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Karlos Dansby has an eye on the Dolphins

The linebacker position has been a hub of activity for the Dolphins this offseason.

Joey Porter talked trash about his own team, including coaches and teammates, Channing Crowder went on radio and supported Porter, Bill Parcells declined to commit to Jason Taylor for another year during an online chat, Porter's contract was terminated, Porter's termination was overturned, eventually Porter will get cut again (or traded if the Dolphins get lucky), the Dolphins got a great look at possible new LBs at the Senior Bowl, and now Karlos Dansby speaks out.

Let's handle the Dansby business here.

According to Adam Schein's twitter, Dansby went on Sirius Radio and said he'd like to join the Giants when free agency begins, but added that other teams interest him as well. The Dolphins were among the teams that interest him, along with San Diego and Washington.

Dansby, scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on March 5 regardless of the cap situation, is perhaps the most well-known inside linebacker possibility about to hit free agency. I suppose he could remain with the Cardinals if they franchise him, but that would be the third time they do that and pundits don't believe it will happen this time for financial reasons.

Dansby is known to Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells. The story goes that when Parcells coached Dallas and the Cowboys played Arizona, Parcells told Dansby he liked how he played following a game. (No, that is not tampering.)

Dansby is a very good player. He's fills holes with explosion and he likes to punish ballcarriers. He's 6-4 and 250 pounds so he has the size to do it. And he's all over the field as his 555 tackles in six seasons suggest.

At 28 years old, he's obviously a solid investment because he can sign a four-year deal and still be a relatively young player of 32 by the deal's end.

The problem is Dansby will want major dollars. He made $9.6 million last year as Arizona's franchise player. He'll probably ask for a hefty bonus and about $10-$12 million a year on average.

Do the Dolphins need him? They definitely can use an upgrade at inside linebacker. Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele combined for only 12 more tackles than Dansby had by himself all of last season. 

Adding Dansby could also let the Dolphins concentrate their draft picks on improving the OLBs rather than the ILBs.

Keep an eye on this one because the Dolphins have recently proven they like Arizona players -- having signed Eric Green last year and attempted to sign Calvin Pace the year before.

But this won't be an easy move. Remember, Dansby mentioned the Giants as the team he'd most like to play for and added the Dolphins as part of a second tier of teams. And he is likely to draw interest from other teams as well.

So stay tuned.

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Fortune favors the bold.

We MUST have better LBs.

Please. Soon.

Todd McShay ??? i'm still LMFAO !!!!!

Mcshay is nobody but a glorified fan making his own evaluations, You think the NFL listens to todd mcshay ??? LMFAO !!! are you kidding me ?? bwawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawaaw !!!!
No offence NJ, But this just about Describes you.......... :)

Pretty please. With Sugar on Top. Make a move.

Menace i'm not tv or getting paid for it like mchay . I'm on a blog giving my opinins, nice try and thanks for stopping by,

" I'm not on tv " . And you meant the offense otherwise you would never have said suck a jackA$$ statement


I am proporting that Mcshay is the end all be all in scouting or even draftniking??? Really bro? Show me that post clip and I will rescind it right now.... but it wont happen as I dont normally talk in absolutes except about my own convictions.

I said it was a good read and I quoted some things from his articel...that's it. So now anuyone who puts up info contradicting you gets a bwawa x alot?

There are more than a few credible sources that say the multiple teams inc the Giants and Fins are inquiring about Dansby. If he is as lame as you say wouldn't that mean that no one should be pursuing him. Or I know, you next post would be something like , "I never said he was no good I simply said he is not worth the money he asking for!" is that about right?

Who (in an uncapped year which about ready to surley happen) determines what people are worth? We all know damn well everyone in the NFL that plays at a high level gets paid Millions which can seem unfair / or is unfair to most normal job type folks. I mean can the guy jack hammering 10-12 hours a day relate at all to catching a football for millions? Maybe if they look at it in terms of who can do which job and how well. Lotta people you train that have all the muscle and endurance can run a jack hammer, I can teach them in 5 mins.

I digress. The main thing I want to know from you is... Do you simply think Dansby can't play or is it a money thing? If if its a talent thing I would differ. If it's a money thing then A.) It's Mr. Big Cheese Ross'z Benjamins and B.) Each year salaries go up and fair or not sometimes it's hard to fathom. I would no sooner pay Albert Haynesworth 100 million than the man on the moon for injury possibility alone. Snyder did though. With paying Dansby more than most years I would say that is due to the fact that he is one of the few, good FA's that happens to be available (no draft picks attatched) and coming into an uncapped year. If they work the contract right we could retain his services for longer later or jettison him if he is not working out.

