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Karlos Dansby has an eye on the Dolphins

The linebacker position has been a hub of activity for the Dolphins this offseason.

Joey Porter talked trash about his own team, including coaches and teammates, Channing Crowder went on radio and supported Porter, Bill Parcells declined to commit to Jason Taylor for another year during an online chat, Porter's contract was terminated, Porter's termination was overturned, eventually Porter will get cut again (or traded if the Dolphins get lucky), the Dolphins got a great look at possible new LBs at the Senior Bowl, and now Karlos Dansby speaks out.

Let's handle the Dansby business here.

According to Adam Schein's twitter, Dansby went on Sirius Radio and said he'd like to join the Giants when free agency begins, but added that other teams interest him as well. The Dolphins were among the teams that interest him, along with San Diego and Washington.

Dansby, scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on March 5 regardless of the cap situation, is perhaps the most well-known inside linebacker possibility about to hit free agency. I suppose he could remain with the Cardinals if they franchise him, but that would be the third time they do that and pundits don't believe it will happen this time for financial reasons.

Dansby is known to Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells. The story goes that when Parcells coached Dallas and the Cowboys played Arizona, Parcells told Dansby he liked how he played following a game. (No, that is not tampering.)

Dansby is a very good player. He's fills holes with explosion and he likes to punish ballcarriers. He's 6-4 and 250 pounds so he has the size to do it. And he's all over the field as his 555 tackles in six seasons suggest.

At 28 years old, he's obviously a solid investment because he can sign a four-year deal and still be a relatively young player of 32 by the deal's end.

The problem is Dansby will want major dollars. He made $9.6 million last year as Arizona's franchise player. He'll probably ask for a hefty bonus and about $10-$12 million a year on average.

Do the Dolphins need him? They definitely can use an upgrade at inside linebacker. Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele combined for only 12 more tackles than Dansby had by himself all of last season. 

Adding Dansby could also let the Dolphins concentrate their draft picks on improving the OLBs rather than the ILBs.

Keep an eye on this one because the Dolphins have recently proven they like Arizona players -- having signed Eric Green last year and attempted to sign Calvin Pace the year before.

But this won't be an easy move. Remember, Dansby mentioned the Giants as the team he'd most like to play for and added the Dolphins as part of a second tier of teams. And he is likely to draw interest from other teams as well.

So stay tuned.

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You know what? If Fins pass on a inside line backer during FA. I might head over to davie to apply for the job. Anyone have Sparanos number?

Joey , excellent post and an example . Brown by the way had a bad year to along with that pile of money. Remember calvin pace was raving about miami. miami was this , miami was that, He took the money from the jets and ran, how's that working Out ???


The smart teams are operating as if the coming year is capped. There's obviously a little more room.... but Only Teams like the Redskins and a few others are going to be Reckless with their money. Grossly over paying is never the answer. Just look at Albert Hainsworth this past season.

I think the Dolphins are willing to spend money to get what they need... but I doubt they'd pay 40% more than what a guy is valued at.


The fact that they drafted Pat White reflects they could literally have anyone on their board. He is short but faster than most any LB in the draft and can add weight (much like you told me about S Earl Thomas...literally same argument in reverse. lol)

Going from 233 lbs coming out of college to gaing 10-15 lbs (sans the juice needle) in the NFL's workout programs and diet designs is a regular occurance. I have him playing at OLB and using his speed to get a few passes defensed as I think he is a football player.

Ray Lewis was knocked all around as being to small to play ILB in the NFL...whoops! He has grown (HGH or clean livin whatever) into a 250lbs beast over time.

Cheers bud,

LMFAO @ rob in oc. Are yoou kiddiing me ?? jason taylor has played almost his entire career in miami . 1 team almost his entirecareer . I'm not talking about position changes , lol !! i'm talking about guys like dansby and other free agents coming from different teams . different systems and different ways of doing things. Geez !! You're impossible. I think you just like arguing/debating without reading things clearly. cheers

You. i'm out til later


You speak the truth.
I found myself flipping over to Ram Games just to see how he did.

Most of the time he was unremarkable.

Joey in Jersey,

Sadly, that is probably exactly how it will be going down. I have been saying from jump street that if Snyder wants, Snyder gets. Let's hope that the AH deal for 100million backed him down a notch or two.

When I talk Dansby or any other player I would like to see a FIN it is never framed a prediction unless I state it as such. I always frame things as if I was the GM. It feel it is a more challenging limb to go out on than to predict based on BP's past record what BP's will do.

