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Dolphins In Depth Scout digs up Combine info

Well, I promised some surprises during the Combine so let's get to it.

As you know Chris Cordero has been traveling to events such as the Combine and Senior Bowl as he tries to connect with an NFL job as a scout. He studied under some pretty impressive people and I trust his insight and eye for talent. Many of you appreciated his insight based on his Senior Bowl reports.

Cordero is at the Combine now and will be sending along tidbits he hears and sees from his growing number of connections. He'll do this throughout the Combine and I'll post them here.

This is his first report:

"Hearing from one of my buddies that's in the know (he is legit and called the Pat White pick last year as well Terrell Owens signing with Bills) that the rumors of the Dolphins going hard after Karlos Dansby are true.

And while the Dolphins seem to be willing to pay the price - no one thinks the Dolphins will go as far as making him the highest-paid linebacker (whereas another team - the Giants most likely - might go that far).

It also looks like Anquan Boldin will most likely get traded this offseason. The Cardinals and him are going to give a contract extension one more shot and if that doesn't work out look for him to be moved. The asking price will likely start at a 2nd rounder and the likeliest suitor is Baltimore and then the Dolphins. 

Also hearing that it looks very likely, provided his shoulder is not damaged to the point say Chad Pennington's was, that Sam Bradford will be the #1 pick. How this affects the Dolphins would be that the #2 and 3 picks become Suh and McCoy with the Redskins likely to go either offensive tackle or Jimmy Clausen at # 4.

That means that top S Eric Berry could fall some as might top WR Dez Bryant. The teams in front of the Dolphins don't have great needs at those positions and if the Broncos don't move Marshall then the other main landing spot for Bryant is the Browns.

So there is a chance -- albeit slim, and things always change between know and the draft as we know, that the Dolphins could have their choice of WR Bryant, S Berry, and ILB McClain.

Finally, McClain appears to be slipping and might need a great combine and pro day to stay in the Top 15, and among any of the top rush LB prospects.

--Chris Cordero 

Check back throughout the day as Cordero has already sent more updates and I will post them soon.


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Please oh please trade for Boldin!

If Dez Bryant and Eric Berry are still on the board at #12 the Dolphins will have a tough decision to make! (I personally think McClain is out of the picture)

Very nice information. With that news I really am thinking that the Dolphins are going to sign Dansby and skip on McClain.

I like Dansby.
I dont like Boldin for a #2.. Hell no. How about a 3 plus Cobbs

Glad to see them going hard after Dansby. Getting him opens up the draft options a little more. I couldn't care less if the Dolphins only get one starter in free agency as long as it's him.

The Eric Berry freefall continues to gain momentum. He would be the no brainer at 12.

Tampa would be smiling ear to ear if Bradford goes #1. They would love to get Suh, no doubt.

To think we could have had Boldin last year for the # 2 and drafted Pat White in Round 3 instead of Pat Turner.

What a bad move!!!!!!

Boldin for a 2 is WAAAAAY to high.

Waterboy--- why wouldnt you want Boldin?? Hes an elite WR and has a good 4 or 5 years left in him....

Hes 100X better than anything on the Dolphins roster at WR

Gerbril Wilson is nervous about Eric Berry.

Agree fully price is to high for Boldin when rumors have it we could get a younger Marshall for a #2. I will take the youth over Boldin and deal with his pssible DIVA character and hope he would work out for us...

I said I dont want Boldin for a # 2..

we need that pick for OLB Or NT.... We can still contest in Games with Ted Ginn, Bess, Camarillo and Hartline. We cant without a good NT or OLB help

Look at recent 2nd round picks by the Dolphins. Pat White,John Beck,and others who havent done anything and wont

But yet you'll be the same people next season complaining how the Phins needs #1 WR....

John Beck? Was this the guy that fumbled on the goal line when he set up to pass? I guess he got scared of his shadow in the snow?

WHAT - It is not that we wouldn't want Boldin, but rather we don't want him for that price. How do you know he has 4-5 good years left?

