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Are the Dolphins close to Saints, Colts? No!

In the aftermath of Super Bowl XLIV, I cannot tell you how many times I've heard this phrase: The Dolphins aren't that far off from winning a Super Bowl. They played both New Orleans and Indianapolis well and should have beaten them. So they're close.

The logic apparently follows that since the Dolphins lost to Indianapolis 27-23 the second week of the season, then lost to New Orleans 46-34 on Oct. 25th, Miami is close to being pretty good because those two teams are obviously championship caliber.

And it's not just fans seeing the Dolphins through this prism.

"I think we're close," Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown said on his Ronnie Brown radio show on 560-WQAM this week. "I think we have a lot of the right pieces to the puzzle. I think we still have a few things we need to tweak and get better at. But as a team, we're pretty close.

"We played both those teams this year and, to our credit, we were in the games and had an opportunity to win both of those games. So that says, as a team, we're close. But there are a few pieces to the puzzle we've got left."

Now, you're not going to like this so if you're not in the mood for an honest dose of reality, simply stop reading now. That way you'll go on about the rest of your day thinking your team is close to being Super Bowl-caliber because it hung tough with the two Super Bowl teams.

The rest of you, read on.

The Dolphins are nowhere near close to the Saints or the Colts.

Some facts:

NFL teams are judged by what they do through an entire season, not by what they do in one game. And during the 2009 regular season, the Colts were 14-2 while the Saints were 13-3. The Dolphins were 7-9. So Indy won twice as many games as Miami while the Saints almost accomplished the feat.

Both the Saints and Colts won their respective divisions and were No. 1 seeds in the playoffs. The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East and didn't make the playoffs

The Dolphins aren't close.

Any logic that suggests one team is comparable to another based on the outcome of one game must be uniform. So anyone saying the Dolphins are close to the Saints because they almost beat the Saints, must then have to keep a straight face as they say the Washington Redskins are close to being as good as the Saints. The Redskins, after all, lost to New Orleans by a 33-30 score on Dec. 6th. And yes, the Saints played everyone in that game and did everything they could to win.

So do you think the Redskins are close to the Saints?

Taking the argument one step further, if you think the Dolphins are close to the Super Bowl champions based on playing them close in one game, you must also believe the Tampa Bay Bucs are better than the champs. Yes, Tampa Bay beat New Orleans 20-17 on Dec. 27th.

And you cannot argue the Saints gave up in that game because Drew Brees completed 32 of 37 passes for 258 yards with 1 TD. He completed 10 more passes against Tampa than he did against Miami. But the Bucs won.

So do you think Tampa Bay fans are foolish enough to believe they're close to being as good or better than New Orleans?

The Dolphins aren't close.

Finally, of course, there's the empirical argument against the Dolphins: The Saints have better players. And more of them. The Colts have better players. And more of them. That cannot be disputed by any right-thinking NFL fan or player.

Tell me ... what player on the Dolphins offense rises to the level of a Drew Brees or Peyton Manning? Let me answer -- none.

What receiver on the Dolphins could start for the Saints or Colts? Let me answer -- none.

What defender on the Dolphins makes as many game-changing plays as either Indy's Dwight Freeney or Who Dat's Darren Sharper? Let me answer -- none.

The Saints had seven Pro Bowl players in 2009. The Colts had seven Pro Bowl players in 2009. The Dolphins had three -- Yeremiah Bell, Dan Carpenter and Jake Long.

Long didn't play because of injury. Bell got on the team because Indy's Antoine Bethea was in the Super Bowl. And Carpenter played because Nate Kaeding injured himself the first day of practice.

So both Super Bowl teams have more than twice as many Pro Bowl players as Miami, even when we all know the reason the Dolphins had three was due to extenuating circumstances.

The Dolphins aren't close.

And it pains me to hear Dolfans saying they are close to the Saints and Colts because it suggests they're not being realistic. Or just don't know what they're talking about.

[I'm off the rest of the week but if anything happens, I'll update you on twitter. So follow me.] 


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Jet Fan, u have depth, it's called Rex the fat Fu"k Ryan, and u have a QB who is one good shot away from walking like Joe Namath...The Jets will be competing with the Bills not us

If you remember Mark, we had Bryant in the offseason. he got into a fight with parcells. or something like that. No way theyll bring him back.

Mark, the problem with Bryant is Mike Nolan cut him out in San Fran one year after signing a 14 million four year deal..lots of animosity between them and I don't know if either one wants to be on the same planet much less same locker room with each other

I wrote on here yesterday trade Boldin for Porter and was told i was dreamin. Now some site gridirongab (whoever they are) report Cards are interested in Porter. There ya go! It makes sense for both teams.

That is true t but maybe their differences can be solved somehow. Remember,Parcells and Jason Taylor did'nt see eye to eye at first which led to Taylor being traded but Parcells reached out to him and now he and JT are ok.

That is true t but maybe their differences can be solved somehow. Remember,Parcells and Jason Taylor did'nt see eye to eye at first which led to Taylor being traded but Parcells reached out to him and now he and JT are ok.

