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Dolphins interview McCluster; Boldin on the market

The Combine is in full workout mode with offensive linemen running and jumping and pushing and pulling today. And of course, there is news.

Arizona Cardinals Rod Graves just made it official: Anquan Boldin in on the trade market.

"We're receptive to taking any calls," Graves said today. "I don't want to get into specifics but we're going to look at all the possibilities."

Alrightie then ...Let the Boldin to Dolphins speculation heat up.

I do not believe the Dolphins would give up a second round pick for Boldin. They probably wouldn't give up a third, either, because it's such a high pick in the round. A fourth-rounder?

Yes. That's the ticket.

The tight ends ran today. Pittsburgh's Dorin Dickerson ran a 4.40. He's a 230-pound tight end, but has wide receiver speed. The guy also has 34-inch arms and benched 225 pounds 28 times.

Miami tight end Jimmy Graham ran a 4.60. Jermaine Gresham ran a 4.76.

Something you should know is the latest report from aspiring scout Chris Cordero, who has been doing outstanding work checking out the talent in Indianapolis and reporting back to you.

According to Cordero, Mississippi running back Dexter McCluster spoke to the media today. McCluster said he had already interviewed with the Dolphins.

That's significant because the Dolphins loved McCluster at the Senior Bowl, spent a lot of time with him there, and clearly found nothing that eliminated the Mississippi WR-RB-Specialist from more scrutiny.

From Cordero:

McCluster measured in at [5081] and expects to run in the 4.3s. He will work at both RB and WR Sunday. He loves returning - especially punts - and says he is willing and able to cover punts as well.  

You have to love any kid that says he's willing to get down field on special teams coverage. but when that player has been a star in the SEC that says something special. He doesn't feel entitled. He believes he has something to prove.

By the way, Rex Ryan talked to the media and took his usual swipe at the Dolphins. In talking about the the division he mentioned New England, Miami, and Buffalo. Then Ryan said, "I know Miami will be ticked because I never mention them first or put them on top, but I don't care."

On his infamous fingergate episode in South Florida during Pro Bowl week:

"Regardless of the circumstances I made a mistake," Ryan said. "I have to take responsibility for my own actions. I will learn from it."

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Bobbyd, Dansby is scheme versatile, and this would offer us more options for the draft. How many times have we heard 'count plays' these guys want players who can fill many roles. I think people lose sight of that sometimes. Dansby would help us take the D BPA, whether that be NT, ILB, or OLB. I still would think they'd prefer to use Dansby inside, this could just be one of those ploys to keep people believing we are interested in Rolando McClain.


Also saw where Thigpen said he was told he would have been the starter had Henne gotten hurt and needed to miss a game. Pretty interesting, though i think we all knew that.

Matt Roth wasn't a supreme pass rusher on the outside; he was very good against the run as well as decent in coverage and the defense was much better when he played last year. Dansby is all those things and a better pass rusher than Roth was. With Irelands comments on the ILBs and with a NT sure to be picked high in the draft - it could be truth - but of course it could all be Oscar Mayer bologna. I do believe that Dolphins like McClain - but Dansby would allow them to keep all their options open as he would be an improvement for 2 positions.

How about going into 2010 with a LB Corp of Wake, Crowder, McClain and Dansby??? That's a linebacker Corp

Jacoby Ford just ran a 4.28


Are you interested in keeping JT back for another season?

I would not mind the LB corp you wrote, I would also like to add maybe another 1 or 2 pass rusher types in the later rounds. I want to be able to send waves of guys at the QB.

Bootang, well according to the article the Fins and the Giants both are looking at Dansby for that outside role...Also, the Fins are not willing to shell out that big money for an ILB because an OLB is worth so much more...so I don't think it's a ploy, if they sign him it will be for OLB

Article also had someother interesting things, there is a link off of Armandos Twitter if u want to check it out


I agree with that. But let's say they get a Jerry Hughes in round 2, a Cameron Sheffield in round 4, and miss on an ILB that could start right away, maybe he does play inside. I like his versatility.

