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Are the Dolphins close to Saints, Colts? No!

In the aftermath of Super Bowl XLIV, I cannot tell you how many times I've heard this phrase: The Dolphins aren't that far off from winning a Super Bowl. They played both New Orleans and Indianapolis well and should have beaten them. So they're close.

The logic apparently follows that since the Dolphins lost to Indianapolis 27-23 the second week of the season, then lost to New Orleans 46-34 on Oct. 25th, Miami is close to being pretty good because those two teams are obviously championship caliber.

And it's not just fans seeing the Dolphins through this prism.

"I think we're close," Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown said on his Ronnie Brown radio show on 560-WQAM this week. "I think we have a lot of the right pieces to the puzzle. I think we still have a few things we need to tweak and get better at. But as a team, we're pretty close.

"We played both those teams this year and, to our credit, we were in the games and had an opportunity to win both of those games. So that says, as a team, we're close. But there are a few pieces to the puzzle we've got left."

Now, you're not going to like this so if you're not in the mood for an honest dose of reality, simply stop reading now. That way you'll go on about the rest of your day thinking your team is close to being Super Bowl-caliber because it hung tough with the two Super Bowl teams.

The rest of you, read on.

The Dolphins are nowhere near close to the Saints or the Colts.

Some facts:

NFL teams are judged by what they do through an entire season, not by what they do in one game. And during the 2009 regular season, the Colts were 14-2 while the Saints were 13-3. The Dolphins were 7-9. So Indy won twice as many games as Miami while the Saints almost accomplished the feat.

Both the Saints and Colts won their respective divisions and were No. 1 seeds in the playoffs. The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East and didn't make the playoffs

The Dolphins aren't close.

Any logic that suggests one team is comparable to another based on the outcome of one game must be uniform. So anyone saying the Dolphins are close to the Saints because they almost beat the Saints, must then have to keep a straight face as they say the Washington Redskins are close to being as good as the Saints. The Redskins, after all, lost to New Orleans by a 33-30 score on Dec. 6th. And yes, the Saints played everyone in that game and did everything they could to win.

So do you think the Redskins are close to the Saints?

Taking the argument one step further, if you think the Dolphins are close to the Super Bowl champions based on playing them close in one game, you must also believe the Tampa Bay Bucs are better than the champs. Yes, Tampa Bay beat New Orleans 20-17 on Dec. 27th.

And you cannot argue the Saints gave up in that game because Drew Brees completed 32 of 37 passes for 258 yards with 1 TD. He completed 10 more passes against Tampa than he did against Miami. But the Bucs won.

So do you think Tampa Bay fans are foolish enough to believe they're close to being as good or better than New Orleans?

The Dolphins aren't close.

Finally, of course, there's the empirical argument against the Dolphins: The Saints have better players. And more of them. The Colts have better players. And more of them. That cannot be disputed by any right-thinking NFL fan or player.

Tell me ... what player on the Dolphins offense rises to the level of a Drew Brees or Peyton Manning? Let me answer -- none.

What receiver on the Dolphins could start for the Saints or Colts? Let me answer -- none.

What defender on the Dolphins makes as many game-changing plays as either Indy's Dwight Freeney or Who Dat's Darren Sharper? Let me answer -- none.

The Saints had seven Pro Bowl players in 2009. The Colts had seven Pro Bowl players in 2009. The Dolphins had three -- Yeremiah Bell, Dan Carpenter and Jake Long.

Long didn't play because of injury. Bell got on the team because Indy's Antoine Bethea was in the Super Bowl. And Carpenter played because Nate Kaeding injured himself the first day of practice.

So both Super Bowl teams have more than twice as many Pro Bowl players as Miami, even when we all know the reason the Dolphins had three was due to extenuating circumstances.

The Dolphins aren't close.

And it pains me to hear Dolfans saying they are close to the Saints and Colts because it suggests they're not being realistic. Or just don't know what they're talking about.

