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Karlos Dansby has an eye on the Dolphins

The linebacker position has been a hub of activity for the Dolphins this offseason.

Joey Porter talked trash about his own team, including coaches and teammates, Channing Crowder went on radio and supported Porter, Bill Parcells declined to commit to Jason Taylor for another year during an online chat, Porter's contract was terminated, Porter's termination was overturned, eventually Porter will get cut again (or traded if the Dolphins get lucky), the Dolphins got a great look at possible new LBs at the Senior Bowl, and now Karlos Dansby speaks out.

Let's handle the Dansby business here.

According to Adam Schein's twitter, Dansby went on Sirius Radio and said he'd like to join the Giants when free agency begins, but added that other teams interest him as well. The Dolphins were among the teams that interest him, along with San Diego and Washington.

Dansby, scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on March 5 regardless of the cap situation, is perhaps the most well-known inside linebacker possibility about to hit free agency. I suppose he could remain with the Cardinals if they franchise him, but that would be the third time they do that and pundits don't believe it will happen this time for financial reasons.

Dansby is known to Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells. The story goes that when Parcells coached Dallas and the Cowboys played Arizona, Parcells told Dansby he liked how he played following a game. (No, that is not tampering.)

Dansby is a very good player. He's fills holes with explosion and he likes to punish ballcarriers. He's 6-4 and 250 pounds so he has the size to do it. And he's all over the field as his 555 tackles in six seasons suggest.

At 28 years old, he's obviously a solid investment because he can sign a four-year deal and still be a relatively young player of 32 by the deal's end.

The problem is Dansby will want major dollars. He made $9.6 million last year as Arizona's franchise player. He'll probably ask for a hefty bonus and about $10-$12 million a year on average.

Do the Dolphins need him? They definitely can use an upgrade at inside linebacker. Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele combined for only 12 more tackles than Dansby had by himself all of last season. 

Adding Dansby could also let the Dolphins concentrate their draft picks on improving the OLBs rather than the ILBs.

Keep an eye on this one because the Dolphins have recently proven they like Arizona players -- having signed Eric Green last year and attempted to sign Calvin Pace the year before.

But this won't be an easy move. Remember, Dansby mentioned the Giants as the team he'd most like to play for and added the Dolphins as part of a second tier of teams. And he is likely to draw interest from other teams as well.

So stay tuned.

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Where was he during the packer play-off game??


Jaksin, what do you think of the browns and fins trading there capologists????

i wouldnt trade the browns for the guys that paint the yard lines.

Hey, if Dansby want's to play for Tom Coughlin?...
Truth is, we draft a LB at #1w2, we'll end up paying MORE for a crapshoot than fort a proven NFL player.
I agree with Mando. If we can get Dansby, that will allow us to go elsewhere with the 1st pick At that point, we could trade DOWN and get better value, and an extra 2nd or 3rd rounder.

Sorry, I meant at #12.

I think Dansby would be one heck of a "get".

He has "position flexibility" that Sparano loves and can play ILB or OLB. He is big enough to jar ball carriers and athletic enough to make plays in the passing game.

As to where was Dansby during the Packers - AZ playoff game? He was the guy returning the Fumble to win the game! He also had 4 tackles a pass defensed and a tackle for loss in holding GB to 89 yards on the ground. JP, Aydele, Crowder go weeks without passes defensed sometimes.

Do you think that AZ doesn't believe he has talent even after they used their franchise tag on him for the last 2 years?? Come on.

I would take Dansby in a second over trying to pin our hopes to McClain whom Todd McShay had this to say in todays column:

• ESPN's Todd McShay said there's a better chance of Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain being available to Miami at No. 12 than Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant. ``As good as he is physically, there are times you watch McClain on film and wonder how consistent he will be in the NFL,'' McShay said. And 12 is too early for [UF linebacker] Brandon Spikes.''

I have been preaching it till I'm blue in the face... People want McClain due to popular opinion and because he has good speed for a big man...that does NOT make him a good football player. Miami will not have a good result if they draft him. You can't draft simply for need, you have to get the best football players...period.


Lol, TYPO???...and your a writer?