Wasn't Antonio Bryant drafted by The Crack Wagon. and put right into the dog house by Parcells. Do you think he will deal with this "player" again?

westvafins is a mountain goat farmer moonshine maker who nothing of football game. No one want Joey Porter

he threw a towel in Parcells face too while in Big D

Thunderbolt, nooo, there's supposedly a third pick involved and Arizona having to pick up num nuts one million signing bonus...how accurate this Gridiron Gab is another question...personally, to get ANYTHING for Porter would shock me

sorry lame jets troll wasting our good conversation about a winning football franchise. Go milk yourself.

Antonio Bryant sounds like a big NO GO to me

I'm always. it was alienman who came up with many- me and that poster was NOT alienman

7-9 doofins isn't winning 9-7 Jets and Championship game is.Buuurrpp!

Cards are interested in porter when he gets cut . it doesn't mean that the cards are trading for him .

Cobra do you think that if i were to remark about your nationality which is very clear on here that i would be looked on very favorably in here.

NJ if the trade happens how will it get done>? whats are the cards getting????

THUNDERBOLT - I have also said trade Porter and quite a few people (NJ, cobra kai, etc.) on here have said we will not get anything for him and to just cut him. Porter does have trade value and we will get something from him I believe.

I do think trading Porter (or any player at that matter) and a 3rd rounder is a little to much. Either only a 3rd round pick or if we want to add a player in the deal I would say a 4th or 5th, not a 3rd...

Maybe we could get Boldin and Dansby for Porter, some other player and a 3rd? I know that would be more of a dream trade that would never happen, but it sure would be nice to pull something like that off...


NJ, I thought it was NY*c*tt that came up with many-me...(trying not to totally give him away in case I'm right)

LOL @ Japman about Turner. Funny how he followed Marty who also had teams with a ton of talent that always under-achieved.

franchise Ginn??? lol IF he has a good year!!! hahahahahahaha omg thats funny

Porter has no trade value and dansby is a UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT !!! HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO TRADE FOR HIM !!! My god !!

Well guys both Boldin and Porter are late in their careers. Boldins supposedly injury prone and Porters supposedly lost a step. Both have been disgruntled and AZ is gonna have to let Boldin walk after next year if they dont move him now. I think you guys are over weighting Boldin cause we need him so bad and under valuing Porter cause you cant stand the guy. Even if we gave up Porter and a fourth we should get this done.

" Maybe we can get boldin and dansby for porter , another player and a 3rd " posted by indiana dolphin. Are you kidding me with that post. You have no credibilty to question my football knowledge ever again.

well i will take Cowher and Simms' analysis over yours..when did you become such the expert?...we do need ILB and OLBs, receiver, safety, and NT help..we do have many pieces in place and need to add more via draft and possibly Free Agency. Remember only year 3 in the rebuilding plan - it seems you may have forgotten.

JET FAN - The jets would have been 8-8 and NO plyoffs if the Colts would of played in week 16. You talk about 9-7 and making it to the AFC game, but I don't think I saw the Jets in Miami playing last Sunday nor were they the team that was holding the Superbowl trophy. The only winning that was done was the Saints. Every team ends with dissappointment and a loss except for one!!

When was the last time the jets even won the division AFC EAST, not to mention a Superbowl?

EVER !!!!!!!

NJ, I followed that sentence with this line:

" I know that would be more of a dream trade that would never happen, but it sure would be nice to pull something like that off..."

I am not saying it would happen, but if it was a Madden Franchise being run maybe it could is all I am meant. I was not implying a trade like that would happen, geez!!

I think we are yet to see what Ginn can do. He has had no help by qb or other recievers to help open his game up. He has to be the main guy on the team and thats not the player he is. He can be fine just needs some help.IMO

Also, I did not know that Dansby was a UFA. I was thinking he was restricted. My bad on that behalf...

Hey BOOTANG25,,...,,, You are an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

You mention again that Porter has no trade value....so when and IF we get something for Porter what will you have to say? We can at least try to get something for him. You never know until you try...

Ginn was not the only option at OSU when he was there he had Santonio to take some pressure off him. Thats when we saw that he was capable of being somewhat productive. He hasnt had a guy like that or someone even like gonzalez to take the pressure off of him.

I 'am always , you're right about who that poster was but wrong on who came up with many me. it was alienman.

I just feel any player in the NFL could have trade value or they wouldn't have a NFL contract...

What is your reasoning for thinking he has NO trade value? Is it because of his big mouth and what he said recently?

To his credit, which I hate to say that and I am not defending him, he has gotten 28 (I think) sacks the past 2 seasons combined. Anyone who can get that SHOULD have trade value

Naaaahhhhh....I think I'll stick with "We are close"...It makes me feel better! Not to mention, I've been saying that...Next year we'll win it all..after every season......for most of my life now......and I'm 48! GO PHINS!

WestVaFins - Anthony Gonzalez was the slot option at OSU also which some Suckeye (buckeye) fans say he was a better receiver. So far I would take Ginn. At least he has not been on the IR yet like Gonzalez.

Do you guys honestly think a great QB like Manning (or whoever you want to use as example) would not make Ginn better? Manning made stars out of Piere Garcon and Austin Collie. Those 2 WR's on Miami this past season would of been junk and us fans would of been begging for us to cut them...