To each his for sure. We are all throwing mud (even some intelligent guess mud) against the wall to see what sticks.

I will cross my fingers until there is confirmation that Dansby has signed with the Skins, Giants or any other team... anything can happen until then.


LMFAO @Rob in OC again. Pat white ?? Yeah how did that work out ?? he was taken for the wildcat . That 's it !! parcells doesn't take small Lb's and that a fact. Angerer is barly 6 foot tall. That's more of the problem than his 233 pounds. i don't care what juice you take , you can't grow in height. if you want angerer playing olb , than it would have to be in the 4-3. He won't fit in miami 3-4. PS ray lewis is about 6-1 or 6-2. big difference. MY GOD!!

What do you think about the NFL's new policies. Can the League stay competitive without a salary cap???

Rob in OC:

I too, have been dreaming about Dansby...I really believe that Nolan's scheme could turn him into a Pro Bowl Linebacker.

But like I've said before...
There are just too many variables this year. It will most likely stay a dream.



(I'm half kidding but...)
The SHOULD put Pat White on HGH...

He'd come back to camp @ 6'1 -217

with 17 inch guns, slightly larger hands,

This 'special program' would grow his Jaw big.... a nice RIDGE would form on his forehead... (Maybe his Calve girth would even increase!)

I'll bet...
He'd scare the crap out of Ted Ginn Jr
...you would never see Teddy again!

Rob in OC,I'm telling u with 1000%. Certaintiy Spiller WILL NOT be the pick...ok argue all u want, not gonna happen

Joey in Jersey,

I am not even thinking in terms of transformation... I would settle for simpoly much better play from our LB position. If that results ina Pro Bowl...so be it. I think the Pro Bowl is a bit too much of a popularity contest anyways. Many players ride to Pro Bowls based on past efforts, public and player recognition and not on merits of that year.

Polite is a prime example. No wany in hell with his unstopable short yardage record that he should not be a Pro Bowler. He is not flashy, doesn't get much pub outside of Miami and got the snub. I think the Fins players know how important he was.

It's all good. I will join ya in hoping Dansby takes the Miami plunge... I won't be holding my breath from a reality side though.


One thing everyone knows about this dolphin management is they have only drafted 1 LB in 2 drafts.
They changed the Dolphin defense when they arrived from 4-3 to 3-4. They like big players.

1st Draft they loaded up on DL while trading for 2 DL. 1st FA- they went after big WR and guard-a physical run blocker. First pick they got big physical run blocker Long.Second FA they got center known for physical run blocking. Second draft they drafted big WR.
2nd draft they got 2 corners and during FA they got a safety.

Parcell's history- getting big LB's yet he hasn't drafted but 1 so far. He's got 2 through trades. Switching to the 3-4 means you need more LB's than DL.

How many new LB's do we see next year? I say 1 FA and two drafted. I'd like to see dansby signed and draft 2, then trade out of the first round for a extra 2nd and 4th rounder. More quality in rounds 2-4. Half the number 1 picks don't pan out and want too much money.NE has this figured out. Maybe we can trade some of our LB's Akin, Anderson, or Channing before the start of the season or during the draft. Dansby is a proven player and is not a crap shot.

JP out and Dansby in.Just like that BETTER.

LOL Mr Happy,

With the HGH he could grow some patented Joey Porter popcorn muscles, the Shula Jaw and be the African American version of Carrot Top.

That's just wrong... sorry Pat. Eat your spinach, keep your fearless play on sweeps, build up you arm to throw darts on the move (even if the are 15 yards or less) and you could break out from the bummer 1st year.

We MUST have you able to threaten the LoS with runs AND be able to sling all kinds of accurate dump offs and frozen ropes to TE's, WR's and RB's. Those players should be within 5-15 yards of you before you cross the LoS.

The TE's, RB's and WRs will be running drags, wheels, hooks, outs, curls and hook n slides to give you nice easy targets. When it's not there, you and your new found muscle mass will take off running and get what you can.

Pat White had nice rushing yardage vs NE and was gaining confidence vs Pitt before he got rocked. It was obvious from the games the NFL looked big and faster than college for Pat...no reason to hang his cleats up yet.

His game can ONLY rise if he can throw passes on the move. The NFL doesn't allow for many large windows of time unless you have a stellar line and are a pocket passer.

His start was NOT awe inspiring but, he did too much damage in college to give up after one season. Jury is out for me.

The Chargers drafted Rivers as Drew Brees had just not come around...after they drafted Rivers and he had enough time in the NFL Brees had the light bulb go on. He then started playing so well the Bolts were wondering what to do with their top 10 overall QB when Brees went down fighting for a loose ball. It kind of helped them in the sense that now they could move forward and face little to no backlash of who's better. The rest is history.