Just jokin...I kid, I kid.

I like your post.... it makes great sense to me!


Sup Cuban!!, jaksin,

I would absolutely get Cribbs from Cleveland and wished the Fins would have pushed that issue last year.

That guy is a phenominal football player and would fit well in many things the Fins do.

He is a crazy talent on special teams able to win games himself (ala Ginn vs Jets but for only that game).

He has shown nice play from Clevelands wildcat formation and theirs pales in comparison to the Fins in commitment and execution.


My dream scenario would be the Fins picking up Dansby and Antonio Bryant (or Anquan Boldin, but he would cost a draft pick), which would fill two of our biggest needs. We re-sign Jason Taylor and move him back to the weak side, where he belongs. Then we trade back a few spots in the draft to get an extra pick or two (if we can find a trade partner). We pick up Dan Williams in the first round, who should still be there by the late-teens or early-twenties. Then all we need is to find a good Free Safety and an OLB with potential somewhere in the next six rounds, and the rest of our picks can be for depth.

IMO, that is the best possible scenario. Unfortunately, that usually means it isn't very likely to happen... but I can hope.

Wow! 11:00pm PST and ghosty town up in here.

Well I will leave Fin nation with a great read if ya get a chance. It's the Feb 22 edition of ESPN Insider mag (the one with a guy that looks like Carrot Top all over the cover).

In it Todd McShay has a good article on pg 13 Talking about the crapshoot vs science of drafting and I will be parafrasing mostly...

Highlights include:

1.) You can't ignore the big four early... They are crucial for draft and team success in this passing age. They are QB, Off Tackle, Cornerback and Pass Rusher. WR's werent mentioned as 2 of this seasons Top 5 WR's wasn't even drafted in Miles Austin and Wes Welker. All 5 2009 Top QBs were taken within the 1st 33 picks.

2.) GM's / Scouts get seduced by looks...
They get swept up in muscles, benches, 40 times etc that rational minds race with possibilities. They start think we can coach this super human athlete to become a great football player. Many get into the freakish build means freakish success. Named Gholston as an example.

3.) They overrate book smarts and under value playbook smarts. Too much attention is paid to academic All American's and Wonderlic scores when they should be concentrating on whether a player can read a screen or outfox a defender with football savvy. Vince Young had notoriously low Wonderlic scores and was the entire reason their team became relevant after he relieved Kerry Collins.

4.) This one is my personal favorite, The GMs choose Need over Value. He states "Many teams start with biggest needs and try to fill it and it can seem to make logical sense from a football utopia world. "In the real world, hole-filling can't be the only - or primary- factor in determining which guy you will take."

His example was the 2007 Minn Vikings. After scoring only 17.6 ppg they needed help on the OL, a replacement for QB Brad Johnson and a serious upgrade over #1 receiver Travis Taylor. The ONLY solid spot on the offense was 27 year old RB Chester Taylor fresh off a 1,504 yards from scrimmage year. The did not reach for major needs and tab QB Brady Quinn or try to replace TT with speedster WR Tedd Ginn. They ended up grabbing RB Adrian Peterson at #7 and we know how that worked out.

The article says a few more things about Bill Polian and the Colts vs the Bills drafts.

Overall, I thought it was a good read.


Pretty good post Sportsmonkey,

Who would you take if the Fins absolutely couldnt find a trade back partner at #12? Would you still tab DT Dan Williams?


I like DE/OLB Brandon Graham in the 1st if they go DEF. DT/NT Dan Williams would be my next choice in the 1st.

I hope they can trade back.

If they can't trade back I would take RB CJ Spiller as he is the BPA @12 if S Eric Berry doesnt magically slide. Thats a pipe dream as Berry will go top 5.

I feel Spiller is the home run hitter that Ginn was suppose to be. He is a RB that can also play some WR. He can PR and KR as well. In one guy you can get help at 4 positions... it doesn't get any better than that.

DE/OLB Brandon Graham simply is a really great football player. He gets after the QB and gets sacks as well as defends the runs and bootlegs very well to his side. He will be a player that gets the job done a long time.


