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Parcells noncommittal on Jason Taylor return

Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells came out from behind the iron curtain of Dolphins silence Monday to do a live chat on NFL.com.

And during that chat he was asked about the Super Bowl, his time with the Cowboys, his relationship with Dan Henning, and other things. There were even a couple of good Dolphins questions that he talk.

The big headline of the entire chat?

Parcells is noncommittal about Jason Taylor's return to the Dolphins in 2010.

"I don't know the answer to the Taylor question at this moment," he said. "He's a free agent as of March 5 and we haven't discussed it yet. We'll see where that goes when the time comes."

Frankly, Taylor is noncommittal with the Dolphins as well. Why does this seem like two people who want to date but neither is willing to make the first move? Too bad because what normally happens in those cases is they wind up with other people.

New England Patriots? New York Jets?

The Big Tuna was asked if he took the call from Rex Ryan during the season when the Jets coach called for advice.

"Rex did call -- but it was for advice on the Breeder's Cup," Parcells answered. "I told him he should consult with someone else on that matter!"

Parcells was asked if the Dolphins are interested in bringing in a No. 1 receiver for quarterback Chad Henne.

"... we'd be interested in the position," he replied. "But they have to be available, we can't invent them."

Parcells was asked if the Dolphins might be interested in Chad Pennington as a coach, which is not a good question because Pennington wants to continue to play. And Parcells said as much.

"I think Chad's intention is to try to continue playing, so I don't think coaching is on the forefront for him right now," Parcells said.


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I agree with you PWSICK,

Taylor is way past his prime and we had our best season in at least a decade without him. I do think Porter isn't being used right and its possible he could rebound with proper postioning. But Taylor, is no longer relavent in the dolphins scheme



Way to hang in there Kris, don’t take $hit off anyone.

you think theres no use for taylor man? that man plays with passion those kids have never experienced. he was freaking what second in mvp voting before. the man is a legend and still decent at a completely cheap price. keep him on the team, keep him rotating in and pushing the younger players around them to help them inspire to be and play like he has all his career. idiots say let taylor go...he costs us what 1 million, 2 million?? some crazy idiot fans here.

It s all about how much you have to pay Taylor; Get em cheap play em, He wants money, send em packing.

bobbyd12, Good points. We will have a much better picture and and be able to make better guesses about draft picks when the FA's get signed or released as the case may be. It goes without saying that they will be hunting LB's if they cut, trade or don't resign/extend: JP, Taylor, AA, or RT.

I agree with Rex Ryan's Fupa (Lol, still sounds funny) that Taylor will retire or remain a Fin if the role and price are still kosher on both sides. I still, think that JP will find the door one way or the other. A.A, Anderson, and even Torbor could be let go or traded if FA bears LB Dansby fruit. I would hope A.A. would be the one that gets the hook from those 3.

Football genius wants to "reposition" a 33 year old past his prime player with a bad attitude on the field...Porter will be "repositioned" allright...to another team...Bye Bye Joey, nice knowing you

Im not going anywhere. Believe that. Those silly gay jokes actually make me laugh. Most of them were corny but some were good.

Besides it reminds me that I am not chatting with grown men, but some of these "men" are really little kids mentally and perhaps physically. You won't see me go back and forth with ignorance and stuipidity because its useless....however if you can challenge me, or I you on a legitimate football point...well let the debate begin

All in good fun.

yes, let the debate begins .


I never said "repostion". I said he was out of postion as he has said as well. JP may or not be the answer. but i am not gonna decide that one one bad year. Unfortunatley he needs to be prperly motivated as evidenced by his stellar 1st half against the Panthers. He needs to be challenged and pushed and i believe NOLAN will play more his style of ball. ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK. Porter wants to dominate his oppent not wait and see whats comming. PITT style

Rob in OC, I don't see Channing going anywhere and Wake becoming a force so adding in McClain or Weatherspoon would be a nice LB core...Really need that NT fixed though, without that middle guy all the good linebacking will be diminished...Dan Williams, Terrel Troupe need to be picked up....

