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Done with the old, on to the new

A tidy little game was played in South Florida Sunday evening. The Saints won. The Colts lost. And soon the other shoe will drop in South Florida.

Good-bye Joey Porter.

The Monday after the Super Bowl is the first day NFL teams are able to release players after the season. An NFL source said Sunday the Dolphins will release or trade Porter as early as Monday, depending on the trade market for him.

The Dolphins would prefer to find a suitor for Porter and if that happens, March 5 is the earliest date he can be traded. If the Dolphins have already determined Porter has no trade value, they will release him.

Either way, Porter will not be on the team for the 2010 regular-season opener.

Speculation here: The Dolphins typically act quickly and decisively in such matters. The fact Porter has become such a royal pain embarrassment -- sliming the team at every opportunity -- might also play into Miami's timing.

So it would be no surprise for this move to happen sooner rather than later.

Other Dolphins players should also spend the next month or so reading the scroll on the various sports shows and websites to see if their names are featured among Dolphins cuts or not.

Free safety Gibril Wilson is on chopping block. I'm told the Dolphins would consider keeping him if he takes a significant pay cut. But there is no guarantee he'll take a cut because he declined one in Oakland last year. So the Dolphins have a decision to make on this, one of their signature free agent signings of 2009.

Speculation here: I believe Wilson is not on the team when the 2010 season opens.

Other players that might be on the line unless they take pay cuts include Jason Allen and Reggie Torbor.


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I appreciate everything Joey did, his leadership sometimes gets overlooked because of his big mouth. But it was obvious he was declining, would not accept this, and ultimately undermined that leadership by refusing to be a good teammate and sharing time. What makes players great is often what ends up as their downfall. Joeys belief that he was the best cost him. I wish him luck wherever he ends up.

Too bad Porter fails to realize he will probably get many opportunities to shine in Mike Nolan's defense. Oh well. Let's draft some linebackers and get a big ol' defensive tackle.

And get rid of Gibril already!!

Never took to porter's style of blaming everyone around him. He was a very one dimensional player who was classless on so many occassions. Off course wilson should be gone along with Ginn, Crowder and Allen.

Shula was right, your a disgrace to the Dolphin uniform.

Joey Porter acts and sounds like a spurned lover. I know the Dolphins don't want me, so I don't want them first.

What an idiot.

A shame because he might have thrived as a pass rushing 3rd down specialist on the team next season.

The trifecta could not have possibly fixed all the problems on the team in one offseason.

Seems like year 3 is the year of the Linebacker.

Would it be worth the agg to retain Porter, pay him, but suspend him for the 2010 season?
They SHOULD cutt Jason Allen, along w Crowder, who can't tackle...

Joey's best moment as a Dolphins was right before the Wildcat game against the Cheatriots. The Dolphins were 0-2 coming off a 1-15 season. The Cheatriots were coming off a 16-0 season and started 2-0. Plus, the game was in New England. NO ONE gave the Dolphins even a remote chance to win that game. I think Joey gave the team some extra confidence with all his trash talking that week (and backed it up with 3 sacks). His leaving is 10 weeks too late, but is welcome. The Dolphins got exactly what they should have expected in Porter. He was the same player in Miami that he was in Pittsburg (on and off the field).

Hopefully, Gibril Wilson will start trashing the Dolphins, Sparano, and Ireland in the media very soon.

My congrats to the saints and their fans.. Wrote them off but theyvare the tru champ!

Porter is no loss... He isn't going to find work easy in the NFL...gibril they might keep....Jason Allen is gone...torbor... Gone.. Keep crowder.. He sometimes tackles poorly but he is the best linebacker we have

I wonder if Peezy knows how tough I am. It's a well known fact, but still, I wonder ....

Our run defense is not to shabby with crowder in the games. He just gets a bum wrap because he is not a huge playmaker but is often injured which is not good. I say we keep crowder he would be a good backup and provide nice depth at ilb spot

In case there is any doubt, I will be in my seats for all the preseason games, come see me in August and I will show you tough.

bye bye Joey

Sorry BCS, I don't go to the preseason games in August, I wrestle alligators at the Indian Reservation during that month..

when tomlin took over in pittsburgh he knew he would have a divided locker room if he kept porter around so he let porter walk. very smart. now we say adios to that idiot! sparano takes back the team! i just hope we stock the shelves with some tough guys who can play. in addition i truly hope for "open competition" for the roster spots with everyone getting a fair chance to contribute. no more entitlement programs for guys like porter!

get rid of all of them crowder too and sign dansby rolle antoino bryant trade for boldin maybe?....dansby should be our number 1 target armando....then lets draft mcclain from bama mays from usc and williams from tennessee!

I would keep him and let him make noise. I wouldn't give that sack of crap nuttun. On March the 2nd at midnight release him. Hopefully he goes to Seattle where we don't have to see his ugly mug anymore.

I was thinking the exact same thing as Matt from Brooklyn. Porter knew he was most likely going to be released, so he made it look like this was HIS doing. Typical egomaniac. One good year. Another free agent bust considering the money he was paid.