FA's, UFA's, Draft picks they are all a gamble to some extent. No one drafted Welker, the Bolts got him and cut him, we picked him up and traded him and NE clubs the NFL over the head with him...go figure?? LOL

Cheers NJ PHIN,

CUBAN 12:48!!!!!! LOL, thats a classic post!

I like rough and tumble NJ PHIN...lil high and mighty but we boys. I think you do too but touche on the post.

One of the better belly laughs I have had.


Could'nt Help it NJ, Got back To NY last nite in 30 degree weather, Felt that it's your fault for this Frigid weather.... lol.....PS you Suck....lol:)

Rob in oc , can you ever give a simple post or comment instead of rambling on things that are totally irrelavant to the topic on hand like comparing a guy using a jackhammer to a Overhyped football player who want 10-12 mil dollars a year and who just ain't worth that money ? GeeZ !!!


Do you think you would have different opinions if your "were on tv or getting paid for it"??

I doubt it. So in that way you are the same as McShay if you switched positions he would probably be just as convicted as you about his own opinions.

Think about it, if you feel strongly about most any topic, Politics, Religions, Death Penalty, Football or whatever...it's insanely hard to change a person of convictions mind.


PS I don't think Cuban meant anything bad by the comment. We all get a little shot in and takes a lil shot now and again.

NJ, You sound a little upset today. Is there a problem????

NJ PHIN STYLE : Answer the freakin question!

LOL, Cheers

Dansby will not be playing for the Dolphins next season

Rob on oc , how many times do i have to post that dansby is a good football player but not worth 10-12 mil he will be asking for or just not worth that kind of money ? You also keep mentioning uncapped year , that's just this year, When the NFL and the players eventually come to an agreement , there will be a cap and all that money dansby signs for will count towards the cap, I'm not going to explain this to you anymore because it falls on deaf ears. cheers.


If there were tons of options to pick up experienced, good LBs that had the ability to play inside or outside I would say Dansby would go for a more palatable 5-8 million a season... but, that is not the case.

What makes titanium more expensive than steel is its rarity, not that it's a better metal for every application.

Sorry, I will not use non football analogies any further as I know you don't care for that.


Cuban menace is a wise a@@, that's just who is and F U menace . welcome home . :)

There goes the rambling again , know we're talking about titaniun. LMFAO !!!!

I like what Dansby brings to the table. He is an athletic 3-4 ILB that is decent a playing the pass and he is a good tackler. He is better than anything Miami has on their roster.

If Miami was to sign Dansby that would fill a huge need. As far as that eliminating them drafting McClain. I don't agree. I think they should get McClain either way if he is available. Crowder is not a good player. Anyone who says different did not watch the games closely enough this year. To upgrade the ILB with a FA and 1st round draft pick is not counter productive when you need to face lift for this defense. Going into a year with 2 new ILB McClain and Dansby is a huge upgrade over Crowder and Ayodele. At OLB I want them to bring back Taylor and start Wake. I like this unit much better then the unit that was on the field this past season.

There is a lot of ifs involved but those of you doubting Dansby and McClain's skills are not watching closely enough. They are both very good young players that can sure up Miami's biggest weakness tackling.

I got a strange feeling that in the near future Football will have the same Salary cap as Baseball.... NONE....Look for Jerry(Liver spots)Jones and Dan(INSERT NAME)Snyder to have champion ship teams in the near future(Maybe not Dallas there coach REALLY SUCKSS)........only my Opinion...

Dear Mr. Salguero

After recently viewing the documentary "Men who stare at goats"

I was wondering if we could implement the Jedi/Warrior/Monk theme in training camp ?

But without doseing the training facilities water supply with acid.

No better yet...go ahead and dose the water supply with acid.

Couldn't hurt could it ?

Soiled :)

Thanks NJ.....

whats going on menace?
that was the smackdown of the year.
nj how ya feeling ??? im sure you will get back at cm when he least expects it.

on a football note with our oline spiller would be awesome.


Your explanation of the cap down the road and things counting towards the cap have to do with how the contract is written with regards to upfront bonus vs salary base right? I have not seen one team unable to purge some players to get down to whatever cap is set. The players have a shelf life and sometimes that comes with a cer

In my world you have to try to be as two faced as possible getting the immediate help you can from the FA's and trades as well as the killer, better, long term best of draft players over time. You don't have to be all or nothing on one side of either fence. Because you put all eggs into one big FA signing you can rent more time to find the right guys in the draft. Add more flexibility to the draft choice options as well as simply ditch the biggest, fattest, unproductive contracts when the time comes if they are written properly.

People say we aren't one player away...yeah from a SB winning position but I would say we are 1 player, a couple of productive drafted players, maturation of the roster, a little more luck with turnovers and injury bugs and we could go into the playoffs. That would be progress, don't you agree?

