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Are the Dolphins close to Saints, Colts? No!

In the aftermath of Super Bowl XLIV, I cannot tell you how many times I've heard this phrase: The Dolphins aren't that far off from winning a Super Bowl. They played both New Orleans and Indianapolis well and should have beaten them. So they're close.

The logic apparently follows that since the Dolphins lost to Indianapolis 27-23 the second week of the season, then lost to New Orleans 46-34 on Oct. 25th, Miami is close to being pretty good because those two teams are obviously championship caliber.

And it's not just fans seeing the Dolphins through this prism.

"I think we're close," Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown said on his Ronnie Brown radio show on 560-WQAM this week. "I think we have a lot of the right pieces to the puzzle. I think we still have a few things we need to tweak and get better at. But as a team, we're pretty close.

"We played both those teams this year and, to our credit, we were in the games and had an opportunity to win both of those games. So that says, as a team, we're close. But there are a few pieces to the puzzle we've got left."

Now, you're not going to like this so if you're not in the mood for an honest dose of reality, simply stop reading now. That way you'll go on about the rest of your day thinking your team is close to being Super Bowl-caliber because it hung tough with the two Super Bowl teams.

The rest of you, read on.

The Dolphins are nowhere near close to the Saints or the Colts.

Some facts:

NFL teams are judged by what they do through an entire season, not by what they do in one game. And during the 2009 regular season, the Colts were 14-2 while the Saints were 13-3. The Dolphins were 7-9. So Indy won twice as many games as Miami while the Saints almost accomplished the feat.

Both the Saints and Colts won their respective divisions and were No. 1 seeds in the playoffs. The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East and didn't make the playoffs

The Dolphins aren't close.

Any logic that suggests one team is comparable to another based on the outcome of one game must be uniform. So anyone saying the Dolphins are close to the Saints because they almost beat the Saints, must then have to keep a straight face as they say the Washington Redskins are close to being as good as the Saints. The Redskins, after all, lost to New Orleans by a 33-30 score on Dec. 6th. And yes, the Saints played everyone in that game and did everything they could to win.

So do you think the Redskins are close to the Saints?

Taking the argument one step further, if you think the Dolphins are close to the Super Bowl champions based on playing them close in one game, you must also believe the Tampa Bay Bucs are better than the champs. Yes, Tampa Bay beat New Orleans 20-17 on Dec. 27th.

And you cannot argue the Saints gave up in that game because Drew Brees completed 32 of 37 passes for 258 yards with 1 TD. He completed 10 more passes against Tampa than he did against Miami. But the Bucs won.

So do you think Tampa Bay fans are foolish enough to believe they're close to being as good or better than New Orleans?

The Dolphins aren't close.

Finally, of course, there's the empirical argument against the Dolphins: The Saints have better players. And more of them. The Colts have better players. And more of them. That cannot be disputed by any right-thinking NFL fan or player.

Tell me ... what player on the Dolphins offense rises to the level of a Drew Brees or Peyton Manning? Let me answer -- none.

What receiver on the Dolphins could start for the Saints or Colts? Let me answer -- none.

What defender on the Dolphins makes as many game-changing plays as either Indy's Dwight Freeney or Who Dat's Darren Sharper? Let me answer -- none.

The Saints had seven Pro Bowl players in 2009. The Colts had seven Pro Bowl players in 2009. The Dolphins had three -- Yeremiah Bell, Dan Carpenter and Jake Long.

Long didn't play because of injury. Bell got on the team because Indy's Antoine Bethea was in the Super Bowl. And Carpenter played because Nate Kaeding injured himself the first day of practice.

So both Super Bowl teams have more than twice as many Pro Bowl players as Miami, even when we all know the reason the Dolphins had three was due to extenuating circumstances.

The Dolphins aren't close.

And it pains me to hear Dolfans saying they are close to the Saints and Colts because it suggests they're not being realistic. Or just don't know what they're talking about.

[I'm off the rest of the week but if anything happens, I'll update you on twitter. So follow me.] 


