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Dolphins interview McCluster; Boldin on the market

The Combine is in full workout mode with offensive linemen running and jumping and pushing and pulling today. And of course, there is news.

Arizona Cardinals Rod Graves just made it official: Anquan Boldin in on the trade market.

"We're receptive to taking any calls," Graves said today. "I don't want to get into specifics but we're going to look at all the possibilities."

Alrightie then ...Let the Boldin to Dolphins speculation heat up.

I do not believe the Dolphins would give up a second round pick for Boldin. They probably wouldn't give up a third, either, because it's such a high pick in the round. A fourth-rounder?

Yes. That's the ticket.

The tight ends ran today. Pittsburgh's Dorin Dickerson ran a 4.40. He's a 230-pound tight end, but has wide receiver speed. The guy also has 34-inch arms and benched 225 pounds 28 times.

Miami tight end Jimmy Graham ran a 4.60. Jermaine Gresham ran a 4.76.

Something you should know is the latest report from aspiring scout Chris Cordero, who has been doing outstanding work checking out the talent in Indianapolis and reporting back to you.

According to Cordero, Mississippi running back Dexter McCluster spoke to the media today. McCluster said he had already interviewed with the Dolphins.

That's significant because the Dolphins loved McCluster at the Senior Bowl, spent a lot of time with him there, and clearly found nothing that eliminated the Mississippi WR-RB-Specialist from more scrutiny.

From Cordero:

McCluster measured in at [5081] and expects to run in the 4.3s. He will work at both RB and WR Sunday. He loves returning - especially punts - and says he is willing and able to cover punts as well.  

You have to love any kid that says he's willing to get down field on special teams coverage. but when that player has been a star in the SEC that says something special. He doesn't feel entitled. He believes he has something to prove.

By the way, Rex Ryan talked to the media and took his usual swipe at the Dolphins. In talking about the the division he mentioned New England, Miami, and Buffalo. Then Ryan said, "I know Miami will be ticked because I never mention them first or put them on top, but I don't care."

On his infamous fingergate episode in South Florida during Pro Bowl week:

"Regardless of the circumstances I made a mistake," Ryan said. "I have to take responsibility for my own actions. I will learn from it."

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trade the pick to tampa for their 2 2nd round picks and a 5th rounder.

Football101, problem is 5 of the top 10 teams are looking to tade down..it is going to be very very difficult for the phins to trade down..

Dear Mr. Salguero

"On his infamous fingergate episode in South Florida during Pro Bowl week:"

I clearly made a mistake by giving them the bird.
What I should have done was Moon them while farting thus eliminating all enemy contacts.

Ehh you live and you learn

Soiled :)

What is this fat prick's problem with Miami? It seems every time a microphone is shoved in his face he has to run his mouth. Can't wait for the fins to play the jets again.

Ryan is a shmuck were gonna woop his fat ass yr in and yr out and he's gonna squeal every time like the piggy he is.. WE SWEPT U AND TOOK OUR RESPECT FROM U FATASS!

Bruce Cambell a MONSTER combine today!!! Gresham and Gronkowski looked really good for a year off!!!

Hope they can bring in Dansby, would give up only a 3rd for Boldin, seems like the pillsbury doe boy is insecure or jealous in the phins.

Dennis pitta ran a 4.63

One of the things I want to see this season is, not just to win but win decisively. And for the jets, run up the score and embarass that fat POS coach of theirs.

Parcells wants a physical team. It's year 3, make it happen Bill.

dickerson or graham!! it doesn't matter,must have one

i'll say it again delusional dolfans i hate the jets with a passion. but i understand ryan's disrespect for your team. your team on a scale from 1-10 talent wise is a serious 3.5-5 at best. your team has no stars to speak of and don't give me the always brittle r.brown either. other than k p ot qb your team blows period !!!! at least on defense the jets have some serious playmakers. and on offense has the best ol in the game period !!!! you guys in miami overpay faceless players who let's be honest sucks period !!!! when parcells seriously start getting you guys some real playmakers please let the rest of us in the nfl know thank-you.