Do you think there will be football in 2011 or do you predict lockout?


cuban menace.. he was the guy who caught game winning int td, might have helped week 16 when the d pulled a no show at home vs houston


You don't like the analogies as they highlight my points or that it doesn't have the word football in that sentence? LOL


Band wagon, smackdown ?? Really ??? you are easily amused.

nj is really mel kipper hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
think about it thats why hes upset we said mcshay

OK DD,Now I remember, But was he off in the Green Bay game????Cause NOBODY on the defensive side showed up for that game, actually neither Defense showed up, brother....

Highlight your points ??? what points ??? you're just rambling. Your posts are evident . I'm not the only one to mention it. cheers

NJ, What well you do about this weather?????


all in good fun
nj do you think the pat white pick is a disaster.i do.

I don't know but this is f'n to much. we're suppossed to get 2-4 inches tonight into tommorrow. is it spring yet ??

Too much money for a good not great player like Dansby. I'm thinking he ends up with the Giants. McBain is the pick if he's there at 12. He just makes too much sense....and it has NOTHING to do with filling a need and not taking the best player available. He just has everything you looking for in a middle linebacker, including smarts and leadership. It would be a mistake to pass on this guy.

Andy NJ,

I would say your upgrade strategy is fine but, on two points I would not concur.

1.) According to wikipedia Dansby will be 29 during the 2010 season and that is not young. I think he still has 2-4 years left on his tires so it would still be a great addition.

2.) I am thinking Brandon Spikes or Micah Johnson at ILB. They can be had for much better value than McClain. I still have many reservations about how good of a Pro McClain will be. As NJ PHIN, boobyd12, cuban and a sea of others like McClain you have lots of company.

Just my opinion and I appreciate your post.



My posts are evident? Que?



I don't know but this is f'n to much. we're suppossed to get 2-4 inches tonight into tommorrow. is it spring yet ??

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 15, 2010 at 01:48 PM

NJ,That's funny, I promised my girlfriend the same thing tonite when we go to bed....

CB...ur too much man...

cuban menace is on fiya today!

OC, Size isn't every thing(Or at least that's what I tell my girl)(And I'am sure NJs girl Already Knows)

LOL @ Menace , It's the motion in the ocean , my friend.

True, True..... Just as long as WE'RE SATISFIED that's all that counts any way......

If it was'nt for that patch of fur, We'd be Hunting them....

OK - there is a difference here about Dansby, if he a great or average player. The difference is Tuna has publicly stated he likes this player. Tuna usually goes after those he like, so i would bet that Dansby FA feud will be between NYG and Mia. I have a feeling Spiller will be our pick, WR will be a FA, NT will be addressed in 2 rd, Wilfork will be Franchised. Ginn and JAllen are not going anywhere cause the were 1st rounders - what a waste (but if the season goes uncapped then it would be a proper time to do it these guys have no value cause they haven't done much)


Interesting take. I am not sure how or when they will deal with Ginn and Jason Allen from a contract standpoint. As many have said it is not his fault CamMaroon took him at #9 but, he and Jason Allen are certainly getting paid insanely high for the production.

I still hold a faint glimmer that if Ginn's pay were put into a believable realm and the OC starts to play more to his strenths such as 2-4 Go paterns and Post corners where the patern takes him naturally away from contact he has enough hands to catch the ball when not under too much duress. I firmly believe he will never be a tough guy, stout player etc but, can put a dagger in a Def if in the right situation. He and Henne will have to be on the same page with deep accuracy for Ginn to make it past this season.

The other option is they draft a WR Jacoby Ford late rounds and set themselves up to trade Ginn away (maybe Ginn and his family go go to Baltimore as CamMaroon is OC there?) My bet is Ozzie sees through Ginn and would veto such talk.

As for Jason Allen, that's a big bundle of Benjamin's to play special teams man... If he was Josh Cribbs I could see it... he ain't.


There are a lot of good LBs in the draft but not a lot of good NTs. #12 might be high for Dan Williams but he will be gone before #44.


I hear you loud and clear. I don't think most come to a blog and say how can I change my mind today but many bloggers keep somewhat of an open mind. In your eyes the only way to build is through the draft and not to chase high priced FA's. Sometimes the FA's don't work out 1st year as expected (Gebril) and sometimes the mega FA stars keep shinning (Hutchinson and Jared Allen) both did. Both got hefty raises.

Your posts don't fall on deaf ears as I hear you say draft, draft, draft and in 2-3 more years we will have some super success. If one never takes a gamble that a Dansby will play as good or better or that Hutchinson will block great or Jared Allen will go from KC to Minn and not get DUI's but still sack...there is always inherent both in FA and in the draft.

