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Done with the old, on to the new

A tidy little game was played in South Florida Sunday evening. The Saints won. The Colts lost. And soon the other shoe will drop in South Florida.

Good-bye Joey Porter.

The Monday after the Super Bowl is the first day NFL teams are able to release players after the season. An NFL source said Sunday the Dolphins will release or trade Porter as early as Monday, depending on the trade market for him.

The Dolphins would prefer to find a suitor for Porter and if that happens, March 5 is the earliest date he can be traded. If the Dolphins have already determined Porter has no trade value, they will release him.

Either way, Porter will not be on the team for the 2010 regular-season opener.

Speculation here: The Dolphins typically act quickly and decisively in such matters. The fact Porter has become such a royal pain embarrassment -- sliming the team at every opportunity -- might also play into Miami's timing.

So it would be no surprise for this move to happen sooner rather than later.

Other Dolphins players should also spend the next month or so reading the scroll on the various sports shows and websites to see if their names are featured among Dolphins cuts or not.

Free safety Gibril Wilson is on chopping block. I'm told the Dolphins would consider keeping him if he takes a significant pay cut. But there is no guarantee he'll take a cut because he declined one in Oakland last year. So the Dolphins have a decision to make on this, one of their signature free agent signings of 2009.

Speculation here: I believe Wilson is not on the team when the 2010 season opens.

Other players that might be on the line unless they take pay cuts include Jason Allen and Reggie Torbor.


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Cuban still can not tell me what is so funny about Bruce the Funny dog

It looks like By the conversation on here for the past couple of hours , it's going to be a Looooooooong month until the combine and free agency . :)


We're just waiting for people to get fired...

Carlito , me too. Porter by the end of the week , for sure.

Goodbye Porter. Thanks for nothing. Maybe with that big mouth of yours you should enter that hot dog eating contest in Coney Island. You can talk smack to the Japanese dude for weeks before the event only to have him beat you by 16 weiners. Been nice having you. NOT.

I am very excited to see what our Defense will look like after this draft/FA season. I remember when we had just brought in Zack Thomas and Jayson Taylor. I remember the days of Brian Cox, Hugh Green, John Offerdahl, Buoniconti and all of the great Dolphins linebackers. I really do hope that we get at least 3 new guys at that position. There is something about a team with good LB talent that is fresh and new. There is a completely different feel about the team when they are on the field... I know I know... sounds crazy... But do you guys remember the days when Zack and Jayson were young and fresh?... freekin' Offensives hated playing those guys. I would really like to see a talent at receiver also... been a VERY LONG TIME since Miami had a great receiver. After so many years of having so many great ones... to over 13 since we had one worth a half a damn... it would be nice to see. Imagine a Duper or Clayton style. Bess has that Tony Paige style just not as big. I will say this... Brian Hartline is gonna be a threat... I say he ends up being another guy like Ed McCafery. Not a speed demon... but silly sneaky fast.... I miss Football and its only been a friggin day.....UUUUrrrrrrgh

Aloco got quiet.... Maybe he is sitting down to enjoy his iguana tamale for dinner

A very LONG month NJ

NJ, I see alot of the mock drafts with LOTS of changes, with McClain moving up while others dropping back...more then a few have mentioned Derrick Morgan and Sergio Kindle as potential Miami picks moving up the board.. Thoughts on these two??

Bobbyd12 , i've seen alot of drafts with mcclain in 10-12 area with him being picked by miami in alot of them . What i've also seen is dan williams moving up in the top 20 and him being picked by miami at 12 in several of them . Intersting !. Morgan is going to be a hands on the ground , pass rushing DE in the 4-3. He's not fluid enough to be a olb. I don't think he gets picked by miami. Kindle is to high at 12. He's a lot like wake , in that he's weak vs run and needs work in pass coverage. He also needs to put on some muscle and gain more strength.

pay him the million, and trade his @ss to the browms for $1!send a message an let him rot at the bottom of the rankings!

This is what Channing Crowder had to say about Rex Ryan on Tim Graham's blog on ESPN...

"It's hard for me to say this, but I'm honest. I like Rex now,"

"Now that I see what kind of guy he is, he seems like a funny guy, a funny coach. I'm starting to lean towards ol' Rex. I might give him a hug when I see him."

Thks NJ, two names I haven't seen and I was curious...I know alot will change after the combines to.. And yea, I've seen Dan Williams moving up the board too!!

Carlito, I have this feeling Mr. Crowder is going to have a little tougher time in camp this year, especially during two a days...Might help control his mouth a little, just a feeling

Bobbyd12 , anytime .

Stallworth has 32 touchdowns in 7 years. He's spent his first four years with the Saints, one year each with the Eagles, Patriots and Cleveland since. Has had hamstring issues. Regardless of who eventually signs him, he's not worth any up front bonus or heavy guaranteed salary. Pay for performance, not promise or potential.

Gibril is terrible..can't tackle, can't catch, has no speed, and so on and on and on..Bell should've whipped his a-- this year and scared the dude out of Miami..and Teddy he missed it a Ginn needs to take his a-- too..who cares if you run a 4.1 forty, if you are too much of a pu--y to catch a ball over the middle without getting scared you're going to get hit..Devon is the Bess receiver that we have..now watch us give 'em away like we did Welker

What makes me mad about this whole Joey Porter situation is that when you take a player with his capabilities and use him sparingly then what do you expect. But nobody is looking at the fact that Ted Ginn has been the biggest flop for the dolphins and really he is unreliable. Everyone wants to talk about how Joey's production has gone down but what about the offense? No deep threat at receiver, so that means a lot of three and outs for the offense, and the defense is gonna be on the field most of the game. A defense can only hold off an offense for so long before they get picked apart. I think everyone needs to leave Porter alone and focus on the real problems of the Dolphins.

Love Joey's Play but I can't stand any..."Any" paid athlete that has the "Privilage to Play in a high end sports to have a big mouth ie:"T.O." "Joey Porter." anyone. They are there to play a game not to trash their team or B.S. anyone. Just play at what they are best at what they are doing, at the highest of their ability.
That's why they are hired.That's why they were drafted, their Mouth was not drafted their talent was!!!

I'd trade him to the Detroit Lion's for a used Juggs ball toss machine and some old practice balls. Let him play for a real winner up there! Maybe get a Rogers pop up tackling dummy for him too!

Dolphins need to get rid of the following: Porter for being a jacknut and only producing 1 out of 3 years, Ginn for not producing at all, Jason Allen for being a bust, Crowder for being average/below average at best, and Wilson for being non-exsistent.

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