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lMAO @ Indiana... Who was that guy? what an idiot

@ JET FAN...Still bitter about us sweeping your sorry team are you?

Mando, I agree...somewhat...
In years gone long by, teams took years to turn around, as long as 10. In today's NFL... 3 is the going rate.
It was not that long ago... the "Saints"... were the "AINT'S"... But, through the process of getting sound coaching, a quality QB, and making good moves in FA and the Draft... well... we know the result...Right?
Miami is closer today, then say 2007... would you be willing to agree? There are those who say 2008 was a fluke... with them, I also disagree. Miami was more a "FLUKE" this year IMO, then in 2008. By taking into account the ridiculous schedule, the mass injuries, not to role players... no, those injuries came to our front line troops, our starters... our Team CAPTAINS for God sake. You cannot look at this season and honestly say... that is the highest level of play that can be expected out of the Dolphins. It may be excuse making... if its true... so what? Take the players you spoke about Miami not having the likes of away from the Colts or the Saints... Take away Breese, we lost Pennington?...Right?... take away Dwight Freeney or Darren Sharper... or Manning, or Clark, or....? now add 4 or 5 of them together to any one of those two clubs and tell me their season would have turned out the same...That is where Miami played from this season... No Ronnie Brown, Jayson Ferguson, Pennington, Will Allen, Patric Cobbs, Jake Grove missed games that really counted... We lost Crowder for Pittsburgh, Soliai and Smiley were absent for games, Culver, Fasano... And I believe I have left out a least 4 multigame injury guys that have a small impact on the big picture, but still were unavailable placing more pressure on other guys.... But all teams suffer a few of those, right??.... how many teams this years suffered 6 or 7 STARTERS to the IR??? None played in the play-offs. I would say this, give me a 2010 with a normal injury occurrence 2 or 3 guys... and a schedule that is not a gauntlet... and lets see where Miami really is... I think that would be fair enough.... don't you???

By the by and by...Wet Fan.... Don't be so proud of that lucky trip the colts gave ya.... we own the WETS.... remember the sweep douche bag??

WE DO!!!!!!!!!

We are at least another season away from having the nucleus of our championship team in place. Sure, we could go far next year.. but chances are against it.. even after the draft, we will have holes to fill - even if the players we have all perform at or better than what we expect from them, we will still be in need of some improvements...

this draft and most of next draft will help close our needs, add some depth, and give us a chance to solidify this team for a good run..

the thing that bothers me is the chance of a lockout in 2011... it is bringing back memories of 1994 when the Montreal Expos were neck in neck with the Yankees as the best team in baseball right into August when they shut down the season, cancelled the playoffs.. and then the Expos had a great firesale - dismantling the team to stop the financial losses... while a little different here (Ross has money), it still irks me that we will gearing into overdrive at about the time we could have a year without football..

ugh, I hope they get their act together before then!

We let yoos losers win those games.Doink!Hope you had fun watching us in the playoffs.Buurrrpp!

sure ya did ...douche bag, Wet fan.... sure ya did... By the by and by once again... did they ever get Ryans fat ars pushed out of the doors at the Bank Atlantic Center??? I understood he held up the rest of the crowed for house while stuck in the double doors???

This team isn't close.
Unless they have a miraculous draft that rebuilds the defensive front seven and yields them a safety that can tackle and a field-stretching WR that can acutally catch, this team is in for the same 7-9 to 9-7 result as this past season.
BTW...have you seen the opponents for the road schedule? Do you know how many cold weather games they might face this year?
Gotta go to Green Bay, Minni and Oakland, which is always a tough trip even when the Raiders stink. Baltimore on the road.
Forget it.
This team is going nowhere in 2010.
Now, that being said, they did find a QB. And that's a start...but too many holes on D.

I need a new Rex is so fat from Po.. they always lift my spirits! ;)

playoffs not super bowl my mistake.... HAHA

Jet Fan...garbage QB?
Once again, myopic vision from the most delusion fans in North American sports.
Sanchez will end up busted and out of the game in two years.

enrique1085 - I have no clue. It probably was Jet Fan's butt buddy...

