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Are the Dolphins close to Saints, Colts? No!

In the aftermath of Super Bowl XLIV, I cannot tell you how many times I've heard this phrase: The Dolphins aren't that far off from winning a Super Bowl. They played both New Orleans and Indianapolis well and should have beaten them. So they're close.

The logic apparently follows that since the Dolphins lost to Indianapolis 27-23 the second week of the season, then lost to New Orleans 46-34 on Oct. 25th, Miami is close to being pretty good because those two teams are obviously championship caliber.

And it's not just fans seeing the Dolphins through this prism.

"I think we're close," Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown said on his Ronnie Brown radio show on 560-WQAM this week. "I think we have a lot of the right pieces to the puzzle. I think we still have a few things we need to tweak and get better at. But as a team, we're pretty close.

"We played both those teams this year and, to our credit, we were in the games and had an opportunity to win both of those games. So that says, as a team, we're close. But there are a few pieces to the puzzle we've got left."

Now, you're not going to like this so if you're not in the mood for an honest dose of reality, simply stop reading now. That way you'll go on about the rest of your day thinking your team is close to being Super Bowl-caliber because it hung tough with the two Super Bowl teams.

The rest of you, read on.

The Dolphins are nowhere near close to the Saints or the Colts.

Some facts:

NFL teams are judged by what they do through an entire season, not by what they do in one game. And during the 2009 regular season, the Colts were 14-2 while the Saints were 13-3. The Dolphins were 7-9. So Indy won twice as many games as Miami while the Saints almost accomplished the feat.

Both the Saints and Colts won their respective divisions and were No. 1 seeds in the playoffs. The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East and didn't make the playoffs

The Dolphins aren't close.

Any logic that suggests one team is comparable to another based on the outcome of one game must be uniform. So anyone saying the Dolphins are close to the Saints because they almost beat the Saints, must then have to keep a straight face as they say the Washington Redskins are close to being as good as the Saints. The Redskins, after all, lost to New Orleans by a 33-30 score on Dec. 6th. And yes, the Saints played everyone in that game and did everything they could to win.

So do you think the Redskins are close to the Saints?

Taking the argument one step further, if you think the Dolphins are close to the Super Bowl champions based on playing them close in one game, you must also believe the Tampa Bay Bucs are better than the champs. Yes, Tampa Bay beat New Orleans 20-17 on Dec. 27th.

And you cannot argue the Saints gave up in that game because Drew Brees completed 32 of 37 passes for 258 yards with 1 TD. He completed 10 more passes against Tampa than he did against Miami. But the Bucs won.

So do you think Tampa Bay fans are foolish enough to believe they're close to being as good or better than New Orleans?

The Dolphins aren't close.

Finally, of course, there's the empirical argument against the Dolphins: The Saints have better players. And more of them. The Colts have better players. And more of them. That cannot be disputed by any right-thinking NFL fan or player.

Tell me ... what player on the Dolphins offense rises to the level of a Drew Brees or Peyton Manning? Let me answer -- none.

What receiver on the Dolphins could start for the Saints or Colts? Let me answer -- none.

What defender on the Dolphins makes as many game-changing plays as either Indy's Dwight Freeney or Who Dat's Darren Sharper? Let me answer -- none.

The Saints had seven Pro Bowl players in 2009. The Colts had seven Pro Bowl players in 2009. The Dolphins had three -- Yeremiah Bell, Dan Carpenter and Jake Long.

Long didn't play because of injury. Bell got on the team because Indy's Antoine Bethea was in the Super Bowl. And Carpenter played because Nate Kaeding injured himself the first day of practice.

So both Super Bowl teams have more than twice as many Pro Bowl players as Miami, even when we all know the reason the Dolphins had three was due to extenuating circumstances.

The Dolphins aren't close.

And it pains me to hear Dolfans saying they are close to the Saints and Colts because it suggests they're not being realistic. Or just don't know what they're talking about.

[I'm off the rest of the week but if anything happens, I'll update you on twitter. So follow me.] 


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sorry just 1 past.

WestVA. He wants more than the Cards are willing to pay and their defense is suspect. They could use an upgrade. Dansby gets eaten up in the coverage.

9 million

"Better isn't alway best " by mouth of the south. You got that right.

another piece of football knowledge I have over westva. watch he going to be real jealous

I can honestly say they probably won't go after Pierce. All I said initially was that he was released and asked everyone's thoughts. I never once said WE HAVE TO GET HIM. As for Dansby, I do think it could be a good pickup. It would be one less pick we would have to waste on a possibly mid to late round bust. Or even first round busts...