It changes the draft bigtime because if dansby can play the strong side then we won't have to draft for that positon so high but without dansby we have no one , like literally no one because jt played that side last year and I doubt he'll play the strong side again and be playing out of position

Well by about 12:30 Thursday night we will probably know about Dansby.

bootang25, I have taken this unpopular position since the end of the year BUT no on Jason Taylor....and now with his shoulder surgery, Im a bigger NO

boldin is worth our 3rd I also hope we get dansby then we can use our 1st pikc on best player available between NT, olb, or saftey.

Benn is struggling at the combine

Anybody hear any news of us exploring a trade with Chicago for Greg Olsen? Makes sense to me and Chicago would probably move him with Martz in town. Hell we could give them Fasano and a pick since he likes blocking tight ends. He'd be our best receiver instantly until we traded for Boldin or brought someone like Dez Bryant. Just curious. Also I think we're gonna end up taking Jason Pierre-Paul out of USF with our first pick not Kindle Graham or McClain.

We are not taking Jason Pierre-Paul with our first pick...The guy is a MAJOR project who could just as easily be a bust... Dolphins need a player that can come right in and PLAY, and Pierre-Paul will not do that for us

ceed, the Greg Olsen trade rumors started with a Chicago Bears fan blog since Greg Martz doesnt use the TE in his schemes...but Olsen was the only one who really produced for Cutler last year...If the Bears are not going to use their TE that much, why in the world do you think they would want Fasano??? And do u really believe with the depth of this draft we will give up a second round pick for this guy?? I dont think so

I've been on the Gresham bandwagon for months, I am not going to sit here and pretend I am a scout, when I say I want Gresham here what I am really saying is I think the "playmaker" we lack on offense is a big time TE ,a good to great TE, we could probably trade down and get Gresham high 2nd rd(because he is coming off an injury,by the way the Canes recruited him hard way back when,so i have followed him since high school) and any of many players maybe even Mcclan if he continues to drop, in the 1st with a lower pick after trading down.Question: Do you guys think we really have a legit shot of signing Dansby? I am sick of every offseason since Olin Kreutz C for the Bears, to be told we will or have a great chance of signing X player only to be outbid. TY, WOULD APPRECIATE ANY THOUGHTS ON MIAMI"S CHANCES OF SIGNING DANSBY!

I see my boy Carlton Mitchell ran 4.44 at 6-4 215 pounds. Looks like he won't get passed the 3rd . Tate 4.36 , taylor price 4.43 , mike williams of the cuse 4.49 , lafell 4.60 , shipley 4.57.

Wassup fellow fans!!!


Losing out on the FA's does get frustrating. It is a totally odd business (talent evaluation) EVEN after you see guys play in the NFL, you can grab trade for them or pick them up in FA and there is still risk involved. There is more than a slight chance that any FA won't perform as good or better than with his last team.

That said, with the very limited FA this year due to the uncapped season you have much fewer bullets to put in the "reloading" chamber. It should cause some teams to become more desperate than they normally are. I think because of the high bar that going 11-5 set, the Trifecta are feeling more pressure than they anticipated. The fans turn up the heat and BP&Co will try hard to fill a hole or two in FA.

Dansby is a guy they have targeted and it probably will come down to who blinks between the Fins and NYG. The fact that we are looking at him as an outside LB (as the article states) may give us a reason to justify more money than the NYG's. They lost Pierce one of the ILB so that is how they would be paying Dansby. Let's hope its enough as the Fins have a number of needs to take care of and I think he would be the best pick-up of the FA's available.


NJ PHIN! Sup man!

Numberjuan, first off, it's gonna be difficult to trade down since 5/10 top picks are trying to trade down, second, TE is not a MUST HAVE position for us, NT, LB are the two must haves..Third Dansby, Dansby wants to be a Giant, he has said it in interviews, if the Giants really want Dansby it will be tough for us to sign him...The Giants can outbid us and if that's where the man wants to play, it will be tough to change his mind


I have looked at Carlton more. I would say I under valued him at 1st glance. I think he will go in the 4rth or 5th round now.