I am wondering if BP will have the patience, health or desire to hang on 2-3 more years to see the ship he is Captaining get righted? They talked about him leaving in 2010.

I feel if BP goes towards any high priced FA's, UFA or trades it's because he is trying to speed the hole filling process some.

I am with you in the best formula you can have is continue to draft stud players you will eventually have a team of young, solid football players to do damage with. I tend to focus on the player that I think is most talenetd and then look to see where he plays. You say we need to draft DEF early and often. Point taken.

My call is Spiller, then Brandon Graham, then Dan Williams if they have to stay at #12.

You say McClain, ??Dan Williams?? and who is your 3rd choice at #12?


PS I listen but hard to lose the ramble on!

Cheers, ;)


The question is how much better is Dan Williams to our system than NT Cam Thomas or NT Troupe?

They are also in the mix with fairly high regard.

So is the combo of say Dan Williams @12 and ILB Spikes in the 2nd round and LB Pat Angerer 3rd more powerful than say

Dansby ILB, Brandon Graham OLB/DE and ILB/OLB Weatherspoon in 2nd rd and NT Cam Thomas 3rd? You could probably trade back a few draft spots (3-5) and still get Graham and an get extra draft pick or two to move around or use in top 4 rounds. This is "IF" you can find a willing partner.


Salvajae..Spiller will not be our pick, 100% guaranteed


I agree for sure Dan Williams will be gone before #44 and I say he goes between 15 - 32 in the 1st.


Rob in OC. Everyone makes a big deal out of free agency, Free agency is more headlines than production. These are players used to their own ways of doing things after being in the league for so long. It's a stop gap method . Nothing More. All great teams from pitt , ne , indy have been built through the draft. These are teachable players . When you're a team on the cusp of greatness then you might want to go after a big free agent. Miami is NOT on te cusp. PS. Jared allen wasn't a free agent . He got traded to minnisota.


How much 100% confidence did you have that the Fins 1st pick in the 2nd round last year was NOT going to be QB Pat White? They already had Henne (whom they chose) that they had slated to start when Penny was no longer the best option.

Never say never my friend.


Now this would be great if the Dolphins want to win, Acquire Dansby to play ILB, trade next years first rounder for Marshall, draft Haden if available to play corner and move V Davis to FS and then draft OLB Worilds with the second rounder, J.Graham TE with the third round pick and A. Jones with the 4th round pick. This would upgrade the secondary for a decade, greatly improve the linebackers and give us a NT...along with vastly improving the receiver's.

You keep mentioning pat angerer. The man is barly 6 foot tall and 233 pounds. if you know anything about parcells and Lb's is he like his LB's BIG !!! I doubt angerer is even on miami draft board. I wonder about you sometimes. cheers !!

Fishypete is in the lead once again.

Lets try this a different way...

Karlos Dansby made a comment that he "likes the Dolphins."

The Dolphins are known (by EVERYONE) to need a couple of Middle Linebackers.

South Florida's newspapers have recently ran some stories joining THOSE 2 concepts.


This sudden spike of Chatter has NOT increased the player's valuation by EVEN ONE DOLLAR...

Although he might be a great fit in Miami,

the Giants have an inside track.

..and Dan Snyder has a lot of Money.

We need to ALL get used to the reality that Dansby is a longshot.

Try to remember that last Year JASON BROWN said the exact same thing...and the Media responded the exact same way. When it was time to make a deal though, the guy's AGENT would not even let him VISIT the Dolphins facility -- because the Rams had already blown up the market with some insane offer.

So we wish Jason Brown well... with his new pile of Money. He will never get a Ring and will live out his NFL-life on a team that has a Systemically Dysfunctional Environment.

Don't be surprised if the same thing happens Karlos Dansby in DC.



I put Jared Allen in the same sentence and called him a free agent....my bad. You are correct on that... no worries about me apologizing if I am in error.

I mentioned FA's and Trades in the post to get real live examples of both that worked out.

I am NOT debating you on the Draft is #1 way to build a team. I agree the older, experienced players are stop gap. The design is to give you time and fill a more pointed need with a guy that you hope will bridge the gap until you can draft a guy that works out. To say you can't teach an old dog new tricks... look no further than JT that always played with his hand in the dirt. I believe he still prefers it but, he sucked up the learning curve and learned to drop in coverage and now he is a much more flexible, well rounded and versatile defender. At his age the banging he got down in and down out at DE would eat him up plus he is just not heavy enough to play DE in a 3-4. I know you knew that last point but I have to clarify things as you sometimes think others have little or no knowledge regarding scheme reqs.


And Joey...the Dolphins don't have money in a uncapped year? I read they will save at least 5 mil a year when they cut Porter. I don't believe money will have anything to do with whom the Dolphins go after...or don't go after.

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