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Done with the old, on to the new

A tidy little game was played in South Florida Sunday evening. The Saints won. The Colts lost. And soon the other shoe will drop in South Florida.

Good-bye Joey Porter.

The Monday after the Super Bowl is the first day NFL teams are able to release players after the season. An NFL source said Sunday the Dolphins will release or trade Porter as early as Monday, depending on the trade market for him.

The Dolphins would prefer to find a suitor for Porter and if that happens, March 5 is the earliest date he can be traded. If the Dolphins have already determined Porter has no trade value, they will release him.

Either way, Porter will not be on the team for the 2010 regular-season opener.

Speculation here: The Dolphins typically act quickly and decisively in such matters. The fact Porter has become such a royal pain embarrassment -- sliming the team at every opportunity -- might also play into Miami's timing.

So it would be no surprise for this move to happen sooner rather than later.

Other Dolphins players should also spend the next month or so reading the scroll on the various sports shows and websites to see if their names are featured among Dolphins cuts or not.

Free safety Gibril Wilson is on chopping block. I'm told the Dolphins would consider keeping him if he takes a significant pay cut. But there is no guarantee he'll take a cut because he declined one in Oakland last year. So the Dolphins have a decision to make on this, one of their signature free agent signings of 2009.

Speculation here: I believe Wilson is not on the team when the 2010 season opens.

Other players that might be on the line unless they take pay cuts include Jason Allen and Reggie Torbor.


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I had the same reaction when I watched his interview with Jim Rome.

Craig I understand your point on Porter having some vaule... but is it worth holding on to him until march 1st? maybe... but who's gonna wanna trade for him knowing Mia will cut him soon. the Trifecta can only take some much of this clown called Peezy. he wasn't brought in by this crew anyways so i dont consider him a free agent that they brought in and now are cutting ties with him. i say cut him now, but if they hold on to that move and try and getting for him i have no problem with that either. just watching the network yesterday and hearing him KILL the team i root for pissed me off!!! Mia was just a pay day stop for him, just my opinion..

The little white quarterback was the MVP Super Bowl winner and not the big black running QB Duh'ta fumblepepper, WOW, that can't be right can it ? LMFAO

LMAO @ Phin4Life

What's the next stop for Culpepper after he's done in Detroit?

enrique1085... i didnt see the Rome interview but seeing him yesterday i can only imagine.

oh, and he called out Wake... saying if they wanna go the Wake way, chuckled under his breath and said good luck!!! what an A hole! why is he attacking Wake???

then you hear from Polite and N Jones who say they love him on the team great for the locker room and great teammate. i dont know man... have some balls to put him on his place damn it!

Did everyone watch the slow motion Reggie Bush highlight? you know, the one where G. Wilson got posterized? Absolutely halarious, and well deserved!

I think that Porter would have been gone last offseason except for the 17 1/2 sacks h put up. He was not signed by the trifecta and he is most certainly NOT a Parcells type player, big mouth, low production. Do not go away mad Pezzy, just GO AWAY. If he would just have remained quiet he would still have been cut and not shown 31 other teams what kind of a jerk that he is. Jason Allen will stay for a reduced salary because he is a good special teams player and works hard a Parcells kind of guy except that he makes too much money.

anyone see Kim K on the NFL Network post game w/Bush???

Mike Irvin jumped out of his seat to help her up, Deion gave up his seat in a heart beat.. and Rich wanted a congratulatory kiss from them for america..... the power of P! lol

While he has not played to his draft status, Allen has played some decent football last year. I think he will take a pay cut and stay on the team unless he wants to go somewhere else for a fresh start.

Wilson however will be gone. I have read some post that people think Miami should keep him and have him split reps with Bell at SS or even flip-flop them, but the guy can't even tackle which pretty much makes him useless. The other reason I think he will be gone is the fact that its a uncap year which there would be no cap hit which makes it the perfect time to release him. I think this off-season we will see a lot of teams cutting away its dead wood. This leads me to the offensive line. This unit was the highest paid unit in the NFL yet the middle three were splitting reps with back ups. I think if they get a opportunity to sign a O-Lineman that is close to the talent of any of the middle three MIami will do so and then cut one of the middle three.