I know you had said some thought 2nd??? No way in heck he goes 2nd round. I don't think 3rd either.

If he goes 4rth or later I would be correct and if goes 3rd or earlier you are correct...deal?


I guess it will depend if Dansby has a "New York state of mind" eh bobbyd? lol


Jocoby Ford 4.28!

He's a fast WR that could be had later(4rth?).

It would be wild having Ginn on one side and Ford on the other running Go routes!


Carlton Mitchell measured in at 6-2

Just Because...wassup bro!

NJ PHIN wants Carlton Mitchell to be taller just like I want B Graham to be taller...lol, I know the drill.

The players that a person really likes get magnified to a certain extent...most everyone does it including GM's and scouts.


Arrrrrgh! Website lag again?? wth?

Sup Rob in Oc. You may have undervalued carlton mitchell ?? You think so ?? That may be a understatement. You had him as a 6 or 7h round pick and perhaps a free agent invitee to camp . LOL ! No Deal. i said mitchell in the 3rd maybe a 4rth , with some scouts saying maybe 2nd . You had him as low as a street free agent. How is that a deal ?? 5 th round and later you win , 4rth or higher i win.

Benn had a really tough combine today...

Receivers are dropping a lot of passes today

Hehe, NJ PHIN...ur driving a hard bargain...

What the heck man...you said no way he gets past 3rd? your not losin g confidence in the 6'4", ahem 6'2" WR from the football factory of ...South Florida are you?

How about 4rth round we tie. 3rd you win 5th I win?

deal? The bet is that whomever wins has to get on and say 2 seperate times:

"I (name goes here) was wrong and you (name goes here) were right. You are the king of talent judges!"

Whattay say???



I have never been on the Big Benn WR bus so his rough day is not too shocking to me.

It may be just his nerves. Some guys handle the combine like a golden opportunity (especially Tate, lol) and some treat it like a job interview that may be over their heads...sweating, jittery, dropping balls etc.


LOL @ Rob in oc , i don't want anybody to be taller just because i want him to be . Carlton Mitchell measuredout at 6-2 7/8 that about 6-3 and at 215 pounds. Just beacuse was off at saying he was 6-2

AHEM 6-2 7/8 that's 6-3. no deal !! you had mitchell as a street free agent and now you changed your mind. i had him a 3rd maybe 4rth all along. Don't spin and try to weisel your way out . You said at first 6-7 round or free agent. You were way off and yiu know it.


Well Just Because saying 6'2" is not as off as saying 6' 4" as you had stated?

Are we on for our bet?

You had said "No way he gets past the 3rd."
Now you are saying 3rd or 4rth? He is slipping to you eh?

I had said 6-7 and FA... then after more homework I said 4-5?

I say if he gets drafted in the 4rth we tie. 5th or later I win and 3rd or earlier you win...deal?


Ahem it would appear you were off in saying he was 6-4

I haven't seen anyone who really jumped out at me so far. Yesterday a few TEs really stuck out, but these WRs have done nothing to make me consider them in the first 2 rounds. JMO.

I was way off but, I did a cursary browse of the WR you have been very high on for a while and came away with a grade that was too low. I means I only watched a few clips and hopped on and answered you cause I said I would.

Then later when I started even looking at where he could be ranked and comparing him to other players I raised it to a 4-5 round grade...any harm in that? No weaseling here...just more info gathering.

By the way...show me the post you said ANYTHING about a 4rth round grade by you before our convo today?


Ahem , he was listed at 6-4 all year. i didn't see the combine numbers until now. You had seen the combine # 's and still were off by almost a inch. 6-3. LO !!!


Come on man...you been around this game too long... The ONLY place 6'2" 7/8ths = 6'3" is in YOUR head.

These are the ruthless measure your crap length, measure your hand webbing, measure your average walking step distance freaks...the combine folks ain't giving anyone a fee 1/8 of an inch...that's why they measure every little thing...for accuracy...