1 12 Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama
2 11 Ricky Sapp, OLB, Clemson
3 10 Torrell Troup, NT, Central Florida
4 12 Major Wright, FS, Florida
6 4 Garrett Graham, TE, Wisconsin
6 5 Antonio Coleman, OLB, Auburn
6 10 Marshall Newhouse, OG, TCU
7 5 Joseph Turner, RB, TCU
7 12 Kion Wilson, ILB, South Florida

WHAT's good FIN FANS??




I had an idea that we would get rid of him but had no idea it was this bad.

NJ Phin @3:43,

Calvin Pace talked up Miami this and Miami that and then went to the Jets for the cash...how's that working out?

Hmmmm, let's see, he got paid more which every single person should/would like no matter the job. He was a part of one the best if not the best statistical Def with our arch rival hated Jets and they were within a half of going to the SB even though they backed into the playoffs.

If you ask Calvin Pace he thought it was a smashing success! If you ask the Fins they would say it was fine after the fact as they were trying to sign him and didn't but hey, he didn't do crazy damage. If you ask the Jets they will say he was a part of their defense, was suspended for 4 games and still had 8 sacks and was in on 55 tackles. He will be an asset moving forward and we hope he is a larger part in 2010. Everyone will have a spin to say they won.

It depends on perspective I spose.


Another thing about this regime. They like running the ball with physical backs. When they got here they traded the slasher back L. Booker and then Drafted Lex Hillard.

This team is being built to resemble the old Giants almost. That team was bigger than most oppts at the time also.

Dennis, i think your wrong. Patrick Cobbs is more of our slasher back. We just needed another downhill runner in case something happened to brown. Williams is more of a fluid back, but he doesnt have the downhill running style that Ronnie and Hilliard have.


Good observation. Just don't let the RB Lo Booker get confused with Spiller. They are different animals imho.

Lex Hilliard has scraped and worked his tail off to barely make the roster as one of the last bubble players. They let drafted RB Parmalee go and he is with Baltimore I believe.

To his credit Hilliard has shown us he has some game in his limited play. Maybe he is insurance for Ronnie and Ricky due to age and penchant for injury respectively? I think he is on the roster now but I think the ONLY RB's we have that 100% safe at the moment are Ronnie and Ricky. Cobbs needs to show well coming back from his injury as does even Brown. The Trifecta are no fools...they will not try to go into the season with a 33 year old RB and a pile of recovering players. I think they add to the mix and if that's the case it will be Cobbs or Hilliard that have to go. Sparano loves Cobbs but if he knows whats best he(BP & Ireland) will make tough roster calls if he needs to instead of using his heart.

I like Hilliard and think he is serviceable but he won't break games open like Spiller, McCluster or Cobbs for that matter (assuming he is back 100%).

I agree with you that BP will take the bigger player if he thinks he can play when given the choice of two basic equals.

I think there has to be a happy medium of large players and movement based players. I think both teams in the SB used more movement based players.

There are always the rare physical freaks TE Vernon Davis (Vontae's brother) is an example. He is strong and hell, big and still runs very fast. Usually by getting larger you trade in size for more speed and dexterity. On Def, that Speed and Dexterity works well for running with players, getting back into plays, timing hits and NOT drawing the ticky tack P.I.

Many times if a LB is not athletic enough they simply try for the face guard and hope not to be caught vs turning and making an athletic play on the ball while running and looking back. By not mauling the WR or TE or bumping the Off guy they don't draw contact or P.I. flag for free yardage and 1st downs.

As I know Parcells has a large part in the creating of the Dallas Cowboys I like his blueprint. I see that as an advantage often in games...especially late in games. I see Parcell's is busy crafting an OL in that same mold, big, physical, nasty players that can pass pro and maul in the run game.


It will be awesome that all the Fins fans posting will someday be able to say either "I told ya so." Or maybe something like "Wow, that player is much better than I thought." or the ever popular "You were right!" LOL.

Whether the Fins stay put or trade back, go all Def, half Def or whatever combination we can all follow the escapades of the players we were high on even if the Fins don't draft them.

Right before the draft I will ask everyone to lay out the draft as far as they like and give a top 5 players that the Fins can feesably draft. Then I will write them down and bring them back as 2010 comes to a close.

Should be good for a hoot!



I am not going to argue with you as that is your perception...Spiller will not be chosen by the Fins 100%!!!

