NFL.com.

And during that chat he was asked about the Super Bowl, his time with the Cowboys, his relationship with Dan Henning, and other things. There were even a couple of good Dolphins questions that he talk.

The big headline of the entire chat?

Parcells is noncommittal about Jason Taylor's return to the Dolphins in 2010.

"I don't know the answer to the Taylor question at this moment," he said. "He's a free agent as of March 5 and we haven't discussed it yet. We'll see where that goes when the time comes."

Frankly, Taylor is noncommittal with the Dolphins as well. Why does this seem like two people who want to date but neither is willing to make the first move? Too bad because what normally happens in those cases is they wind up with other people.

New England Patriots? New York Jets?

The Big Tuna was asked if he took the call from Rex Ryan during the season when the Jets coach called for advice.

"Rex did call -- but it was for advice on the Breeder's Cup," Parcells answered. "I told him he should consult with someone else on that matter!"

Parcells was asked if the Dolphins are interested in bringing in a No. 1 receiver for quarterback Chad Henne.

"... we'd be interested in the position," he replied. "But they have to be available, we can't invent them."

Parcells was asked if the Dolphins might be interested in Chad Pennington as a coach, which is not a good question because Pennington wants to continue to play. And Parcells said as much.

"I think Chad's intention is to try to continue playing, so I don't think coaching is on the forefront for him right now," Parcells said.


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the Pig calling a tuna about horse????is this a Dr. Seuss book?????

Rex wanted to know how to COOK the horse for a meal, not how it performs

So what was Parcell's answer to the receiver question?

Did anyone see this by chance?

Go to NFL.com and read what Parcells says about the reciever question....if u followed Parcells carreer that means, not the number one priority for us

Rex wanted to eat the horse, not check on it's performance

What did parcells say about a no. 1 receiver? We need Brandon marshal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please--would it kill you to relay the answer, since it appears you have already gone to site?

BTW---good one with the "cook a horse" line!

He doesnt really say anything about it.

Parcells response about #1 reciever- Oscar, we'd be interested in the position. But they have to be available, we can't invent them.

Dude click the above link in mando's post where it says nfl.com , to see for yourself. ??

FYI fellas--

PFT is reporting that Unsexy Rexy did more than flip us off this weekend:

apparently Ashodumga (you know who I mean, raiders QB) was quoted as saying he wants to be a Jet & has spoken with Revis AND Ryan about so doing.

Florio's stirring up the Tampering pot--let's wish him well in jamming the Jets.


Do you really think Parcells is going to give up a 1st and 3rd for cry baby Marshall? NO WAY!! Parcells likes to gain picks not lose them...

if taylor does leave for good then brandon graham would be really good addition to the team but he might not be able to bring what taylor brought to the dolphins

Sorry, NFL.com has the interview, very short

Oscar, Miami3:12 PM ET
Bill, are you guys are considering bringing a number 1 receiver for chad henne?

Bill Parcells, Miami Dolphins
Oscar, we'd be interested in the position. But they have to be available, we can't invent them.

In other words:
"Hell no!!! We have too many holes on other areas. If we can't find him in FA, then the answer is NO.

This proves that Parcells wont go after a #1 WR in the draft.

I love jason taylor and he has been a great dolphin but i think at this stage in his career he will only hurt the fins/. I know he has been a loyal dolphin and done great for us but just because we are fans of his doesnt mean he represents the best option for us this season.

when i watched him last season i noticed when the dolphins defense was doing bad he shone above them and tried to bring life back to the dolphins but i dont know if he can bring that same intensity to the defense or not this next season which leaves me questioned. will we need brandon graham or not?

someone , please call me. anyone ??

Only at the right price and as a mentor. His days as a star are over.

does anyone think that c.wake would be able to do anything else besides pass rush. we all know he is very good at that but what else is he good at?

Mark, Who Kris or Jason?????Just asking....

Here's the solution everyone:

Put Pat White at slot receiver, make Thigpen the #2 QB and line him up in the wing, draft T. Cody and put him at fullback and run the heck out of Ricky/Ronnie/Hilliard all the way to hell!!!

Cuban, I have no clue. Seems to have NJ in the bomb sites though.

Pat white needs to find a secondary position i agree. I hope the next time we see him he looks like a different person. He needs muscle and weight or he is going to get knocked out of this league in a hurrry.


We wont know the exact answer to that question until Offseason Training starts. I hope he's able to develope into an overall OLB.

Lmao @ J-mac

J-Mac - You really think T. Cody could last at fullback, especially knowing how OUT OF SHAPE he is? Why put him there when we have one of the best fullbacks in the league. Get somewhat realistic...

I hope that was some serious sarcasm, lol.

enrique1085 - I couldn't agree more...

If it was not sarcasm, you get the biggest C'MON MAN of all time!!

Mando - Come on with the Taylor as a Jet line. He wouln't sign with them last year and he said he hates the Jets, the organization and the fans. He made it very clear, he also made it clear he would play for the pats.

indiana dolfan
i believe/hope that J-Mac was kidding when he said that


lets hope that he can improve, he is an amazing pass rusher, if he could drop back into coverage or help out some more with the rush he could be more than just a 3rd down player

Taylor filled a need this past year at a salary cap friendly number. But his role should be able to be handled by a younger player. He's been a great Dolphin, but sometime you have to cut him loose, kind of the way Green Bay cut Favre loose. Thanks Jason, bye.

