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Ireland defends Wilson, suggests he's staying

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland just finished speaking with the media and the most interesting thing from the talk, in my opinion, was his whole-hearted defense of Gibril Wilson and suggestion the free safety will remain with the Dolphins in 2010.

Ireland was asked if Wilson took too much of the blame for the troubles of the defense in 2009.

"He's playing a position with two young corners," Ireland said. "A lot of things you would try to blame on him ... those weren't always his fault. We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson. We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year.He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

In talking to several reporters who attended the presser, including The Herald's Jeff Darlington, the clear indication they got is that the Dolphins intend to keep Wilson.

That even as the NFL is headed toward an uncapped year and cutting Wilson after March 5 would not cause any salary cap issues. Wilson signed a five-year, $27.5 million deal in 2009 that included a $5 million signing bonus and a total of $8 million in guarantees. 

So what do you think?

By the way, the live blog of the NFL Combine continues in the comments section. See you there. 


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damnit,,,,, I meant know.

No rush to get rid of Gibril. Need to have the replacement in hand. Otherwise he is serviceable. Really rather focus on the interior of the D at nose and ILB.

WR - Carlton mitchell, south florida. 6-4 215 pouns that runs in the 4.45 range. Of his 40 catches , 8 were for 50 yards or longer. remember that name. he will be a STEAL in round 3.

Irton, I like Chad Pennington, but the scenario you just mentioned is the reason I think having him around is a bad idea.

Henne is the future of the team at QB. Period. But if you have Pennington around, anytime Henne struggles, the shadow of Pennington will be looming over him.

A young QB cannot have that. It's a bad idea.

Matt Ryan isn't worried about being benched. Neither is Joe Flacco. Peyton Manning struggled for two years but didn't worry because he knew he was The Man.

I don't think you put Pennington on the team and cause a problem.


Armando, great point on Indiana...lol

If it looks like an average player, walks like and average player and plays like an average player - ITS AN AVERAGE PLAYER!! The Dolphins need some playmakers and impact players already - especially on defense - this is insane.

Watching Boldin on NFL Network.

"Grown man, boy! I'm a grown man!"

That's what he told the Carolina DBs.

I love that dude!

He wouldn't know what to look for. .....lol

Armando - I not only live in Indiana, but Indianapolis (Broadripple (South of Kesystone Mall) area if you are familiar with that area). I would love to cover the event, but it is not open to public. Now, if I get a media invite from the Herald, I would be there ALL weekend...

In my opinion, the Dolphins lose NOTHING by keeping Wilson through training camp.

I agree with you armando we can still pick something up in free agency to create competition

cuz i can only imagine another slow mo of adrian peterson running over gibril

everyone does deserve a chance atleast thru training camp

could this also be bs talk for trade bait maybe on a package deal lol i know he doesnt have much value at the moment?

"Lucas Tin Can" - - I LOVE THAT ONE!!

Joseph is intriguing. What's the official size on him?

I thought he was like a fifth rounder type?

My wrong?

The popular is Antonio Bryant, but how about David Clowney who scheduled to be a FA

NJ - Sorry you think I wouldn't know what to look for and you think I may not have your "NFL Network" expertise haha

robert i would still not rule out marhsall completely ... i wonder what nolan has to say about marshall??

the onely one else out there that wont ask for big money is malcom floyd

Im wactching it as well. A third round pick could make him a Fin

NJ, Did you get that off of my Scouting report last week?

Menace, we're getting hit with snow my freind. get the shovels ready .

Linval Joseph. Im throwing the name out there for as a potential NT draft pick!

Thats exactly the thought i had in mind Mando. Well i just think Pennington brings WAY more things to the table than Pat White and Thigpen WILL EVER bring together throughout their careers. I hope they could get rid of White because he simply can't play the QB position in the pro level. Stick with Thigpen and try to find someone else, even though I don't consider the QB a priority right now. And let Pennington finish his career with a different but as a STARTER because he's proven many of times that he's more than capable of being one.

different team***

Armando do you agree that trading for Boldin will come down to draft day, I think the Fins wait to see if Bryant is there, before trding for Boldin. What do you think?