If McClain is chosen by the Fins I already owe you, Cuban, NJ PHIN and any other McClain supporters an apology that I was wrong about the choice.

Then I have to make my own deal with the devil to breathe better skills into McClain than I think he has so I can be wrong 2 X!!! The Fins would be better off then and I will suffer the bruised ego to be flat wrong if it means the Fins get Wins!

Would you do the same if by some snowballs chance in hell the Fins take Spiller?

Cheers bro,

I think they can land Dansby if they want him. I am not sure if he is on the trifecta's radar. Get Rolle from the Cards also we could use a FS as well.

We don't need to have the greatest LB corps ever, we just need an upgrade so here is the move:
Trade Camarillo to NE for Adelious Thomas and sign Pierce from the Giants. That's an inside and an outside. LB's upgraded.
Move Patrick Turner up on the depth chart.
Draft CJ spillar with 1st pick.
Let the Giants pay Dansby $12million.

By the way found a striking resemblence to Dawn Aponte on a m i l f site. I'll negotiate with her behind closed doors any where, any day, anytime. right now even.

The average point differential of all teams making the postseason in 2009 was about 2, that is teams that averaged 32 more points scored than they gave up for the whole season made the postseason.
We were -2.
We need a 4 point shift in the point differential to make the post seasson statistically.
That means we turn one opponents TD into a FG per game or turn 1 of our FGs into a TD per game.

ILB needs an upgrade, Ayodele is to slow to be a starter in this league. He must be replaced as well as GWilson. The middle of the D sucked all yr, Ayodele getting smoked by TEs and GWilson failing to bring them down before they got big yds. We have 8 draft picks and can adress those problems that leaves a #1 WR that we should adress in FA.

Rob in Oc,

Please sir, I am busy, I can't read 47 novels in one day and still have time to comment.

Calvin pace for 23 million dollars did nothing and is a complete waste of money . The jets pass rush was horrible and non- existent. Thats the reason they blitzed so much and that's the reason they're looking for a pass rusher this off season . So the answer to " how did the pace signing work out " is he didn't. It was a bad signing for a overrated player who wasn't worth the money, He took the money and ran. Case closed !!

carlito, shut up and let the guy writes what he wants .


Well, well, well.

Seems that the stinky fish are setting new standards in SUCK. They can't even cut a player with out screwing it up. Congrats to the trifecta you have lowered the bar for excellence yet again. J Ireland NFL Exec of the Year!


Keep the faith fish fans. You guys are really really close!

Once you get some help at safety, completely revamp your LBs, find a new NT, figure out how the salary cap works, find some big play players on O, and hire a HC you will be right there with the rest of the AFC East.

Rob in Oc, don't listen to that boy from mexico and write what what you desire .

LMFAO @ Carlito > it's gotten to the point that you have to skim through the posts because they're so long just to get some points.

You go Carlito..

Go f u * k yourself TorturedDolphan, after the trucker is done that is....

look who's talking ? nj phin writes 100,000 posts a day .

Boy, I wish some folks had balls to post under one name.

I see Tortured AS"HOLE shows back up to talk about the Jets 40 straight years of sucking and choking again

aloco / cuban menace/archie. go to bed.


TorturedDolphan knows alot about sucking....

Truckers off that is.

Sooooooo .... you losers have a woman making football decisions now. Can't even cut a player without SCREWING it up. LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO. Yep Armando is right this was noticed around the league and everyone is having another good laugh at the expense of the smelly fish.



Tortured, when did u stop crying u big PUS"Y???

I'm glad I’m not such a P U S S Y I have to post under 14 different names.

Tortured learn sucking from his mom his dad taught him how to swallow


Aloco/donkey/ menace. You act is growing old . nobody gives a shyt anymore about your multiple personalities. We all know who you are . I'm sure cobra kai and mr myagi will be here soon .


lets get dansby lets trade for marshall lets get boldin. Are you people on crack? have you all forgot the uptight egomaniacs that are running this orginization? parcells and company are only going to sign marginal free agents who wont rock the boat and who for the third straight year will have us saying why did they give that guy so much money. wake up people

Million different names that you post under= P U S S Y

Yes, well anyway, nice chatting with you losers as always. Talk to you around the draft, which I'm sure you will screw up. Keep the faith though. Hopefully by April that woman making football decisions will have everything figured out and you should be in position to cut players without any problems.

nj is the man for the person who's w/million different names and talking to himself even in his sleep .

Wasnt Me NJ....

Hurry up TorturedDolphan, get back to the truckstop so you can make the rent. B I T C H.

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