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Ireland defends Wilson, suggests he's staying

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland just finished speaking with the media and the most interesting thing from the talk, in my opinion, was his whole-hearted defense of Gibril Wilson and suggestion the free safety will remain with the Dolphins in 2010.

Ireland was asked if Wilson took too much of the blame for the troubles of the defense in 2009.

"He's playing a position with two young corners," Ireland said. "A lot of things you would try to blame on him ... those weren't always his fault. We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson. We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year.He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

In talking to several reporters who attended the presser, including The Herald's Jeff Darlington, the clear indication they got is that the Dolphins intend to keep Wilson.

That even as the NFL is headed toward an uncapped year and cutting Wilson after March 5 would not cause any salary cap issues. Wilson signed a five-year, $27.5 million deal in 2009 that included a $5 million signing bonus and a total of $8 million in guarantees. 

So what do you think?

By the way, the live blog of the NFL Combine continues in the comments section. See you there. 


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Cody could easily lose fifty pounds. Walking up a flight of stairs prolly loses ten pounds for that guy. Sittin up out of bed hes dropping poundage HAHA. White will look alot better this year but he will be the number three anyway. Thigpen showed promise in the steelers games. Had we not been down the way we were he wouldnt have forced some of those balls...

Mando thank you for doing this, it was fun. Have to take off all but I enjoyed talking with everyone and always learn a little something when I come in here. Thanks to all the people who follow college ball and the draft, it's fun to see what you guys think and it would be cool to have some kind of final say on whom everyone thinks will be picked by the phins and/or who will make it big in the nfl. We could revisit it down the road and you could say "I TOLD YOU SO", or ofcourse some could say, "what in the hell were you thinking"?!

Zach Thomas, early on, ran 4.6. But he was quick. He got there quickly and studied so much he used great anticipation.

So even though he wasn't fast, his quickness and anticipation got him there before many fast players.

wouldnt picking up A bryant be the same as getting marshall i mean attitude wise

why would we pick him up and not marshall?

what makes bryant changed man and not brandon?

i think marshall prbably has less issues with nolan

Carlito, I would never take psychological tests like wonderlics.

I don't need to prove to anyone how troubled I am.

sureshock the difference would be cost when it comes to those two...

Mayan???? what gave it away???

Mando, Jimmy Graham says he has been working with Shockey & other former Um TEs to be NFL ready. Kid has been showing good work ethic since Senior Bowl. He really wants to suceed, love this guy.

Just this morning on the nfl network , the gm on the falcon's and the play by play guy for the falcon's and GT yellow jackets stated that derrick morgam is strictly a 4-3 DE , They should know better that anyone . Forget Morgan . he'll be gone anyway.

true dat westva

Demeco Ryans ran a 4.65.

Mando do you know when the Combine H/W numbers may be posted? NFL.com is plugging them in slowly.

And im not sure if you spotted my post a few minutes ago about the potential Fitzgerald/LaFell speed issue, but if not heres the SI.com link again to Fitz's scouting report:


I think these 2 have eerily similar reports/size/potential.

Mayan???? what gave it away???

Posted by: WestVaFins | February 25, 2010 at 03:26 PM
The Human sacrifice.... lol...

Armando--- Why in the world wouldnt the Phins trade a second rounder for either Marshall or Boldin?

I know Marshall has baggage but what top tier WR doesnt these days (excluding the likes of Andre Johnson & Reggie Wayne) and I personally would rather have a WR who produces on field and has a few off field issues than a WR who doesnt produce at all (caugh Ted ginn caugh)

and Boldin is just a flat out beast and a good guy all around

Only thing I can think of is if they think Dez Bryant may fall to 12 and they pick him (and even then its not a sure thing he'll be a star WR like Marshall or Boldin)


great point on the Penny issue or question i had. think Jeffery was being polite about Wilson? lol

I'd be shocked if Cody weighs in at 320. He hasn't been 320 since eighth grade.

No need for name calling, the guy had more opportunities to throw and tucked them to run. I watched every game as I am sure you did. 5 passes or not he was a QB who 3 of those passes he short threw them by 3 yards, you can not count on him as a back up.


Yup I can see why you say that and that Parcells and co. come highly regarded, with good merit. He has done this all his life and has a system as you said in place on how to...at every position and his philosophy works. Not just at the Giants but he came close to sealing the deal with the Patsies in I beleive in 96 and then with Dallas who made the playoffs this past year with most of his picks.
Now the key is finding the next great Lawrence Taylor or Demarcus Ware to be the caytalst for his defense. Hes has the Cb's and the DE's now he needs a draft laden line backing corps that puts his stamp on this team.

Just heard Mortenson on the Lebatard show say that a few personnel people said don't believe the hype on Rolando McClain. Was seen "loafing" too much on tape. This is the second time I have heard this this week.... Here we go...

pa lafell is a great prospect even tho his number werent good they couldve been better if he wouldve had some help

but larry was like on top ten plays everyweek on sportcenter the dude was a a walking highlight i wouldnt mind getting him but he would take some time to develop jsut like all our other wr picks

Mando exactly my point !! ryans 4.65 to mcclain's estimated 4.68 ( similer ) and mclain is bigger !!

The combine numbers:


I could go for some loafing....

Brandon Marshall warrants a 1st and a 4th. the guys a beast despite character issues

Someone call Derrick Brooks.

NJ, the play by play guy? C'mon man! I think I know I lot more than alot of the guys broadcasting on Sundays! I would say you do too. Don't give me the play by play guy.... He probably just wants him to play for Atlanta.