Jet Fan - Once again where was your team in the Super Bowl? NOT THERE! You ended your season with a non super bowl victory just like 31 other teams. Also, "let us win"?? Since when does a team let there BIGGEST rival team win? That does not happen LOSER

Sanchez led us to the championship game.Doink!Your garbage QB led you nowhere.Buurrpp!

Rob in OC, when I use the rankings 16th or 18th in the NFL in 2009 and 10 to 12 in 2010, these are my own personal rankings and take into account records, turnover margin, defensive and offensive rankings, etc.

I see the Dolphins in 2010 as a possible division winner with 10-11 wins, something like a 4th, 5th, or 6th seed in the AFC. Precursor here is that there aren't more significant injuries than the team can handle, the defense gets reinforced with at least 3 new starters, and most importantly Henne continues to improve.

WVAF, i was referring to ben's first year when they were 14-2 or 15-1 or something like that, had home field thorughout and lost to New England at home. it was in Ben's second year (2005) that they went all the way and beat Indy in the playoffs on the road (JP had a huge pick) and then beat Seattle in the big one.

Antonio Pierce was just released by the Giants... potential signing for the Phins?? I know he missed most of 09, but he can't be as bad an option as we have going into next season... Thoughts?


I am usually in step with most things you write.

I see you share opinion with NJ PHIN and others as to how close the Fins are.

I know you can rationalize that the Fins aren't as good as the Saints or Colts rosters and they flat aren't as good position by position. What I do know is that the Fins had both those teams on the ropes. They swept the Jets (AFC Champs game losers) and beat the Brady led Pats when no one gave them a chance.

A really good team doesn't go to Buff and lose or stumble vs Tenn and Pitt as well with playoff aspirations on the line.

Would agree that they are probably upper middle of the pack? Would you project possibly getting better by 3 games next year or is that not doable? Taking into account the lack of a #1 schedule, Henne with lots of game exp, better injury luck, growth of the what will be 3rd year and 2nd year guys, Nolan as an aggressive new DC, a few draft pick contributions as well as possibly a FA or 2... you think that is a super stretch?

I think it will be a while for the Fins will be thought of as people think of the Pats. To get into the playoffs seems doable this coming year. The Fins playoff hopes came down to the last game. They needed help this year with numerous injuries and a the most difficult schedule on paper in the NFL but they still almost battled in.

The Fins are lurking and are closer than many pundits think.

Like any true Fins fan you don't want to be let down... I say that's precisely the time to fan the flames! If I were a Detroit fan, meh, not so much.


PS, I don't want any part of 32 year old Antonio Pierce. This team needs to get younger and more athletic on defense.

Shhhhhhh.... quiet everyone.... "Jets fan" is just finishing up blowing me and I don't want him distracted.......

Ok Ok... almost there Jet Boy.......... Now... talk with that New York accent again... that really gets me going!!!!!

Peter in Toronto,

The rumor (as I have not substantiated it) is that Pierce has a disc prob in his back. High risk and won't even get a sniff if that's the case.

He was a decent player in his prime though.

Oh wow... that was great Jet fan.... Now I am going to go take A Rex Ryan and then wipe my Dirty Sanchez...! Bluuuurp!

Mark in Toronto @4:30,

I concur. That sounds about right. Nice post bro.


Can we please stop with the antonio pierce shyt. The guy is in his 30's , missed most of last tear with a bulging disk in his neck that could end his career any minute. This is the stuff miami is getting away from. THINK !!

Have a good one Rob!

TMI Derek!!

Derk in WPB obvious like boys. This series of posts very distub me. I like to make insults at Jets fans but I am scratch my head at your attempt. Maybe you should say his sister or mama but not him. Keep that between you and your donkey.

Do you know who is Marc? You 2 should hang out one time.

I agree, please stop talking about Antonio Bryant and Antonio Pierce...

