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Ireland defends Wilson, suggests he's staying

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland just finished speaking with the media and the most interesting thing from the talk, in my opinion, was his whole-hearted defense of Gibril Wilson and suggestion the free safety will remain with the Dolphins in 2010.

Ireland was asked if Wilson took too much of the blame for the troubles of the defense in 2009.

"He's playing a position with two young corners," Ireland said. "A lot of things you would try to blame on him ... those weren't always his fault. We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson. We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year.He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

In talking to several reporters who attended the presser, including The Herald's Jeff Darlington, the clear indication they got is that the Dolphins intend to keep Wilson.

That even as the NFL is headed toward an uncapped year and cutting Wilson after March 5 would not cause any salary cap issues. Wilson signed a five-year, $27.5 million deal in 2009 that included a $5 million signing bonus and a total of $8 million in guarantees. 

So what do you think?

By the way, the live blog of the NFL Combine continues in the comments section. See you there. 


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Its a sad, sad, day for Dolphins fans

I say keep him I guess. Give him a 2nd year. We would have until the start of 2011 to cut him without penalty to the cap, so why not??

Like he said , wilso wasn't going anywhere. He makes alot of money , the trifecta isn't to admit to a mistake after only one year and miami has alot of holes to fill.

This is a totally illogical move in my opinion. The only way this makes sense is if they're going to force Wilson to take a pay cut.

NJ - Do you work for the NFL Network now?

He was awful 1st half of the year, After the NO game, he had two games of solid tackling, but cound not cover anyone. I am concerned if the team things this guy IS the answer for the next couple years. there nees to be a plan A-2. that is for sure.

Like I said wilson isn't going anywhere , he makes to much money, the trifecta isn't going to admit a mistake after only one year and maimi has plenty of holes to fill.



Armando - Take a pay cut in an uncapped year? I could see them making him in 2011 if NFL goes back to capped.


I agree 100 percent. I would like to think that Jeff Ireland is a liar and will hold out hope for this. In my opinion Wilson should be gone at 12:01 am on March 5th.

Indiana loves to spend other peoples money


What are the odds this is just NFL Personnel speak for "We will keep Wilson - until we sign someone better and then release him"

maybe the will use wilson as a backup to bell which is the position he is more suited for. Maybe Clemons isnt ready to take the next step yet.

Indiana, by taking a paycut I mean throughout the contract .... That affects beyond the uncapped year.

Is ESPN for real here or what? They must be nuts to think this. Thoughts Armando?


I say great!! High scoring games are fun to watch and with da Gerbil on point at Safety, we are sure to see more of them in 2010.

Ireland wuote on Porter:

"There's always a chance," Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said Thursday. "Right now, he's a player under contract on our roster. We'll be making those decisions."

Ireland said some other less newsy things:

He admitted the ILBs stunk it up. Said team needs more production from ILBs.

"They know that, we know that, you guys know that."

Hate to say it but NJs right. Remember what they did with Wilford? 6 mil, wasn't it? Kept him until the 2nd year and hoped everyone would forget about it and the 6 mil.

Carlito - I am not spending anyone elses money cause I don't write the checks. lol

Armando - Good point. It is odd to think or figure out things with the NFL with the chance to go have capped year, uncapped year and back to capped within 3 years...

NJ is our NFL Network HERO!!! LMFAO!!

Thanks NJ!


The Dolphins and Porter are not patching up anything, Indiana.

Armando the Fins kept Wilford all the way till TC last year and cut him right before the season began. Alot things are about to unfold in the next coming weeks, so who knows.

Anyways what do you think happens if Rolle is released, I mean Ireland could be saying he want Wilson to stay so that perhaps the Cardinals dont think the Fins will go after Rolle, just a thought.



Armando - I know that, but I thought it was comical for ESPN to even write this blog up on their website. It is way beyond patching...

It was interesting to me that Ireland basically admitted the team screwed up the Porter release.

"The intent was to release Porter that day," he said.

So that should cool the heels of the conspiracy theorists who think they did it to somehow send Joey a signal or punish him.

Are any of you guys paying this contract? GW is house money right now... He can be cut if there is no improvement before the preseason starts. Give the guy a chance in Nolan's system with Allen back and a year under the belt of the two young corners. Improve the LB's and watch this D improve...

Hey Armando,
If Brandon Marshall is available with a 2nd round pick, do you see the dolphins pulling the trigger?
The might get a receiver on the 2nd round so why not get Marshall using one of those picks?
Hopefully they can actually pull the trigger if the price is right. I personally don't think he's worth a 1st round pick along with the money they'll have to pay him. 2nd round pick sounds reasonable.
I hope you can reach 3000 followers soon.

Any rumor news going on yet Armando?

In my opinion, the Dolphins lose NOTHING by keeping Wilson through training camp.

Ireland can say the right things now and if the player doesn't perform in training camp and Miami has someone better on the roster, they whack him anyway.

And no one is going to complain and say, "But you said in February he'd play better ..."

So while Wilson stays for now, he probably should take that to mean he's on the team for 2010.


what did he say about the quarterbacks?

Cocoajoe. Exactly !!

Asked about the cold weather in Florida, Ireland said: "We need more production out of the sun and we except it will warm up in a month or two".

They payed him all of this money because he's already supposed to be good. So now we get the whole "I think this" and "I think that routine" from Ireland. Why would you pay a guy all that money if you still to this day aren't sure if he will be able to pick up his play? They payed him the money because they thought he was an upgrade,,,,he was not. And now we're left with hoping he can become a better player? Aren't players who are payed that much supposed to already be good? And how do the young CBs effect his tackling? They have nothing to do with the fact that he can't tackle and has poor technique. I think he's great in run support when playing close to the line but other than that I didn't see anything that warrants a second try. Someone said all ofthose tackles aren't his fault because the lbs missed the first tackle. But even then he took bad angles and didn't seem to play tough enough. For the christs sake they didn't even start him in a few games at the end of the year! If it wasn't his fault why did they sit him and not the actual people who were supposedly at fault?!

