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Are the Dolphins close to Saints, Colts? No!

In the aftermath of Super Bowl XLIV, I cannot tell you how many times I've heard this phrase: The Dolphins aren't that far off from winning a Super Bowl. They played both New Orleans and Indianapolis well and should have beaten them. So they're close.

The logic apparently follows that since the Dolphins lost to Indianapolis 27-23 the second week of the season, then lost to New Orleans 46-34 on Oct. 25th, Miami is close to being pretty good because those two teams are obviously championship caliber.

And it's not just fans seeing the Dolphins through this prism.

"I think we're close," Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown said on his Ronnie Brown radio show on 560-WQAM this week. "I think we have a lot of the right pieces to the puzzle. I think we still have a few things we need to tweak and get better at. But as a team, we're pretty close.

"We played both those teams this year and, to our credit, we were in the games and had an opportunity to win both of those games. So that says, as a team, we're close. But there are a few pieces to the puzzle we've got left."

Now, you're not going to like this so if you're not in the mood for an honest dose of reality, simply stop reading now. That way you'll go on about the rest of your day thinking your team is close to being Super Bowl-caliber because it hung tough with the two Super Bowl teams.

The rest of you, read on.

The Dolphins are nowhere near close to the Saints or the Colts.

Some facts:

NFL teams are judged by what they do through an entire season, not by what they do in one game. And during the 2009 regular season, the Colts were 14-2 while the Saints were 13-3. The Dolphins were 7-9. So Indy won twice as many games as Miami while the Saints almost accomplished the feat.

Both the Saints and Colts won their respective divisions and were No. 1 seeds in the playoffs. The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East and didn't make the playoffs

The Dolphins aren't close.

Any logic that suggests one team is comparable to another based on the outcome of one game must be uniform. So anyone saying the Dolphins are close to the Saints because they almost beat the Saints, must then have to keep a straight face as they say the Washington Redskins are close to being as good as the Saints. The Redskins, after all, lost to New Orleans by a 33-30 score on Dec. 6th. And yes, the Saints played everyone in that game and did everything they could to win.

So do you think the Redskins are close to the Saints?

Taking the argument one step further, if you think the Dolphins are close to the Super Bowl champions based on playing them close in one game, you must also believe the Tampa Bay Bucs are better than the champs. Yes, Tampa Bay beat New Orleans 20-17 on Dec. 27th.

And you cannot argue the Saints gave up in that game because Drew Brees completed 32 of 37 passes for 258 yards with 1 TD. He completed 10 more passes against Tampa than he did against Miami. But the Bucs won.

So do you think Tampa Bay fans are foolish enough to believe they're close to being as good or better than New Orleans?

The Dolphins aren't close.

Finally, of course, there's the empirical argument against the Dolphins: The Saints have better players. And more of them. The Colts have better players. And more of them. That cannot be disputed by any right-thinking NFL fan or player.

Tell me ... what player on the Dolphins offense rises to the level of a Drew Brees or Peyton Manning? Let me answer -- none.

What receiver on the Dolphins could start for the Saints or Colts? Let me answer -- none.

What defender on the Dolphins makes as many game-changing plays as either Indy's Dwight Freeney or Who Dat's Darren Sharper? Let me answer -- none.

The Saints had seven Pro Bowl players in 2009. The Colts had seven Pro Bowl players in 2009. The Dolphins had three -- Yeremiah Bell, Dan Carpenter and Jake Long.

Long didn't play because of injury. Bell got on the team because Indy's Antoine Bethea was in the Super Bowl. And Carpenter played because Nate Kaeding injured himself the first day of practice.

So both Super Bowl teams have more than twice as many Pro Bowl players as Miami, even when we all know the reason the Dolphins had three was due to extenuating circumstances.

The Dolphins aren't close.

And it pains me to hear Dolfans saying they are close to the Saints and Colts because it suggests they're not being realistic. Or just don't know what they're talking about.

[I'm off the rest of the week but if anything happens, I'll update you on twitter. So follow me.] 


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It doesnt cost as much as before. Remember the jets gave some discards a late pick to mangenius to move up for sanchito

It doesn't matter because Suh is not a NT!!!!!!

Go up and get Berry and cut the gebril

Carlito, I was going to say the same thing. Suh and McCoy are both better suited for DT in a 4-3. I could see Suh as a dominant 3-4 DE, not an area we need.