Also NJ - I never said Porter had definate trade value. All i said is he could have some and we should at least try. I'm just glad they didn't cut him immediately. They probably asked around for 4-5 days and did not get much vibe and then released him. At least they MAYBE tried...I never said we should keep him either!!

cobra kai - What football related things have you even mentioned this week to have so much knowledge like you say?

cobra kai is right again. dansby just finished out his contract at 9 mil. How much less do you think he"s going to ask for ?? Think People .

So,because he wants a ton of money,we should go nowhere near him? Wake up! We cant just take chances on players that are worth peanuts and hope they'll turn into Hall Of Famers. You've got to spend alot to get alot. Did'nt Miami spend alot on Wilson? I know that did'nt work out but saying Miami should'nt pay alot to a Free Agent just because of the fear he might not be any good is pathetic. What happens if Wilfork becomes available? I bet everyone including you will want Miami throwing everything at him.

Indiana I been talking football all day. Every time a farmer ask a stupid question i tell them answer

cobra kai - Go work on your karate and get back to playing with little boys you sick f**k. Was Michael jackson your hero?

oh yeah i real jealous of no how speak english and i google every question or look at old blog to sound smart and i miss words in all my sentence and think i funny becuz i say goat farmer and because i no american that funny HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

look how jealous these people get just because I know football too. wow you guys just sad

Westva English not my first language any idiot can tell this. congratulation. how many language you speak?

Posted by: cobra kai | February 12, 2010 at 04:04 PM

Go back to your own f**kin country or your own first languages blogs so we don't have to filter through your stupid posts that have nothing to do with football!!

Remember one of the things I have heard Coach say numerous times. It's about the right 53 guys, not necessarily the best 53 guys.

dont ask question if you dont want answer

If you knew football, you would actually post football related things like you have NOT done all week...

Is your green card expired yet?

You ask question about football and I answer then you get mad because I know answer. What a bunch of losers.

Bootang25 - Well some of our current players are not the best 53 nor the right 53, so why not find out if Dansby is part of the right 53. The NFL will be in ockout mode anyways, so any player signed will only be good for one year...

No we get upset that you dont just talk football and you come in and make fun of people and get sooo far off topic that we cannot have an intelligent football conversation first because you cant hardly speak english and second because you cant speak english or understand enough to hold the conversation.

Indiana I see that you typing things but all I see when I read your posts is hee haw hee haw hee haw AZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

ask the question , then i will give you the answer .


You guys very racist but what you expect from Indiana and West Va? Refined Society Types? As my friend NJ say bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Cobra Kai...

How many jets Fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Do you like green eggs and ham?

Yes I do Cobra Kai I am!!!!!!!!!!!!

You call us farmers because the states we are from and we are racist????


me thinks donkey is...

cobra kai/aloco/cuban menace?

goodbye smart football fans like me and the rest of you. its time for my meatball sub. i am not aloco i just know how to eat

cobra kai - What have I been racists towards? If you call it racism for not caring for people who don't talk about football EVER ona football blog than I guess that would count...

If you learn how to read you wouldn't have that problem. Also, you see me typing? Intersting how that is even possible, because you are not even by my computer.

Mark actually you and your post is pretty pathetic if like to throw insults around. Yeah , you don't throw big money around at free agents that are not that great . You answered you own question, Gibril wilson. They threw big money at him and how did that work out. You probably were screaming to get him too. How did wilford work out and smiley and grove with their injuries and missing games. Give me a break and get a f'n clue. This thinking is what got miami in trouble in the 1st place.


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Note: as in the case with other African dishes made with red palm oil, other oil (e.g., peanut oil) can be substituted; but using red palm oil results in an authentic flavor and color which cannot be duplicated with other oil.

Armando just tweeted that he thinks it is 60/40 against the chances that Miami keeps Jason Tayor.

Any thoughts? If we are going to not keep Porter and Taylor, our LB needs are not all going to get filled in the draft. In return, we will be picking up some FA. If that is true, who will it be.

Say we release Porter and Taylor, draft McClain at LB....who is Miami's starting LB group next year?

If taylor is gone too... you can bet the farm that a heavy dose of lb's will be drafted

I think dolphins keep Taylor only if he does not want too much, other wise, bye bye Jason.

NJ PHIN FAN - I am not saying Dansby is great, but we know you don't think he is as well as a few others and some sources. What about some sources and analyist around the country who think he is great? Are they wrong just because you don't think he is great. I believe it will all depend on how much money he really is offering. What do you think would be to much money for Dansby?