Cheers Fin Fans...im outtro... for reals dis time. lol


Well, if we get Dansby and Bryant, but can't trade back, I think we should go for BPA at 12. I'd be happy with any of the players you mentioned, especially Eric Berry (but, as you said, he'll definitely be gone top 5, unfortunately).
The thing to remember though is that the Trifecta follow their own board, which doesn't always agree with the consensus. So, for all we know, Dan Williams could actually be the BPA on their board when we get to 12. They did get to spend a week with him at the Senior Bowl, after all.

This is a clown show sooo sooo sad

bye bill ,good luck tony

sheeet go iggiles

There are very few free agents this year that are any good, so I hope the phins focus on signing this guy so that we can use the draft to pick the best player available at each opportunity instead of drafting based on need and perhaps picking players at a higher position than they are worth.

premium free agents are few and they command way too much money. there are guys like last year that were bargains like brian dawkins,darren sharper, bryant mcfadden, leigh bodden that wont break the bank. they contribute and bring a veteran presence which we lack! we should build thru the draft but supplement some positions of need.

Karlito Dansby is a good player, but giving him 10-12 million dollars a year would be grossly over-paying him. I do not think our buddies in the Dolphins front office will be so eager to do something like this after spending so much money on guys like Ernest Wilford and Gibril Wilson and getting worse than nothing in return.

I am all for building this defense over working on the offense, but I think giving a mid-round draft pick for Boldin would be a better move than paying Dansby 10 million plus. There is so much LB talent in this draft and nobody can dispute Tuna's talent for picking LB's...

Rob, good read you posted about the 4 premium positions. We got all except the pass rusher, and that is coming. While maybe not top 5 statistically, Brady is still the benchmark, and he was picked, as we all know, 199. I look at the Jets D, and they had no stud pass rusher, really only 1 great CB, but because of their attacking scheme, were highly successful. I think once we get these attacking style LBs and combine all that with Mike Nolan's scheme, we should have a pretty good D. I look forward to that time.

Trade back into the late round 1 and get Brandon Grahm. He is a beast.

In an uncapped year, I think we should be more aggressive in free agents (since they are "proven" players in the NFL instead of possible good players out of the draft). We did ok in the draft last year (CBs Davis and Smith, WR Hartline), but also had HUGE misses (QB? White). I think Dansby is a good enough player that we can pay him and still fill holes from the draft. Why does NE seem to get free agents every year and stay competitive, but we get free agents who come here to retire? I'll tell you why, because instead of having balls like NE, and getting TOP free agents, we seem to go for the B. squad and get burnt every time (see Eric Green, see Ernest Wilford, see Gibril Wilson). You want to be elite, you need to pay for elite players. I'm not sold on McLain. His size is ok, good tackler, but poor pass defender (a la Channing Crowder).

Any other decent LB options to look at in FA i know there arent many... Just perhaps someone who isnt 10-12 mil a year.

Everyone has now seen the wets blitz package and it won't be nearly as effective next year. As it was, the Fins put up 61 points and swept them under the rug.

I predict them falling back to their normal 4 wins a season preformance. After all, SOJ.... snicker

we have to get one of our draft needs in FA. So whether is a ILB, NT or WR or even Saftey we have to pay FA to get one of them.

Acquiring a FA of need like Dansby would free up the Dolphins to use the 12th pick on a potential game breaker like Spiller.

Dansby or no Dansby dolphins need to go defense at that 12 spot. If we got dansby i would feel really good about drafting more linebackers because thats a pretty good guy to have in front of you to show you the game...

I think Spiller is the right pick at #12. There is not a linebacker or safety that can cover him. He can fill so many holes as mentioned earlier on this blog. Trade Ginn for a 3rd to Baltimore. Try to trade several of our other players (Ayodele, Wilson, Porter, Torber, Moses,) for 2 extra picks in the 4th o-6th and load up on this draft.
Take Cam Thomas in 2nd round. and use 2#3s for linebackers. Angerer and Micah Johnson should be around then. Safety in the 4th.Perhaps Cook (converted corner over 6ft. and 205 pounds) Fill out with extra corner, safety, linebackers, tight ends. Get Jeff Cumberland in the 7th. (Wide reciver in a 255 pound tight end body. Really good speed)
Marshall could fit here and his trade value is not a first round becasue of his attitude. Marshall would be worth whatever you could get for Ginn and another player. Perhaps Denver would give him up for Ginn and Wilson to play Stong Safety which is his spot.

