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Ireland defends Wilson, suggests he's staying

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland just finished speaking with the media and the most interesting thing from the talk, in my opinion, was his whole-hearted defense of Gibril Wilson and suggestion the free safety will remain with the Dolphins in 2010.

Ireland was asked if Wilson took too much of the blame for the troubles of the defense in 2009.

"He's playing a position with two young corners," Ireland said. "A lot of things you would try to blame on him ... those weren't always his fault. We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson. We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year.He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

In talking to several reporters who attended the presser, including The Herald's Jeff Darlington, the clear indication they got is that the Dolphins intend to keep Wilson.

That even as the NFL is headed toward an uncapped year and cutting Wilson after March 5 would not cause any salary cap issues. Wilson signed a five-year, $27.5 million deal in 2009 that included a $5 million signing bonus and a total of $8 million in guarantees. 

So what do you think?

By the way, the live blog of the NFL Combine continues in the comments section. See you there. 


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"In my opinion, the Dolphins lose NOTHING by keeping Wilson through training camp."

I think that phrase from Armando says it all. Why cut him now? We can give him a try, although he does not deserve it...

How 'bout this one Mando. Let's say Eric Berry drops to 12 (I know, never gonna happen, but indulge me anyway). Would the Dolphins even have to think twice picking him up? Even if McLain is still on the board (and some of those other LBs)? I'd say, if he's going to be the next Sean Taylor (like people are predicting), then they shouldn't have to blink before scooping him up (and then Gibril Wilson could be tossed like a hot cake)!

Mando . we're talking about D. Thoams flying under the radar as it pertains to him dropping from the 1st to the 2nd because of his broken foot and months of recovery. THINK !! :)

1. Wilson sucked but there is no harm in keep im through training camp.
2. Marshall may not be the diva we think him to be. The info coming out on the Darrent Williams case is very telling, and I for one, am not going to tell anyone how to grieve
3. I agree with D. Thomas. Beast. Anquan Boldin is also a beast. He does not lie when saying he is a grown man. I say he has two to three maybe eb=ven four more productive years left. Perfect WR for team preaching hard nosed football.
4. Mase is a b**ch. Marino, as per NFL Network, a national broadcast see by people from every area, is the best pure passer who ever lived and who never got the support we are currently trying to get Henne. Pretty lame to try and come here and cause a problem. I apologize that ure life is so dreadful. Do us and your self a favor and be more productive and jump off a bridge

I thinks it's horse $hit. The guy's a glorified outside linebacker with bricks for hands. He was terrible in pass coverage with Giants, Raiders, and now us. He's not getting better

D Thomas does need to work oh his route running. He bacically ran 2 routes in GT offense and one of them was a simple go route. As far as everything else , he has it all.

Interesting definition to under the radar, NJ.

Here's a potential WR in round 2 or 3...Danario Alexander from Missouri. 6'5 215...Kid had 1700 yds and 14 TDs last year.....


What have you heard about the rumor with Miami trading with Detroit for Cliff Avril. Who is this guy? Do you think he's a good target for a trade?

By the way, I don't remember if I posted this on the earlier version of the live blog:

Ireland said last year the Dolphins were the team to beat in the AFC East. This year, "it's the patriots and the jets."

Proving that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Raiders were smart enough to get rid of him. We're not.


Yeah, Kiper was saying he may go to the Bengals at 20 before the injury. The guy is a good guy and should do well in interviews... So he may still go in those last few picks of the 1st... But receivers having been going later than expected every year for the last 5 or so years so hopefully we will get a shot at him with that 2nd pick. If Dez goes later, it will push everyone else down...

Say D. Morgan runs a 4.65 or 4.7... He maybe the pick at 12... I think the Fins will go OLB... But they are looking for DeMarcus Ware... Morgan is close to it... If he runs that well... He moves very well on film and in space... Then we could be picking yellow jackets in the 1st and 2nd round...

I like D Briscoe from Kansas. He actually put up great numbers, decent size. Busts almost always come from trying to imagine what a player can do. D Thomas played in a run first-option offense, basically ran 2 different routes. And now we want to draft him in the 2nd round. Unbelievable. You can have D Thomas, personally I am not impressed. How is he getting off the jam? How is his route runnig? Does he attack the ball? I would say he is nowhere near 2nd round grade in any of those areas, and there is a big difference between jump balls and attacking the ball.

Why would the Lions want to get rid of Avril? He's only going to start his second year.

Who had this "rumor?"

well mando they did come in top 2 this year. but the patriots are on the decline, and the jets s-u-c-k suck suck suck!

All this typing and refreshing sucks. We need a chat room!!!

If the team doesn't make an effort to sign Antrel Rolle when he is cut by AZ and instead decides to keep the Gerbil... I will throw-up in my mouth!!

