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Dolphins interview McCluster; Boldin on the market

The Combine is in full workout mode with offensive linemen running and jumping and pushing and pulling today. And of course, there is news.

Arizona Cardinals Rod Graves just made it official: Anquan Boldin in on the trade market.

"We're receptive to taking any calls," Graves said today. "I don't want to get into specifics but we're going to look at all the possibilities."

Alrightie then ...Let the Boldin to Dolphins speculation heat up.

I do not believe the Dolphins would give up a second round pick for Boldin. They probably wouldn't give up a third, either, because it's such a high pick in the round. A fourth-rounder?

Yes. That's the ticket.

The tight ends ran today. Pittsburgh's Dorin Dickerson ran a 4.40. He's a 230-pound tight end, but has wide receiver speed. The guy also has 34-inch arms and benched 225 pounds 28 times.

Miami tight end Jimmy Graham ran a 4.60. Jermaine Gresham ran a 4.76.

Something you should know is the latest report from aspiring scout Chris Cordero, who has been doing outstanding work checking out the talent in Indianapolis and reporting back to you.

According to Cordero, Mississippi running back Dexter McCluster spoke to the media today. McCluster said he had already interviewed with the Dolphins.

That's significant because the Dolphins loved McCluster at the Senior Bowl, spent a lot of time with him there, and clearly found nothing that eliminated the Mississippi WR-RB-Specialist from more scrutiny.

From Cordero:

McCluster measured in at [5081] and expects to run in the 4.3s. He will work at both RB and WR Sunday. He loves returning - especially punts - and says he is willing and able to cover punts as well.  

You have to love any kid that says he's willing to get down field on special teams coverage. but when that player has been a star in the SEC that says something special. He doesn't feel entitled. He believes he has something to prove.

By the way, Rex Ryan talked to the media and took his usual swipe at the Dolphins. In talking about the the division he mentioned New England, Miami, and Buffalo. Then Ryan said, "I know Miami will be ticked because I never mention them first or put them on top, but I don't care."

On his infamous fingergate episode in South Florida during Pro Bowl week:

"Regardless of the circumstances I made a mistake," Ryan said. "I have to take responsibility for my own actions. I will learn from it."

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good night Phin Nation!!

Do not forget to go to Church tomorrow.

Sup Fin Fans!

NJ PHIN.... U round?

Some observations:

1) So the NFL is debating whether or not to implement a convoluted system in playoff overtime games where each team would get at least one opportunity on offense, unless the first team to touch the ball scores a touchdown. I say NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!




The sudden death system is BEAUTIFUL! First off, there is nothing more dramatic than sudden death overtime. Secondly, sudden death IS fair. Since the introduction of overtime in 1974, roughly half the teams that win the coin toss and receive the ball win the game. I NEVER feel sorry for a team that loses in OT without touching the ball, and here's why:

There are no easy points in overtime. The average starting position for the receiving team is something like its own 25 yard line. To get into position for a reasonable chance at a field goal you need to drive at least 40 yards downfield. That's a fair chunk of yardage! I would suspect that the majority of NFL drives do not go 40 yards. Armando, check that out for me, will you?

The point is, don't mess with overtime. The college OT system is so artificial. It's the equivalent of playing 9 innings of baseball, and then having a home run contest to settle things in extra innings.

2) Canada is playing the U.S. in hockey tomorrow for Olympic Gold. As a dual American-Canadian citizen living permanently in the U.S., I make no bones about it: all of my loyalty is to the United States, except for one thing - hockey. I grew up on Canadian hockey. Hockey is the ONE part of Canadian culture where Canadians behave like Americans. And I mean that in the most positive way. In Canada, winning at hockey is the only accepted result. Silver medals are frowned upon. And if you need to be ruthless to win, then so be it. So I'll be cheering for Canada. But then when the game is over, I will cheer for Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Ronald Reagan, American exceptionalism, "In God We Trust" and the Miami Dolphins.

3) Why are men (okay, me) so sick? I can watch Shirley Jones on "The Partridge Family," or in movies such as "Oklahoma" and "Carousel" and feel no sexual attraction for her at all. And then when she plays a prostitute in "Elmer Gantry," I'm like, "Whoa! What a hottie!" She was really very hot in that movie.

4) My stepdaughter adopted a diabetic cat. I'm very proud of her.

5) I don't like cats.

Current Score:
Dolphin fans 50,000 Rex Ryan ZERO

Rob how's it going?

Hey Bootang,

How u doin bro?

See anything at the combine you liked or didn't?



Are you getting massive lag on posts? It makes it pretty difficult to deal with.