All this Dansby talk is smokescreen for the signing of Foote as ILB... You think Tuna is going to pay a guy 30 mill guaranteed?
While the other jokers chase Dansby, we will sign Foote for Half the price.

#2 is to high for Boldin. I promise I will not complain about a #1 if that is the reason we don't have one... lol. I think Bolding will be traded for less than a #2, so it may be a mute point.

AHA... I told you guys my campaign for Solai to Start next year was coming....

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland said NT Paul Soliai "developed very nicely" in 2009.
"It's a strength of our team," Ireland said of the defensive line. The Dolphins are fine at defensive end, but NT is different story. Jason Ferguson is a free agent, and the run defense fell apart when he went on injured reserve in November. Even with Soliai's development, he's better suited to the backup role.

Boldin will not go for a #2.. that is the initial asking price from the Cards, but they will certainly let him go for a 3rd rounder before the draft. I say we do it for sure! Better then drafting a wr in the 3rd, and prey that he pans out in a couple years.. that strategy is getting really old. Boldin is a proven #1 wr, who specializes in those all important "chunk yards"

Indian--I dont know for sure but id gamble he does

I think the Cardinals will end up Trading Boldin for a 3rd and a 5th or 6th.

WHAT! - Fair enough!

Waterboy - I believe the people reporting may know more about the rumors than either of us on this blog, so we have to believe Miami is pursuing Dansby and going to pay him. So you ask do you think Parcells is going to pay him, well he is not the one writing the checks. Signs are pointing to Dansby becoming a Dolphin, but it will be a competition on where he goes.

March 5th can't come soon enough!!

Boldin for a 3rd...good deal...
Dansby in FA
Then a NT and a OLB and FS a priority..
Gibril sucks...

Ireland comment about Soliai pretty much guarantees we are not going NT with the #12 pick...

If a NT falls to us in the 3rd -5th we'll take him, but before that I don't see us pulling the trigger on NT in the early rounds.

How good is Eric Berry really? if we have the choice between him, the best ILB or the best OLB, which position and/or player do we go after??

If Eric Berry drops to say around the 6th-9th spot, does Miami trade up to grab him. I am not sure where he has the possibility of getting drafted, but figured I would get some input from everyone!!

Bears are looking to to improve at the safety position, so let's trade them Wilson for some draft picks!!! LOL They are not that dumb though...darn!


Remember, giving up a draft choice for Boldin is only half the deal. The team still would need to then sign him to some kind of long term deal or its not going to work out. Thats the reason he would be available in the first place. Now the team would need to make a choice..big signing money for Dansby or big signing money and a draft pick (or two) for Boldin. My two cents...No Boldin for the fins.

e.berry would be a dream come true..dolphins gave up 2many big plays last year..

ur wrong.. in case you havent noticed, Sporano is haveing alot of influence in what "groceries" are being stocked.. Both he and Ireland are constantly talking aboout needing a playmaker at the wr position.. also, Parcells has had some pretty good wr's in his days. (Terry Glenn, Keyshawn, T.O.)

I would have traded the Pat White #2 pick last year for Bolding in a heartbeat. Do you really see the same value in the 2nd round, Armando? I can't imagine too many players at that pick having the same impact Boldin could have on this offense.

TRICKY - How well did that run, play great with good defense get us last year and any other team in the league. The game of football has changed and you are no one to say that Boldin will never play in Miami NO MATTER how cheap...

How much of a "big contract" do you guys think Boldin will want. he has never really been about the money, but moreso the long term contract...

I don't think he would cost as much as lets say Marshall..??

Sign Dansby, draft a NT, and all else falls into place.

Pay the Man his Money, Ross!

Everyone is complaining about money issue, but you all have to realize for us to get better we need to go after 1-2 big name FA's and ALL FA's cost decent money...just something we will have to deal with!!

We takled about this earlier on the other blog.... If we sign Dansby then thank you thats all folks... No more signings... If we get one of the big FA contracts then we will do nothing else but add league min depth..