[I'm off the rest of the week but if anything happens, I'll update you on twitter. So follow me.] 


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Without a doubt the Phins need to add two offensive weapons. I am not as sold as the rest of you on CJ Spiller being the next Chris Johnson because Chris Johnson is one of those rare talents snd it will be hard for any back to duplicate what he has done.

I want the team to sign a WR FA and still draft an offensive talent to make this offense a ligitimate threat everytime they step on the field. We've seen what Henne can do with lemons...lets see what he can do with lemonade

Henne would still be gaaarrbbaagge even with the best WRs in the league.Buurrrrp!

Dirty Sanchez is worse than Henne.

Jet fan since your team is so great and henne is so bad according to you then how did we beat you twice last year???????

jets fans,

what are u doing here?


jets suck... SOJ. They will be back to their comfort zone of 4 wins per year....if they're lucky.

We let you win those games.Doink!They didn't matter anyway we still made the championship game while the awfulins watched.Buurrrppp!

The colts let you win and so did the Bengals being in denial is sooo sad to see. You guys really think you earned those games. Thats cute....

The wets franchise has a LOSING tradition. They dont know how to win. And that little puny south of the border QB can't even play in cold weather...or the wind... what fools the are.

Should be contracted as NJ only needs 1 team, the Giants!


The giants didn't even make the playoffs.Buuurrrpp!

Last year the saints were 8-8, last in their division, and no playoffs... I'm not predicting the Dolphins to make the Super Bowl next year, just pointing out a fact that Mando omitted...

The jets wouldnt have made the playoffs if the colts and bengals didnt let them.

hey man, considering Miami was 1-15 couple seasons ago, win a division title the next year and yes they step back last year but i like the direction they are heading in. i like whos running the show. they took over a horrible situtation. bone headed moves one after another by different regimes no less. are we on the Saint level or Colts?? obviously not... can we play w/them any given sunday?? i think so. this team can compete w/any team in the league i feel. it's been a process of turning over the roster, a plan thats not gonna happen over 1 or 2 seasons. that 11-5 only made certain PhinFans think we were world beaters. fact is we arent, YET! i want my team to be good for years to come and i like the direction this regime is taking!

Ok, I get your point, the Dolphins are not on the top of the heap but as someone else points out they are not on the bottome either. Look at how many games they lost that were close games. Look at how many players ended up on ir. Here is the formula to make it to the top. Trade for either Brandon Marshall or Anquan Boldin. Continue to develop Chad Henne and bring back Chad Pennington. And by all means and any means necessary get a safety who really provides some safety. Then pray for a serious injury free season especailly for Ronnie Brown and voila playoff city and then who knows what could happen. Keep the faith baby.

We beat the Bengals in the playoffs to.Dinkle Doink!We blew them out.Buuurrrppp!!

I think the Dolphins have a good chance of being a playoff team next year....

The awfulins have a good chance of a top 5 pick next year.Buurrrpp!

Jets fans are sooooooo ignorant. They get a few lucky ones and then they walk around with their heads as big as rex ryans FUPA.

WVa, agreed. The Dolphins can get there (without Henne having more experience), that's why I said his inexperience wouldn't disqualify us from playing in a SuperBowl (see the Jets almost making it this year with a rookie QB). But, like you said, we'd need a bunch of other things to go our way: less injuries throughout the season, MUCH BETTER defense, etc. My point was that if we were going to become perennial contenders (like the Colts, and now I believe the Saints), we'll need a more experienced QB. Big Ben did it his rookie year (mostly on that incredible d's back), and again last year (with more experience under his belt), but after this year I think it's safe to say Big Ben is the driving force on that team (since their defense was pitiful, comparatively to where they were). And, frankly, I think we're WAY further off on having an incredible defense than we are in having an elite QB (IMO).