Mark, have you ever in your life seen a team perform that many trades... NO this is the NFL.. not madden not NBA or MLB where players trade places all the time. The NFL that does not happen. Players are released in the NFL more than they are traded. Thats because good teams know you lose draft picks in trades. Now look at the guys you named. If the dolphins dont want those scrubs who would. Come on there is no trade override button in real life.

His first choice seems to be the Giants, who just cut Pierce. So I doubt Dolphins management is all giddy just yet. It shouldn't affect the teams approach to the draft. Porter is gone(just a matter of when), Taylor is likely going to get one more year. Crowder is pushing a gimpy kneed envelope. Ayodele and Torbor are little more than warm bodies. Moses is obviously a great magician, he's got them seeing things. That leaves Wake and Anderson. I'd be surprised if they didn't start next season with at least three new linebackers. What's Dumervilles status? Isn't he a Nolan development?

Dumervil isnt a FA that would have to be done via trade...

Carol Channing-Crowder is horrible.

I like dansby since u know he still plays with the big money he was getting with the franchise tag the last 2 yrs. He has already proven the big money means nothing to his playing career.This is a Low risk investment.

The fins have only drafted 1 LB in last 2 drafts. I think we get dansby, then draft 2 more. 1 inside and 1 olb. Then we resign Taylor and switch him to his natural position. Wake wins out the pre season battle and by years end the ILB rookie takes the position from channing.

With all the money going to dansby I say trade out of the first round and hope NT MT Cody from Alabama is there or take Cam the NT. With another 2 or 3 round pick up TE from Miami along with a LB either ILB or OLB.

3rd round get another LB. That will give us 3 new LB's for training camp. Plus we have Wake and Taylor along with a young NT. Stronger front 7 from last yr plus alot younger.

I must agree with this article and many responses in it that Karlos Dansby would be a big deal for Miami! However, I'll trust Parcels to do he he thinks is actually best for the team in the long run!

He is not worth $10 million/year!

Moses is obviously a great magician, he's got them seeing things.

Posted by: perspective | February 15, 2010 at 10:15 AM

That's pretty funny.

Jets suck, philip rivers did wonders against the jets blitz packages didn't he? And like I said, they don't have a true pass rusher, or a number 2 CB. 61 points. Ok, a fluke TD to Ginn, that's 7. 2 KO return TDs by Ginn. Now we are at 21. A Taylor fumble return, up to 28. So we scored 33 in those 2 games. We won the 2nd game when we had 52 yards rushing, 52 yards passing. My point is we have pieces on D to run an attacking style D. Jets aren't the only team to do it, PIT and Baltimore like to play the same style. I want an aggressive D, that's all I care about.

the only thing about the cribbs deal was they wanted ronnie brown and even tho he gets hurt every year,his value to the dolphin organization is too valuable

and about the ginn blastings...yeah he isnt very consistant but how many recievers can out right burn derelle revis???even chad ocho cinco has to change his name back to johnson because revis shut him down....in the play offs. so give the kid a break and let him develope.ill bet you this year he gets over a 1000 yards

and now that im on a roll.....good riddence to joey porter,you need to play for the jets.....the only thing good that comes out of ny is the smack talk. because if you played as well as you talked you would have been in the pro bowl.here's some sound advice porter.....less talk and some more production on the field is a plus.

Dolphan, I love Ginn, and agree with you, I think a big year is very possible, especially if we pick up someone who draws attention. But, it was a fluke TD. Period. We saw what Revis did to all kinds of beast WRs, and we saw what Ginn did most of the season. I've said it's not his fault they didn't run more go routes, play to his strengths.

WOW dolphan!!!!!!! say that again.... im not going to bash you at all for your own predictions because everyone in here would be thrilled if you were correct... thats some brave talk right there...