I'm still LMFAO !! at Rob in OC's assessment on carlton mitchell. You couldn't be more way off base that that . MY Gosh!! This is why a question him about his eye for talent. cheers !

Hahahaha, ya know it's actually a compliment that Rex Ryan can't get the Dolphins out of his head. If he didn't worry about the phins he wouldn't even mention them. The fact that he keeps talking about them just means they're a concern in his mind and if he were being honest he would say he believes the Dolphins are the team to beat because I'm sure he wants revenge for the 70 something points the phins put up on his supposed dominant defense. But seriously who cares what he thinks, he's 10 pounds and 5 cheesburgers away from his first heart attack.

Andrew quarles ran 4.63 and dickson at 230 ponds isn't a TE. He's way to small for the Trifecta. That's it , the 40's are over for today.

What is mcClusters draft round status? I´m not aware of everybodys "grade"...

If it would be a 2nd or 3rd round selection It could be thought but I think there are some pressing needs at other positions...

Althought we might have to think that we should try to get the best there is when at our pick since our team is in need of so many pieces.

I would give more than a 4th round for Boldin...

Lastly, there are big improvements coming to the roster on the horizon for the phins while the Jets are basically going with what they have due to lost draft picks and players signed to large contracts. They are also picking close to last I believe unless they moved up somehow. With that being said if the phins already beat this team twice with the team they had and are able to add 3 to 5 quality starters through free agency and the draft, the Jets need to realize that they're going to have a fight on their hands. The problem with Ryans cockiness is that his players buy into it and don't respect their opponents. They feel entitled before they even play the game and that is a recipe for disaster when it comes to winning in any sport. You should always respect each and every opponent no matter how much better you may think you are. Here's to hoping Ryan never learns that very valuable lesson.

SORRY I meant I WOULDN´T give more than a 4th rounder for Boldin...

a.bryant is the safe way to go. an incentive laiden contract should do the trick. defense in rd.1-2 m.williams from the cuse in rd.3. this mccluster kid is nice but that's just typical parcells*ireland. always getting cute in the draft thinking they're always outsmarting everyone else. so far that has been a resl flop so far. and i hope the jets crash&burn.

Clay Harbor tearing it up


stupid Jets until you beat us get over it

I agree with you Scott. This guy just will not get over we embarrased him by beating him last year.And all jokes a side if the guy is not careful since he has this problem stuck in his head it will effect how he prepares for us each game and eventually cost him his job if we beat him 2 times again this year .He could possibly lose it and have a nervous breadown.I mean we did make the guy cry last year.

I have to say that I love what Rex The Fat Crying Baby Ryan is doing, he is really flaming the rivalry fire and it's nice to see the blood flowing!

He'll keep it up to because he's an idiot but the next five or six years look like they will be very entertaining with both the Jets and the Dolphins looking like they could both break into the upper 3rd of NFL teams in the next season or two. Actually I hate to say it but the jets are already there........ waiting for the phins!

Lots of interesting stuff at combine today

JIMMY GRAHAM!! Draft that man!

J Graham looked good on the gauntlet, as did Gresham

To the AS"hole using NJ s name, and obviously u know Sooo much more that u use others name...f'u''c"en COWARD post under ur own name

Wow, did you guys see Jimmy Graham? The looks like he has glue on his hands. We need to draft this guy.

mase, when you grow a brain in your skull please let the rest of us know. You understand Ryans disrespect for our team which means you agree with it which means you know nothing about playing a mans game. His disrespect is the exact reason why the fins made them look silly. Think of all the great coaches throughout history and ask yourself why they never put their opponents down and publicly ridiculed them. Ask yourself if you would rather have your coach A. act like Belichick does before a game, showing the utmost respect for his opponents and complimenting their players on what they do well or B. Act like Ryan by degrading and disrespecting your opponents before the game thus giving those players even more incentive to beat your team. Don't be stupid for stupids sake, do the smart thing and pick A. And if you seriously think the NFL has more respect for a team that has been to one superbowl in it's 40 something year history, plays in a different state than it represents, doesn't have it's own stadium, and has a little fireman as it's mascot. Whos fans got drinking after halftime banned at the meadowlands, are making the league seriously think about banning tailgating, and spit and throw beer bottles at women when they don't show their breasts in the stands, than you my simple minded friend are the one who is delusional.

