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Dolphins In Depth Scout digs up Combine info

Well, I promised some surprises during the Combine so let's get to it.

As you know Chris Cordero has been traveling to events such as the Combine and Senior Bowl as he tries to connect with an NFL job as a scout. He studied under some pretty impressive people and I trust his insight and eye for talent. Many of you appreciated his insight based on his Senior Bowl reports.

Cordero is at the Combine now and will be sending along tidbits he hears and sees from his growing number of connections. He'll do this throughout the Combine and I'll post them here.

This is his first report:

"Hearing from one of my buddies that's in the know (he is legit and called the Pat White pick last year as well Terrell Owens signing with Bills) that the rumors of the Dolphins going hard after Karlos Dansby are true.

And while the Dolphins seem to be willing to pay the price - no one thinks the Dolphins will go as far as making him the highest-paid linebacker (whereas another team - the Giants most likely - might go that far).

It also looks like Anquan Boldin will most likely get traded this offseason. The Cardinals and him are going to give a contract extension one more shot and if that doesn't work out look for him to be moved. The asking price will likely start at a 2nd rounder and the likeliest suitor is Baltimore and then the Dolphins. 

Also hearing that it looks very likely, provided his shoulder is not damaged to the point say Chad Pennington's was, that Sam Bradford will be the #1 pick. How this affects the Dolphins would be that the #2 and 3 picks become Suh and McCoy with the Redskins likely to go either offensive tackle or Jimmy Clausen at # 4.

That means that top S Eric Berry could fall some as might top WR Dez Bryant. The teams in front of the Dolphins don't have great needs at those positions and if the Broncos don't move Marshall then the other main landing spot for Bryant is the Browns.

So there is a chance -- albeit slim, and things always change between know and the draft as we know, that the Dolphins could have their choice of WR Bryant, S Berry, and ILB McClain.

Finally, McClain appears to be slipping and might need a great combine and pro day to stay in the Top 15, and among any of the top rush LB prospects.

--Chris Cordero 

Check back throughout the day as Cordero has already sent more updates and I will post them soon.