Not sure what the advantage would be to get rid of this guy right away. Let him make his noise, and sweat things out and see if we can find a trade partner. I don't believe this guy has no trade value. It's not like he has a huge contract with a long term left. I would wait until teams get an idea of who they are going to lose. I could see this guy being ideal in Arizona if the Cards were to lose Dansby and I don't think it's unreasonable to expect Boldin back in return. If the trifecta is smart about this, they will put the emotion aside and work the phones. There's a trade out there somewhere.

Don`t forget to include in that list these two players, A. Ayundale and Paul Solai.

Not quite sure why they would cut Jason Allen just yet. Yes, he's been a bust as a CB/S, but he's one of their best special teams players and his cap # isn't all that unmanageable, especially if there is no cap this coming season.

I would think it would be wise for them to see if they can find something better first. Recent history has shown this team what can happen when you don't have a decent supply of guys who can play special teams well.

Why would Miami even think of keeping Wilson? This team amazes me. Same thing they did with useless WIlford.

Craig- no one will trade for Porter if they KNOW he is going to be released.

porter,wilson,ayodele, crowder all should be gone. trade ginn and jason allen

J. Allen isn't great but he started to fly around the field on special teams toward the end of the season and were just not a team that can cut guys like that at will. As for wilson, Armando adressed all the points with him and I think losing him will give us about +1-3 games bc he cost us at least that many with blown covg. An average saftey wouldve made those tackles.

Craig, I know people have no problem with spending others money but if YOU had to pay Porter a million dollar bonus on March 5th after all the sh"t he has said , would you???

Crowder is not going anywhere because we already have too many holes to fill and with some upgrades on defense and with Mike Nolan coming in Crowder will stay

I hope and pray that Teddie GINN -ed up will begin trash talking against his coach and President. GINN MUST GO!


Please cut Gibril, did you see him get posterized in slow motion during a super bowl commercial?

Remember him piggy backing 40 yards down the field on the backs of Dallas Clark, Jeremy Shockey, Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, and more?

Remember him never providing assistance over the top to the Dolphins rookie CBs?

Remember that he cannot be deeper than a receiver for the life of him?

Remember the Gerbil!

Why cut guys because they won't take a pay cut? It's an uncapped year. If they're not worth keeping (Allen, Torbor, Wilson) get rid of them.

WOW... Porter used the NFL network, in the Dolphins home stadium to rip the origination, and his teammates. thats so lame and weak of an individual. u have to use the Super Bowl setting and day to whin about your selfish situtation. then Deion and others on the set kiss his butt and think thats a respectable way to conduct yourself. get him out of here already. there's no need for him. he's not that good anyways. thats the crazy part, he's swears that he's the best option on this team at LB. please homey... you aint that good! take your Peezy act outta here!

the Dolphins are bigger than Joey Porter!

Porter and Gibril should have been cut at 12:01 AM...Why are they still here this long???

What did Porter say on the NFL network? How long was he on there? I missed it...

Imagine a world in which the Porter's play as hard as they talk? And think of the team as much as they think of themselves? Idiot. Can't cut him fast enough. And if Crowder doesn't like it, he can go too...

I might be in the minority here but I think Gibril would be useful to keep as a successor to Yeremiah Bell. Bell will be 32 next year and trust me, by the end of next year we will all be talking about how we need to find a new SS. Gibril may be useless as a FS but he is still a good straight line tackler and good in run support. The pay cut thing will definitely looks like it definitely needs to be done though.

One thing I have to say:

hoo-hoo-hoo-HOOSIERS!! How about Tracy Porter? An IU grad like myself and I had the luxary to watch him play since we were both at IU at the same time. The guy is good and proving it in his 2nd year in the league!! Congrats to you Tracy Porter!!

Mando they should clean up the entire LB core.
Whether is trade or release... they need youth.
Peezy, Torbor, Ayodele, Anderson & Crowder...
All those guys are overpaid & don't do the job.
Keep Wake & JT.

Release J.Allen & G.Wilson... Trade W.Allen if he's not going to start (he gets paid too much to play nickle)

Trade Ginn to the Ravens, they need WRs & Cam loves him & his family (+ they took Beck, why not Ginn?)

Trade Fasano? Keep Haynos & Sperry. Draft a TE?

FA Musts: NT Wilfork, FS A.Rolle, MLB D.Ryans?
FA Maybe's: OLB Merriman? WR Jackson? KR Roby?

Porter is a jacka$$. Ferk him. Does he really think it makes him good to trash the coaching staff and his teammates? He decreased his own value - as a coach or a GM, I wouldn't want anything to do with him as a FA.

As for Gibril, He stunk it up last year but remember that he was forced to play out of position. He could've done a LOT better, but it's not entirely his fault.

Ginn and Allen are busts as first round picks, but both provide value to the team. If we had a "real" #1 receiver, you'd all love Ginn because he's make that occasional big play.