I know the more I see of J the TE Graham the more I like him. I think he will make someone a good choice. He is fluid (maybe from all the basketball), tall, and pretty fast as well.

He may not be a good blocker now but he seems willing which is a good part of the battle. I think he will fill out as time goes along. I think he would be a much better option than Joey Haynos.


i understand people like the combine cause it has to do with the draft and all i like it too but if anybody is really putting any player higher or lower in the draft because of what they do in shorts at the combine they need their head examined please just put the game tapes on and pick a good football player not a guy that looks good getting off the bus that can jump high

All day massive lag on posts, very frustrating.

As for the combine, I have very few O Line guys I have put a lot of attention into, partly because I don't see us picking one early on. The name I have mentioned often, Jared Veldheer had a very good day.

TE wise the guy I have also been talking of, Clay Harbor, had a great day. I was thoroughly impressed with your guy, Jimmy Graham. He looks far more polished than I would have thought. Also, 20 reps, very good for a basketball player. Dennis Pitta had a great day, he was more impressive than I expected, though I have felt he is too good to hit round 3, so I also didn't pay a ton of attention.

One last note, in the participant part of nfl.com under scouting combine, they have B Graham's arm length listed over 32. I can't confirm that anywhere else, he did get ht/wt done today, and they also do arm length and hand size. So iam trying to find out.

Rob what's up - some good stuff at the combine - if you
have NFL network it's still on - if you watched even better. I think Jimmy Graham moved up into the 2nd round today at worst a 3rd rounder. Some good 4th round possibilities include Dennis Pitta from BYU, Ed Dickson from Oregon, maybe Anthony McCoy of USC, Dorin Dickerson from Pitt would be a nice pick in the 4th but he might go in the 3rd now after tearing it up. I wonder if he wouldn't be better off switching full time to WR as he is about the same size as Dez and smaller than Demaryious.

How impressive was the OT from Maryland Campbell? His game film is not
impressive but he only has 17 starts in 3 years. This guy has Oakland Raider written all over him which means someone falls out of the top 10. By the way I think Sam Bradford will be the #1 pick which helps another player fall as Clausen will probably go #4 to the Redskins.

Maybe Brandon Graham did some arm growing exercises.........

It does sound a little stupid to think an inch and a half could make such a difference for a guy. However, being able to use the hands is so important in the battle between OTs and pass rushers.


It's just one piece of the entire puzzle (the combine). It allows the teams to put all the lab rats in the same cage for viewing simultaneously.

They also do a lot of prodding, poking, medical exams, get true height/weight instead of the phony media guide #'s.

Some players do well enough at the combine to change their grade in some teams eyes a round or two. Most don't put heavy stock into it. Like you said, game review and watching the player in action is a 75-90% depending on who you ask.


i hear clausen may go higher than bradford now supposedly bradford has a toenail on his left foot that is a hundreth of an inch shorter than one on his right foot so that may drop him to the lower half of the first round also they found a pimple behind the ear of eric berrys ear so he may drop all the way to round two ill keep everyone posted if i hear more

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ron burgundy set me straight but thats another matter
maybe ill just snitch on him 2mando cause im a rat.
oh yeah im from new joisey thats how we talk round here/?

" somehow i doubt that very much"
what a delirious fool;


The 2 players on the O Line that I am interested in are Mike Iupati the big Guard. Since he is a 1st round guy I think their are two chances we get him... slim and none.

The other guy is G John Jerry. He is a big'un and looks solid. He can move his feet well and is rarely of balance. He may be had in the 4rth (I hope). Possible 3rd if a team needs OL bad but could even fall to 5th. It's so hard to tell later in the draft. I think he will fond a home in the NFL for a good while.

No worries, about finding the arm length thing with Brandon Graham. It will be talked about ad nasuea. The results will be posted and spoken about by Mayock and crew I am sure. It is no secret I think the guy can flat out get it done and hope that the Fins do whatever they can to secure him. His measurements were 6' 1 3/8 and 268lbs. Can't wait for the OLB / DE drills. The 12th pick is high for him but, that will be a rough choice if certain players they like are gone and no one wants to trade up. I would take him there and feel good about it. Value picks and trading back can only be done if someone wants to swap picks... If they can move into the 20-25 range I hope he would still be there. He will be a hard guy to know where he will go as it only takes one team.


also, its been reported that sergio kindle and dez bryant may not get drafted at all it seems kindle has had the hiccups twice in the past week and bryant sneezed during an interview


my boy D Williams was 6'2 327, 10+ inch hands. The problem is he may not be there at 12. The McClain theory, those 3-4 teams in front of us, not many have that true NT. Monday is going to be great.

