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Dolphins interview McCluster; Boldin on the market

The Combine is in full workout mode with offensive linemen running and jumping and pushing and pulling today. And of course, there is news.

Arizona Cardinals Rod Graves just made it official: Anquan Boldin in on the trade market.

"We're receptive to taking any calls," Graves said today. "I don't want to get into specifics but we're going to look at all the possibilities."

Alrightie then ...Let the Boldin to Dolphins speculation heat up.

I do not believe the Dolphins would give up a second round pick for Boldin. They probably wouldn't give up a third, either, because it's such a high pick in the round. A fourth-rounder?

Yes. That's the ticket.

The tight ends ran today. Pittsburgh's Dorin Dickerson ran a 4.40. He's a 230-pound tight end, but has wide receiver speed. The guy also has 34-inch arms and benched 225 pounds 28 times.

Miami tight end Jimmy Graham ran a 4.60. Jermaine Gresham ran a 4.76.

Something you should know is the latest report from aspiring scout Chris Cordero, who has been doing outstanding work checking out the talent in Indianapolis and reporting back to you.

According to Cordero, Mississippi running back Dexter McCluster spoke to the media today. McCluster said he had already interviewed with the Dolphins.

That's significant because the Dolphins loved McCluster at the Senior Bowl, spent a lot of time with him there, and clearly found nothing that eliminated the Mississippi WR-RB-Specialist from more scrutiny.

From Cordero:

McCluster measured in at [5081] and expects to run in the 4.3s. He will work at both RB and WR Sunday. He loves returning - especially punts - and says he is willing and able to cover punts as well.  

You have to love any kid that says he's willing to get down field on special teams coverage. but when that player has been a star in the SEC that says something special. He doesn't feel entitled. He believes he has something to prove.

By the way, Rex Ryan talked to the media and took his usual swipe at the Dolphins. In talking about the the division he mentioned New England, Miami, and Buffalo. Then Ryan said, "I know Miami will be ticked because I never mention them first or put them on top, but I don't care."

On his infamous fingergate episode in South Florida during Pro Bowl week:

"Regardless of the circumstances I made a mistake," Ryan said. "I have to take responsibility for my own actions. I will learn from it."

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We have a TSUNAMIL WARNING HERE.Please phins fans pray for us and families.

Thank You,


good point but Jenkins is a 2down guy
I just feel NT is more important than LB in 3-4
Mcclain had Cody in front of him,Ray Lewis has Nagata in front him we need that. Not sure if Dan Williams is big enough?

Ok point taken,but crowder has very little respect for TS.And i think he is a good coach who deserves more respect than that.If the giants take him like you think they are(DANSBY)do you think the giants will cut one of there LB's?If so who?

Not sure dan williams is big enough ???? He's 6-3 315 -320 pounds ???? He's perfect. Cody is to big and fat. Big deal , he lost 15 pounds. That's nothing for a man that fat. That's like losing 5 pounds for a normal human being, Cody can put that back on with a box of Krisp Kreme tommorrow . The tuna like his NT lighter thab fat man cody.

I agree if we were to trade for Boldin that we should give up a fourth and nothing earlier...

ps-Dude is 29 and has been injured the past two seasons...I'd rather pass on him altogether unless we could trade Camarillo or Turner for him.

We gotta draft players from the "U".

Dan Williams before Cody, soprano played Williams a lot in senior bowl.

the knock on Cody at Bama was stamina

NJ, I know you are high on MCClain as am. I read in one of Mandos recent posts that his stock may have fallen a bit. What's up with that?

We gotta start drafting guys from the U. History shows great talent comes from there! Screw that loser saban and his players.

He 's stock hasn't fallen. I don't know where that's from. Lombardi on the nfl network at the combine was just raving about mcclain.

Finally, McClain appears to be slipping and might need a great combine and pro day to stay in the Top 15, and among any of the top rush LB prospects.

--Chris Cordero

Mosi, I do hope everything in Hawaii is fine and honestly about the Giants, IDK that answer but my guess is either they make an aggressive move for Dansby or McClain... They feel this position needs a major upgrade from everything I've read about them lately

who's cordero ??? I know who said it , i don't know where he got that from . Lombardi who was a GM and now works on the NFL network raved about him

It sounded suspect to me too. Anyway...

Lombardi : " whatever team doesn't land dansby, will be all over mclain , the best ILB in the draft. He 's fast , smart and tackles extremely well ".

they are saying 6' to 8 ' tsunami wave in maui.




what chance do you think phins sign Dansby? I think less than 40%

Hang in there Mosi... do what the officials say to do. I am in emergency management in TN and it is very important that all down there follow the instructions. We are praying for you and your community. God be with you.

Crowder over Akin all day.

That sounds about right . We 've had our own tsunami in jersey . 2 straight days of snow and 2 feet of snow .

Tickets for Miami vs Jest game 1 - $250.00

Beer at the game - $75.00

Food at the game - $40.00

Seeing Ryan's arrogant a s s crying on television because his team just got completely embarrassed on Monday Night Football - Priceless!

we were thinking of ya'll up there too nj. have you dug out yet? I couldn't imagine that much snow. we shutdown with 6" in tn.

Even if we get Dansby I think we will draft a ILB as well and we will bring in 2 OLBs a WR and NT through the draft. We should bring back Penn and trade Thigpin and Akin if we can.