Yeah Henne is going to be great this year but our defense leaves alot to be desired. We get the right people in place on our d and we are lookign good. We are long way off from having the dominate D the steelers had and im not sure that mike nolan is as good as Dick Lebeau. If we fill our holes nicely with good draft picks and FA that dont break the bank or our backs with awful play (G WIlson) then we could resemble that team alot. Our running game is better than theirs was.

I agree with Mando 100%-right now. Hopefully we will have another successful draft (landing some much needed LB's and a FS), and not have another year of disasterous free agent signings. If we can do this, then I will disagree. But right now we have WAY too many holes to fill.

To WestVaFins who posted "JET FAN = NO WEINER"

Anything new on the Boldin issue?

lets be REALISTIC for a bit Dol-fans. The dolphins WILL NOT be superbowl contenders next year. Will they be in 2-3 years? IF and ONLY IF the front office makes the right moves in FA and the draft for the next couple years then YES.

Now am i saying that we dont have a couple young stud players that look to be VERY promising? Yes, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Chad Henne,Cam Wake, Yeremiah Bell, A few O-lineman, Our DE's (who had a HORRIBLE year). All these players look to have very promising future's but we never know what can happen.

BEFORE we are even considered favorites in the division, we need a FS(I won't even start to rip Gibril, yesterday's article did enough of that), ILB(Channing Crowder is only Mediocre AT BEST)&OLB(Aykin Ayodele is TERRIBLE& Charlie Anderson wont cut it) and a NT because Paul Soliai isn't good enough.

Offensive Needs
Now everyone knows this..... a Playmaker WR.. either FA, Antonio Bryant, Boldin, Marshall(never gonna happen) or Steve Breaston... A sure handed TE( Joey Haynos is an embarrasement with the ball in his hands, that guy is just as bad as Ginn. He gets TOUCHED and falls.. Anthony Fasano had a spectacular year in 08 and a TERRIBLE start in 09; although he woke up at the end of the year, I'm not willing to "put all my eggs in one basket."

AND LASTLY, I'm not sure if anyone agree's but I would love to see what this Rookie Kory Sheets can do. Either as a PR or KR or RB, he tore it up in college, I would love to see what the kid can do in the Pro's.

Let me propose to you that if Payton or Brees goes down at the beggining of the season, neither team reaches the SB.

The Dolphins ARE better than either of those teams if those teams loose their QB's.

The Dolphins would had been MUCH better than those teams if the Colts and Saints would had lost, in addition to their QB's, their best RB, DB and their nose tackle.

let me start by saying that i have followed you for years now, and have always given you the benefit of the doubt. However, it has upset me that you would be so quick to write the dolphins off. with fans like you, who needs opposing fans. perhaps statistically you are spot on, however neither of those teams had the injuries to deal with like us. and where as we only had 3 pro bowlers, pro bowlers are pro bowlers, and secondly who are you to call out the folks that support you. Some may be more delusional than others, but at the end of the day its what we choose to believe. and where as you are the "supposed" subject matter expert, i have seen you write some assinine things in the past that couldnt be more wrong, and i have never called you out on it. You are entitled to your opinion, and heck its your blog, but if you wish to retain fans such as myself, Who would agree that we are not there yet with you, but would not go to the extreme of saying we are far off either. My only hope is that they get boldin and wilfork and rolle and/or dansby, if we get any combination of those guys plus our first 2 picks. Wait and see my friend. A year later with just a hand full (5) more talented players, and less injuries, we will be a double digit win team in the playoffs going deep, and it will be the same core group of guys, with more experience, confidence, and hopefully healthy. It is truly sad that this is what we can expect from our "main" dolphins source, that you would actually spend so much time concocting something to berate your team. you dont have to lie, but you should be a little more considerate and responsible with your words. calling fans delusional and whatnot. it pains me to come to my greatest source of information for the dolphins and read this crap. you have now given me the fuel i need to not look at your post anymore, dolphins may be off, however you are taking for granted the very delusional folks that provide you with the loyal support that pays your check. Loyalty, perhaps you should research that, and see where and how you can encorporate that into your way of life, that way you wouldnt lose any loyal fans such as my self. at this point you just seem like a pesimistic, self proclaimed guru, who thinks he actually has an idea about the pulse, direction and capability of our team, whose delusional now? the one who is misguided in the hopes and beliefs of the team we have, or the one whose sole purpose is to write about this team and inform these people? we may be off in our assessment, but you should assess yourself, as we take our lead from you.