Indiana the point you made about how did thta work out for us well we wouldnt know because we didnt play great D.. You think if we ran the ball on people the way we did and played great D that our record would reflect the superb defensive play... But no our defense sucked soo we were 7-9

Good job Mr. Armando Salgu"ero"!!!

You hooking up with a fellow "ero" as in Chris Card"ero" should be a great thing as time marches forward. Not only will he be a huge ally of yours for helping him along the way and giving him the space / pub forum to show his wares but, he can ferret out nuggets and some insights that only someone at the combine could get. Kudos!

I am pleased to hear (if true) that the Fins will at least be in the derby for Dansby's services. I think he makes the most sense with his position flexiblity and size. If the bidding wars go all "Synder-ized" and Dansby's price drifts up too high I think that Waterboy has a point... Foote may be the fall back plan. Albeit a distant plan B option that I would rather not have to entertain.


Indiana, I gave my thoughts on Eric Berry a few times. I know others, including NJ feel the same. If he's there, there is no discussion, he's picked. Personally, I have him #2 overall to Ndakumong Suh on a "Miami Dolphins" draft board which more or less is the same as an overall draft board without left tackles and quarterbacks. He would be the easy selection.

Great job Cordero. You have a true passion for this game. Look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Here is my Dolphin's offseason wish list... I honestly feel that these are very real possibilities!

1)Cut Porter, and Gerbil

2)Sign Dansby, and A. Rolle in free agency

3)Call Pepper's agent just to inquire? Sign?

4)Trade Ronnie Brown for 2nd rd pick

5)Trade 2nd rd for Marshall... Sign him to contract extension

6)Draft Spiller if Ronnie traded, or Sergio Kindle

7)Draft NT in 3rd

8)TE in 4th

9)Put feelers out on Ayodele, Crowder, Ginn, and Cobbs for more mid rd draft picks!(4th-5th rounders)

10)Call agent for Tully Bunta-Cain and see what it would take to sign him

Love and support to an up and comer chrs cordero! I like berry in the last senario.. He is Ed reed, and we need ints! Young defense will grow together and well have a monster 2ndary for yrs :P

The REALLY juicy news is that McClain may be FALLING??? Who woulda thunk it? It may be be smokescreen so I will keep it tongue in cheek right now.

I have been saying from jumpstreet in all my many wars of word with NJ PHIN, carlito and bobbyd where they were saying I am "just hating" on McClain... I simply don't see (with my eyes) the goods in McClain. Being tall and heavy is only part of the equation.

I'll bet that the scouts, GM's and people that do it for a living aren't buying into the hype machine and name recognition that is being the BMOC on the Nat Champs team. On lots of film footage he constantly tackles high, stands guys up and gets help bringing them down, swings guys down, doesn't run full speed getting to plays when you know he has more gears left, gets tied up with blockers, gets stuck on blocks, decides to attack after the ballcarrier crosses the LoS, seems unaware of the ballcarrier and more aware of his blocker battle at times. He blitzes well when he has a straight path with no interference which happens rarely in the NFL.

To be fair, McClain does display some coverage ability and seems fluid for a big man. From reports, he is a leader and a studier and those qualities never hurt any prospect. He plays the position he is applying for as a 3-4 ILB.

If you like McClain it's fine with me if you have a differing opinion. I hope the Fins go in a different direction if they get to 12 and McClain is still there.


Players not coming to Miami. If 2 or more are signed, I will change my NickName to: WaterBoy Sucks

1) Dansby
2) Marshall
3) T.O
4) Spiller
5) Mclain
6) A.Rolle
7) Pennington
8) Boldin
9) Mount Cody
10) Antonio Bryant

Why do you keep using the word "know?" I do not think it means what you think it means.

If We get Dansby, first pick should be the better player for OLB or WR position. If we can trade down for more picks and get a NT that will work too. Hopefully we can resign Ferg so we won't be pressed to get a top NT and can have time to groom a 4-6th round pick for NT.