What do they gain by cutting him right away.

The smart thing to do is to take him into training camp and tell him he needs to make the roster just like everyone else. Players get paid chump change for training camp and pre season. The real money comes when the games start playing.

Furthermore, this year these is no salary cap so they don't even have to worry about keeping the team under the limit.

Not typing, what I meant to say is having to read all these pages of typed comments and having to keep refreshing the page. A chat room would work much better don't you think?

The three routes D. Thomas ran on those highlights would be enough for me. Damn... I am just thinking... This guy could be the answer and we have a chance to take him... Its rare the Dolphins are ever in that position.

Why doesn't the Big Tune draft receivers in the first round and would rather instead get a LB? As far as I know, they only receiver he drafted on the first round was Terry Glenn who was nothing but a solid player, not a superstar. Maybe They should consider a player like Dez Bryant if he's available.

Anyone at all interested in the idea of getting Chambers back. He is an UFA...

One last thought on Gibril Wilson:

If the Dolphins intend to take Wilson to camp, they clearly won't be signing Antrel Rolle. Rolle won't sign for small money. He's a starter and wants big $$$$ and won't sign with anyone that doesn't guarantee him both.

Dang, I always have too much work during the good blogs!! Real quick, gald to hear Ireland acknowledge the ILB play. It makes me think we’ll definitely upgrade ILB in some fashion be it in the draft or through FA. Just please say we won’t stand pat at that position Trifecta.

As for Wilson, if we do keep him, it’ll be interesting to see if a different scheme changes anything for him. He got a little better as the season wore on but still was below average IMO. It is kind of surprising to hear the endorsement from Ireland. Then again with this regime the stuff they feed the media is all bullsh*t anyway. It wouldn’t surprise me if the next thing we hear about Gibril is that he was cut.

Bootang , i commented on thomas's route running on my earlier post at 1:55 pm.

Wilson had a LOT of tackles because the Fins ILBs suck. He also cost them 3 games on his missed plays alone. That's right... GAMES. Not just scores but games.

But, it's not all his fault. He is a strong safety and was brought in to play FS. That is the regime's fault. I agree that he should back up Bell (who is often injured) and they should go for Rolle.

Ireland is a boob for suggesting that the blame lies with the CBs. What the hell is a FS for, if not to be the last bastion of the defense?

PFT calls the signing of Wilson one of Ireland's few missteps? Lessee: Wilson, Wilford, Pat White, Pat Turner, Eric Green, putting David Martin on IR and then releasing him after he recovered, cutting Matt Roth (now the #1 LB in Cleveland), shall I go on? I'm quite sure I missed a couple more here. He has also done a nice job on other fronts but the first 5 I mentioned are colossal screwups.

Irton, Parcells did not draft Terry Glenn. He was over-ruled on Glenn by the owner.

And as a result, he left the Pats the next year.

NJ, I don't want a project WR. No thanks.

I asked about Chambers early in the first Blog. Mando mentioned he is an available free agent that teams will look at to fill a whole probably after the draft, I did not get a vibe that Mando thought he might come back, I would like him in teal and orange again though.

Thomas doesn't seem to have any trouble getting off the line... The guy is too strong and fast. You can't bump him. And if you miss, he will run by you. Briscoe is a good prospect too. He had some pretty big games against some pretty crappy schools. But I am not going to knock a guy because the team wanted to run the ball alot. He still had 1000 yards receiving. D. Thomas' stats are better than alot of 1st round receivers that have come out in the last few years... Ted Ginn and Dewayne Bowe are two that come to mind...

A rolle isn't coming to miami for the exact reasons mando just mentioned. Looks like you'll be throwing up in your mouth. :)

CAVALIERKONG !!! What's up my good friend ??? :)

The reason Ireland said what he did about who is to beat is because Miami was on top the division a year ago and now it's the Pats, then jets. He is only referring to the final standings with that comment...

If the dolphins upgrade a few spots on defense, they will be the team to beat in the afc east. They should have won many games, but lost them in the end. Getting rid of porter is the best start. I believe because of his negativity the chemistry had gone to crap.

The Arvil rumors make some sense. He might be a little on the small side for DE in the Lions system since he does not have that great speed. He fits at SOLB for MIA and he is a purdue guy which we know Parcells loves.

Ireland said WR "is a difficult position to evaluate, a difficult position to play."

It better get easier for the Dolphins to evaluate. They need help there.

NJ, what up buddy? You going to be doing your combine updates?

Cut Wilson now.

Thomas does need to work on route running which can be taught but thomas is FAR from a project,

Armando, any chance that we trade Thigpen to Buffalo for a 4th and try to trade that pick for Boldin? Doesn't Gailey have a history with him?