Wilson is garbage. I hope Ireland was saying the usual politically correct statement. Young corners?? If thats the case then Wilson should have looked better than them, not worse.

Mando, I haven't found the Combine weight/heights yet, but ECU's official website has him at 6'6", 332 lbs. And that is down from the 370 he was!

keep him with a pay cut and or more incentive/performance based pay structure...a put up or don't get paid plan...

Hey Mando, how much of a say does Coach Nolan have in picking defensive players? Does he have a say? Do you know if he has watched film and given his opinions on who to keep (JT, Will Allen) and who to let go (Wilson, Akin Ayodele)? Or do the Trifecta make all the decisions and coaches then just work with what they got?

Armando...i agree on Boldin! that dude is a warrior! i mean, his face was broke and he took no pain killers, thats a football player! i only wish we could have landed him a couple years ago. much respect as a pro football player

6-6? 370?


That's not prototype size on any level. Fins prototype NT is 6-3 or 6-4 and 320 pounds.

And Parcells HATES fat guys.

Marcus . No . I got it off MY scouting report I gave you after you asked ME about MY advice on carlton mitchell. You remember , the one where i told you that mitchell will go in rounds 3-4 and you thought he would go later. :)

Mando he USED to be 370. A back injury forced him to drop all the way down to 310. Hes put over 20lbs back on through the weight room. That sounds exactly like a Parcells guy to me. And if you check out pictures of him, he looks NOTHING like Mount Cody.

NJ, someone that I am really liking is D. Thomas from Georgia Tech... This is a real good kid who has come from a tough background. Raised by his aunt and uncle since his mother and grandmother were locked up for selling drugs, he is a hard working, church going young man... No diva here... And something that trifecta must love, he is very physical and will plow over cbs when he blocks... Biggest issue, he wasn't asked to run many routes on the route tree... And I say so what... We have 3 other receivers that are more intelligent than physically imposing... Time to get the physically imposing playmaker, put him on the field and let him do what he does best... Throw it up and let him go get the football... And this guy's arms look like Hulk Hogan... I think him breaking his foot puts us in play in the second round... He'll be ready to go right after the draft.

I would agree with you Armando. Just because they are saying in February Wilson is on the team, doesn't mean he will be there in September. There are also no guarantees that he retains his top spot on the depth chart.

The team has given Ted Ginn Jr an upcoming 4th season to develop into a consistent WR. I don't see the harm in giving Wilson and offseason, training camp, and pre-season to prove himself.

I'll check the combine numbers on him, pa. Could be interesting.

Nice try . LMFAO !!!!

Report has it that the Colts are not going to tag Gary Brackett. Would he be an option for the Phins?

nah i dont think itll work like that why pay gibril that much to be back up

I tend to agree on CP......not a good idea to have him chomping at the bit if Ch starts to struggle a bit.....but in the back of my mind....I think CH is going to be great this year and have no worries........he'll develop a better rythem with his WR's in training camp and hopefully have a star WR to toss it to as well...

DC, I know that Nolan spent nearly two weeks breaking down the 2009 Miami defense.

How much of a say does he have?

He gets an opinion. He gives that opinion. He will not have a say, per se, to veto anyone.

Hey Mando,
Do you what the best thing to do in a Human Biology class is?
G on this Live Blog

Marcus . ssssshhhh !. i want thomas flying under the rader with this injury and then stealing him at the top of the 3rd round. He most likely will go in the 2nd.

I say you renegotiate Gerbils contract and keep him around as a solid backup since he could provide adequate depth at either safety position. Start Clemons or get another true free safety project late in the draft.

Maybe look at a possible trade for Dwayne Bowe, about a 4th rounder? Since the talk is that Bolden is available for a 3rd... I would rather have Bowe than Bolden at this point in their careers...