Just because a player is available doesn't mean the Dolphins should pursue him. It seems like every time anybody hits the market regardless of age or ability, some bozo is on here saying that The Trifecta are a bunch of bozos for not signing them right away... Nothing is happening until March 5 anyway people... Except for people getting fired!

Wow! Good way to bag on your own team pal. I lobe and San Diego and I have more props

Uh Oh... The Jags just released Tory Holt... I'll start taking bets for how soon someone is on here claiming that he is the solution to all the phins problems... Put me down for 5:03 pm...

Any takers on how long it takes for someone to call me an idiot for not wanting Tory Holt? I say 5:09....

While I'm not saying that the Dolphins are currently at the caliber of either New Orleans or Indianapolis, but I don't think that there as far off as you say. First, kind of like Dan Marino, a good football player and hell of a nice guy, but not a real winner in big games! I mean no Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, on and on. Although still too early to tell, it still may quickly become that Chad Henne will immediately become a big winner in the mode of a Joe Montana! He started okay. Not as good as Tom Brady, but New England also were a better team than Miami then, but they couldn't do the same until the change in just the quarterback, so we'll see. In fact, I could use similar logic as here to explain how we actually had two teams that actually have a history of losing big games competing against each other and the less over rated quarterback won! Miami also beat New York Jets twice! In my opinion, they did relatively fine for a team that started out with a reliable (?) veteran at quarterback losing the first 3 games and enters a rookie quarterback who finishes over 500 with a tough schedule! If Henne is real, we'll know soon and watch how quickly those superior teams that you mentioned disappear again! I sure do not want to have a team like the Colts who are 7 to 1 favorites every year for the last 10 years with only one Superbowl win with the best so-called quarterback of all times! I hope Miami does not become that! Oh, isn't this New Orleans first Superbowl? I hope they work out better than the Jets did in '70!

WOW! U gone heywire NJ PHIN? LOL

Ouch!! It hurts... because it is true. Buuuuaahh!! But of course, You do not expect Ronnie saying that we are the worst team of the league or so...
We're still in rebuilding process...

Come on NJ.... Don't be that dude...

Rob , that 's not me and if you think that me yiur not to smart That none other than home super bowl better known as chemtroll and home stupid bowl. He 's the very reason the SS has changed it's blog and it's format. He is trying to infest this blog too.

Carlito , you too . that's just home jackaSS who is pissed that he can't do his BS on the SS anymore. He's crying because i called him out on the ss of what a pathetic loser he is . LOL !!

NJ PHIN or anyone,

What round do you think WR Jacoby Ford goes in? He showed fairly well with the # of targets he got at the Senior Bowl and looks to have speed that shows up in with pads on in games.

If the Fins really go as DEF heavy as many think then maybe he would be a good late round target?

PS I'm a West Coast guy through and through so there is zero corellation between Spiller and Ford for me. If the Fins get 1 or the other or neither it will be what it is to me.

With Spiller I think a simple play like a bubble screen could be near absolutely dangerous for opposing Def's to defend.


Pittsburgh won the SuperBowl last year...would you say they are close? They didn't even make the play-offs this year. What a stupid story!! The Saints won't even make the play-offs next year. We are as close as anyone else!! We need a few playmakers and it is well within reason!

We should sign Tory holt and not listen to carlito the idiot.

Carlito, do I get half your take?

(ps holt was a bad idea last year and a worse one this year)

Aight, will be on the lookout for blogger posers.

Duly noted NJ PHIN.

Tory Holt is prolly too long in the tooth to be much of an impact but, i think he would make a KILLER WR Coach. He has always had great work ethics and understands the game well.

Have you ever seen that guys hands? I believe it's his ring finger is bent like Brian Baldinger's finger. It's crazy looking.

Rob , did you see the posts about links to youtube and chemtrolls ?? . That's Him. Here is a buffoon who thinks the governmant is sparing us with chemicals to control population. He infested the ss blog with this shyt and they had to change the format because of him. He's a nut job that needs mental health. He's so pathetic , he has to home school his son because he an embarressment to the community. Poor kid . he going to grow up a mental nut job like his dad . LMFAO !!

work *ethic


That's pretty wild and too bad. I hope they can get a system in place on this blog that makes it near impossible to fake id post. It's rather annoying and counter productive.


hey jet fans sanchez sucks next year it's back to 6-10 with fatty!