I am hoping the Phins make it to the 2012 Superbowl (if there is not a lockout), so I will not have to travel but 20 minutes to go to the game!!

There are no blogs belonging to the wets it would seem or these loser would be there deluding themselves. Makes sense as they don't even have their own stadium.

Any sane person would realize that there is no interest in the jets and certaintly not here in S. Florida. You show what a fool you are with each moronic post. Typical jet pig.

The ganja messes wit' da memory so I'll trust yours NJ. LMAO

Posted by: Indiana Dolfan | February 11, 2010 at 02:22 PM
I can't agree with that....I watched every game this year....PC and AC for Indy made some great plays this year and when they did have a dropped ball it was news! Our WR's made the news when they made a great play...because the regular news was, another dropped ball!

In this day and age of parity, there are many teams that have a chance if they catch fire. The only reason I don't think the Dolphins will be a super bowl contender next year is because of Henne's inexperience. They'll be a playoff contender though.

IN 2011 and beyond though, if all goes according to plan with Henne, they will be a big player in this league when you mix Henne's progress with the labour put into the defense and offensive line.

And please don't mention wide receiver, it's the most overrated position in this game. New England won 3 super bowls with a very pedestrian receiving crew and the Saints didn't invest any high picks other than one late first round pick on a receiver.

And Mando, the Dolphins will not be in the top 5 in super bowl favourites for 2010 but comparing them to the Redskins and Bucs is overblowing things by a fair margin. In 2010 we were a mediocre team, a bit better than our record, in 2011, we'll be better.

The Dolphins will be OK!!!

Rob in OC . " The dolphins aren't close...... and it pains me to hear dolphin fans saying they're to the saints and colts because it suggests they're not being realistic or just don't know what they're talking about" Armando salguero. I said you were delusional about you're dolphins expectation and not about spiller of offensive players. The one player shot was at bigafly. So by armando 's post . i called you delusional or unrealistic rather than say you don't know what your talking about. Which is untrue and not fair. You made a comment about me yesterday " NJ is a guy that really tempers his expectation " and then " i'm a glass half empty guy ". Not true at all . i'm being realistic and not living through dolphin colored glasses. Facts are facts . My line of work requires you to be realistic and a half full kind of guy.

Mark Big Ben won in his first or second year??? Not much experience there..... Relied on a running game like us. They just had a better d and i hope we are working towards a much more stout d.

LMFAO @ I'm always. That's why i stay away from that stuff.

LAKECITYFAN - I definitely see where you are coming from, but when Manning places the ball so perfect of course they are going to make plays. My initial point is that with a great QB Ted Ginn would be better. His rookie year he had I believe 3-4 QB's throw to him. Last year Penington's arm strength could not get him the ball when he got deep. This year he switched qb's and had to get use to a stringer armed Henne (as all our WR's did). Timing is a very key thing and when you switch qb's, timing is something that takes time. I believe one more year when he has Henne throwing him the ball for 16 games we then will be able to judge him on a cut or keep basis...

I dont think until after FA have been signed and we see what we do in the draft we will not know if we are contenders. We could be very close if all goes well in the next couple months or if our front office sh**s the bed then we will be much further away. To hard to tell from where we are right now.

Rob In Oc. Cheers !!!

agreed indiana we need to see him with a solid qb for one full season and see if the addition of a pass catching TE or better reciever will help his production.

NJ, what stuff?

i am always LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JerseyPhins- It is a funny thought, but you never know. That's why i said, "that miracle of a year." If the team can somehow make it "look" like Ginn can be a D. Hester, J. Cribbs, type of player than he might have some value. Far fetched, but still possible. He did finish the season on a high note. Remember that Houston game when he cought that deep pass that got called back because of holding... a few of those next year and things for him can change.

Indiana Dolfan
I can see your point......but my gut says....Ginn needs to go.....and big time play makers make plays...I do think Henne will end up being a top 5 QB....I just hope we (MIAMI) allow him to grow into a top 5 QB.....he had a great year last year....considering.

After just 3 years with no veteran WR to help him throughout and has not been able to get settled with a QB. He doesn't need cut before this season. He is not hurting anything by being on the time especially when it will be uncapped. Let's see how the "Big Ten" guys (Henne and Ginn) co-exist with getting 13 games this season and a full season next this coming.

Our weakest group of the whole team (besides receivers) is our LBs

Antonio Pierce was released by the Giants. Yay or Nay???


Thanks for clarifying the post. I appreciate the breakdown and am glad you knew I wasn't taking shats at you either. Like many fans, ideas are infinite and for some very unrealistic. I try not to live in left field with my team strats.

The 11-5 season was a bit of an abberation but it happened. That's why, if for no other reason, I prefer to wear the vibrant aqua and orange rose colored shades. =)

Rome wasn't built in a day but franchises go up and down season to season nowadays...ask Pitt. Miami itself going 11-5 was tied for the largest turnaround in league history.

I have no problems with you remaining extra grounded and that way you can be really pleasantly suprised should the Fins outperform your expectations.

What is your prediction next year record wise bud?


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