NJ, what's going on bro? You still waist deep in snow in your neck of the woods?


get a bible and read Matthew 8:23-27.

Jesus calms the storm.

I AM ALWAYS yeah and the iceing on the cake is we go into NY and sweep them in there own house truly priceless.

yes, I do not see McClain's stock falling at all, again, everyone wants Dansby and if we get him I hope he becomes a great Dolphin but I would rather have McClain, younger, cheaper and Im sure hungrier to prove himself


Thank you so very much for your well wishes from my family also.I'am only 15-years old and only child.Born and raised here.Its terrible for all of us right now.So sorry to wright my pain.My dad tells to be strong.

Dansby is a perfect fit I have to say, will be a monster in our 3/4. A big upgrade ( I said the same thing with GWilson) over Akin stuck in the mud Ayodele.

If we get Dansby look for Parcells to leak it out that we are picking Mcclain anyway to try to get the Gmen to trade up so they can have him and we pick up a pick and go olb.

Yeah, it's a beautiful thing Sean. Our games against the Jest this year are going to be insanely good rivalry games. I'm pumped up right now just thinking about it.

I completely agree with Scott, we are obviously in his head because he can't stop talking about us. He doesn't need to mention us first because you can be sure he's going to mention us every time.

Armando down at Heat game, hope he survives and

It will be alright Mosi.. your dad is right. be strong for them too. Your strength will help you overcome your fear and anxiety. Surf is up and so is Hope. Ask God to calm your anxiety and help you through this. We are pulling for you in TN. Let us know what's going on.

May the peace that passes all understanding guard your heart and mind.

I'am a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN and gave my life to JESUS last year.May GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND ALL OF US.


What Island are you on Mosi?

8 feet? That's a good day at the pipe.

bobbyd12 It is not a guarantee that McClain will be there at #12 I agree he will be cheaper and younger but I have him a top 10 pick on my mock. We will know more after the combine. All I know is Dansby a hell of a player but the cost might be to much.

I truely think that signing Dansby is important. I also have a crazy suggestion! Trade Ronnie Brown to the Chargers for a 1st or 2nd round pick whichever they can get. Brown although has been good for Miami he cannot stay healthy. Ricky is in his last year before retirement, and Hilliard has shown that he can carry the load. I like the Titans approach to the rushing game. Have a really fast/agile running back and have a power back that can bulldoze his way to the endzone. Hilliard can be the power back but we are still missing the fast agile back (maybe Spiller or McCluster in a later round).

Turner still needs to be given a chance to produce while this should be a make or break year for Ted Ginn. I'm not sold on McClain being a stud. The fins cannot afford to have a miss on their first round pick. I also don't like Dez Bryant. I say go NT or OLB in the first round and follow it in the second with more defense then maybe look at TE in the third round. Does anyone know if Braylon Edwards is a unrestricted free agent this year. I have a feeling that with Edwards's old Michigan teamate at the QB position then he could be the player he was in college

I see Cleveland jumping on MCClain. I hope not, but, they have as much need as we do. It will be interesting to see what Holmgrin does. I do not know much about his draft habits. The mocks I have see show the Brown taking OL. If Cleveland does not take McClain I think McClain will be there for the Phins.

Bill and Co should have at least 10 draft picks by the time the draft comes around. We have trade bait at every position and will trade at least one player for picks.

Cobb is ahead of Hillard on the depth chart.


We are from the island of Kealakeua.

McClain can go as high as KC #5

BK.. I hate to break it to ya, but, Ginn's make or break year has come and gone. Ginn is raw speed and un tapped ability. He is a bust because he is scared. It is almost impossible to get the best out of a scared rabbit.

Never heard of it. Where is Kealakeua using the big island as a reference?

most mocks I have looked at shows McClain going to CLE or to DEN but I would love it if he fell to us at #12.

Boldins not worth a 2nd? Or a third?

But Dez bryant is worth a 1st?

no way does Kc take McClain or Cleveland...KC going to take an OL and Clevland is in love with Haden

I would trade down a few spots and get DWilliams and a 2nd or 3rd rd pick out of the deal. This is a deep draft for DL and passrushers so the more picks the better.

no, Boldin not worth a 2nd or 3rd, he is 29 and has ahistory of injuries, that doesnt justify a 2nd or 3rd

So Boldin is not worth a 2nd or a 3rd round pick to us huh?

But we can get a 1st or 2nd rounder from the Chargers for Ronnie Brown?


Located very near Chuuk wake island.

Mosi, how many people are on the island?

It may fall that way bobbyd12 but intil McClain is sitting there at #12 I would not bet on it. DEN can snatch him right before us or the NYG can trade up because they need a ILB more than we do. Dansby will tell the story on McClain if NYG gets Dansby then we will target McClain but if we get Dansby we will look to OLB or NT with the 1st pick. There are so many good OLBs and not so many ILBs or NTs that I would go for NT and get the best OLB left on the board with the 2nd rd pick.


I'm reading what you said,and its what i said earlier about trading Ronnie Brown.Yes 1st or 2nd rounder.Plus what about getting SPROLES.

BK, Ronnie Brown can barely walk and u believe we can get a 1st or 2nd for him?? LOL Ronnie Brown has NO VALUE till he proves he can play football again, no team is going to give that up for a player that is coming off SERIOUS surgery like he had

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