Honestly, even though I was against it and never thought it would happen, I wouldn't be upset with that Boldin deal, I still thing a third is high but I wouldn't criticize the deal if it happened

Now if Berry were to fall to 8 or 9, I would seriously consider going up to get him. We were 4th in the league in sacks, it was the backend we were getting killed.


Chiefs and Browns need ILB too. MCClain could go to the Browns

We might move down but we will never move up...Too many needs to fill, u only move up if ur looking for something like a franchise QB...there is no one worth moving up for in this draft

The chiefs and the browns need so much it is soooo hard to tell what they will do.LOL

Bobbys, berry is the only guy I would consider doing so for, and only if he reached 8 or 9, where it would only require a 2 or 3, and maybe a player. I agree with everything you said. I just think there aren't 3 guys who can have a bigger impact than Berry, and some may call me crazy, but all he has ever done is make plays. We need those type of guys on D, always around the football.

KC invested so much into Cassell, they must upgrade the Oline to help him. I would be surprised if that wasn't there pick. Cleveland could pick anyone.

The Browns are gonna draft Haden.

WestVA, That is the thing about the draft it is soooo hard to predict what any team will do. Look at Miami... we need NT, ILB, OLB, WR, FS, OG, R-OT, TE. A lot of holes to fill on our roster. not to mention depth at all positions.

That's why I agree with NJ... a couple of years away from a deep run into the playoffs.

But, once we get in anything could happen.

Heat that is the one i have seen in most mocks for the browns..

I think the Browns will be looking for that franchise QB and try to move up...Chiefs have so many needs I don't know if ILB is their biggest but you never know

who is heat?

i think we can challenge anyone next year much like we could this year. i wont say we are not contenders because there has been many examples on here that people give of teams just really coming together and playing well for a season. anything can happen this draft and FA will make us soo much better than we were and no we arent going to fill every hole but with antoher season is more chances for less proven guys to step up and fill a hole.

One name I keep seeing is Jason-Pierre Paul being mentioned as a possible pick for the Phins...But again, Dan Williams has moved up alot and alot of football people believe he is in the 12 range

West by god VA,

Time will tell and yes anything can happeen... just look at how the Jets backed their way in and had success this past season.

But I do not want just a one year wonder... I want a dynasty like the early 70,s. I have been following the Dolphins for 40 years and there is nothing like expecting your team to win. The early 80's were like that too.

No matter what my blood runs Aqua and Orange.

I still think Jimmy Johnson cursed this team by messing with the dolphin on the helmet and highlighting it with cowboy blue. We need to downgrade our emblem to the one prior to Johnson. ;)

Interesting possibility with the Giants now, they will be looking for an ILB to fill Antonio Pierce's shoes..possible trade partner???

B12.. where do the giants pick.

or we could sign pierce and trade him back to the Giants:) LMFAO

Giants pick15, if McClain still onboard would it make sense??

Cleveland may have the QB before they even draft. Kolb and McNabb are both rumored to them, with the new GM coming over from Philly. Haden makes sense as well, as does McClain. As for Pierre Paul, in a deep pass rushing class, he is the only one expected to run under 4.6 at the combine. He is the most explosive guy. Just one real year of playing, that is his negative.

who is heat?

Posted by: TNPhinFan | February 12, 2010 at 11:49 AM


Giants pick15, if McClain still onboard would it make sense??

Posted by: bobbyd12 | February 12, 2010 at 12:05 PM

Of course he would be perfect for them to bad he's not falling that far though.

And it's not just the Giants that could trade, but a team that knows they have to get in front of the giants may move up as well. I think the best case scenario for us is to have both QBs taken before us, dez Bryant to go, and a run on a few OTs. It would give us a choice from a big group of players, and also leave us in a position where good players can be had if a team wants to move up.

Dear armando . I think this blog needs to be shut down due to serious matters. A novice poster/blogger named Kris-y has made a announcement that she's leaving this blog and stated she MIGHT come back for the FA period and the draft. What will we all do without her contributions and lack of football knowledge ??? How will this blog go on ??? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah !! Are you f'n kidding me kris-y ?? What a joke . Do you even realize how sad and pathetic you are ???? MY GOD !!! This id the funniest shyt i have ever read. LMFAO !!!!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 12, 2010 at 12:12 PM


Guys . Did you hear the sad news ?? Kris- y has left the building. We will we all do ?? Armando shut the blog down, It's all over. This blog cannot go on anymore. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ! Bwahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha ! What a pu**y and crybaby !!!