Graham's only question is arm length and ability to stand up. The less question marks, the better.

Catch you tomorrow man

Just Because,

Wassup bud? Yeah...combine finally arrives and relieves a little monotony anyways... =)

Cambell was pretty insane and yes...Al Davis was slobbering in his Gerbers..wait, that's all the time. ;)

I would have to say as much as I was impressed with TE J. Graham I would be suprised if he went before the 4rth round. He just doesn't have enough game experience. He looks the part and his combine went very well but, the lack of game tape will slow many teams down. He will make someone very happy if they have the patience to keep teaching the guy the ropes. If/when he puts on another 10-15lbs and gets his blocking technique down better he could be a very poor mans TE Gonzales. JG should have the most upside of any TE there.


How does one know that a person has been on other blogs without being on those same blogs himself ???? Also . anybody named Ron Burgandy and or pretenting to be Ron Burgandy can never set anyone straight. You sound as stupid as ron burgandy. You clearly are a Imbecile and a moron to boot. My god the stupidity and the Cowards hiding by behind other people's names on here never cease to amaze me.

I know people think We should give no more than our forth round pick for Boldin. Problem is we wont land Boldin with a Forth round pick. The guy is a 1000 yard per season beast. Guess we should just pick up T.O or Antonio Bryant because if we think we get Boldin with a 4th round pick he will be playing elsewhere next season. Like Baltimore or for the Giants . We need this guy on our team our scouts told the staff to grab him just like breese and we have a shot at getting him for the 2nd time just like Breese. Hope we learned from what happened with Breese that if we dont pick him up he will dominate for the team that does pick him up. Just like Breese.


The arm length arguement is to be debated for sure. I just believe it has more to do with how well the Def can handle the OT trying to get their hands on him than the actual length itself. Brandon Graham is very strong and has an array of moves and hand techniques that he uses to defeat OT's. As he has not played in the NFL yet everything is conjecture on both side whether it will be problematic. You can say this about any player coming in can he/can't he arguements. I am in the corner of his hand fighting skills being able to win battles vs longer armed OT's.

Iowa OT Brian Bulaga is a guy they keep saying will go top 10. B. Graham went right around him. I think the Fins can gain some good info from Jake Long about BG as well as they both went to Michigan.


Crowder is a bum !!!! Cant stand seeing him as a starter for our team. Should be on our practice squad.

hit a nerve ,well if the shoe fits
can post in blue all u want ,know its you zorba.

Anyone think the Cards would be dumb enough to take Crowder and our 4th round pick for Boldin ?


I like Bolden a lot...been campaigning for him for a while.

That said, the guy will be 29 and with the injuries he has already had including time missed. This coupled with the fact that he plays a tough minded brand of football that is based on being physical, taking punishment and not running by people would say that he would be likely to suffer further set backs.

I still would love the Fins to get him...for a 4rth rounder. He represents a bunch of characteristics the Fins don't have now. He is better at Y.A.C than anyone we have. He can make very tough grabs in traffic and Henne could use a veteran pro that can deliver that down in and down out. Remember, Randy Moss went to NE for a 4rth... If Bolden can't be obtained for a 4rth than I would let him go to the higher bidder. I feel the teams still has to get younger at too many positions to give up their 3rd or 2nd picks as some suggest.

This is my feeling on Bolden anyways.


If we get Boldin I think we should still try and get a top receiver in the draft.. If Dez is there you grab him.. Hope the Ravens pick up T.O and stay away from Boldin..

Look at me , I'm nuts !!!


Crowder may not be your choice but, I don;t see him going away.

The Fins extended him already recently and he is the better of any two we have right now.

Lets say they sign Dansby, I think they will pair Dansby with Crowder as starters and not use Torbor or Ayodele except in emergencies.


It's hard to tell what the Fins will do as they have doubled up on a few positions.

Armando thought that it was more them liking the player that happened to play the same position more than targeting two guys at the same position.

If they get Bolden in FA (or another FA WR) I think they will not go Dez in the 1st imho.


I also like getting my salad tossed.

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Good evening people!

I look forward to some more postin' tomorrow.


Rob, I hear what your saying about needing to get younger but i am worried about us missing the boat again on a real receiver . Until we get one our offense will not produce like it needs to . I didnt realize Moss was obtained for A 4th Round pick. WOW..

Nathaniel Dodsworth:

I don't think you should be able to kick a
Field Goal
to win in 'Playoff Overtime'.

In the Postseason...
a display of DOMINANCE should be needed to
earn victory -- especially when two good teams are involved.

So in overtime, you either Punt or
try to convert a First Down...period.
(The game then becomes a struggle for field position.)
Only the strongest, who can finish a drive, survive.