Prepare to change name

Fake GM in DC,

5 FA's??? With Dansby, Marshall and Peppers being bank breaker types?

I am not buying it and you shouldn't be selling it. (Lol, that's a joke) Trim the list to maybe one or two and then try getting it by Ross's purse strings...


FYI, parcells hated Terry Glenn, called him "she" once and was overruled in the draft and forced to take him in new england by ownership, thats one of the reasons why he left. And same with TO in dallas. Parcells wouldn't even refer to him by his name, calling him "the player" and told Jerry Jones "either he goes or i go", but jj was in love with TO, ad it took his own son to make Jones get rid of TO.

Boldin was a 2nd rd pick so naturally thats what they want in return, but remember if Boldin doesn't resign, the cards have no leverage and they know that, so as rediculous as it is to cards fans to only get a 3rd rd. pick for boldin, the cards need to get something, they were asking for a 1st and a 3rd last yr and were laughed at. I would offer our 3rd pick and swap places in the 5th rd. if need be, the cards would be content with that because they are already having prelim. talks with the dolphins right now for our 3rd rounder.

I think the dolphins really do want Dansby, they wanted Pace last yr but of course a New York team had to swoop in and outbid the dolphins wich is what will likely happen for the 2nd yr in a row, ugh! Dansby would be great, i know the numbers weren't there but he is a beast and the major problem with our defense is right up the middle (the heart of the defense) NT,MLB,FS, crowder is fairly good against the run but needs help. eric berry looks really really good, i would take him if he somehow slides but i know parcells loves his LB's.

Bold statements Waterboy... I could see a combo or two coming to fruition... warm up your screen name editor! Hehehe.


Dolphins NT Depth Chart

1) Solai
2) Old man Fergie
3) Draft Pick
4) Tony Hit my Girlfriend Mcdaniel

Dolphins OLB Depth Chart

1) Cam Wake
2) Draft Pick
3) Carlitos Anderson
4) Moses / Waiver Player / JT

Dolphins ILB Depth Chart

1) Clam Chowder
2) Larry Foote
3) Ayodele
4) Folsom / Draft Player

FAKE GM- You really stayed true to your name with that last post.That was crazy... come back in here from left field and get a drink of that reality. Not to repeat myself but that was crazy.

Dolphins QB Depth Chart

1) Chad "too tight helmet" Henne
2) Pigpen
3) PW

Dolphins TE Depth Chart

1) Fasano
2) Ben Watson
3) Haynos
4) Late Draft Pick

Dolphins KR / PR Depth Chart

1) Ted 2 touchdown Ginn
2) Pat Cobbs
3) Pat White

Waterboy my thought would be your name is pretty safe.

The Bears are expected to target FS Antrel Rolle once he's released by the Cardinals in the next week.
"We need to improve our safety position, period," coach Lovie Smith said Friday. "Haven't been pleased with the production we've gotten." Neither Al Afalava nor Kevin Payne are starter material, and Danieal Manning keeps blowing opportunities. The Bears don't have an early-round pick, so pursuing Rolle makes sense.

Rolle will not be a dolphin it is a waste of time for anyone to say we should sign him....

Had to read Cordero's report a couple of times just to make sure I got it right...Dolphins will go after Dansby hard but will not make him highest paid LB in league...The Giants MOST LIKELY will, his words, not mine...Dansby quoted as saying he would really, really like to play for Giants...where does Karlos Dansby MOST LIKELY end up???

Boldin is not worth a second, most likely will be had for a third maybe even a forth, still like that scenario much better...

washington??? HAHA

Man, my list is looking good, if only we can make sure Cody weighs in at 400 lbs...


what do u think about my pre FA and draft depth charts?

Ben Watson and Larry Foote can really help us out until we find long term solutions for those spots i like those...

Waterboy, I love Ben Watson for us, and along your logic, see Foote as a potential fallback option with Karlos Dansby.

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