Joey knows he was gonna get let go by the Dolphins this offseason so he just started running his mouth to save face like he is the one who doesnt want to be here.

i agree Alfonso

Phin4life whats race got to do with anything? Stop being a moron.

cut Porter,Allen,Wilson,Crowder,Ginn and all that bull crap,get into the mojo period of the draft free agency and get the best dam players to our best team the MIAMI DOLPHINS period.


I didn't say keep Porter. If you read my posts properly you will see that. Besides, despite all his vocalizing I would get rid of him for the simple reason that I think he's getting older and his skills are diminishing. My only point would be that I would want to be talking to teams (and I'm sure they have already) before I got rid of him. While I think his time has come and gone, understand we are giving up some leadership in this guy and he will help someone next season. He was one of our four captains this year and he is liked in our locker room. So despite our thoughts about him he does have some value in the eyes of those who matter. My only point was, the really good franchises take emotion out of the decisions they make. I think we're on our way to that....let's hope it continues.

After seeing what the fins did to JT when they eventually got a second
rd pick for him i think theyll at least get a 4th or 5th for porter.

porter is still here?

I like Cameron Wake, but the fact remains that (though reports have him "improving") he is still questionable at best against the run.
So, sure you can say "dump Porter" all you like--and at this point I don't see any way he can be a positive influence for the Miami Dolphins after all that has been said and done (or not done)--the bigger and more important concern is who will we rely on to stop the run next year?
I don't want to hear any of you armchair geniuses ripping Wake next year because he isn't that good against the run.

If Joey Porter and Gibril Wilson are still on the team by the time I'm making my season-ticket buying decision, I won't buy tickets for 2010. That simple.

Porter and Wilson should be cut. Not sure if anyone else needs to be cut right away though. And as for Peezy, he bashed the coach, his teammates, and the organization so don't do him any favors and relase him right away. I doubt he has any trade value but there's no need to help him out.

I say to Keep Crowder. He is a good roll player and will play better under the new Nolan system if we get a nose tackle. Starting all rookies will not be good at LB. We need a vet for leadership. This will be the second year for Clemons.He needs to step up at safety. Although are LB's did not play well, remember we did not have a Vet type or good nose tackle. The nose tackle is so important in the 3-4 system. It will not matter who we have at MLB if we don't have a good nose tackle.

Guys this is an amazing stat. Brees was 7 for 7, to 7 different receivers on the game-winning drive. Oh, and then he completed the 2 pt to an 8th different guy. Got to give him credit for an amazing game.

how about trading porter to NE for Adaleius Thomas? similiar situations. both benched for 1 game for disclipline. both want out. i think Nolan coached thomas at balt.

Craig, no team and I mean no team is dumb enough to trade for Porter...why keep him till March 4 th and cut him then??? He has ZERO trade value.. A team is not going to give up a draft pick and pay yhis guy 5 million left on his contact when u give up NOTHING and negotiate probaly a one year deal worth a lot less...Phins are not paying him a million dollar bonus and other teams already know this, cut ties now before he causes more damage..so pls stop saying we can get anything for this clown...ZERO VALUE!!!

Bobbyd12, don't waste your time. These buffoons just don't get it.

I would trade the gum on the bottom of my shoe for Porter.

NJ, I told you that the Saints would score 31 :) LOL


Do you even watch footbal? Hoey Porter is quite possibly the worst lb against the run in the NFL... I still have visions of Ryan Fitzpatrick running 40 yds for a td... thanks Hoey.

My Point is, anyone... anyone they put in Porters place will be an improvement in run defense... Not to mention he was a mediocre pass rusher this year, which is supposed to be his biggest strength... The guy is done

Carlito... you should have called my guranteed service.

LOL @ carlito . like i said , don't waste your times on buffoons.


Good game last night huh? Can't wait to see the Phins in the limelight...

Dear Mr. Salguero

Nothing and I mean nothing hurts a family like divorce.

With this ugly splitup between the Dolphins and Joey Porter my heart goes out to the kids....Channing Crowder and Gibril Wilson.

Will Joey get custody of the kids or will the Dolphins ?

If the Dolphins retain custody of the kids who will be there father figure(Baby Daddy figure)now ?

Will Joey now start dateing younger attractive NFL franchise's ?

There's also collateral damage here .....think of all the poor girls in the script clubs.....who's gonna make it rain now ?

Anywho thats my 2 cents

Soiled :)

Is anybody here old enough to have watched the last Dolphin Super Bowl?

