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Done with the old, on to the new

A tidy little game was played in South Florida Sunday evening. The Saints won. The Colts lost. And soon the other shoe will drop in South Florida.

Good-bye Joey Porter.

The Monday after the Super Bowl is the first day NFL teams are able to release players after the season. An NFL source said Sunday the Dolphins will release or trade Porter as early as Monday, depending on the trade market for him.

The Dolphins would prefer to find a suitor for Porter and if that happens, March 5 is the earliest date he can be traded. If the Dolphins have already determined Porter has no trade value, they will release him.

Either way, Porter will not be on the team for the 2010 regular-season opener.

Speculation here: The Dolphins typically act quickly and decisively in such matters. The fact Porter has become such a royal pain embarrassment -- sliming the team at every opportunity -- might also play into Miami's timing.

So it would be no surprise for this move to happen sooner rather than later.

Other Dolphins players should also spend the next month or so reading the scroll on the various sports shows and websites to see if their names are featured among Dolphins cuts or not.

Free safety Gibril Wilson is on chopping block. I'm told the Dolphins would consider keeping him if he takes a significant pay cut. But there is no guarantee he'll take a cut because he declined one in Oakland last year. So the Dolphins have a decision to make on this, one of their signature free agent signings of 2009.

Speculation here: I believe Wilson is not on the team when the 2010 season opens.

Other players that might be on the line unless they take pay cuts include Jason Allen and Reggie Torbor.