You know this...


Rob , are you F'n kidding me ?? seriously ?? . You had the guy as a street free agent or a 6-7 . i set you straight about the guy being a much higher pick and state 3 maybe 4rth. Stop woth your BS. Cheers !

LMFAO @ ROB. you do just like to argue.

He maybe closer to 6' 3" than farther away but Just Because reprting 6'2" is definitely not wrong.

He is Six Ft TWO and 7/8s.

I'm not gonna lose any sleep of it...just sayin.

How is your snow battle going by the by?


Fruitless argument anyway - 6-2; 6-3; 6-4 - long arms and vertical leap are just as if not more important anyway


No way... I just like to argue? Pulease, Pot calling the Kettle?

Are you backing out of the bet then? Water too hot? You're in the kitchen and can't stand the heat? LOL

I know you can't produce a post so I will do it for you...

I see my boy Carlton Mitchell ran 4.44 at 6-4 215 pounds. Looks like he won't get passed the 3rd . Tate 4.36 , taylor price 4.43 , mike williams of the cuse 4.49 , lafell 4.60 , shipley 4.57.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 28, 2010 at 12:11 PM

That is a recent post that you made.

Look, I am not arguing for the sake of arguing. I am having a friendly debate of where YOUR guy Carlton Mitchell will be drafted.

You state in this post no later than 3rd. I said 6-7...with more homework brought him up to 4-5. Now you say you get 4rth round as well?

I countered with fine..4rth round is a tie for both of us... 3rd you win and 5th I win. You are not ok with that? Just a friendly wager bud? Not house payment or pink slips...just some simple bragging rights?

Whattya say?


Mitcell . 10 5/8 in hands ( big hands ) . He benched 16 times with high being 20 for wr. Not bad, pretty strong. shows he ca beat press coverage. Cj spiller came in at 5-10 5/8 196 pounds. he came in small. questions remain if he's a everydown back and if he can take the pounding. Miami won't take him.

Looks like McCluster is having a good day. I heard Tate ran a good forty too. I missed everything this morning... just sitting down... anything important updates????

Carlito , i gave some 40 times on a earlier post. check them out.

Did I see right that CJ Spiller did 18 reps on the bench? I thought I saw it on the NFL network ticker, but PFT says he is only running. Even though I dont want him at 12, if he did 18 reps that is impressive considering the rumor was going around that he doesn't lift any weights...

Q: How tall was Barry Sanders?
A: 5'8" 200lbs

Q: How tall was Emmitt Smith?
A: 5' 9" 216lbs

Q: How tall is Chris Johnson?
A: 5' 11" 200lbs

The questions will mount with EVERY player NJP. Is Dez gonna be a diva? will he be fast enough to get open? Will Brandon Graham be tall enough? Can he play in space? Will Cody eat too much? Can Carlton Mitchell adjust to the much better talent in the NFL?

Every player has questions... they don't get answered until the start playing in the NFL.

I hope your not comparing Mitchell to Spiller are you? No contest there...Spiller hands down?



His times post is embedded in my 1:20 post...FYI

Carlito , spiller is ONLY running today. He doing the other thing on his pro day. Another red flag

4 mid round rb's I want to keep an eye on

1. Dexter McCluster
2. Legarrate Blount
3. Javaris James
4. Toby Gehrheart (will def. go earlier)


If you read my post, you would see that I said PFT posted he is not running today. I just saw it go by on the NFL network ticker that he did 18 reps. I'm asking which one is right?

Comparing mitchell to spiller ???? What the hell are you talking about ??? are you ok today ?? I'm better off talking to a wall. cheers !! By the way , you had no idea about mitchell until i brought him up to you and told you to check him out. LOL !! Cheers !!

What do you guys think of Toby Gerhart?

I think he would make a good replacement for Ronnie or Ricky down the road.


Now were comparing spiller with sanders , smith and johnson. LMFAO !!!! MY GOD !!!

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