Carlito . i've always said DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS !! and yeterday's super bowl proved it. It was a good game. I went to a nice party with some HOT GIRLS and GREAT FOOD!!


Yeah, I thought it was pretty ironic that defense and short, accurate passing is how the Saints won the game... Oh yeah don't forget the onsides kick! That was crazy aggressive, and how about that pile-up!

Interesting sidenote:

As much as that won the game, I think Jim Caldwell's conservative play calling lost the game for the Colts. It seems like after they got up by 10, they were just playing not to lose...

I'm sick of the dolphins addressing there needs in the draft..trade for a proven wr and a stud who plays in the secondary..take a chance on Jimmy Graham in the 3rd and a linebacker in the 2nd or 1st if someone good is available

lol Miaballa, how they gonna draft people if they traded all the picks for a "proven wr and stud who plays in the secondary..."


Aloco knows meatballs

Hey Mando did you notice that Gibril Wilson was in one of the super bowl commercials... the one where Reggie Bush jumps over Gibril Wilson for TD in slow Mo.

Porter is a loud mouth punk. He has no class and makes it embarrassing to take his side when he opens his mouth to the media during the week before games.

I am glad to see him go. I personally would like to see Wilson and Crowder and Ayodele go as well.

Wilson couldn't cover or tackle so what is it that he can do for Miami?

Crowder to me is another loud mouth who plays small. He probably will stick another year at least. Crowder has made one play that I can remember in his career and that was sealing the game versus NE with that int but that was all Cam Wake's doing to me by applying that pressure.

Ayodele doesn't do anything well. He is a marginal player. He is not a starter. He isn't physical and he has cement cleats on in coverage. He needs to go!

Last but not least I pray we get Rolando McClain. He is natural leader and is the face Miami hasn't had since Zach Thomas.

The Super Bowl final score was followed as scripted by Roger Goodell and the New World Order.

Soiled :)

P.S. I'm not paranoid



I remember the last two Dolphins' Super Bowls - barely.

I still can't believe how the Colts offense messed that up. Saints were giving them the underneath all day and usually Peyton just takes it, marches the team down the field and scores. Saints didn't blitz at all. It's the only time all year Peyton and the Offense messed up all year when facing that type of defense. Bad timing. Or was it?!??!!?

ALoco - I predicted Saints to win so zip it...

Aloco is a fluffer

Breaking News...
Porter cut signs with Jets.
Clam Chowder cut signs with Bills.
Pat White converted to WR, we will be drafting all LBs in the draft and 1 TE to replace Nalbone on the practice Squad

Breaking news

Ryan Baker will be converted to OLB after his one trick pony showing against the bills.

i remember the last 2 Phins super bowl...been too long man

Mark the Saints blitzed on the Int return

Everybody is looking at the big names, I think Weatherspoon will be a great pick up in the draft at ILB. He is just like Beason, fast, can tackle and can cover. Oh yeah and an outstanding attitude. Just watch the highlights of him at the senior bowl alone and you will see for yourself. Crowder is a great tackler his coverage is all thats missing and this guy would add that next to him. Also if somehow we can get Brandon Graham or someone like him opposite of Wake thats a great LB group. In the third round pick up maybe if there Arrelious Benn from Ill. or Demaryius Thomas from Georgia Tech. That would be a great draft just with the 3 rounds. Then add depth afterwards. In FA go after Wilfork or Ngata.

Another one who thinks this is madden football. LOL !

Get rid of him, he was not doing anything and not because of the system but because of his big mouth and small brain!!!!.... he is a cancer in the locker room why do you think the steelers got rid of him many years ago!... bye bye Joey..... go play for the Raiders perfect fit!!



Is Joey(DUHHHH)Porter still a Dolphin???

Aloco never misses on meatballs and mousaka

Guys, this is not football related but it's the funnest thing Ive seehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci7nBNseT2on in years check it out....

Will you guys stop trashing joey porter. If he was a white boy, you would think he is great. The reason that big old white boy sebastian vollmer of the patriots, threw him around like a little sissy boy, was because the coach tony seprano, disrespected the brother. Why else do you think he had 0-sacks,0-tackles,0-assisted tackles? What the fins need to do, is try to get Reheem Morris away from the bucs. The man knows how to relate to the brothers.

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