Bryant is a waste of time. He is a Bum. A star TE i agree with. And fix Defense, because Bell and Wilson combined had over 200 tackles. Yes, 200 tackles, the person with the 3rd most tackles was Akin w/73. Looking at these numbers would suggest the heart of the defense was the safeties, saving all those un-scored touchdowns. But do you know who is the 4th leading tackler Nathan Jones (well Starks had him beat by 2+ combined but not single) and then V.Davis. So out of the top 5 tacklers on the Dolphins, Four of them were in the secondary.

I like Jimmy Graham as a third-day guy -- fifth rounder type.

I do not know him. My question on him is does he have FOOTBALL mentality. It's different than BASKETBALL mentality.

You have to want to eat nails for breakfast. Does he want to block? Does he want to cause the contact instead of run away from it?

i wanna see cody run the 40 in slow moe shirtless hahahaha

Armando - Do you need/want some extra reporting done for the Miami In Depth? I would be willing to help out in any way I can with living close to the Lucas Tin Can...

LOL Marcus and you know more than the falcon's gm TOO. those guys no alot more than you . Almost everybody has said the same thing that morgan is a 4-3 DE . C'mon Man !!!!

Sureshock, the problem with a rookie vs. Marshall is with Marshall you are using a high draft pick AND paying huge contract for a guy who has questions about his character.

The rookie costs the pick and cheap contract.

Thanks again good vollies and keep the faith this regime knows what they are doing...have some appointments to keep that pay the bills. Dont forget to read my reponse on pag 5. Will check back tonight later...


Now you're making sense toneman.

The Dolphins starter most recently to start on a Super Bowl champion was Gibril Wilson.

I could run the Raiders.


i think Marshall's character issues are blown out of proportion. he can be tamed in the right system. however, i agree. it would take lots of $ and lots of picks to secure him.

...Dennis Pitta TE loves this guy.

OK Im out :)

I have to shovel some snow damn it !!! I'll be back later.

There has been rumor that Marshall price could be going down to a 2nd rounder..?? Any truth coming out on this one?

The difference was that the Giants had a legitimate D-line and LB corps so the secondary didn't have to make/miss all of the tackles.

Enjoy NJ, that snow just left Indiana and it is getting old to see. I am ready for Spring time!

Armando--- Im a UM season ticket holder and I was amazed at Jimmy Graham all season long!

The kid did it all block,catch passes,ran through and over tacklers. If hes rated that low in the draft the Dolphins should definitely pick him with a late round pick.

IMO he would be better than Fasano & Haynos

PriceMaster... great point. that D line was a BEAST!!!! they could give pressure on just a 4 man rush

Enough of the Ted Ginn bashing can anyone please acknowledge the skill set this kid has. Flawed sure the youngman needs too seriously dedicate himself to this game that seems so simple to all of us. Lotta weight room little bit of gudiance and No Doubt a large go getter someone who will take charge of our receiving corps, I mean I have to say it even though I know were all dreaming but how great would Brandon Marshall look on a Sunday in south beach. All I'm sayin is Teddy still has the talent to be great he just needs some pressure off him without the kid it would have been a 6-10 season singlehanded carried the scoreboard to sweep New York, how about deep bomb against Houston that got bush leagued by a great Lou block, or the Monday night bomb where he burned revis island in a thriller. I know the resentment everyone has on him considering how high he was picked but I don't want to watch sporstcenter and see this guy catching bombs from Tom Brady cause everyone wants him out the door. Go find talented size bill cause you can't teach this kids speed.

LOL @ MARCUS . me too !!

this shyt is getting old . later fellas

definitley agree with you Armando

But when is it ok to drop the big bucks ?
there will always be a fault with most players. age, hiegth, weight, hands on or off the field issues.

and dont get me wrong i dont want another joey on the team but i definitely want to see henn in the 400 mark on sundays

How do you know NJ? How do you know what I know? You don't. How do you know if I was given a chance to run a franchise that I couldn't do it? You don't know me and what I am capable of. I wouldn't dare say someone knows more than you. I don't know you. You could be Bill Parcells in disguise. Never put down someone you don't know or overlook someone.

Ted Ginn's not going anywhere Texas, he's the top return man in the league bar none.

having played FS and WR in high school i can tell you that a solid front seven makes ALL the difference. A solid front seven allows me, the FS, to make plays as opposed to just sitting back and preventing them. I can force fumbles, pick up interceptions, and come up the middle on blitzes. Without that help, my life as a FS is torture. Give any NFL QB ten seconds in the pocket and he'll rip you apart.

PriceMaster...when Ginn isnt looking for the side line

Forget his cover abilities, his playing with two young corners, his not understaning the defense, Wilson can't even tackle!

Just got off the phone with the Tuna; he wants us to 'keep up the good work'.

Armando - find out what GM Irland is smoking to say what he said about Wilson!!

With no cap this coming year, isn't there a team that needs a safety that we can trade Wilson to? I'd take anything you can get.

Snikoom: He's smoking a chapter of the civil code entitled, "Contract Law".

Texasphinatic--- sure he has size and speed but his hands are awful and the kid is afraid of contact. you cant be afraid of contact or shy away from pressure and have success in the NFL, enough said the kids a BUST!


you can teach a person to tackle. its a fundamental technique that everyone on the defense needs to work on this offseason.

Mando is my browser broken, or does NFL.com only have the OL H/W numbers? Is someone at the NFL.com web team slacking off and not inputing these numbers. What the heck else is the web team doing?The combine is the only news that matters, and i want so information gosh darn it!

teddy needs to hit the juice!!

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