What good is having Porter on this team if he's upsurping the coach and waving guys off the field ??? Again he is 33, taking reps from Wake, who is q pass rushing force and is replaceable... Thks but no thks

Past is over, future has started


I'm not gonna be the nerd who googles every players stats, However I will be the fan who wached every Dolphin game on TV and rarely was JT ever in the screen, let alone by in on a play. He only wants to sack the QB (not a bad thing right?) Wrong. He WON'T play the run. He WILL defend a pass now and again and he has a role he can play on third down. The problem with that is that Taylor takes to many plays off. I have personnaly watched him not persue down the line of scrimmage when he could have tackled a running back for little or no gain. Every yard counts and I want somebody who smells blood and loves football in thier. Not some wanna be actor writing his memoirs while he is still playing


You would rather have Joey Porter than Taylor? Interesting. That is why this whole talent eval process both on the team, FA's and drafted talent will always be fun to debate.

I am on the if they keep one or the other, keep Taylor. He bleeds aqua and orange and JP is more of a merc for here. JP is obviously so discouraged about other, much younger and possibly more athletically able players getting snaps he is starting to chirp. He is rumored pounting, potentially ignoring the coaches will to send in other players, suspension "for in house reasons" etc leads me to believe he will be more of a problem child than not going forward. I say, cut bait and move on. I doubt anyone will trade for him knowing we will probably cut him soon for the looming bonus due him.

PFT is reporting that Porter has asked for a trade...


I will agree with you on that point. My SIG when i first started posting was...RESPECT THE PAST, EMBRACE THE FUTURE.

Maybe i am a little nostalgic about Porter now that the season has passed. I will give it more thought. My insticts tells me is capable of more years like 08-09 with the right scheme

he says he is unwilling to be in a rotation...

too bad that kind of statement kills his trade value even more than his bloated contract... it look like cutsville for porter

Porter and Taylor don't belong on the same field at the same time, Now put Roth and one or the other on the field you gotta D, We should of got rid of Joey and kept Roth. IMO

Let Porter go, Give Wake the snaps and keep Taylor if the price is right.

Wake needs to be out there, he is explosive... with a year of experience under his belt he should be more than ready.

Porter is gone and he knows it

I think we F*ucked up letting Roth Go but hope we can make up for it in the draft.

Regardless of how productive Porter may or may not be,he's already said he does'nt want to play for the Dolphins next year so he must go.

The Dolphins wont get any draft picks for him because it's obvious 31 other NFL teams know the Dolphins will just cut him soon anyway.

Looks like if we lose Porter,maybe the best option in regards to the draft is to trade down for more picks because the Linebacker situation will go from awful to disastrous


Fixing the NT for me would entail, in order...

Signing FA Casey Hampton NT (I'm going to assume that the Pats are not gonna let him come to the Fins unless they would get extremely unequal value, so I will say he is out of the running.)

Drafting Dan Wialliams late 1st by trading back for extra picks.

Drafting Cam, Cody or Troupe in that order from 3rd or 4rth round on.

*Gutting out another year with Solai after finding a late 6-7 rd. hidden gem type. If Ferguson can rehab back I would call him if Solai is not improving or gets hurt.

*The Asterick is the absolute worst option.

Parcells isn't gonna say shyt about what he plans to do. Why should he... so that we would ask another question. Right now, every team all 30 who are NOT playing in the SB (but they will be doing the same soon) are keeping the plans and strategy to themselves. In last years draft, EVERYONE knew Miami wanted to take a shot at Ron Brace for a NT. New England has the best NT in football, but to make certain Miami did not get what they wanted, Belechick traded up right in front of us to snag the guy. That is the sort of crap that is going on. Good thing is Miami has already had its hands in the Cookie Jar at the North South game. You can bet they have an idea of who they are looking at... and that AIN'T NO ONES BUSINESS.... and it needs to stay that way. We will all know soon enough. Parcells and Sparano know what the team needs... they don't need the "FANS" to remind them who they should be looking at. I would imagine what they hear on any given day from arm chair coaches. Miami will have their 1st and 2nd already chosen. Unless by some miracle some one we don't expect falls to 12th. The 2nd round pick is in a real good spot.


Fixing the NT for me would entail, in order...

Signing FA Casey Hampton NT (I'm going to assume that the Pats are not gonna let him come to the Fins unless they would get extremely unequal value, so I will say he is out of the running.)

Drafting Dan Wialliams late 1st by trading back for extra picks.

Drafting Cam, Cody or Troupe in that order from 3rd or 4rth round on.

*Gutting out another year with Solai after finding a late 6-7 rd. hidden gem type. If Ferguson can rehab back I would call him if Solai is not improving or gets hurt.