I think it is a bit unfair to label Turner as a bust already. Being on the practice squad for a year is not the kiss of death. Miles Austin just broke out in his 4th year in the league and he was on the practice squad for almost all of his rookie season. I realize their pedigree (Turner was 3rd rd pick from USC, and Austin was undrafted out of Monmouth) is different, and the prevailing thought is Turner should have been able to beat out a relatively weak WR corp, however I do think he still could develop into a legit playmaking WR. He has the physical tools to be a player. You also have to remember that Miami was in playoff contention for pretty much the whole year (even the last week if a miracle happened) so it wasn't an obvious move to make him active at any point during the year. I am all for improving the WR group if possible, however I do feel like Turner could be a hidden weapon that most everyone seems to have written off.

Not ,"the" christs sake,,woops.

John Clayton says something to happen between Dansby & Fins after March 5, said Ireland said and knows he wants an ILB and Dansby is the target.

Marshall in miami would be a recipe for disaster. he would be arrested on south beach his first ten minutes.

Irton, Marshall is a beast. But he's ... enigmatic, unpredictable, something of a diva.

So I don't think that fits the Dolphins.

If they have a second-round grade on a WR, they'll pick that guy and be paying much less for him than they would to Marshall.

I know there is no guarantee the rookie produces. But there is also no guarantee Marshall will be a good citizen and not a diva.


.... Oh, and I blew past 3,000 followers already, guys. Thanks to you!

Best news is they want Pennington back, but I think the Cardinals could be interested in him as well.

Gerbil's play may have been a function of the defensive scheme Pascaloser was using. It seemed both safeties first assignment was play run first - not a good idea in a pass happy league.

Maybe gerbil's play improves if he quits looking into the backfiled until the ball comes out deep. We'll see - let's hope so.

This is why we're not winning a Super Bowl anytime soon .....

Mando I totally agree with your opinion of keeping Wilson through TC, they lose nothing and who knows maybe Nolan can work his magic

To piggyback on something NYSCott said, I though Ireland made a mistake to throw the rookie CBs under the bus.

I thought they were MUCH better than Wilson and it WAS Wilson's fault when you saw the Pats go for 74 yards or T.O. go for 64 yards and TD.

It was Wilson who couldn't tackle Shockey or Dallas Clark. It was Wilson who got abused by Reggie Bush at the goal line.

It was Wilson who got run over time and time again.

Mando, have you taken a look at any of the lesser known NT prospects? I personally think Linval Joseph from ECU has all-star potential at 3rd round value.

Good point Mando and others. If it doesn't hurt the team to keep him for now than no big deal but I'm still upset about them overvaluing him. Is it possible that another team would've payed him around the same money and we were just paying market?

Combine update: CJ Spiller says he will run. I will look forward to that!

maybe the think he is coachable enough to boom in mike nolans defense

Hey Armando,
If Pennington agrees to be the backup and lets say Henne doesn't play quite as well as people are expecting him to, do you see a QB change there? I sure don't hope so since I've been a fan of Henne since college. Also, I think he's the not only the future for the franchise but he is also the present of this franchise.

Indiana, you're in Indiana. Get your butt over to the Lucas Tin Can and cover this event for Dolphins in Depth!

Nothing is guaranteed. Do u expect Ireland to come out and say "We're gonna cut him"? It's like last year when they said that Wilford was coming along and then they released him.

The Wilson talk makes me very very sad. We have two players on our roster that can not perform the duties of their positions even at only an adequate level. Wilson can't tackle (or cover for that matter) and Ted Ginn can not catch(especially not the types of balls a number one receiver on most teams is capable of catching).

I long for the days of the criticism of Chris Chambers not being a solid number one receiver. At least that man made plays. sure, he dropped the "easy" pass from time to time, but how many games has anyone been able to look at Ted Ginn and say "wow what a catch" ?

oh and Chambers was a second round pick from run heavy Wisconsin. Ginn was the 9th pick. Who would you say was the bigger bust?


Rolle and Dansby would be a HUGE lift for the all essential middle of our defense as well. We need to upgrade. The guys we have are stop-gaps or busts. FILL THE GAP!!!

Armando I agree with everything you said about Wilson, but rookies need to be kept humble especially with how confident those two are.

BTW Mando everyone except you and me think the Fins are only 1 WR away from contention. You think Miami can sign a WR and draft one as well.

Robert, what UFA WR you thinking about?

Carlito, why cut off your nose to spite your face. Let him compete with Y Bell, and if by the end of training camp, it's apparent he won't work out, then cut him. I am 100% about depth. And more importantly, players fill roles. Just because a guy doesn't live up to 1st round potential, doesn't mean we should cut him, ie Ted Ginn or Jason Allen. Put them in position to do what they are strong at. Same thing with Gibril. That's my take.

Mando thanks for pointing out the exact times he was manhandled because I couldn't remember but no I was screaming at the tv. I don't see how he can put that on the CBs when it seemed those long plays were due to misreads by our defensive qb (fs) that produced no over the top help. Hopefully half of the problem was Pasquoloni which wouldn't be that far fetched. But if you're going to call out your rookies you really shouldn't coddle the veterans who should be playing better (than the rookies)with more years under their belts. You should hold them accountable as well.

Mando, have you taken a look at any of the lesser known NT prospects? I personally think Linval Joseph from ECU has all-star potential at 3rd round value.

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