Boy does Jermaine Greshan look good. He caught everything and stopped on the dime. Graham has lookes as well.


LMFAO @ bobbyd12. don't worry about. There's no bigger loser that a buffoon that comes on here impersonating someone and acting like a jealous crybaby without giving there own thought footbal related . It's pretty sad and pathetic if not funny..

Antonio Bryant isn't coming to Miami

Pitta bread also looks good for the dolphins if we can get him in the 4th. He's very smooth and catches the ball effortlessly.

Lets not give more than a 4th round pick for boldin.

No ones cares about Antonio Bryant; he's trouble everywhere he goes anyway. How about drafting a horse for a tight end and releasing Fasano and Nalbone?

Just saw Pitta run the gauntlet. He looks quick with good hands and size. Plus he looks Italian. Parcells loves those Italian boys..

Who said that?

Please sign Dansby, make him our "mike" ILB, and sit that loud mouth no play production waste of a shiney new contract CHANNING CROWDER on the f***ing bench! After what he did to coach T. and the rest of the coaching staff by throwing them under the bus and sticking up for Porter on the radio I don't ever want to see him play a down for the Dolphins again. I can't believe this isn't being talked about at all. How does he walk back in that locker room and face his teammates after that? I used to like Crowder and root for him but after this I have lost all respect for him as a player, teammate, and a man.

Rex Ryan,Good at one thang.EATING.

pitta looks relaxed and natural. I like this kid.


He has thrown all of them under the bus (CROWDER).Cut him and porter.Say hellow to DANSBY and WAKE.

NYScott I´m not really into salary with crowder... but could it be an option to sing Dansby and after that the phins trade or cut crowder??? anyone thought of that?

Pitta looked pretty good in the gauntlet - had one ball he let get into his body. 4th round is a good spot for him. Jimmy Graham probably put himself in the 2nd round today - if only he would have played football full time.....

My feeling is this,Please don,t sign these players,Marshall,T.O,Bryant.They will hurt us and thats for sure.Bad characters.

bubbles12 =nj zorba
notice how 12 sticks up for nj looser or is that sticks it in him?

LOL !!!! :)

Rex Ryan is known as Jets "funnyman" in the media. What a joke, just like the Jets.

Listen, Crowder screwed up but he is a decent ILB I have a feeling he is gonna have a "tough" training camp, we haven't heard his mouth since then, have we??? Actually haven't heard from Joey either..Akin is a lot more vulnerable then Crowder IMO

He (RYAN) chokes everytime the jets play us.That FAT MAN can't beat us.

Cody weighed in at 354 maybe phins should take him first? He worked hard to get down from the 370+ at senior bowl,he'll demand double team

Gresham and Gronkowski, both out of football for a year, both come to the combine in GREAT shape and ready to go...Dez Bryant hurt his "hammy"...what a joke he is, hope it costs him major money


I think he knows all eyes are on him (CROWDER).B12 porter is gone MARCH 5.More than likely crowder to.It really depends on DANSBY and the DRAFT. Thats my thought.


I don't think so.But its worth looking into.

Boldin worth a fourth, Zona won't get a second for him...he can work with Turner and be a good weapon for the Fins

Thank God for Ryan. Not that it took much for DolFans to loathe Slime Green, but this guy gives us a big FAT bullseye to shoot for! Thanks Meat Head!

Kevray, Cody is not a first round pick at all...guy has no stamina, u want him down here in the heat of Miami, no thanks


Why do you feel (DEZ) is not worth the 12th pick?

Mosi, Hypothetically because I don't believe Dansby is coming but just for arguement sake, Dansby and Crowder, Dansby and Akin...no way I take Akin over Crowder

HE'S A BUM !!!!!

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