*The Asterick is the absolute worst option.

we can let porter go, if he doesnt want to play for the fins then i dont want him to. we need someone who will put in the effort and someone who wants to be on the dolphins

Sorry for the double post....curse u funky refresh cyber-space...

I'm out for a while....


This whole blog thing is a joke. People shouldn't get together to do crap like this!

I like the jets and crap like this shouldn't go on this blog thing or whatever. I personally think that peyton manning will dominate in the super bowl

Screw off bitch3s

Who in gods name wants porter and his big mouth... He should go to the pathetic jets...he's far from a team player!!!! He's a joke! He is collecting the big dollars because cam camermoran brought him in

They got rid of Roth for a much lower degree of

Anyone agree?

Trade porter for some of Rex ryans secret stash!!!

Well, in one month we are gonna know alot about Porter, Taylor, Gibril, Ginn and some others, who gets cut will give us an idea of where we might be headed

Agreed Joey

We should resign JT . He's a great leader with great character that our young guys can feed from. I mean that's the kind of great atittude the tuna loves. Y not resign him. He still produces

Joe in Jersey,

I agree...but Roth is average at best with little upside. He most likely has already peaked and besides a hee needs a vert dominate player on the otherside for him to relevant. JT made his career much the way he did the dude that went to the Bears...whose name i can bearly remember and won't even try to spell. Taylor made many mens careers who playe oppiste of him. When he was good he was great, The problem now is that he is neither

Did the Tuna say how often he checks this sight for advice on personnel decisions.

Why does this mean Taylor is likely to be playing somewhere else? As I recall, Taylor was a free agent last year, while it was being rumored New England was making him an offer, which he turned down to play here for much less. Considering how Joey "the mouth" Porter has been telling Jim Rome at espn, he wants to play full time and anything less will be unaccecptable, says he's asking to be traded or cut. Which seems very possible. Making it easier to sign Taylor for one year to relieve Wake on the weak side. They'll draft 2-3 linebackers, and possibly sign a free agent.


Check out Roths Stats with the Browns..

He had Upside.

I will

fake kris at 8:13


Apoun futher review (stats), He is 'exactly who I thought he was". I always loved his motor and heart. but he doesn't jump off the page at me. Average player who will over achieve for as long as his heart alows. Kinda the Wes Welker of DE/OLBs. I'm suprised we didn't give him to New England for nothing

Joey porter is goner. Also to say you would rather have porter over taylor is both ignorant and naive . Porter is a liability agains vs run and taylor is NOT. In fact taylor was used primary on 1st and 2nd downs vs the run toward the end of the year. Which was a mistake . This was because jackA$$ porter wouldn't come off the field so Taylor and wake had to stay on the sideline on passing downs. Porter was getting dominated by backups all year. Porter , don't let the door kick you on the backside , on the way out. Also it's more cost effective to keep taylor over porter.

Porter 33 yrs old, Jason Taylor 35 years old...the only stats anyone needs

Bout time NJ,

Where ya been.

Po , just got in . what's up my man ??

bobbyd12. i hear ya but getting rid of both opens up more spots to fill and we all know miami has alot of needs. One ( taylor ) of them will be back.

4 Sacks in 6 games on a new team with a new scheme.

Not bad in my Book.

Ya missed all the fun Yesterday.

You got some crazies following ya.

How can I get my own stalkers? LOL

Po , that's right. I don't know what happened behind close doors but miami made a mistake getting rid of roth. If they hadn't then they could 've gotten rid of both porter and taylor and go with roth , wake and a high draft at olb. Now it will be taylor wake and a high draft pick.

po is nj is bobbyd12


Your post only futher proves my point even though it is written with a lot of double talk.

In one breath you say Taylor is can play the RUN...and the next you say it was a MISTAKE to play him on 1st and 2nd down (run down). Also if your "inside information" is correct then you have quite possibly explained why the Dolphins defense sucked at the end of the year. To much Taylor.

My last question. If If Porter and Taylor were both on the field during 1st and 2nd down then how does that keep Taylor off the field?

In my opinion Porter is much better than Taylor against the run. I know that on third and 1. It was more likely than not a run to Taylor's side. He has a body built to get after the quarterback and speed around a O-lineman and maybe take on a back trying to block him. Not stand up a line man then break down and make a tackle for a loss.

Dude, Its disturbing.

But make for great fun....

LOL @ Po. I saw it and it was pretty funny. i try to ignore them.

Po , i was on earlier today.

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