Hypothetically, McClain is still there, Giants want him, do u make the trade???

Good article and I agree we are not even close to a sb but take the part out about Tampa. That is just an idiotic statement. How can you compare Tampa winning the last week of the season against the all scrubs team to anything. That's like saying the Jetsast 2 wins were valid wins. Good article bad arguement.

Bobby, I say yes you make the trade. At 15 we still get a good player, and pick up an extra pick later.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 12, 2010 at 12:19 PM


I wouldn't say the Dolphins are close to the Saints or Indy based on their head to head games. However, I would go as far to say they are very close to being a playoff team, and once you make the playoffs, anything can happen. Every year brings something different. Last years Superbowl champ Steelers didn't make the playoffs this year. Two years ago Superbowl champ Giants didn't make the playoffs this year. My point, Dolphins are in fact getting better and will compete strong for the 6 playoff spots. A little good fortune along the way and they can make it to the Superbowl.

Guys , do to the sad news that kris-y will no longer come to this blog , i will also announce that i will no longer contribute to this blog either. Kris-y, Because of your animosity and jealousy towards me i will leave this and you can come back. This blog is all your s. Later fellas , nice talking to you all and good luck in the future.

IF NJ is out... so am I

I am no longer posting here due to the recent departure of kris. Without getting to read the post making fun of him then the blog will not be the same. It might be full of good football talk.

But I thought we were all the same person asking questions under different names???

IF NJ is out... so am I

Posted by: TNPhinFan | February 12, 2010 at 12:31 PM

Lmao!Who knew NJ had followers.

@ bobbyd12, Yeah according to kris everybody on here is NJ . What an idiot.

He and I have been debating and discussing for a few weeks. NJ makes a lot of since and has good insight. We do not agree on a lot but I respect his opinion.

Heat guy , who are you and what's so funny ???. go back to the ss

He and I have been debating and discussing for a few weeks. NJ makes a lot of since and has good insight. We do not agree on a lot but I respect his opinion.

Posted by: TNPhinFan | February 12, 2010 at 12:48 PM

Yeah I know just don't talk about politics around him.lol!

Heat guy , who are you and what's so funny ???. go back to the ss

Posted by: Steveo | February 12, 2010 at 12:49 PM

WTF are you talking about?

Out of curiosity, when can FA's be signed? If a player is not on a team, do other teams still have to wait until March 5th?

NOT !!!!!!!!!

Indiana , A unrestricted or restricted FA cannont sign until march 5 , however is a player get cut between now and then he can sign anytime. Example was G wilson last year.

Can someone please explain to me why Pierre-Paul is being considered a top 10 prospect?

" If a player ". Say porter gets cut today, He can anywhere right now,

Thanks guys, I wasn't 100% certain, but did assume a "cut" player could be signed whenever. In retunr, Pierce could be signed anyday anytime by any team correct?

steveo=nj plumer aka knowitall
ex: ss" troll

Heat , Very fewdo but most have him going later. The reason is scouts love his size/seed ratio , he's athletic and has raw talent. That 's the problem, he's raw and has played 1 year of div-1 football. Can you say mike mamula ??

Indiana, correct.

Heat , Very fewdo but most have him going later. The reason is scouts love his size/seed ratio , he's athletic and has raw talent. That 's the problem, he's raw and has played 1 year of div-1 football. Can you say mike mamula ??

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 12, 2010 at 01:08 PM

I personally think he's going to bust; there have been questions about his effort and he's a one-year wonder. Pierre-Paul has tremendous upside and athleticism, but spending a 1st round pick on him is a huge risk I wouldn't want to take.

I thought so...In return, how long do you think before a team picks him up?

Nj what is a seed ratio? Is that his ability to produce? :) LMAO

lets see if you can guess who i am?
i go crying to armando twice a day ...
you know what thats called;A SNITCH a RAT .
you hide behind a keyboard 24/7 cause you are yellow.afraid.

truth commission - who cares..??!!

Football talk anyone?>

anything to talk about ?????

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