Porter is gone, espn says so

If taylor is gone too... you can bet the farm that a heavy dose of lb's will be drafted

Posted by: Mouth of the South | February 12, 2010 at 04:39 PM

That is still not guaranteed to solve any of the LB problems by putting a whole bunch of rookies on the field...we need a little bit of mix and match with rookies vs. experience IMO


I would rather draft an olb than pay Dansby. he got eaten up in every game I saw him play last year.

Indiana, you stated to me if porter got traded and miami got something for will i come on here and admit i was wrong. HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW !!!! lol ! by the way , i think taylor will be back and like i've been saying miami will go heavy on lb's in the draft. This is a very deep lb class. sorry spiller fans LOL !

Dansby is the Rock, and upon that Rock we shall build our Team.

All else is failure.

NJ - Your prediction was right that you thought they would cut him. I still think he might of had some trade value, but not worth paying him 1 million on March 4th to find out what we could get for him. I think if he was due any "extra" money we would of kept him and then maybe got something for him...

Do you want to say sorry to the NT fans as well, because WIlliams will not be around with our 2nd pick. We will go LB 1st round I highly believe...

Right now at this very moment the only FA LB's available to my knowlege are:

Dasby, Pierce and Joey Porter.

I do not know about Pierce, but Dansby is not worth the money.

Dansby is a good player and can help but all i'm saying is he 's not worth big time money. if miami can get him a good price then fine but i doubt it. He wants alot of money . You guys forget eventually there's going to be a salary cap and if he doesn't work out , miami can get into salary cap hell with his wasted money.

I take it you dont watch alot of NFL games NJ? If so,you'd realise Dansby is a good player who would contribute immediately to this team. Did you not see how bad Crowder and Ayodele was? Maybe we should go with what you want and stick with Crowder and Ayodele and wait for the next 300 years until they get to the Pro Bowl. In case you did'nt know,the purpose of getting better as a team is to try to improve on areas where you are not very good. I'm not saying Dansby would make the Pro Bowl next season but he certainly would be a huge upgrade over what we've already got. Sign Dansby = a much improvement over what we've already got. Its not rocket science.

What are the ramifications for salary cap after a non capped year? will the salaries in 2010 count towards caps in 2011? no one knows. That is why big money will most likely not be spent on a gamble, unless, it is a potential 10 year franchise FA. Such as Willfork which I do not see that happening. Hope is not a Plan!!!!

Told you all (NJ excluded, of course, since we wuz of one mind on this one) that Porter had NO trade value.

The next commenter delusion to be shattered: The "packaging Ginn with our No. 12 for a 'bunch' of lower picks, etc." Fantasy League GM nonsense.

Alone or with a pick, NO one is giving up anything for Teddy.

Or perhaps some of you ladies still think Gibril has trade value?

With Porter gone, a Great Light has gone out. Darkness descends on the team. The heart & soul of the defense---nay, of the whole team - - has been shipped away.

You will regret this.

Only value Gibril has is upgrading the waterboy units.

Mark , read my post above yours . Also i've watched more games than you and have played more in more games than you . Don't try to insult my football knowledge. It's embarrassing. Cheers.

Mouth of the South - You cannot say Dansby is not worth the money because we do not know how much he will be wanting...

NJ - I will say you may be right on this one. Not worth BIG time money. I do think he is worth average or slightly above average money though. Also, they can release players before a salary cap season starts and it wouldn't hurt them, so the salary cap hell may not be as bad as you think. Either way a lot of teams could get into salary cap issues after an uncapped year if it comes out to be an issue.

It will be interesting to see how everythinf is transitioned from salary cap to non salary cap and back to salary cap...I don't think it will be a smooth one for teams, owners and players!!

Posted by: Mouth of the South | February 12, 2010 at 04:53 PM

That was my last point in my last post. Not sure how things would work out. Could get interesting...

SORRY . " played in more games "

Indiana I already tell you 9 million stop being such and azzzz


Tell me 9 million for what. I saw you posted that, but was not sure what it meant like half your posts!!

Me being an azzzz, very interesing considering that is all you done is attack me all week for absolutely nothing...

NJ - so how many games have you played in?

Who is to say we go back to a cap year? We don't really know but the logistics of going back would be a nightmare if teams overspend.

LOL! One minute you're saying Dansby is no good,then the next you're saying he's a good player. WTF!! You said it yourself....your football knowledge or lack of it is embarrassing.

LOL! One minute you're saying Dansby is no good,then the next you're saying he's a good player. WTF!! You said it yourself....your football knowledge or lack of it is embarrassing.

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