Tuna DID NOT say he wasnt interested in a No1 WR...on the contrary...I read it as saying that there arnt many that are available...THAT MEANS via FA to me....so looks like he wont use the draft by those words....he just feels that there are not many available in FA......but it could be a smokescreen re DEZ BRYANT.....He knows 100% he needs a No1...he is not stupid....he will go for a No1 for sure because it will shore up the offense....for me...id trade JT, Ronnie Brown,Ted Ginn,Nate Garner and anyone else with some value for picks....then acquire Brandon M, and draft CJ SPILLER.....then line backers......

The wide reciever issue is going to be dealt with in FA or late in the draft. Bryant will not be a dolphin. And Alfy if we traded all those people we would be in worse shape then we are now.

Taylor and Porter have both played their last games for the Dolphins....this is the year the Defense gets younger and bigger

Porter was just on Jim Romes show and in so many words said that if he is just going to be a rotation guy then he wants out.

is there a transcript that can be posted?

B/t Taylor & Porter, I'd keep Taylor. Otherwise, I'm in agreement fins need to get younger and stronger on "D".

Bigafly, if u followed Parcells carreer u would know there is no way no how he's using a high pick on a receiver...WILL NOT HAPPEN

btw, PBP has a link to the chat transcript if anyone is interested or I guess you can see it directly at nfl.com

Lets forget what parcells has done in previous drafts. i would think the clear concensus is that Dez is the best wr in the draft. The dolphins should not be interested in him at 12 because of the DIRE needs on the defense as well as i dont think he is worth it. Plus i have said it before i think he is going to have similar issues to crabtree and could be a possible trouble reciever in the league. Let the bengals have him because they love getting recievers whose egos and mouths are bigger than their talent and let it be there headache. The bengals are not going to hurt us with him. They choke everytime they get a chance.

Taylor will either be back with the Dolphins or he will retire. The only reason he came down from Washington was because he wanted to spend time with his family and didn't want to go to all the camps in Washington. He took a huge pay cut to be with the Phins this year and I think he will do the same next year to finish his career as a Dolphin. He will be a role model for these rookies coming in and will help develope them. Taylor in, Porter out.

I really just see no use for Taylor anymore. We have developed young talent and will be getting even more in the draft. If he wants to stay on and play minimal plays and be more of a role model/teacher then if the big three decide thats a good use of a roster spot then i am fine with that but i dont think having him on the field for a large amount of time does anything but hurt us.

Rex Ryan Fat Jokes?

I'm Game!!!

We won't get Bryant in the first round because Tuna knows how to draft good recievers in the late rounds or undrafted WRs. Look at Miles Austin and Bess. Both brought in by the Tuna, both undrafted. We will get a solid WR and a good young defense to add to our up and coming CBs we drafted last year.

Where are NJ and the stalkers?

Sounds like a Band.

Rex ryans FUPA is the best fat joke there is haha.

Listen, there is guys on this roster that are going to play this year that we didn't see alot of in 2009...Merling, Wake, Sperry, Turner, Culver, Clemons, don't think for one second that these guys are going to sit on the sidelines and waste space another year...Jason Taylor, great Dolphin, Joey Porter, can still play the game BUT it's time to let the pups out...everyone, including me, guesses about what the Fins need but really don't know...big example is Patrick Turner, 6:4 big boy who had a solid college carreer, just cause he didn't break the roster in 2009 does not mean he is a failure or a bust, The staff might believe he will step in and be the big time receiver we need, which would take the WR position down from a need to a would like...Same with some linebacker spots and safety...Our biggest MUST HAVE is nose tackle, Fergunson 35 coming off injury...this will be a deep draft to upgrade D and we have some Rooks chomping to get in....should be interesting off year

Bobbyd- agreed here. There is probably so much about those players we didnt see that we jsut dont have a clue what we really need.

Its fun to act like we do know though lol.


Think you are right, the last 2 drafts should be kickin in, if not....

Some folks will be off the roster.

Third year has to be the charm.

Po, imagine if tose guys I named are starters next year, after this draft ur looking at a young, very deep roster that starts to make this a very competitive team for years, not one hit wonders

IMO, this years draft will be make or break; the Trifecta will be judged harshly on it if it is not a home run.....

Or at least a triple.

PW, it is fun to try to pick, totally agree!!

The only negative I see, and it is a huge negative is a 2011 lockout ...that would put a damper on lots of things, unbelievable with all the money the NFL makes and they are gonna scrw the fans again...sad

Porter just requested on Romes show to be traded...Like teams will jump on him, unless Al Davis jumps in or Parcells son-in-law does us a favor, Porter will be cut by the end of this month BYE BYE

I just don't get it. Taylor needs to go. Let Cam Wake be the third down, pass rusher. There are three linebackers in the draft that can come in and be an upgrade to this defense. Rolando McClain, would be a good pick at 12. Jean Weatherspoon, late first round early second, and would allow us to gain an extra pick. And Brandon Grasham could be pick in the second round, possible a still in the third round.

Right B12, Just our luck, Right when we should be hittin our stride.

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