Hey loser Jet Fan...you mention that you beat the Bungals in the playoffs, congratulations. Miami beat your low life team twice this past season if you didn't remember...

Did everyone think the Saints were a Super Bowl team not to mention a Super Bowl winner after the season ended a year ago when they finished 8-8???

I am not saying the Dolphins are in the same category, because we do have some needs but just want to say in the NFL these days, anything is possible!!

Mando, I think we are much closer to being a very good team. We have holes to fill but a true #1 WR and a TE with field stretching ability like David Martin did last year would make a huge difference for our offense. As for defense, there is plenty of fat to cut and a good draft and a few FA pickups could make our D top 5. Next year we will have 3 good corners, when we have an effective NT our defense can be very good even with our suspect safties. The glass is half full - add water!

Armando, you forgot to add that fact that last season the Saint's went 8-8 without making the playoffs. Last year they weren't close to the Cardinals & Steelers, yet here we are talking about them after their Super Bowl win. Oh & where were the Steelers this year? Not in the playoffs.

This is the NFL. teams rise & fall like the tide. Your "logic" is rubbish.

wow really? did you guys watch the same games as i did last year? The dolphins are at best the middle of the pack guys. Injuries or not, teams that are super bowl contenders find a way to win.. as much as this pains me to say.. the patriots for example.. Maybe the hiring of Mike Nolan will help the defense bc if you do not have pressure on the qb then it puts your dbs out on an island. example.. the new orleans game.. we put pressure on brees in the first half, our dbs looked like probowlers.. the 2nd half they stopped and he threw all over the fins.. But to say we are close to new orleans or the colts is crazy.. you need a #1 wr instead of 5 #2 and #3s, a stable runningback that can go ALLLLLLL season, and stability on the Oline.. not to mention all the help we need on D.. SAFETY, NT, ILB, and a stable OLB. For all you Crowder fans, he is medicore at best. yes he makes alot of tackles.. i could to if i were tackling someone 7 yds down the field... we need play makers, not just play handlers.

Who can sweep us all you want we still made the playoffs and made it out of the first round unlike th awfulins.Doink!We didn't take yoos guys serious because yoooss losers suck.Burrrpp!!

February 2010
Are the Dolphins close?
February 2009
Did anyone outside of Louisiana think the Saints were close?
February 2008
Did anyone outside of Arizona think the Cardinals were close?
February 2007
Did anyone outside of New York think the Giants were close?
All those teams had serious flaws going into their championship season, and no one really thought they had a chance. The Dolphins do need to upgrade some positions like wide receiver, inside linebackers, outside line backers, but they also have quality players at running back, quarterback, both the Offensive and Defensive lines, and some of the best young players in the secondary.
This team has as good a chance as any to make a serious run next season.

Miami would have been in playoffs if they didnt lose so many staters, truse they dont have the QB, to make there team superbowl contenders, but they have a solid enough team to be pretenders. One thing alot of you fans forget to think about, is that our defense had two rookie corners, JT playing in a new position, and we have weak middle Lbers. If we adress the MLB position in the draft, and also draft a NT, we can make a trade for Brandon Marshall, then our team will be superbowl calibur, if we started Pennington, instead of Henne. Henne has a great arm, but has issues reading the defense's, and doesnt call any audibles, resulting in him throwing INT's, and being sacked alot. Pennington, with a Brandon Marshall, would not only dwarf his 2008 numbers, our running game would dominate. With Mike Nolan now as our Defense Cordinator, and if we go heavy on the Defense for draft we are going to be a 10-6 team this year, and will make playoffs, we might even get that 11-5, without Brandon Marshall, with him we could deff do alot more. So basicaly Mia needs to do a trade, and get Marshall, if that happens, and by comparison, send away Porter, then we will make it deep playoffs next year guaranteed. Im a stickler for watching how the offense, and defense plays, and the coaching staff lost us 4 games last year, ESPECIALY Pasqualoni! Not lack of talent, but lack of playing our guys right. God Armando let me write the blog, if you cant get your facts straight.