And for how "quiet" the organization is normally, how in the world does Ireland throw the rookies under the bus? Unreal! I remember Gibril yelling on the sideline and Sean Smith looked like he just wanted to yell "IT WAS YOU FAULT!! AGAIN!!


what if dolphins keep wilson and antrelle rolle becomes available what do they dop then?

Bootang, he doesn't have to be a project. There are only so many balls that are left in the offense. Bess is going to get 60 -70, Hartline will do the same... You have Ronnie and whoever will play tight end... Teddy is still here... No one knows that he can't run the entire route tree... They may just not asked him to. He was recruited by Chan Gailey I believe, and Mando can you speak to the complexity of his offenses? I don't believe they are simple... He must have thought he was smart enough and he definitely is talented enough.

So apparantly to Ireland whomever comes in first and second in the division are the teams to beat. Sometimes it gets really tiring hearing his politically correct news conferences. Listening to Jeff Ireland speak is akin to watching paint dry. I wish the Tuna was GM/VP so we could get some excitement out of these things. I miss him ripping into players and getting more out of them for it. The "she" line is truly a classic.

i wish i was in miami or Indianapolis right now. NE Pennsylvania is projected to get 2ft of over the next 2 days! Thats my least favorite projection yet!

Scott Pioli is about to address the media.

I share with you if he says anything Dolphins related. He's Parcells' son-in-law.


How is "playing a position with two young corners,"...throwing the rookies under the bus?

Mando -- just catching up and a few comments.

1 - "The only way this makes sense is if they're going to force Wilson to take a pay cut."

If Wilson is willing to take a paycut wouldn't it make more sense to cut and re-sign in the uncapped year (even if there is a wink/wink) on the numbers)?

2 - Does it seems like Ireland's comments about Wilson, Wake and even the wideouts might be a ploy to make people think that we are "happy with what we have," able to take BPA and thus improve our trading position?

I mean did he mention Soliai as the franchise NT for the next decade as well?

3 - If Parcells hates fat guys...isn't that the definition of self-loathing.

Mando could you see miami drafting CJ SPILLER i mean you gain so much with him and miami will more than likely lose williams and brown next year also i would draft thomas from G-TECH i saw him tear clemson sec apart twice last year he had over 1000 yards twice on a team that did not pass the ball he is a beast but i think spiller would be the man in miami what do you think

Comparing WR in college to the Pros is stupid. You aren't lining up across from a guy who in 3 years will be working for UPS. You are lining up from a guy who has already covered the R Moss's of the league. D Thomas will be one players I agree to disagree.

"Ireland said WR "is a difficult position to evaluate, a difficult position to play." And that's what scares me some times about these guys allthough I hate admitting it. At times I get the feeling that they're trying to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes you just have to pick the player with the most talent as long as he's not a thug or a team cancer. But it seems as if they overevaluate every little detail down to what kind of socks they wear to practice.

Kong , yeah i will give updates. The good stuff like 40 times , lifting and drill won't start until saturday and then runs thru tuesday .There just doing measurements , interviews and the wonderlic Tests now Stay Tuned !!!. :).

parcells is fat always has been and how can he not like fat guys he should hate himself

He can't tackle, period!!!! That has absolutely NOTHING to do with the young corners!!!

Danny there is NO shot. CJ Spiller is a 1st round prospect, and RB isn't even a "need". It's a "want", and we have to fill up a lot of "must haves".

Dolphins4life: He said that a lot of the problem in the secondary weren't Wilson's fault and then said he played with young corners.

The fact is most of the problems in the second were INDEED on Wilson -- particularly ALL the deep passes for which a free safety is the last line of defense.

Remember, if you will, the pass from Brady to their No. 4 WR at Dolphins Stadium. Sean Smith was draped all over the guy, the guy made the play anyway. So the catch is on Smith.

But then the WR ran 40 more yards for the TD. That's on Wilson!

And to make it seem like plays like that TDs like that are on the CBs is throwing them under the bus.

G. Wilson is a very good player, who had the task of covering great offensive players. It is not easy trying to take down a 6'5 250+ TE Or a RB that is one of the most electrifying players in the league. On most teams, these players would be doubled in coverage. Wilson did take bad angles and may not wrapped up well enough, but I believe his fortunes will change next year. Who ever made Wilson look bad, are the same players that made all the other Nfl teams look bad, and most of them were attempting to double and triple coverage them. Wilson has potential

I am always

Exactly, The Trifecta feeds the media BS, because they would rather preserve the integrity of the team as a whole than give the media what they want which is BS controversy.

Most of us know this by now...like you said they may find someone a better player or that player may even be on the roster and cut G-Wil. And they may very well keep him another season before they determine his fate. I think the main focus now should be on the defensive front seven.

I hadn't thought about that Mark. That is an excellent question that I must ask about.


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