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Ireland defends Wilson, suggests he's staying

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland just finished speaking with the media and the most interesting thing from the talk, in my opinion, was his whole-hearted defense of Gibril Wilson and suggestion the free safety will remain with the Dolphins in 2010.

Ireland was asked if Wilson took too much of the blame for the troubles of the defense in 2009.

"He's playing a position with two young corners," Ireland said. "A lot of things you would try to blame on him ... those weren't always his fault. We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson. We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year.He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

In talking to several reporters who attended the presser, including The Herald's Jeff Darlington, the clear indication they got is that the Dolphins intend to keep Wilson.

That even as the NFL is headed toward an uncapped year and cutting Wilson after March 5 would not cause any salary cap issues. Wilson signed a five-year, $27.5 million deal in 2009 that included a $5 million signing bonus and a total of $8 million in guarantees. 

So what do you think?

By the way, the live blog of the NFL Combine continues in the comments section. See you there. 


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I will be here all weekend...

NJ, Cant you do ANYTHING about the snow???

Po . your going to love this . Mando said he was going to have a live blog up about the combine. i chimed in with my regular comment " guys don't forget i will also be here doing a q&a and giving out info on the combime as i watch on tv" . So this guy goes on the live blog to complain about me and the arrogance and disrespect i have for this blog and the hearld. Funny , Funny shyt . Maco set him straight but what a simpleton. it might of been stop the madness, :)

I've seen Joe say NJ was right twice... LOL

Menace , go right ahead . this should be interesting.



Po , 3 times but he always throws in that he hates to admit it . Why ?? I'm a nice guy, :)

Po , mine is on page one . I thinks he's on on both pages 2 and 3. check it out. you'll love it.

Menace , NO damn it !!! , i can't . i didn't think there was a higher power.

You suck.....LOL)

NJ, Any truth that the character of White Goodmen from "Dodgeball" was based on you????

Could'nt help myself.....

Holeee, NJ is competitive to the nth degree. H e even challenges my scoring of the make believe battle of wits between himself and Cuban.

And my hangover is pretty much over now thanks. Chest workout was a little slower than normal. it was like a car running with sugar in the tank. But at least I got it in.

Wow wow wow. One cannot leave to get some work done, cause when you get back you get NINE pages of NOTHING?
Slow day...
Have we resigned JT already?

Like Ireland would say anything I couldn't say.

I don't know much football, but I know this: ANY question you ask these guys about ANY player will get an answer like "We really like where we are with him", or "We believe he is really developing", or "We expect him to be back on the team", or "We think he did a good job for us".

Mark, It is a true battle of Wits Between Me and my Nemesis NJ PHIN FAN....But would this blog be what it is if it wasn't for us??????It would be a lot less informative(NJ) and alot less funny(ME) if it wasn't for us......By the way Mando, Where's are paychecks??????



There it is again... The cuban has been called a lot of things,The 5th Beatle,The crime dogg,The guy on the grassy Knoll, The rafter of disaster but never, AND THE CUBAN means NEVER has he been called NJ PHIN FAN....

ALoco, the Olympic Champion Belly Dancer! Awesome!

Cuban, you are a champ, I agree!!

AloCo, Will it be held during the Summer or Winter Games???


You don't get yours direct deposit? Mando is never late that way...

Schefter on sportscenter just mentioned the Dolphins as the most likely suitor for Dansby on sportscenter

on sportscenter sportscenter lol on sportscenter... lmao

Carlito, He's got you on Direct deposit???? That ba$tard, He says he dosnt have direct deposit capability... man is NJ gonna be POed when he hears this....


I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal.

... I have many leather bound books, my home smells of rich mahogany...


I think jeff ireland is playing out of position. he must be watching some old college football games. because what he sees and what I have been watching are definitely two very different things.

If they can come up with someone better, Gerbil is gone.

Armando, Yeramiah Bell is NOT a good SS. Tooo many people blow up this dude like he is something special. I didnt see where he tackled well and got burned himself. The trifecta needs to stop being so nice to these players who have done nothing but hurt this team with their lack of decent play. Ted Ginn and Wilson should be shown the door. NONE of them have shown they are worth anything. Same with Bell and Crowder, BOTH overpaid and under produced.