I have to disagree with you Armando. I don't think we are that far off. I like what was said about the Saints last year and the fact they were 8-8 and missed the playoffs. Do we have some holes to fill?....sure. But show me a team that doesn't. The Steelers need to upgrade their defence....the Pats need a pass rush and running game....the Chargers need help at running back....etc. We had a rough year with injuries. A good off-season where we add 4 or 5 good players and a more generous schedule and we're right back in the playoffs. After that....who knows. The Cards got to the Super Bowl as wildcards. We can too.....

Mando, the saints weren't in the playoffs last year so according to your calculations they weren't close either. Yes they have drew breez but I think if the phins defense gets better they are a playoff team. And as you know any playoff team can go to the super bowl. Heck the jets were almost there

If the Jets can make it to the AFC Championship game,then that should tell you that we are not as far away as some of you think.Parity and luck is all it takes.

I think we coulda made the playoffs this year if we finished games and won the games we were supposed to instead of a 20 point deficet in the 4th quarter,like the Texan and Titan games

THIS IS YEAR 2,,,,,,,YEAR 2,,,,,,,,,YEAR 2,,,,,,, OF A COMPLETE REBUILD. Think about it for a second. Just for one second use your brains. Yes it's going to hurt your head but you will be smarter afterwards. The Dolphins were 1-15 three seasons ago. Now after that season we phin fans were saying we would be happy with any improvement and expected 4-12. They went 11-5 and made the playoffs and exceeded everyones expectations but that's not who they really were. SOOOOOOOOOOO, if the phins had gone 4-12 following 1-15, then this year went 7-9 we would be right on course in pushing for a playoff spot in 2010/2011. STEADY IMPROVEMENT. Ignore the 11-5 season because it was a miracle. Too many factors that had nothing to do with the teams talent led to that record. They are what they are, a rebuilding team in transition who have more than a few young stars about to turn the corner. Our offense is fine and is not the reason for their record this season. One WR added this offseason and either Fasano steps up or we get a better TE and the phins still have the #4 rushing attack in the league and will have a much improved passing attack. Defense is what needs to be addressed and with the addition of Nolan, draft picks, and a free agent or two the phins will be in the playoffs. THE DOLPHINS WILL BE IN THE PLAYOFFS NEXT YEAR PEOPLE!

We also beat the Jets twice and lost a close game to the Chargers. That being said, we are closer than we were last year even though we made the playoffs. But we also have a ways to go because you have to win more of those close games with superior teams if you want to be considered close.

I think the point should be our progress and what things need to happen so that we are considered close. Look to the 2010 schedule. What do we need to do to win 12, 13 or 14 games next year?

And how good were the Colts with Painter at QB? We lost starting QB, RB, TE, CB, NT and were nearly a .500 ball club. Like someone said we are closer to the top then to the bottom. It's not about being "delusional" it's reality. For all this talk about not being a quick scoring offense, we will be a better offensive unit next year with a full offseason of Henne preparing to be the starter. Besides our D was the problem not our Offense.

Defense should be improved with what we have now, and should be even better post-draft.