Fact is, they were drafted too high. But we can't get those bonuses or picks back, so look at them for what they are now - decent players. Would you hate them as much if they were 4th rounders? What difference does it make now where they were picked?

Jay it still makes a difference where they were picked because they are still getting paid first round money...

Leadership is only good if the person who is leading is helping team members head in the right direction. Otherwise it quickly turns into negative influence. Thats Porter. goodbye Joey, let's see if someone is stupid enough to give you starters money. You used to be great, but time is an opponent nobody beats. You would've come back for one more season in my opinion had you not been so vocally ignnorant. Instead, hope you enjoy suiting up in the Silver and Black

One guy you forgot to mention is Drew Brees. Why can't the Dolphins get players like that.....oh yeah they had two shots at him and blew it...for Jamar Fletcher and Dante Culpepper....ouch!!!

Gibril Wilson is ineffective at any salary. I don't understand the team's logic in keeping him if he takes less pay. How will that make him play better? Just cut him and move on.

DO NOT get rid of Taylor!!! That WILL hurt us next year, because he WILL go to the patsies!!! clean house on the rest including Crowder!!!

Because he would be playing a different position Randy - one that he was very effective in winning a Super Bowl Championship 2 years ago. And since we have an aging player in that position right now.

Congrations to the Saints and the "Who Dat" nation !!
They should give Porter his bonus and package him in a trade with Crowder to Cleveland for Cribbs. Both teams would be getting rid of disgruntled players. And Cleveland would then have three of our former linebackers. All pro bowl players. Don't believe me? Just ask them.

Who should be more disappointed for not having Brees on their team, Miami or San Diego??

Gibril Wilson being posterized in a Super Bowl commercial was the best part of the night.

Indiana- Miami by far, at least the Bolts were able to establish a franchise QB.

In subject to your tweet about G. Wilson, How does he feel??? lmao

enrique1085 - True, but the Bolts could possibly have a Superbowl already if they would of stuck with Brees. Then, Miami definitely would of chose Rivers over Culpepper and we would be talking a different story today...


Also think about all the QB's that we have drafted or signed the last 4 years. Those picks and that money could've went to guys like Vincent Jackson, Greg Jennings, etc....
What could've been..lol

San Diego wouldn't have won a Super Bowl even with Joe Montana at qb, Jim Brown in the backfield, and Jerry Rice at WR becuase their last two coaches were Marty Schottenheimer and Norv Turner. These guys invented more ways to lose a playoff game than anyone else ever.

What you say is true, but I think Rivers can and will win a Super Bowl soon. He needs a good coaching staff and more experience to do so, but he will.

enrique1085 - I'm not sure if Chargers will make the extra step to the big game. The talent is there, but they just can't seem to get over that hump. Also, if only every team could see into the future things would be different with every draft. How did we know Jamar Fletcher was a bust or every QB, minus Henne, we have got the past few years were duds? It is just the way the dice rolls sometimes unfortunately and we all know it has not been rolling in our favor the past decade as we been rolling snake eyes until the past 2 years...


My only point was why cut Porter RIGHT NOW. And I don't understand why you guys are in SUCH a hurry to get rid of everyone. If it was the right move to bring these guys in last year why is it the right move to get rid of them this year. You guys are in such a rush to get rid of assets. If I'm a free agent why would I want to come here if that's how the team treated it's players? You don't see teams like the Colts or Patriots running around signing guys one year and then getting rid of guys the next year. That's not what the GREAT franchises do.
We had injuries last year and the toughest schedule in the league. We're only TWO years removed from being 1-15. I'm all for getting better year after year and I don't disagree that some of these guys have to go (Porter included). All I'm saying is this was a guy who had 17.5 sacks a year ago. He's got to be worth something to someone. None of these moves should be knee-jerk reactions. It's not what the good franchises do. Who cares what he says. Marshall, Owens, Cinco....they all spout off. Let's see if there's a market for him before we just release him.

carlito... Porter was on the network WAY TOO LONG!!! he was on during the entire pre game but in and out. him and Deion had there own lil table and discussed their views on the game. then they made their way to the main set. for other teammates not to put him on his place and say how great of a teammate he is b/s.

basically talked about hows he the best they have to play at LB(which is a slap to his teammates) came off like he's better than the Dolphins period! he knew Harrison was a player on the up and up and it was ok for him to leave Pitt but in Mia there are no up and coming players on the team at that position and should play full time not a situtational player. made me sick... please cut him NOW!!!!

Porter is dumb-uh. There are basically 10 to 12 OLBs/DEs that are already better than him that are jsut graduating from college now. And Wake and JT outplayed him by far on his own team. He's delusional at best.

Craig M-
I think the locker room is the more important thing right now and keeping Joey will cause problems. The teams you used as examples are teams that are already established at key positions, which is why they don't release or treat players "bad". We're still rebuilding and in the process a lot of moves need to be made, this is one of them. Joey has to go in order for the coaching staff to maintain control over the players. Any other way would mean disaster, like in Cleveland where players are divided and against the coach. We simply don't want to deal with that kind of stuff in Miami.

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