The Dolphins should draft Eric Berry. That would be a smart move and would fill a need. May also make Bell a better player, and help out the secondary. Plus, I like that we got Nolan. I think he will improve things too. I think Bell has potential to be a good SS. To look like he DESERVED the pro bowl that he was undeservingly voted into. He is a nice guy, with a great story. But he needs improvement to earn the money he was paid. Crowder, oh god. He is more mouth than anything. I agree with you about Wilson, he was the problem in the secondary. Ireland needs to spend time watching from the sidelines instead of getting word of mouth insight or the two plays the guy made decent in the Super Bowl.

JJ, Bell was out for most of the year...

JJ, My bad I was thinking about Allen...

It seems lie the dolphins are going for DEZ.

I dont think they should pick Dez Bryant. He may be a good wideout, but I think Miami needs to go after defense for their first pick.

I was just not impressed with Bells play this year. I think he was overpaid and didnt produce well enough for the money he was paid. He shows signs of being really good, but then gives you a letdown when he gets burned or misses too many tackles.

Maybe Nolan being there will change some of that.

Eric berry,now that guy is my choice.

Dolphins,stay away from these guys,Marshall,Bryant,boldin.There like CANCER it grows.

Mark. Champ ??? Your obvious dislike towards me clearly shows and has also blinded you my friend. It's so obvious it's FUNNY !! That's OK . To each their own :)

Menace is RIGHT !! MANDO , where's our CHECKS!!! DIRECT DEPOSIT ????? DIRECT DEPOSIT ??? Mando never mentioned this , now i'm F'N PO'D. !!!! :)

With the 12th pick the DOLPHINS CHOOSE DEZ BRYANT.

Hey cuban, how about the "bostonian," ever been called that?

Catch you later guys . legs today , more shoveling and close up .

I finally know who (ALOCO) is.

There is an article on www.nationalfootballdigest.com that is called NFL Mismanagement and talks about several of the top boneheaded moves done by personnel men last year and one of them was the Trifecta signing Wilson who is a strong safety to pair him alongside another strong safety in Bell. My goodness just admit to your mistake and cut your losses now that there is no cap and look into a guy like Antrelle Rolle or someone in the draft who is a true free safety. Man up Bill and Jeff!!!!

Really JJ? You like Berry? Isn't he supposed to go like in the 3rd?

NFL Network just said the rumor has Dansby going to Miami.

Mike Nolan the next head coach of the miami dolphins.

Thanks for the news THUNDERBOLT.Don't have NFL Network here in ALASKA.

Take it easy NJ. I address more of my comments to you than anyone else on this blog. I have enough enough room for both you and the Cuban and Carlito, and Rob in OC, and Bootang, and Mando, and Indiana, and Lips, and #1 in Montreal and Mark in Ottawa, and many others that slip my mind right now. even though I don't agree with everyone, that is what is great about both our countries - we can have differing opinions and still have valid points.





I don't care what anybody says but Wilson should not be back in dolphin colors next year , the lone job of a free safety is to be the safety net of the whole defence and to be the surest tackler of your whole team and he was not , if anybody whatched the superbowl they talked about Antoine bethea and how before the game he told the whole defence that if anyone missed their tackle or blew an assignment to not worry that he would clean up for them that is a definiton of what a free safety should do

Ireland is either trying to serve WIlson up as trade bait, or he's fallen in love with one of his own signings.

Wilson's season was a disaster long before he was on the field with two rookie corners. And other teams appear to have known that Wilson (not Bell) was the problem, as they collectively voted to send Bell to the Pro Bowl.

No harm in keeping him another year if there are no negative salary cap implications in doing so, but if Ireland's comments are to be taken at face value and finding Wilson's replacement isn't one of the team's top priorities, then these comments are cause for concern.


haha, ALoco is the funniest dude on this blog.

We might get more gold medals though.

No prob sybel. I hope trifececta makes it happen.

I don't think the 2 rookie CB made Wilson miss tackles, not come close to tackles, or puss out on making tackles!!! Watching him play, I can't get that mad about his poor coverage, it's more the fact that he cannot tackle and sometimes it appears he avoids contact. Hell, at least Bell will smack somebody.

Price, He was the equilavent of being the wildcat of the receivers corps9Made us look like H0Mos....

Posted by: cuban menace | February 25, 2010 at 03:57 PM

I don't understand all the criticism the "WILDCAT" receives. It has been around almost forever. If anything the spread offense or west coast offense is as alot of you would say "backyard football, h0m0 style" whatever...the Wildcat is a single wing, that's all. My father had that system in his CYO team offense in the 60s and 70s...Alot of you people need to learn some football history.

HellsBells should be Yeramiah new nickname

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