I like Jacoby Ford a lot - more than McCluster and will go later in the draft. 5'8 185, indoor 60m champion. Stout for a short guy. If we can get him in rd 4, I'll be doing cartwheels.

Right now, CBS Sportsline has Jacoby Ford as a 4-5 rd rating. I think that would be a tremondous value. Not really risking much taking him at that point.

Talking speed, WR Trindon Holliday LSU is expected to run a 4.2 and has a 7th rd, FA rating. he's really small though 5'5 162. Would be nothing but a special teams player but since he's expected to be the fastest time at the combine, that will turn some heads.

You can you imagine mental job like his dad. this kid is doomed. LMAO !!!


I am not familiar with the happenings at Sun Sentinel... I do read the articles over there, but never the comment thread... How can he login as you in blue?

Can anybody tell me what the Dolphins record was without Ronnie Brown? When Ronnie plays we're close. When he's injured we might smell. Ronnie maybe not at the level of Manning and Brees?.... Or then again is HE?

NJ's a dick but he's right about one thing: 10 wins is about it. Too many holes, too many questions and a so-so 2009 draft. With no real UFAs, they have to excel in the draft. And hope you have rooks that can contribute in their 1st year.

Whelp, I'm gonna shut 'er down for a while.

See y'all on whenver.

My hope and prayer is that it doen't matter who Parcell's & Co pick be it OFF, DEF, or Special Teams as long as the players they land can step up and help the Fins win asap. Maybe even throw in a Pro Bowl type player or 2. If I had my druthers we need more studs on Def so I hope those picks are the most solid.

Everyone wants to be right and would like to believe they can call out talent. Parcell's and Co, while not infalable, have hit on enough to change the roster and move it in the right direction.

Let's hope for even better success in the 2010 draft.


Thanks for the heads up on the LSU speed merchant Mark.

I say having fast guys is awesome as long as they are way more football player than track star... Renaldo Nehamiah Skeets anyone?

It would be awesome to some go paterns by Usain Bolt to see if he could catch at all? LOL


Carlito , C'mon man . you know how to post in blue under another posters day, you admitted doing it before with a certain freind of ours.

Cocoajoe , same goes for you.

Bobbyd12,I was responding to fans who claim we finished 7-9 because of the opponents we had to face.I know the league rates which schedules are difficult,but in my opinion it was not a tough schedule.I don't think the 2010 schedule is either.It is my opinion &that is what my post was.I know how the NFL works.


Yeah, but he never had a typepad account...

Mando is 100% spot on as usual...We are middle of the road at present and have many holes to fill.Note that by the time this defense is fixed and settled in you will need to address the running game and some very old guys that may still be around.Think JT,Ferg,Bell,Allen Chad Pennington if still around,etc..that means that to really be in a position to challenge for the Superbowl we may still be 2 drafts away....thats also assuming we get a long term answer at No1 WR via FA NOT via draft.Kyphinphan, THE BRAIN,KRIS,and also February have got it right...
For mine Henne will be really good and we have a good mix of recievers except missing a No1...the Tight ends need a complete overhaul, but who knows whether Nalbone may develop.Hes not a BUST yet..And YES, our defense requires a complete change...thats a lot of upgrading to do....So all in all, I think we are 2 to 3 years away from being a real threat....thats as long as they make ALL the right moves in FA and the draft and improve play calling.

Somehow I dont have faith in Henning at this point but lets wait and see...

Boldin for Fins..!!!

Don't have time to read all the posts so apologize if it's been said but I think the Dolphins played two of their best games (at least thru 3 quarters) again the Saints and Colts. So the reasoning goes Miami is close to the Saints and Colts if they play their best and the Colts and or Saints play their typical game or worse. And if Miami's at home...

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