I really dont think McClain is the answer for us. He looks slow. we need more of the ball hawking players. Young, fast, strong players who will fly to the ball. Dansby would fit that mold. Everyone talks about the Trifecta being cheap when it comes to signing new players, but they did shell out good money for Wilson. I think that if the fit is right they will give what it takes to get the player they need.

i dont think the issue is whether or not the fins have the money for dansby because my guess would be yessss we can afford that... the question is what if... you put all that money there and we get nothing in return. with soo many holes to fill thats alot of money put in one position not counting the money spent on draft picks to the same position.

Didn't the Giants just release their MLB? He'll likely go to the Giants.

the dolphins have great talent.boot the (ghost) gibril wilson and ayodele and get some good skill set players and there in the play offs deep.we showed this year we could play with the best.( colts ,saints ,pats )but weak corner and safety play with lack of pass rushing killed us on d.and i have to admit 1 more wr with speed and savay route running skills cant hurt. other than that we a stacked at o-line, running backs ,qb and corner.parcells is a master of talent in the draft so im assuming d is his first priority like always.line backer and nt is going to be his first choices.

id be shocked out of my mind if he picked up a wr in the first round...id be happy as...welll you know but i guess you cant argue will his track record

I'd pull out all the stops and get Dansby, no matter what it takes. Then try and make a trade up in the 1st round and get Spiller. Take Dan Williams in the second round. That way, you've got three pretty darn good players - two strengthening the defense, plus a huge weapon on attack. I wouldn't waste a pick on Boldin, who is old, expensive and might well go down injured.

Guy's no more talk about trading Ted(Feet of clay)Ginn to another team for a draft pick,PLEASE, If anything Miami would have to give up a draft pick for this individual that doesnt require a jock strap on game day.....

How about you give Dansby a contract with a larger than normal bonus so it gets charged to the uncapped 2010 season. Then have a lower yearly salary for the final 3 years, in order to alleviate future cap issues?

Also I believe Dumervil is a restricted FA, so Denver would at least get an opportunity to match the Fins offer and it would probably take draft picks to get him from Denver but not necessarily a trade.


Mila Jovovich Or Mila Kunis?????

good then go get him when he's availabe!!!

again delusional dolphins fans just don't get it !!!! parcells and company love signing faceless football players period !!!!! j.berger nobody knows who he is smiley nobody really knows who he is. g.wilson is a bust so far torbor wilford the list goes on*on. so you delusional dolphin fans hopes of seeing guys like b.marshall a.boldin k.dansby in miami is a another delusional dolfans fantasy. parcells and company will sign more faceless unproductive f.agents bet on it !!!!!

I've telling you guys , that dansby is going to be asking for a boat load of money and is NOT worth that kind of money until , i was blue in the face, He was getting 9 mil last year and doesn't want to get franchised whick would have paid him that much again. I've been telling you until i was blue in the face that dansby wants more money that that. He will a be giant after the releaee of pierce. DRAFT DEFENSE and DRAFT s.

Rob in Oc , TODD McSAY ???? really ?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?? Since when is todd mcshay ( LMFAO !! ) the guru, end of all scouts , great talant evaluater ? Since when does his word mean it's right and accurate ? Since when does everything end with his evaluation, He's horrible and has never played the game. Read Mike mayock's scouting report on mcclain or other great NFL scouting reports on mcclain , who's are 100 times better than mcchay. Mcshay is nobody but a glorified fan making his own evaluations, You think the NFL listens to todd mcshay ??? LMFAO !!! are you kidding me ?? bwawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawaaw !!!!

sportmonkey @ 4:43,

Very true, if BP and Co have done all that homework and used all the resources you and I don't have then, as you said, I hope they stay true to their draft board.

Maybe DT/NT Dan Williams is their #1 BPA? They did get extensive time with he and other highly rated players at the Senior Bowl.

I would even say there is a high likelyhood that because of that extra scout work they may very well pick a couple choices from that game. They had them in class, saw how they thought, learned, asked questions, paid attention and then got to see how that transaluted in the game. Valuable stuff.


Carlito , i agree on your earlier post.

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