"The Vikings were close. The Chargers are close. The Ravens and Cowboys may be close". Brain, how are these teams close? Dallas is aging and was just demolished in the playoffs where I believe they only scored 3 points against the Vikings. The same Vikings who don't even know who their starting qb is next season and if it's Favre, good luck getting through the entire season. THE CHARGERS????!!!! Baaahahahawahahahaha! Rivers is a choker crybaby, not the leader of a championship football team and the coach has proven he can't win in the playoffs. Ladanian is old, etc. etc. IT'S HILARIOUS that fans can rip their own team and in the same breath talk about how good other teams are without noticing those teams glaring deficiencies. Truth is IMO the Dolphins are in the same boat with most of the rest of the league. They could easily jump up to one of the top six teams in the afc east if things go their way this offseason.

Oh yeah and the RAVENS? Flacco actually regressed this year and they have no real #1 WR. Their defense is aged and going down hill with not a lot of great young talent waiting to step in. This is what happens when you're one of the better teams for a stretch. Late draft picks lead to lesser talent and you start to decline. It happens every ten years or so then most of the bad teams (excluding the Lions and Browns) who have drafted high start becoming better teams. Look at the pattern.

Meant top six teams in the afc

you delusional dolphin fans are at it again. seriously overrating players you seriously don't have on your roster. these are the following qb's you delusional fans will be seeing next season a healthier t.brady(2)-an improving m.sanchez(2)-a possible motivated m.vick in buffalo(2)-rothlisberger flacco c.palmer j.cutler an improving m.stafford b.favre and of course the next great qb a.rodgers. if you're lucky the dolphins will go 7-9. you guys better wake up and smell the coffee no playmakers=a faceless boring football team are the MIAMI DOLPHINS !!!

JET FAN - What did the Jets and Dolphins have in common this season?

Both teams were watching the Super Bowl from home and not playing in the game. Your lowly Jets only made the playoffs because the Colts layed down in week 16 and let you guys win. I don't see how you don't care if you get beat by Miami twice a year..??

Also, get better English, becuase in your last post I believe you meant You and not Who LOSER!

It's foolish in this era's NFL to argue who's close and who's not. Armando, you're basing everything on this past year's performance (Fins - 3rd place; Saints SB champs). If you had done this same exercise last year, you would have come to the conclusion that the Saints were no where close to the SB (they finished LAST in the NFC South in 2008). Things happen quickly in the NFL these days. If the Dolphins pull togehter a productive offseason, Henne continues to improve, and they get some luck (see NO vs. Wash or NO vs. Minnesota from this past year), who knows, the Dolphins might end up in the Super Bowl next year.

Dissapointed faithful follower
#1 Armando is not a Dolphin fan and has stated so on many occasions. His reasoning seems to be that he wouldn't be able to write objectively about a team he were a fan of.
#2 In saying that, most of us are 99% sure he is a fan of another team but he won't tell anyone who that team is. which makes his blog and articles anything BUT objective seeing as he may have biases at times.
#3 Just in case no one else has noticed, ARMANDO SAID HE WAS OFF FOR A WEEK. What a better way to get people to stay on your blog arguing (giving you hits on your blog while you're not even there) about an article that was SO OBVIOUSLY written to rile fans up and keep them coming in here. And he just sits at home and laughs at the stupidity of everyone who is falling for it. Seriously people, use your heads.
#4 Armando doesn't care about the Dolphins or how good they are or are not. He has to feed his family and is trying to make the most of his career. People need to realize this and stop acting as if this stuff means anymore to him than a raise in his paycheck.
#5 The REALLY sad thing is that the person acting like a JETSFAN is actually a Dolpin fan bored at work somewhere trying to piss people off for his own amusement. How pathetic is that?

mase - You mention all this improving QB on this team and another improving QB on the other team, but do you honestly think Chad Henne is not going to improve? He is 3-1 against the Jets and Patriots already and you cannot "assume" Vick is going to Bills. Even if he does go there no one knows how efficient of a QB he will be.

I believe you are the dillusional one here!!

smartfan - He didn't say he was going to be off for a week, just the rest of the week. That is a day and a half of the work week and the weekend. He is allowed to take vacation you know. If you don't want to come here or thing everything is pathetic then don't read or post, it's that simple!!