Thanks Mando. Is there anyway you can find out who the Dolphins are interview? Maybe see if they are looking at any WRs. I think they may look at someone in the later rounds, like Shay Hodge or Blair White.

I believe Henne is going to very good also.

He has the makings. He has "it."

But he needs tools to work with. Dolphins gave him no tools last year.

I was not pleased with Wilson last year. Not once. I mean really, I can't even think of one play where I said, "Finally - a good play."

But, if I try to give Ireland every benefit of the doubt, I would say the following:
1. Cutting him as the new year starts or cutting him at the end of the year has little difference on his cap hit with respect to the guaranteed money - it is just a matter of waiting until they have someone better in place. Until they cut him, why say you don't really want him until you have a player that we know can start in his place?
2. It sounds to me like his point about the rookie CB's is that at the beginning of the season, he often had to cheat to the young CB side to provide support, so wasn't playing in the most technically advantageous position. IN the later part of the year, Wilson started playing better - in fact I remember Armando saying something like" If he plays like he did at the begining of the year, he is gone, but if he keeps his play at this level, he will probably be back." - he ended up finishing the season poorly, and had a lot of individual errors (like missed tackles and such) that hurt his cause.

This is a team game.. if the CBs play better, they improve the ILB position and get a monster on the outside + get some stability at NT, then EVERYONE plays better... since everyone will stand a better chance at being able to trust the rest of the team to do their jobs..

after saying all of that - I still hope we get someone else in there...

Keep him but draft for a playmaking FS 1st or 2nd round.


You score an A in Blogging, Irton!

Unless you're going to be a doctor, who needs biology anyway.

By the way Mando I totally agree with your comments re. keeping Penny on the team at this point. I think it would be the wrong message for Henne...

got to get back to work. good stuff Armando. Thanks!


A in Blog following
D- in Banking work

You guys talking about demaryius thomas? Because he's not under anyone's radar.

NJ, we got to take him if he is there in the second. Have to. Here is a highlight of him... Look at 3:20... He stiff arms the CB from Georgia and then out runs everybody showing that 4.4 speed... This is crazy... This is the next Andre Johnson, not Dez Bryant... Sorry Mayock...


Mando i think Clemmons could get the job done,i watched him @ Clemson.Upgrade over Wilson.

yep yep yep delusional dolfans giving a weak link to your sorry a** defense a pass. that's just typical of you very soft dolfans. i hate the damn jets with a passion but i do agree with them on 1 very important fact your players really do blow. when your kicker and punter are your 2 best players and you have a decent qb ot other than that your team really sucks period. wilson would've been cut by a real team but in miami with a very soft fanbase i might add he gets a damn pass. you people are seriously pathetic as fans. no wonder why you have'nt won since 73. snd no statue or a street named after csonka kiick warfield griese anderson or the real #13 jake scott. not in delusional bubba and the boys from davie no they have a statue of a man who did'nt win a damn thing"marino". in miami he's a demi god everywhere else in america he's a bigtime"loser". you people in miami always misses the boat. that's why the espn's of the world don't respect you guys.

Mase must be a Jets fan

Best comment of the day on my twitter so far: Gibril Wilson should get an ESPY for most appearances on wrong end of a SportsCenter highlight.

Yeah Mando... Talking about Demariyus...

I think we should do a " santeria mass " and do a despojo for Gibril wilson .

That will make him play better for sure..

Nice twitter note lol

Geez, and I thought the Dolphins would be spared another season of watching Gibril Wilson get burned deep. Wilson is not a starting-caliber free safety in the NFL. He's a strong safety! I agree the Dolphins have too many holes to fill in one off-season, so naturally there will have to be sacrifices made, but I was really hoping the free safety position would be addressed at some point by the Trifecta. Isn't there a possibility Antrel Rolle could become available? He would be an immediate upgrade and is still young. Barring that, Dolfans only hope is for Chris Clemons or Tyrone Culver to show enough ability in training camp and preseason to overtake Wilson for the starting gig.

D. Thomas = Beast.

If he stays healthy, he has it all. Size, speed, smart enough.

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