I'd be for a completely new LB corp. JT's best days are behind him, Crowder is average at best ( I,m 54 and I think I could make 51 tackles in 13 games! ), and Porter is gone. All of our other linebackers are just guys in uniforms, nothing special at all. The only exception is Cam Wake, who I really don't see as an every down starter, but who, used in the right way could potentially get 12-15 sacks. We've got to be more creative and find a way to get him on the field more. There were many passing downs last year where he wasn't on the field, I need that one explained to me. He applied pressure virtually every time he was in there. His sacks per play ratio had to be one of the best in the league. A smart coordinator should be able to find a way to get him out there 15-20 plays a game where he can really get a feel for things and make an impact. Let's sign Dansby and draft two other LBs and make this a strength of the team. It's a must if you're going to play the 3-4.


I always take a look before logging off... I hate going to bed...lol.

I realize that having a #1 type receiver on the team will go a long ways towards increasing offensive output. The general vibe I get from Irelands comments seem to reflect interest in a potential WR. (As much as you can trust any football info about now).

I would still try and win the game of chicken and get Bolden for a 4rth... maybe a 4rth and a player that we may end up getting rid of?

If they don't grab Bolden they could take a flyer on a drafted guy like Georgia Tech's D. Thomas if he goes in the 2-3 due to his foot injury. He has #1 WR ability as a big, strong guy with speed to go deep. He will go up and fight for the ball and is 6' 3".

Lastly, they could go for A. Bryant as a last resort. He may not be the best fix but may have a little more tread on his tires than some realize. It is very tough to gauge where he is as a player as he has some talent and also has baggage. My guess they would go other routes before having to go down the A. Bryant path.



Yeah, with Brady's accuracy that Moss trade was like stealing!


Rob, I think Crowder is a pulse in our starting defense. I mean the guy never makes any game changing plays for a starting Lb. He hurts us and he is so slow. He is good at running his Flapper though to bad that doesnt win games for us. We need two new playmakers at the LB. position for sure.

Biggest Dolphin Fan,

Some good points. To hear some tell it the DC was unable to get Wake in the game on some occasions due to Porter not wanting to come out.

He was a team leader and VERY vocal. I get the feeling that they really were not trying to step on Porter's toes as he was they grizzled vet that felt he was the best. He was the consumate "Old" lion trying to keep the Pride in line by trying to fend off any youth/"Young" lion movements. I think the Fins were worried about a divided locker room...most coaches /orginizations do.

The fact that Crowder supported Porter with his comments even after Porter was on his way out shows the type of respect he commanded from certain players on Def.



I agree the Fins are in need of and are going to get a face lift at LB. How many spots and players change this year will be interesting.

The fact that 2 years ago the Fins could have let Crowder walk and they re-upped him says to me that he will remain with the team still. All the parts and pieces may change at the other 2-3 spots though. Just my thought. If they grabbed Dansby AND a guy like Weatherspoon or Micah Johnson then this could change.



I do wish that Crowder's trash talk was matched equally by his play. He would be Patrick Willis if that was the case! lol.


Hey thanks for the Fins chat philm!

Catch you later.


Sprolls is about washed up; just like Tomlinson. Sprolles isn't an every down back that can take the weekly pounding...this was proven in the playoffs when Tomlison was hurt....again.

Anyway, on the NY Head coach thing...guys, it's all about marketing. NY is trying to broaden their market, actually the NFL wants them to broaden their market...thus all of the NY talk in the media. So the NY Head coach is just helping with "stretching" the NY market. One more point is how many NY fans live in FL?

The fins are fine at RB; but some depth would help. With a big line you want a solid back Ron and Rick are that; but need to draft an RB.

Don't give up any picks for the oft injuried Boldin...if he's hurt you can't rely on him. Name a WR from the Phil Simms Giants; other than the goofy white guy (Phil McSukunkey)?

Defenses are getting smaller to handle the passing teams.....then in comes Miami to pound it at them...like they did to the Colts and the Saints. Just need more pressure on the QB.

When's the NFL going to take the diaper off of Manning? Is Manning married? Did you see Archie crying when his little baby boy got beat by Breese? Loved It!

That idiot Jets coach... The 'Phins beat him 2x and one was win was because of of a going nowhere Teddy Ginn.

Mando has an interesting article in the Miami Herald today...he says that the Dolphins are looking at Dansby as a strongside OUTSIDE linebacker, not using him as an inside LB...if in fact they do sign him, how does that change the draft for us???

Does anyone think we'd take a second look at Josh Reed. He always a fin killer and I thought he's been their best receiver for a few yrs now

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