Great news on Ronnie Brown wanting to stay in Miami! That means we can concentrate on building the defensive side of the ball through the draft and we’ll wait until next year’s draft to address the RB position once everything is said and done with Ricky. But imagine if Ronnie stays healthy the whole year and we have the same success we had running the ball last year with Ricky (I don’t see why not), the O-line will have one year of chemistry under their belt and so will Henne, it will open up the field so much for the passing game. That’s why it’s so damn important to get that #1 receiver this Offseason. Honestly, take a look at our offense – we have enough weapons to be an elite offensive group except for that #1 receiver, we’re one player away!!

When they’re on top of their game, I would say the O-line is one of the top 5 O-lines in the league and will continue to get better – every starter should be back next year. Our RBs have to be the best group in the NFL some teams don’t even have a backup that’s as good as our 4th string guy (Lex Hilliard) – every one should be back next year. Our TEs are damn good blockers, a crazy good receiving TE like Gates would be nice but we’re solid if Fasano comes back. And we already know our receiving problem; it can be simply solved by just filling that very important #1 role, it will make our receivers that we already have that much better! On Offense, we're one player away!!

Our D is a different story; we need to dedicate the whole 2010 draft on building the Defense of the future!!

Wow, Armando just had a little melt down.

Yeah certainly not a big fan of reading smartfans post. Way too long and who cares what you have to say if you are only bashing people on here. Talk football or shut up. I could care less what Mando says about the dolphins. He gives us a good starting point to discuss football not what team we think he secretly likes. Go somewhere else.......

Hope springs eternal in the NFL. Who knows what the future holds? We will be better next year than last---and to Jets fans everywhere (even if you say you dont care): DOLPHINS BEAT THE JETS TWICE LAST YEAR....AND IF YOU SAY YOU DONT CARE YOU REALLY ARENT A JETS FAN. And take something for your gas it makes you sound as ignarant and a typical new yorker.

To Armando and any other fan that thinks we're "far-off"

I am one of the people that know the difference of hope and reality. I believe that Miami is not one year away or one draft away, but I know we're only 1 or 2 years or drafts away and in my opinion that's not long at all. We as fans have endured a long decade, but this new one brings lot's of promise. Sean Payton by the way happens to be one of those Parcells guys, they worked together in Dallas. He has been able to build New Oleans from scratch to become Champs. A very similar process is now well underway in Miami. I'm not one that claims that we're close because we almost won against them or anybody else, because one thing that I have come to know is this: "You are what you're record says you are"-Parcells. And right now we are a 7-9 team with great young talent, and a few bugs here and there. N.O. was 8-8 last year and "not in the playoffs" like you say Armando; one year later they're the SP Champs. We might not be 1 year away, but it sure looks like its sooner than later...and that mi amigo, is enough for me to feel good about this team. I hope the Dolphins make the right moves this offseason and draft and convert that to wins, so you eat your words. You could have at least been smart enough to wait till training camp to post something like this. And my guess is that if the Fins are successful and win the division next year and make the playoffs, you'll be one of the ones on the bandwagon express for the next year, right? Oh and on quoting Ronnie man, grow up man, he's a player, what else is he supposed to say? How far can any team go with players that don't think they can't win? That was the dumbest way to try and make a point, that gets a big C'Mon MAN!

good point dallas... If losing three in a row to your rival doesnt bother you then you are not a true fan but more of a SH** talker and just like being pest.

Draft defense and secure the middle DT, ILB, and a hawk for FS. Only reason I would get a offensive guy in the first three rounds is because he would be a phenom. Dez Bryant, CJ Spiller and that's 50/50.

I dont see how we dont take defense in the first round. Maybe not the second but def. in the first. And.... if we take O in the second then until our last pick id say you will see all defense picked. Thats the side of the ball that will keep us in the bottom two of the division again. No way you can give up the plays we do and expect to win.

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